Resogun Update Out Tomorrow: Ship Editor, Local Co-op, More Trophies

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Resogun Update Out Tomorrow: Ship Editor, Local Co-op, More Trophies

What up PlayStation Nation! Ian Pickles, Producer at XDEV Studio Europe here with some news regarding the new Resogun update, which will be hitting your PS4 before the end of this weekend.

Resogun Update

This update, which is free to all owners of Resogun, lays the ground work for the forthcoming Heroes expansion due next week, which will expand your Resogun experience with new modes, game worlds and more.

In addition to getting you ready for Heroes, we wanted to give everyone something extra to thank you for the amazing support and reception you’ve shown Resogun since release. The guys at Housemarque and us here at XDEV Studio Europe were amazed by the reaction to the game — thank you all so much for getting behind the game.

With that in mind, alongside lots of tweaks, improvements and bug fixes, this free update contains a few special treats from us:

Ship Editor

One of the more requested features we’ve seen since the world got a look at “dem voxels” is the ability to create your own ship. Housemarque listened and created a fully featured Ship Editor for you to play with as part of this free update!

Resogun Update

Design your own ship from the ground up using a detailed voxel editor. Position the afterburners and weapons, set your own attributes to govern the ships agility, boost and overdrive, and choose either of the standard weapon sets for your ride.

Resogun Update

But that’s not all… what’s a ship editor if you can’t show off your custom rides? We went one step further and fully connected the editor online. Share and download ships from your friends, rivals and the community at large, and try out new ships to see what gives you the edge on the leaderboards.

This really is a massive addition to the game, and one that is going to stir up the competition. Being able to tweak ship attributes means the game is tactically deeper and there are tons of new tricks to make that high score bigger. If you can think of anything better than saving the last humans while piloting a flying ninja unicorn ship then I’d like to hear about it.

We’re really excited to see what you guys come up with in the editor, and we’ll be right there online sharing our own ships.

Local Co-op

Resogun Update

Another much-requested feature is local co-op; the good folks at Housemarque have heard you, and they’ve added that to the expansion too.

Moar Trophies

We love a good Trophy set, and we’re really proud that so many of you achieved the Platinum after the game launched. We worked long and hard to make a set that was challenging yet attainable, and we’re thrilled that for many players, Resogun was their first PS4 Platinum.

Because we like Trophies (and because we like to spoil you), we’ve added more of them to not only the forthcoming expansion, but also to this free update!

This is another great reason to come back to the game and improve your score. Again, these have been designed to make you play with the new additions to the game. While challenging, they should be achievable for most of you with a little bit of effort, but if you need a little help we’ll be back in a week or two with an exclusive Trophy guide for both the Heroes Expansion and the Update, created by one of our very own QA team. Keep your eyes on the Blog for that in the near future.

Hall of Fame

Since release, we’ve seen you battling it out for the top scores on the leaderboards. Some players blew our minds in terms of the scores they could achieve, and others… well some surprised us with the discovery of some really sneaky exploits, like this:

And this:

I bet you thought we weren’t watching, huh? ;) So with the huge amount of changes brought about by the editor and assignable attributes to ships, we’ve spent some time ironing out the main game and fixing some of the exploits where we could.

With that in mind we’re left with little option but to clear the leaderboards and start fresh alongside the release of this update. That being said, we didn’t want players’ superhuman efforts to be forgotten, so we’ve added a Hall of Fame Leaderboard to immortalize the original Resogun Heroes. All scores in the Main Hero difficulty leaderboard will be forever displayed here to show future generations the level of skill (and in some cases sneakiness) that was shown by our community in the early months of Resogun.

And with that, I’m out of here. We’ll be back on the Blog in a couple of days with more information about the Heroes Expansion pack. In the meantime, enjoy the update and thanks again for all your support for Resogun.

To all the Heroes, we salute you – now get out there and save the last humans.

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  • Thanks you guys! I love resogun<3

  • Thanks, Ian Pickles for the update. This is awesome. Can’t wait for the Resogun: Heroes DLC to come.

  • Sweet! Can’t wait.

  • This is Awesome! I can’t wait for the update. Thanks guys. :)

  • Awesome update! I like this game, it’s fun.

  • I’ll definitely be picking up the season pass for Resogun. Love your games!

  • awesome. But I don’t really understand how these expoits worked. If they had a lower multiplier how was it possible to rack up so much points? Ohh well guess that’s why it gets patched. Glad to hear new trophies are coming, don’t know if I missed this, but price on DLC?

    • Justin Massongill

      Speaking as a recovering Resogun addict, I think the player’s multiplier maxes out pretty quickly when activating Overdrive against such a huge mass of enemies. I’ve used the third boss trick, but never to such great effect as shown in that video!

  • Awesome update. Maybe i can finish the master difficulty with my brother via local co-op now.

    Can we have the trophies list?

    Thanks Housemarque.

  • Resogun Soundtrack?

  • This was my first platinum. I love this game and I’am really damn good at it!! My first 40 Twitch viewers hahaha
    Sounds good!

  • Will second player earn trophies?

  • I really enjoyed this game thanks for giving us a free update.

  • I love Housemarque games; We need more of them. Like 25 per console generation. I’d buy them all. lol.

