GRID Autosport Coming to PS3 Next Week

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GRID Autosport Coming to PS3 Next Week

Great news, racing fans — next week, GRID Autosport arrives and brings with it an authentic racing experience with five distinct disciplines, 80+ cars, and 22 locations straight onto PS3. But before the racing begins, we wanted to share our launch trailer with you, which you’ll find conveniently located below:

Have you heard about the new RaceNet Clubs feature? No? Well, let’s dive in!

RaceNet Clubs will allow you to form your own online groups where you can compare progress, and battle for overall supremacy with other clubs.

Each club will have the opportunity to design their own livery and racing in a car with a club livery applied to it will grant the club experience based on the driver’s performance. It will certainly be a formidable sight when you join an online race and find yourself up against a group of drivers all racing in the same club colors.

There are various sections within the Club HQ where you can view club details or check on its performance. The roster, for example, is the perfect place to gain quick access to a club’s drivers, see the number of races they completed, championships taken part in, wins, podiums and lifetime points. Alongside this, stat tracking is also present within the club section and you’ll be able to see how many wins and podiums a club has earned across its entire roster of drivers.

GRID AutosportGRID Autosport

The Club HQ is also home to the Club Garage, the place where a selection of all the best cars the club members own are put on display. See their stats and compare them against your best cars. It’s also the area that club admins will be able to utilize to manage the club, promote players, change the club logo, or edit the recruitment status.

We can’t wait to see the PlayStation themed clubs that you create!

Before we race off and perform last minute preparations, we should mention that you can now pre-order GRID Autosport via PlayStation Store. All pre-orders receive the GRID Autosport Black Edition which expands the game with additional content; including the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series, Black Edition White Ravenwest Liveries, 20 Black Edition online livery patterns, and 10 new premium sponsors with objectives.

We’re incredibly excited about bringing GRID Autosport to PS3 and we look forward to seeing you on track next week on June 24th!

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  • Too many racing games to pick from nowadays.. I remember when you were glad you got 8 bits in a copy of “Test Drive”, and it only had 5 cars!

  • This game looks awesome! Thanks for the continued support for the PS3! Looking forward to this one!!

  • Why not for ps4?no racing games,only arcade nfs…

    • The first is that we genuinely want our first ‘next gen’ outing to be something really great, we don’t want to rush in just to tick a box.

      Second reason is that we’re working our tech for next-gen right now, as such, we’re not quite ready. Again, we don’t want to rush, it’s not something you want to rush.

      Thirdly, after GRID 2 we sort of had something to prove, we wanted to leave the ‘old gen’ with a bit of a bang so to speak :)

  • Well I hope this works out for you guys because you’re in the unenviable position to be one of the last games released exclusively for last gen, alongside such surefire hits as Risen 3 and Sacred 3 (and I love those series, but come on.)

    On the other hand, I’m happy this won’t be a rush port that doesn’t properly take advantage of next gen features.

  • Will wait a new GRID on PS4. And hopefully a new DiRT game is in works cause I want one more then GRID.

  • This game should have been on The PS4!!

  • Why not for PS Vita?

    Please add vita to the list,

  • – Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core for PS Vita would be nice on a HD Edition with full trophy support.

    – Final Fantasy VII Trophy Steam Edition for PSN with PS Vita Compatibility again, full trophy support.

    – The 3rd Birthday – HD Edition with PS Vita Compatibility and full trophy support.

    – Parasite Eve sequel to Parasite Eve 2 or The 3rd Birthday Spin off with RPG/3rd Person action Elements.

    A Resident Evil title for PS Vita. or Bring Revelations to the PS Vita.

    Ni No Kuni for PS Vita trophy support.

    Summer Super Sale – Asap

    More AAA titles for Vita, although indies are great, it will eventually come down to great titles for device sales.

    Just wanted to get it off my chest.


  • tengfei-hayabusa

    j’esper biento dragon quest 8 HD et shadow hear 1, HD avec trophee pour la ps vita et aussi des nouvelle pour les DLC de muramasa et dragon crown?
    domage aussi pour evil whitin qui retardé en octobre .

  • tengfei-hayabusa

    il ya aussi d’autre jeux qui pourrai bien marché sur vita plus les trophee.
    -grandia HD
    -galerian HD
    -FF12 HD
    -segaga HD (pour quoi pas)
    -resident evil zero,1 gamecube HD
    -okami HD
    -onimusha colection HD
    -star ocean HD

  • Please guys how is the framerate on this one? Grid 2 was really awful almost unplayable when there were too many cars at once on the screen! did you lower the car count per race? are you guys releasing a demo?

  • Will there be a Demo?

  • There should have been a vita version. Currently vita’s racing game library is pretty slim.

    A game like this would have surely gotten my money and i know lots of people would gladly spend their money on a proper racing game like grid.

    Also since there probably will never be a grand turismo for vita its basically a hot opportunity right there.

  • Wow its already being launched…damn time flies…I have yet to play Grid 2 but this one looks good too…thank you so much for the support with the PS3…you guys deserve support because of that….thank you Codemasters for real.

  • @Ben Walke…

    1.Will there be deep aesthetic customization options for cars exterior & interior?

    2.Will there be deep performance customization options & if so how will it effect the racing mechanics?

    3.Will the game feel easy to pick up & play for new combers to the series & or racing in general?

    4.Will there be track editor? (hoping there is one & it’s as easy & as fun to use as it was in mod nation racers track editor)

    5.will there be real time dynamic deformation & destruction to cars,tracks & environments & if yes how will it effect the racing mechanics?

    6.Will there be real time dynamic weather & weather effects & if yes how will it effect the racing mechanics?


    • 1) You can customise your online livery, choose pattern, colours, apply sets of sponsors

      2) Tuning and Upgrades are present. You’ll be able to tune various parts of the car to get it feeling just how you like it. There’ll also be upgrades that when applied will give you a boost in terms of performance.

      3) Yes, if you’re a racing fan then you’ll feel right at home. If you’re a new player to racing games then we’ve got a whole host of assists that will make the transition from newcomer to expert go smoothly.

      4) Not for GRID Autosport but it’s a cool idea, maybe something for the future.

      5) Tyre walls and a few other bits around the track are destructible (braking markers etc). If you smash into a wall it will scatter tyres around the track which will then cause an issue for anyone having to drive past them. In terms of car damage we’ve improved our system for GRID Autosport.

      I don’t want to crit wall of text the comment thread but we talk about our damage in more detail here

      6) There are no weather effects in GRID Autosport

  • Last gen is still getting support.

  • Oh that’s great! COCKPIT view in this game is like PS2’s.

    Come on guys give us the original GRID cockpit view

    or don´t come back with it at all like you did in GRID 2.

    It’s a lame complete with no rearview mirror reflexes and bluuurrrrrr.

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