A Closer Look at LittleBigPlanet 3’s New Characters

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A Closer Look at LittleBigPlanet 3’s New Characters

One of the big surprises of E3 week was seeing LittleBigPlanet 3 unveiled live on stage during the PlayStation media briefing. If you haven’t got yourself up to speed already, Sackboy is all set to make his PS4 debut this November. Along with a raft of new features for Create mode, the major new additions to the series come in the form of three new playable characters: Swoop, Oddsock and Toggle.

Little Big Planet 3

“We’ve spent a long time working on the characters,” explained XDev’s Pete Smith backstage at LA. “Not just making sure that they look distinctive but also that they each offer unique gameplay. That, for me, is the big thing. We want people to go ‘Wow, they really change up the game, and I can create totally new experiences with them’.

“We were also keen to make sure that they were very iconic from a silhouette point of view, so that when you look at them together you can instantly tell them apart. Yet we still wanted them to feel like they were part of the Sackboy family, rather than just a watered down version of the same character.”

Indeed, having played through hugely enjoyable E3 demo a few times over, I can confirm that they really inject fresh energy into the series, opening up all manner of possibilities both for the developers and the community. It’s no exaggeration to say that the biggest smiles in the SCEE room at E3 could be found in the LBP area, where groups of players gleefully egged each other on in four-way co-op as they got to grips with Sackboy’s new pals.

Want to find out more? Pete talked us through each character in turn, explaining how they came to be and what their individual attributes are.

Little Big Planet 3

“Swoop was the first one we came up with. He has a specific purpose – Swoop can fly, and he can access hard to reach places. One of the most useful things with Swoop is that he can pick things up – objects, but also the other characters, with the exception of ‘big’ Toggle.”

Little Big Planet 3

“Then there’s Oddsock, who’s a four-legged character. He’s not quite a dog; he’s more… well, he’s just an odd sock! Oddsock can wall jump and wall slide, and is really fast.”

“Once you play the Oddsock levels and start nailing your jumps, it’s really fluid and much quicker than the familiar LBP gameplay. It’s a very different experience – we didn’t just want him to be Sackboy on four legs, we wanted him to be his own unique character.”

Little Big Planet 3

“Finally we’ve got Toggle. Toggle can be big, or he can be small. Toggle started off as just one character – big Toggle – but it didn’t quite give you enough combinations, and that’s what LittleBigPlanet really needs.

“What we like in LBP is that we want everything to be very intuitive, so when he’s big he’s strong and heavy, and when he’s small he’s light and quick – it’s obvious. When you play the game it feels really natural – you’ll instantly know where to use him, and it brings in a nice puzzle element.

“He also brings with him a hell of a lot of gameplay possibilities, especially when you start using some of the customisation features.”

The ones that got away
“Early on we had loads of different ideas. I was looking at some of the concepts the other day actually. The Sackworm didn’t last too long before he found himself on the cutting room floor!

“They all started out as silhouettes. They needed to be game changers, they need to be fully customisable, they needed to feel like they belonged in the world, and they needed to have personality. I think the final three characters have really struck that balance.”

So, which one have you taken a shine to? Let us know below, and look out for more updates on the game as November approaches.

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  • This was the biggest surprise for me at E3. I am very curious to see how you guys carry on in this entry seeing as Media Molecule is not involved. I do have a couple questions though, that maybe you could answer.

    When can we expect news on Pre-Order Bonuses? (Crossing my fingers for a Kingdom Hearts pack)

    Will all the DLC from each home Playstation console be playable?

    Is the game already for pre order because I want to get it really badly :)

    Also Swoop looks like he is going to be my favorite but not above Sackboy of course.

  • We have our #TeamToggle army already on Twitter, so we know who’s the best =P.
    Anyway the cutest thing about the game is that noone can go on without eachother.Super cute! haha.
    Can’t wait for this jewel, on PS4 PS3 and maybe Vita? =P
    Anyway, I’m ready =D

  • Im already loving Swoop! <3

  • Really excited about this yet sort of skeptical…Is there anything new/innovative/different with LBP3 besides the new characters?

  • So LBP has become a multiplayer-only game? Since the levels do require different characters with different powers to proceed, there is no way one can do it solo? That would be tedious, as you have to drag along a whole team of players as you attempt to ace the levels, instead of being able to grind them yourself with no external dependency.

    Or is there going to be smart AI that takes over the role of the other characters when you play solo? Or can you switch among the characters on the fly to control them as necessary (like a Lego game) and have AI perform the simple actions (like passing through a door after you switched to another character to open it)?

  • Here is my opinion. I think that The idea of Oddsock being sackboys “dog” or whatever is brilliant. He should be in the game just for that.

