E3 2014: PlayStation Community Highlights

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E3 2014: PlayStation Community Highlights

Each summer, thousands of gaming industry professionals and journalists make their way to Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Typically this event only opens its doors to this small selection of the gaming community, but this year we invited a group of our PlayStation MVPs – an elite group of diehard PlayStation fans, officially recognized by the company — to join us at the main convention. Here’s a quick look at what they experienced.

During the week, PlayStation revealed new information about PS4-exclusive first-party titles including newcomer action-RPG Bloodborne , cinematic adventure The Order: 1886, and sandbox platformer LittleBigPlanet 3. Some were fortunate enough to get some hands-on with the new games as well.

From PlayStation MVP, Castielle101: “Many games at E3 have me excited, restless and impatient for them to arrive. [Bloodborne] is right at the top of that list.“

RiseUp44 added his opinions of The Order: 1886, saying that he was “blown away,” and that the title boasts “great graphics and the controls feel right.”

BloodborneThe Order 1886

LittleBigPlanet 3

PlayStation’s E3 booth also showcased new hardware;. Personally, I can’t wait for both the white PS4 and Project Morpheus. Competitive PlayStation gamer, tripleWRECK agrees: “Project Morpheus is really amazing, and it’s made me a believer in virtual reality.”

White PS4

Project MorpheusWB Board

Of course, PlayStation wasn’t the only show in town, and the MVPs were able to get their hands on a slew of new games such as Assassin’s Creed Unity, Batman: Arkham Knight, Destiny, and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. With wonderful co-op play and eye-catching next-generation art, Assassin’s Creed Unity was a clear favorite with the MVP team.

Assassin's Creed UnityDestiny Booth

Bungie’s Destiny also looks set to make its mark on the gaming landscape. PlayStation community members had a chance to try out Destiny’s first-look Alpha this past weekend, and are already having an amazing time with this highly anticipated title. “My little brother, my cousin and I spent four hours just wandering last night. It’s all we did, and we couldn’t believe how big old Russia is,” said SC-ViciousDS.

ATL Presser

Regal Hollywood 24 in Atlanta, GA

And for those who couldn’t make the trip to E3, our new PlayStation Experience extended to over 40 theaters across North America in an unprecedented live broadcast of the PlayStation Press Conference. The community flocked to these locations, with some die-hards queuing up hours before the press conference itself.

PlayStation Experience attendee Enistachia commented, “I gasped when they announced LBP3 and I’ve already started on some level ideas. I’m also glad they are adding a few new elements to The Playroom, encouraging more of what people are already doing with their cameras. I am not really one to hop in front of a camera and just sit there, so these new elements might bring out the broadcaster in me.”

Now that the dust has settled, what caught your eye at E3 2014? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear which titles and experiences are your most anticipated for the rest of 2014, and beyond. If you’d like to learn more about the PlayStation MVP program, click here.

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  • madmanwithabox12

    So… how about that Vita?

  • @1 The Playstation TV is the Vita…

  • That camo controller tho…. :o

  • so… I’ve pre-ordered a PlayStation TV. Anybody able to tell me or take a reasonable guess at when it will be released? I’m pretty excited to receive it!

  • Any news about upcoming first party titles for PS Vita?

  • is there a red ps4 controller? red is my fav color :)

  • They dont care about the Vita… what about resident evil HD Remix or shadow of colossus AR game for vita

  • i really wanted that white ps4, but don’t care for destiny and don’t want to wait until september. i’m really enjoying the regular ps4 i finally got =]

    i’m holding off on getting another controller because i want some new colors. the white one looks okay; the blue one looks nice.

    i also can’t wait for assassin’s creed unity. i hope that game doesn’t have watchdogs syndrome!

  • Surreal that I’m in the Regal 24 ATL photo near the front. Such an amazing experience that was.

  • I was one of the lucky MVPs who got to go. It was an amazing experience that ill remember for the rest of my life. :)

  • If I applied to be a PlayStation MVP back around March, how soon, if ever, should I try and re-apply? As a former G.A.P. member, I’d love to join the ranks once again!

    Anywho, thanks for the insight, MVPs!
    Having been one of the folks who went to the E3 theater experience, it was real neat to hear reactions from a theater full of other gamers. Plus the free gifts were a nice perk, too!

  • @6 agreed. The blue and red were released near the PS4 launch, said to be coming here soon. Where are our red and blue controllers please?

  • Paul Sullivan your the man thanks bro

  • I had a great time. Thanks again to the PS Community team and all the partners who made this happen!

  • How long till Playstation TV stops being supported?

  • im a die hard playstation fan i have ever playstation console how do i get noticed when are theos controlers coming out

  • Once again we had a great group of MVPs at E3 and the largest group to day… It was great to see the the first time attendees reactions to what we saw at E3 as well as the fellow MVPs that returned again this year.

    If you have ever wanted to take your gaming passion to another level, the MVP program is a great start.

