Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland Out Today on PS3, Vita

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Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland Out Today on PS3, Vita

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland

Do you know the Alchemist, Rorona? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Either way, we’re very excited to have you live Rorona’s story in the best way possible. If this is your first Atelier game, we’re confident you’ll be delighted by Rorona’s journey with its refined classic JRPG experience. For those familiar with Rorona, new adventures await her and her friends in Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland, which launches today on PS3 and PS Vita alongside lots of gameplay enhancements and additions.

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland was developed with the intention of creating the full experience we would have loved for players to have in the original release, and more. New character models, new game systems, a new story — these elements have all been revamped using the core fundamentals of the other two titles in the Arland trilogy, Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru. We worked hard to preserve the depth of item synthesis/customizations, yet streamline the systems to create an experience that is enjoyable to both Atelier series fans and people discovering the series for the first time.

Totori, Meruru and other characters familiar to Atelier fans return to Atelier Rorona Plus. And an additional story has Totori and Meruru joining Rorona that is bound to stir up some trouble, too! This new tale adds about 30% more to the scenarios in the original story, giving you more depth into the characters, bringing you closer to them.

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of ArlandAtelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland

With the story unfolding around Rorona, it was important for us to really try to bring her and her world to life. So, the character model for Rorona was updated from the “chibi” style to one that is more true to the in-game illustrations to further pull you into the Atelier world. We also created new costumes for you to select from, another way familiar stories feel different in Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland.

No, you won’t come across super-realistic, macho muscle-man types toting guns in this game. Instead, you’ll experience a heartwarming tale of a girl growing up and mastering alchemy, and overcoming the challenges she comes across. All with the support of the relationships she has with the townspeople around her. After all, we aren’t aiming for reality — this is a true JRPG!

Through the Atelier series, we look forward to providing you with a new JRPG experience every year. We hope you enjoy this latest animated take on daily life.

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist Of Arland is available today for PS3 at participating retailers and through PlayStation Store. The PS Vita version is available exclusively through PlayStation Store.

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  • Awesome. Finally I can enjoy the story from the beginning before going onto Meruru and Totori.

  • So this is the first in the trilogy chronologically, right?

  • Oh awesome. I’ve been wanting to get into this series for a while so I might start with this one since it’s the first in the trilogy. I’d love a sale on the other games sometime though >_>

  • Gorvi…..yeah it the first one. It a good place to start…especially if you have the vita. If you buy Meruru I think it gives a little recap of the previous game. It would sort of ruin the experience.

    It better to go from Rorona…Meruru…Totori( Pink hair princess).

  • @Kishnabe Thanks! I actually bought the other two on Vita when they were on sale but haven’t started them yet. Then I heard this was the first, so I’d rather play them in order. I just need to finish Demon Gaze then I can move on to Rorona.

  • Atelier is one of the best Active-RPG series in the moment!

    Meruru Plus gameplay is 10/10!

    Can´t wait the Store Update.

  • Just waiting on the update and i’ll be downloading this asap.

  • @Kishnabe

    The correct flow is Rorona – Totori – Meruru (pink princess is Meruru)
    but for gameplay sake, Meruru is far better than Totori and I expect Rorona Plus will be better than Meruru too

    so, I haven’t played Meruru yet after bought it a while ago, I’ll play Meruru first (already platz Totori) then continue to Rorona Plus

  • LTSwordmastre360

    Would be awesome to get one of the later two Alchemist of Arland games on PS3’s PSN+ at some point.

    I have an odd memory of walking into a Gamestop, grabbing the original Rorona case off of the shelf, and then the entire store going silent as the employees just kind of stared at “the random college girl (me) coming in to buy the pinkest, girliest game for the PS3 at the time”.

    But ya, I’m a little put-off by the $50 pricetag on Amazon (which is what I assume it’ll be on PSN) for a game I’ve sort-of-already played – simply given that Gundam Reborn, a game I have not yet played, is coming out soon too.

    I have a warm, fuzzy place in my heart for Rorona though, so I imagine I’d like to grab all three games at some point.

  • @5
    Chronological: Rorona > Totori > Meruru

    But, because of the evolution of gameplay is better play Totori first, has the best storyline too.
    Totori Plus > Rorona Plus > Meruru Plus may be the best choice.

  • Any cross-buy or cross-save?

    Do the Rorona Plus trophies stack with the original Rorona trophies (may be same trophies but separate instance, thus the possibility of double platinum)? Do the PS3 Rorona Plus trophies stack with the Vita ones?

    Was the game’s core system updated to that of Escha & Logy, or just updated to Totori and Meruru, as mentioned? Any change to the max number of playable in-game days?

  • “After all, we aren’t aiming for reality — this is a true JRPG!”