  • Housemarque RULES! Thanks for the update and the affordable DLC next week! I’ll definitely be getting the season pass.

  • Thanks and keep going!

  • Any chance for 3D support being added?

  • First off thanks for the content secondly I hope there’s a leaderboard reset with all these lowlife cheaters on it!!

  • Everything sounds great! Absolutely love this game! I’m glad there fixing the cheats but I feel for the people who have put a lot of time in to there top scores the honest way! Anybody no how many dlc they are planning for the season pass?

  • I will be in that ship editor ALL DAY, for a lot of days. Best thing.

  • I think I speak for every 3D tv owner when I say we will pay for a 3D add on!

  • Is Sony paying you to keep this a PS4 exclusive? Sure the game looks great, but I see no reason why it couldn’t work on Vita.

  • Incredible update all around. Seriously you guys nailed it on every front.

    local co-op? awesome, I really want this.

    more trophies? yes please.

    ship editor – will be fun to try out

    fixing exploits and refreshing leader boards – nice way to refresh and provide incentive for us to come back and climb the leaderboards again.

    and now we wait for Heroes DLC which will be an immediate buy!

  • I guess i’m jumping back in then it seems. Sounds awesome.

  • Oh noes. I’m having flashbacks to the Gummi Ship editor in Kingdom Hearts! :O

  • I got the platinum in this game and played the living crap out of it! Looking forward to this update and the DLC next week, really happy to support you guys!

  • As long as I can make the Planet Express ship, I’ll be a happy camper.

  • who cares get mp3 capabilites on the ps4 and stop with these useless updates for games nobody likes anyway.

  • I completely agree with you on Sony NEEDING TO GET MP3 capabilities on ps4, but this is NOT a useless update AT ALL..dammit. Great game, and all this is FREE for the game. Show some respect.

  • Updates are supposed to be free…

  • I’m so happy for more trophies and I really like the inclusion of co-op. I just wish we knew when the new controller colors were coming…

  • This game Resogun is incredible, i love to play this game it’s very addictive and fun. Thank you for making this game Housemarque games i really appreciate it and thanks for the update news i cant wait i’m very excited :)

  • Thanks to the Housemarque team for bringing more content to this fantastic and incredibly well made game!

    Also, a big thanks for using my Score Video!

    I love you guys! Can’t wait to see the new content and will always be ready for more Resogun!

  • @26
    :o damn, I thought I was the only one thinking that idea :(. Ohh well lol.

  • I’ll be buying the season pass and i’ll add my voice for 3D support. The 3D on Trine 2 on PS4 is Freaking Amazing! Resogun with 3D support on PS4 would be Amazing too! Please consider 3D support. Thank you

  • Thanks for update, like this game

  • I think the ship editor seals the deal. The deal I had been so worried about for all this time.

  • Good but I feel reluctant to grab the DLC, this game is too complicated. I almost not get the platinum, if not for a friend who helped me out on Co-Op, although I had to kill the last boss on my own, but still. So I’m guessing a lot of frustration on that new Hero mode and the like…

  • @stalemate666 No duh, are you trying to make us look stupid?

  • @stalemate. *sigh* I meant that an update of this caliber is great! Usually this stuff is DLC you have to pay for. Like the addition of local co-op. There’s always a wiseass…

  • @Gamerzlimited & Rezznak
    It’s just the way Sony is advertising it is off putting to me. Sounds like they are moving towards charging for updates. Might be reading too much into it but really don’t like direction Sony is going. Seems like it should be massive or awesome update not an update for free… like I said it’s off putting.

  • Nice update. Now how about updating the whole game and putting it on a disc for a physical release?

  • Wiping the leaderboards? Seriously? In less than a day’s notice?

    I’ve only recently begun doing Hero runs for points. I’m world #7 with 9B (world #2 Nemesis). I know I can break 15B, if not 17B, if I have a day to spend. I thought I had a forever… or at the least, until the DLC, which was what I was gunning for, expecting to have a couple more days.

    Can I get an exact time? I’m in U.S. Central. I will be going to sleep now, but would like to play tomorrow before the boards are reset and the hall of fame is recorded.

    Such a short notice for an event that potentially ruins months worth or a player’s time and effort (I didn’t even have a PS4 until March) is just not cool.

    A full 24 hours, or at least 18, from right now (which is U.S. Central 12:00AM), would be really considerate and appreciated.

  • I have #1 Coop Hero and #1 Nemesis Master in every category. Please allow a day for me to try Single Player Hero before the hall of fame?

  • I’d like to get home to get my screenshots as well!

  • I love resign i beat it and i never feel like stopping when i play its amazing I’m glad Resogun heroes is coming I’m excited

  • @stalemate666 By us, I meant the people who comment here. We all know that so you didn’t had to be all smart and stuff. Paying for an update is something Capcom would do. People should seriously stop treating every company that they’re the same as them. Companies have different policies after all. If it wasn’t free, they would have said so like Botzone for Killzone: Mercenary. But they didn’t, so be glad that it is.

  • Thanks for the updates! I’m looking forward to the upcoming DLC. Congrats on making what will be remembered as one of the best side scrolling shooters of all time!

  • Was looking forward to a local co-op! Ship Editor also looks fun great job from the developing team

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