Kingdom Under Fire II: Extended PS4 Trailer Released

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Kingdom Under Fire II: Extended PS4 Trailer Released

The team at Blueside is pleased to reveal an extended PS4 trailer of our upcoming, grand action/strategy game Kingdom Under Fire II.

Kingdom Under Fire II: Extended PS4 Trailer Released

The trailer was edited using real gameplay, like all our former trailers featuring Kingdom Under Fire II. The extended version trailer shows more detail and additional battle scenes running on our powerful, in-house “Blueside Engine.” The music was composed by renowned game and film composer Cris Velasco, who has been featured in the God of War video game series.

The main motif of this trailer is a raid mission — the war against Celes, who is a powerful monster and key character in Kingdom Under Fire II.

Each of the three playable characters in the trailer showcase their unique skills with various troops on the battlefield. However, they face a serious crisis thanks to a powerful attack by Celes. At that moment, Kendal — one of the main characters in the series — appears as support for the playable characters, and the war continues.

Sang Youn Lee, producer and director of Kingdom Under Fire II, noted that “the trailer we unveiled at E3 is all made with real-time gameplay without free rendering. The play scene is about extreme mission in the keep of Ecclessia where Celes, the powerful boss monster in Lv.40~50. As you can see in the trailer, hero’s action and massive troop battle is the core of this gameplay. Also the game structure is totally based on MMORPG. This makes players available to level up hero and troop.”

With its streamlined controls and MMO strategy system, Kingdom Under Fire II will guide players into epic battles.

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  • Is there going to be cross-platform play between PC and PS4?

    It’s not an FPS, so I’d see no distinct advantage KBM controls would have, so it would be really sweet if it did!

  • Finally, one million troops!!! =)

  • Can we get an update on when its coming to ps4?

  • I can tell that this game was made by male teenagers. They show women wearing skimpy outfits in a heated battle. I mean no chest protection? Are women’s breasts made out of steel or something?

    One of them look like they are wearing a thong into battle?

  • Boobs!

  • FreshRevenge: Not only that, but it’s a weird universe where nipples are on the bottom 1/4 of the boob, which I guess is probably more comfortable for feeding a child but doesn’t actually line up with what women actually are like.

  • @ FreshRevenge They have hypnotic effects on the enemy.

    This trailer looks really awesome.

  • looks like a decent budget rpg like Bound by Flame tried to be. I might pick this up if its reasonably priced at $40.

  • EverythingOnFire

    @ FreshRevenge

    I definitely am getting tired of the objectification of women in games. My 13yo niece is starting to get into gaming thanks to me, and I would love it if half the games we like to play together didn’t have basketball boobs in nearly every shot.

    Pro tip to developers: Not all gamers are excitable 14yo boys. Stop treating women like objects. You could take the giant boobs out of this game and it would still be epic. If people want to see such things, we have the internet right there waiting for us.

  • @ Ryumoau

    I believe this is free-to-play online.

  • Free to play? Awesome! Thats even better. :)

  • @SanelessOne

    You can look at the videos marker image and see that the nipple is either missing or underneath the fabric of the green outfit. I don’t mind sexuality in games but it just seems like a unbalance here. Women are eyecandy and men are wearing all the heavy armor and the such.

    This is 2014 and not 1984. Now don’t get me wrong I love seeing women wear nothing but it just seems like the situation in this case is beyond believable.

    I mean know that an outfit like that will lack any protection from damage and hit points from enemies. This may be a game that I will pass on.

  • Guys, all korean games are like that in terms of nipples. Koreans think that females are dumb and only think about one thing – how to be sexy.

  • @11

    this is a korean made game? eh….not as excited anymore suddenly. it might explain why the trailer animations looked kinda janky. :/

  • That looked really good and could be tons of fun, looking forward to hear more about this game

  • @FreshRevenge – I feel the same way. Definitely going to pass on this one. I had to pass on Dragon’s Crown for the same reason, which breaks my heart because I know it’s a good game and I want to play it. But I don’t want to support this kind of ridiculous sexism and objectification of women by giving them my money.
    Anyone who has a wife and a daughter might feel the same way.
    Time to grow up Blueside!