  • Nevermind, Thanks anyway folks. I checked with online retailer Amazon whom I’ve placed my PlayStation TV pre-order. & since I made the order the listing has been updated & I believe the PlayStation TV is being released Nov.30th

  • When are the different colors coming out?!!

  • Amazon has listings for new colored DualShock 4’s as being released Sept.30th
    No idea how accurate this is.

  • Sharingan_itachi


    Right after it launches. Just like the the Slim.

  • Bloated bloated bloated. Sony, just stick with the PS3 and PS4. Enough with these toxic ventures like the PS Now and its potentially damaging pricing model ($30 to rent a game like Final Fantasy XIII-2 right now). The PS TV will just be another set top box to clutter your living room and it will fail just like what it did in Japan. You guys waved the white flag already on the Vita by announcing that you guys don’t give a damn about it. Now be smart and kill off this PS Now and Vita TV non sense.

  • Where is the RED controller that the UK got at launch! Blue is my favorite so I will be getting that, but my son loves red and I was looking forward to getting it. NOT excited for White or the Camo :-( Also, for all those asking, Amazon and GameStop both have the White controller listed as launching 9/9 and the Blue and Camo for 9/30. BEYOND!

  • Another awesome E3 in the books with an awesome group of people. I’ll be posting my own highlights as soon as i get back from my business trip. ….yes my trip to E3 also merged into my day job. It’s been a long but very successful 2 weeks in Cali.

    I miss my girlfriend…

    …I <3 pie!

  • I am all over that No Mans Sky. I think that was by far the best surprise. These are the indie games i have been waiting for. Not that 1980s side scrolling games.

  • – Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core for PS Vita would be nice on a HD Edition with full trophy support.

    – Final Fantasy VII Trophy Steam Edition for PSN with PS Vita Compatibility again, full trophy support.

    – The 3rd Birthday – HD Edition with PS Vita Compatibility and full trophy support.

    – Parasite Eve sequel to Parasite Eve 2 or The 3rd Birthday Spin off with RPG/3rd Person action Elements.

    A Resident Evil title for PS Vita. or Bring Revelations to the PS Vita.

    Ni No Kuni for PS Vita trophy support.

    Summer Super Sale – Asap

    More AAA titles for Vita, although indies are great, it will eventually come down to great titles for device sales.

    Just wanted to get it off my chest.


  • Oh awesome statue of Sir Galahaad…(think thats how you write)…also that white headset looks slick and amazing….pretty nice to see new colors for PS4 controllers too….will definitely buy some different colors when I get mine.Amazing posters too.

    But…shameful shameful what you are doing to Vita Sony…..shameful just shameful.

  • you guys just better bring good sales that can compete with steam sales!

  • That blue Dualshock 4 though….

  • Heads up! U CAN get the color ones already and not have to wait. I have the blue one now from Amazon as they import them from Japan. Legit as can be. I am about to buy the red one next week, too.

  • Speaking of controls of different colors, when are you going to bring the other color Vitas , the ones released in Japan?

  • So when are you going to add mp3 capability to ps4? I wouldnt have bought the thing if I new sony would leave it out to force people to get music unlimited

  • White Ps4 looks amazing

  • @ JaY_Ci_415

    They are currently going for $80+, I think I can wait. I did add the Red to my wishlist so I can monitor if it drops in price at all. Not sure why Sony isn’t bringing Red to the US with Blue and White. Red, White, and Blue, hello Sony! :-)

    That Urban Camo one is so blah.

  • Sony world wide PRES said that SCEA will now focus only on INDIE. That clearly indicates that we will be expecting few to none AAA 1st party titles on vita. At launch date on vita, you promised home console games on the go, and that also it can remote play ps3. Now it turns out our 300$ handheld (launch date price) + 100$ memory card will be nothing but an INDIE machine and also up until now there’s no OFW update to let us remote play our ps3 games on our vita. That PS3 remote play feature you advertise long ago only support very few games and it just got forgotten.

  • How bout you show us a bit more of Let it Die?
    Real life trailer didn’t cut it for me.
    I love the heavy metal music; but it’s a bit too gruesome and the story is pointless. I have no idea what it’s supposed to be.

  • I didn’t experience any of E3 this year because I like to experience it through PS Home.

  • The other night my girlfriend was asking me to move my PS3 upstairs so she could watch Netflix, HBOGo and other movies. I had thought about it but decided that it would be nice if the PS4 had a remote play feature with the PS3. Then it would be easier to part with my PS3. If not a remote play feature, at least the ability to play my vast collection of digital PS3 games.

  • Such an amazing experience. Now that I have had time to digest everything I saw I still can’t get over Little Big Planet 3 and how much fun it was playing with 3 other people to get through the stage. The Gameplay walkthrough that blew my mind was Bloodborne and the best shooter I had hands on time with was The Order 1886. Follow me on Twitter for my full E3 Review which I should be posting hopefully early this week @RiseUp44

  • Please put up videos from E3 in the play-station store, I always love to download those.

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