    RPG is one of the genres that demand the most creativity in order to flesh out not just the main story, but also the whole game’s universe, every NPC’s dialogue and even details on weapons and monsters.

    The smallest things can make a difference and will certainly be noted. A slice-of-life narrative is a great opportunity to deeply focus on each character, but every contribution to the world around them makes the game’s fantasy more believable.

    Well written fantasy can become it’s own reality. Make your magic, dragons, battleships and time portals adequately implemented on the game’s universe and they will be just as enjoyable as any “reality” setting.

    A good story is a good story, regardless of the subject / art style / elements. After all, fiction grants you freedom to create whatever you want, regardless of how absurd it might seem. The difference is how compelling it will be for the audience.

  • Oh wow. First time TK posted a PS blog post for Gust games. Glad to see it!

    Any chance we’ll get Ciel nosurge and Ar nosurge in the future?

  • And any chance for some Meruru, Ayesha, and Escha & Logy avatars?

  • I loved the original version of Rorona, and will be picking this up today!

  • I’m typically not one to go for item-synth-focal games, but this pitch of a Blog post has my eyein’ some Atelier action now. Before this, it was seeing a friend play Mana Khemia (pst, Sony, get NISA to put Student Alliance on sale, eh?). For now, though, I’ll be kept on the other side of the glass on this…

  • so… how much moneys will it cost to my beluvd wallet?

  • Any news on when are you guys going to release Rorona Costume for DW8XLCE?

  • thanks for for keep bringing the ateliers games to the west,when finish with meruru plus going to buy this.
    agreed with @10,is better begin with atelier totori.atelier meruru is better atelier game wha totori but atelier totori is better game in general ,so if you want to know if this serie is for you begin with totori.

  • I played Atelier Annie on the DS some time ago and didn’t think too much of it, but this looks interesting. I might give it a try when I have more time/money available.

  • Can’t wait to play it. The DLC costumes are a nice bonus for people paying full price instead of waiting a sale. Please release more DLC costumes for all Atelier titles on Vita, I would buy it, they are a nice addition since we have to play over and over to get everything :D

  • So for those of us suckers who bought the first Atelier Rorona, is there a way to upgrade to the Plus version, or are we SoL?

  • Was originally going to get this on ps3, but my console recently broke and is being repaired. So i’m going to get this on ps vita instead. Really wish it wasn’t digital only though or at least discounted down to $25-30.

  • @duke301

    The original Atelier Rorona was never available digitally on the Playstation Store.
    Upgrades are usually made from digital to digital, not from disc-based games.

  • Is it cross-buy/save?

  • Is the time-limit crap in this one? I bought Totori on release day looking for a good JRPG on my Vita and loved it… until ~20h in when I missed a time limit and it was game over. Haven’t played it or even considered picking up another Atelier since. There’s something just wrong about a RPG w/ a time limit, especially occurring after so much time’s been invested. >(

  • I love Rorolina Frixell

    Psvita game!!!!!!!!

  • Hope you’ll consider retail release for Vita next time.

  • Thank You for bringing this to PS3

  • Thank You for bringing this to PS3..

  • Thank You for bringing this to PS3 ….

  • I bought the $40 version off the web store that claims to be “playable on PS3 and Vita” but only the Vita version was added to my download list, but several pieces of PS3-only DLC were added to my download list. I’m confused. Any help please?

  • Wich characters are gonna get a swimsuit, plz say Cordelia! <3

  • @boss_ruzy

    Vita-only games might show up on the store listed as “PS3 / PS Vita”, but this only means that you can download them on the PS3 to transfer them to the Vita later.

    It doesn’t mean that it is playable on both systems.

  • On the web store, you have:

    A) Atelier Rorona Plus with 3 DLCs $39.99, Playable on PS3 & Vita
    *Limited time Campaign! For 4 weeks after release, get the new ‘Peach Vacation’, ‘The Orange Swimsuit’, ‘The Lady’s Etiquette’ costume set free!
    Cross-platform play (PS3™)

    B) Atelier Rorona Plus with Bonus $49.99, Playable on PS3
    *Limited time Campaign! For 4 weeks after release, get the new ‘Peach Vacation’ costume set free! With this purchase, you can also download the same item for PlayStation®Vita system for free from PlayStation®Store!

    This is highly confusing. Is the former supposed to be the Vita version only (not “playable” on PS3, just downloadable to a PS3 for transfer to Vita – a very misleading term used in our download list on the web store)?

    Why is there a difference in the DLCs?

    In the sentence “With this purchase, you can also download the same item for PlayStation®Vita system for free from PlayStation®Store!”, does “the same item” refer to just the DLC or the whole game (ie. cross-buy)?