  • Tough Titties! (sorry couldn’t resist)

  • Man all these updates and no release dates dammit sony do you not realize the summer is dry(aka no good games coming) the F2P’s I actually care about are just mystified as far as release dates!

  • Where’s all the uproar been about DOA, Tekken, Soul Calibur, MGS 4, WoW, God of War, etc? Most Asian and many American developers make their female characters sexualized. Then again, many Americans hate anything sexual yet don’t care about games (or even shows) that let you shoot thousands of people, or cut off / explode someone’s head (game of thrones? – was not expecting that). Europeans tend to do the opposite where they ban excessive violence yet don’t mind sexuality.

    @yentair You noticed the woman in Dragon’s Crown, but did you noticed the roided up guys that do not look like normal guys? The game exaggerated proportions… Also, if you care about a few pixels, better be making sure your daughter is only wearing baggy clothing and not anything skin tight or shorty shorts.

  • WHEN!!!!!

  • Who needs ESO when you’ve got this? Hopefully it releases soon.

  • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • @rdgneoz3

    Well said. It is a shame how violence and graphic horror is openly accepted and tolerated, but anything sex oriented in gaming is a big no-no. It’s a game, and everything in that trailer was over the top, the guys muscles, the women’s breasts, the powers, the weapons.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ RenderMonk

    American stupidity is still in it’s infancy. Unfortunately. We’ll have to deal with these confused phony morality/sexuality police for a few more decades, probably, before it finally sinks in how disturbed they’ve been all along… with their love for gore, war, blood, violence, murder, etc…. the things that destroy life, while shunning sexuality and other things related to the creation of life. Yes, the majority of Americans are idiots, it’s true.

    “Chopping heads off and seeing fountains of blood squirting from the neck followed by the body hitting the ground and the dead persons’ loved ones crying is so cool!!! I love it! Yeah! But don’t you dare put bare breasts on the screen or else! My kids might be watching! We need more wholesome family programming… like, war movies! Woo!”

    *Chugs beer*



    *picks nose*

    *flicks boogers across the room*

    *re-assumes imaginary self-appointed authoritative position on all things*

    *thinks highly of oneself*

    (Majority of Americans, in a nutshell.)

  • @rdgneoz3

    I am not talking about God of War or MGS5 or Tekken. I am not against sexuality in games. But don’t just throw women with revealing clothing just for ratings.

    Soul Caliber is different type of game than this game here. Think of this. You are in combat against a horde of enemies and you have barely any armor to cover your skin because you are a female?

    DOA is fighting game, so is Soul Caliber. So don’t mix apples with oranges here. This is most likely a rpg or mmo for that matter.

    I am not against naked people but for crying out loud. When a male is wearing heavy armor that covers most of his body and women are wearing lingerie in battle, than we got a problem.

    You bring in this nonsense about blood and guts and why people getting offended by breasts? It has nothing do with breasts. It has to do with one gender being more favored.

    I am not shunning sexuality. But it looks like it only favors one gender in this respect. Which is very sexist.

  • Yeah, it makes no sense for them to wear such little armor. Oh wait, we’re talking about the gender that gladly wears high heels which makes them walk slower compared to normal shoes, messes up their feet over time, and can be downright dangerous to wear depending on where they are walking. LOL. I could go on further on how impractical women can be with their clothing and accessories in the name of fashion and looking good but the post would probably just get deleted. Anyway, if these fictional characters were real, for all you know they really would wear that. There are people who are really like this in real-life. Just be happy most women in games these days can handle themselves and don’t need rescuing anymore.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    But… girls ARE obsessed with being “sexy”. They want to be sexy all the time, in everything they do, if possible. Girls are extremely image-oriented. They’re also naturally inclined to using (and they enjoy doing it to) subtle body language, movements, and sensory accentuation as leverage, whether in battle against other females competing for a man, or when attempting alone to lure a man into her world.

    The use of scantily-clad females in video games is for the same purpose as when the ladies themselves dress provocatively. To attract attention/generate interest. This has gone on since the beginning of time. At it’s core, it’s nothing more than a tactic for maintaining interest in procreation. And it’s harmless… as well as effective. Nothing wrong with it.

    In my life, I’ve never known of a sexy woman who didn’t like to show it off in one way or another, to varying degrees. Women know when they’re hot, and they use it to their advantage in everything they do. And there’s nothing in these games that you couldn’t see at the beach, or a public pool.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    When girls are engaging in strenuous physical activities, they like to be as comfortably dressed as possible, for ease of movement and maximum grace (because they care about looking “sexy” in EVERYTHING they do as much as they care about being successful at it.) This is why you see gymnasts, figure skaters, and ballerinas wear leotards and tutus instead of evening gowns.

    Men go for the heavy suits of armor because it looks intimidating and it’s a better fit (and a necessity) for their aggressive straight-forward style when fighting. Female warriors are better suited for finesse and agility in battle, thus the need for minimally restrictive outfits.

    Whether you like it or not, the women in these games are dressed fairly close to how a real woman would be, should she be placed in a similar predicament, and should she be blessed with a similarly flawless physique.

  • Aside from the blatant teen hormonal influence on the female character’s costumes (let’s be honest, they’re pixels not women, as Jessica Rabbit said “I’m just drawn that way.”), did anyone else note the outrageous “homage” (read rip-off) of the battle of Minas Tirith from LOTR?

    At least until the nukes came out…(and I’m not referring to the chicks’ chests…)

  • With all the work that went into the visuals, why is the hair so awful? Too much energy went into modeling boobs, I guess.

  • @PrimeroIncognito To be as naked as possible is not the same as to be sexy. Sometimes it’s even the opposite. From some point of view, people know how to be sexy, only because they don’t walk naked everywhere. Sex appeal is more about life and it’s flow in human body, than about nakedness. The more life you feel in something, the more sexy that something is. And sex appeal like in that game is more like for dumb people from dumb people. For those who can’t feel and think like normal human beings, if you ask me. But yeah, you can think about it like about something funny and don’t think too much, it’s just a game after all =). But I think that in our time and space nakedness is not sexy by itself anymore. it’s more like bad taste or something like that.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ gemuvan

    I didn’t say anything about nakedness. I actually agree with everything you said, but you missed my points.

  • This is gonna look phenominal on PS4.
    @1 Yes; I do believe it is cross play with PC.

  • Are you Puritans serious? Really..? Wow. So do you also feverishly protest all Anime seeing as how their proportions are even more.. unproportionate. Take a long hard look at Europe and understand their (and most of the rest of the world) liberal stance on sexuality, they show extremely busty “real” women fully naked in the newspaper & it doesn’t cause an uproar. To dismiss the argument that Americans love (and love to show) gratuitous violence/the glorification of war but hate/fear sexuality is foolish & naive. So to glorify war, killing, & the acceptance of guns is better than the showing of cleavage? Not nudity mind u but cleavage..? America was founded by hyper-conservative ultra religious god fearing Puritans who were totally out of sync with the rest of the world & it’s still that way today. Ever wonder why they call us “idiot Americans”? The funny thing is that because of people like you we do not get truly “adult” games even when rated M or Pegi 18, don’t get me wrong they still include curb stomping heads, cannibalism, dismemberment & all that good stuff, but then we get fully clothed strippers & sex scenes? I’m an adult & i want entertainment suited for an adult, GoW seems to be the only 1 that gets it.

  • Looks really good!

    Unlike some prude people here I love the design of the female characters, it’s a reason I buy games.
    To all the people complaining, it’s not like there are a hundred other MMOs or games in general out there with different designs – I don’t understand the crusade to change every game people like me might like. In fact, games with sexy female characters like Tera have a big female following – Most people I see complaining about designs are usually men speaking for women. It’s silly and unnecessary, in the end it’s the market the decides if a game is a hit.

    We all are gamers, there is no reason to shame anyone for what they like and spend their money on.

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