    And what is “Cross-platform play (PS3™)”? This is not an online mp game, why would there be cross-platform gamers playing together? Do you mean cross-save?

  • @36, not true. On the web store, when you see “playable” on PS3 | PS Vita, it does mean actually playable on both (ie. cross-buy). Look at any Vita-only game, you only see Vita mentioned.

    However, if you check your download list on the web store, you will see EVERY Vita game of yours listed as “playable on PS3 and Vita”. This is the misleading part as it only means downloadable to PS3.

  • @ GummyCore

    Cross-platform play in this case means the save data can be transferred between the PS3 and PS Vita versions.

    I assume the B) option you mentioned is offering only the PS3 version, since it’s supposed to be $10 more expensive than the Vita one. The A) option really is offering more DLC, but only for the PS Vita version.

    Yes, the web store listing really is misleading. I mistook both things and people should contact tech support for a refund if they were expecting both versions to be included in the bundle.

  • Then why does A have cross-platform play but not B?

    If it’s $39.99 for both versions (cross-buy) and cross-save, I will get it. But if it’s $49.99 for PS3 version, I will wait for a good sale. Not gonna spend $49.99 on an enhanced release of a game I already own, especially when a brand new Transformer (PS3) is also $49.99 on day 1.

    Anyway, is the Vita version supposed to run on Playstation TV (Vita TV)?

  • Thanks, guys! I’m still playing through Totori, and I have Meruru waiting for me once I finally get the true ending in Totori. Rorona is one of my favorite characters in Totori, so I’m happy to see her origin story in full. This series is really great and heartwarming, so I would like to give an equal heartfelt “thanks” to you for bringing it over here and to the Vita.

  • Cross Buy, and a decent sale, I may venture the courage to take a chance on these.
    Digital is without resale.

    Untill you companies learn this, there will always be limited buyers.

    Glad others think its Day One material, but chances are they are fairly new to gaming, or have much larger allowances to purchase.

    CrossBuy, and a Real Sale, I will be all over this even if it gets backlogged.

  • I am not new to gaming but I love the Atelier series so it’s an easy day one to me.

    By the way I really love how much sharper the interface visuals look in this version. You really stepped up your game this time Gust.

  • do anyone have a ps4 or a ps3 or a psvita that they brought within a year?you a eligble for a playstation protection plan

  • Now Gust and NIS and Sony, Please bring Atelier Iris to the PSN Classic Line!!! The whole trilogy, I beg of you. Take my $30.

  • Woot! just starting the game got about 40minutes in so far the animation is awesome might get it on vita as well if possible the way alchemy works now is so much easier glad I picked it up :D

  • I really would like clarification on differences between the two entries listed as well. I was originally planning to get Vita version at later date, when I get around to buying Vita but if there’s a possibility to get both Vita and PS3 version as bundle I’d like to spring because I wouldn’t have to wait until I get Vita to play Rorona Plus. After all, I never thought a Plus version of the Atelier series would be released on PS3 (which was why I was trying to get Vita).

    Incidentally, I can’t find Atelier Totori Plus in store. Only Rorona Plus and Meruru Plus are available.

  • Here’s the differences:

    PS3 with bonus ($49.99)
    – PS3 version of the game (only PS3).
    – 1 bonus DLC (Peach Vacation) for PS3 only (no Vita DLC).

    Vita with 3 DLCs
    – PS Vita version of the game (only Vita).
    – 3 bonus DLC (Peach Vacation, Orange Swimsuit, Lady’s Etiquette) for both Vita & PS3 (very weird, right? not sure if it supposed to be like this, maybe it’s a mistake).

    I bought both versions so I want to share the details with people who’re having problems with it.

  • Buyed the “Bundle PS3/PSVita” version and i just received the Vita game, you guys should fix that ASAP even more when you put the word “Bundle” togheter… Make looks like a cross buy bundle what will make a lot of people disapointed with sony. You must understand that only a few people may come to blog take a look on comment before buy one game from their favorite series…

  • While the PSN Store listing was very confusing for the PS Vita version, it wasn’t hard to tell that the game was not Cross-Buy, after all, there is a PS3 listing as well.

    I will keep on buying these, as I promised before, if you guys keep on bringing them over the rest of the world.
    I always get them for my PS Vita only, but that’s not a big deal, got a 64gb card.
    Looking forward to the next two games and a (hopefully) remaster of the originals!

  • Sweet!

    When are we gonna get a release date on SAO Hallow Fragement? EU got their release date a few weeks ago….

  • Really looking forward to this! Looks like a really indepth game, never played the original, but totally stoked for this one!

    Massive props to Square as well for announcing their intents to keep producing titles for Vita.

    This is going to be a good year :D

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