    The other characters should have been Sackboy power ups, not individuals because you are limiting Sackboy at this point and the community as a whole. It ruins the idea behind the customization of Sackboy and his powerups. It also makes us consider what type of level should be created based on a characters abilities vs Sackboys powerups. I personally do not like the move at all and it seems like a bad idea in the long run.

    Swoop does not look like it belongs in the LBP universe. Not cute enough.

    Toggle is cool and the idea is cool, he could have been a supporting non playable character.

    I feel like taking away

  • Will all the DLC we have work in LBP3 on the PS4?

  • why cant we have this game on the vita????

  • Please consider bringing this to Vita with cross-play. Remote Play is not the answer; not all of us have a PS4, nor intend on buying a PS4 any time soon.

  • Bring stereoscopic 3D to Lbp3 and you got a game changer also hopefully if multiple players still want to play as sackboy thats allowed.

  • I have to agree with MTJohnson1977.But personally,i didn’t like at all this idea,it looks really cheap to me.
    First of all the whole world of LBP has been created for the sackboy and sackboy was suppossed to create any character you wanted.Also the so called “abillities” of the new characters not only make the sackboy useless and they are so Cheap that you can actually find them in most of the puzzle games with many characters,they also can be created in the editor in less than 1 hour all of them.So creating something that we can already easily create on LBP 2 is so cheap…..I know Many LBP levels that have a character that gets big & small,can fly or run fast and jump wall.This also would confuse the players since some would want the sackboy,others one of the new characters it will be a mess!!Except from the characters that they are one of the most cheap ideas in my opinion,the new depth while it will be really useful,can 3 new characters(that you can create them really easily in LBP2) and 3 new layers worth to call the game LBP “3”?

  • I believed that the new LBP would have more options to make your own 3D levels or something Big!LBP is starting turning into those game that became BIG and their sequels are just copies of the old one that use the name to earn cash(LBP Karting,LBP HUB,LBP 3).To finish my big dissapointment message,that the creators would probably say “who cares” it’s just an opinion,I LOVE LBP 1 and LBP 2,they are both two of my favorite games of all time.LBP Vita was a great portable game too.But this one LBP 3?It looks a dissapoinment.Will i get it?Probably after a year when the price will be around 15 euros.I am dissapointed unfortunatly,i remember my self saying “I can’t wait for LBP 3!!!”Now i am like “I dont want LBP3”.I hope that LBP 4 will be better at least,but i will have to wait around 5 years for that right?

  • Is this going to be like Trine maybe where you can just kind of switch characters on the go so that you don’t NEED to be in co op? The game looks great, but I’m just hoping this doesn’t become another short campaign.

  • Can you confirm that this will also be available for the PS3? And if it is, will there be cross-platform capabilities? I really look forward to the next chapter of the LBP series!

  • I will buy this game if he’s coming on the Vita.

    LittleBigPlanet on a handheld like the PS Vita is just amazing !

  • Can’t wait for LBP3.
    I don’t think I can choose a favorite among the three, they’re all awesome.

  • I fail to understand who would want to play with any other character that isn’t Swoop.

  • Standing by until I see the new create mode tools. Really hoping for a memorizer like LBP Vita has. :D

  • LuiSpartanMIMIMI

    I beg of you, please include an option in the game to DISABLE Sixaxis Motion on Dualshock 4. I always hated Sackboy’s head turning around when Dualshock 3 was moved.

    I am not the only one who do not like this. I asked this to Media Molecule many times, but my voice was not heard. Same to Tarsier and Double Eleven on LBP Vita.

    Hope Sumo Digital does listen.

  • I wish Swoop, Oddsock & Toggle had a little more variation in colour. I can identify that they are all made of different materials, but the palette looks to similar. To me, the three new characters look like a collection that goes together, and Sackboy looks the odd one out.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on board, just my thoughts.

  • I usually like games getting multiple PS releases, but I’d be disappointed if this is on anything but PS4, cause no doubt it will hold it back. LBP2 on PS3 is great but limited by the PS3. 16 layers just sounds like a disaster for PS3. Or PS3 is going to get some dumbed down version which would be dumb and useless to release. But we’ll see I guess.

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE, allow the PlayStation Vita to remote play this!!!

  • If not, I’m totally willing to purchase it separately for the PlayStation 4 AND the PlayStation Vita!

  • ODDSOCK is awesome! I can’t wait to play LB3, but you what would be cool, having someone from Media Molecule do a post about how they are overseeing Sumo’s development and what they think of LB3. It would be nice to see them giving their blessing to this project.

  • I love LBP <3

  • Can’t wait to play it. Really want to see the create mode in action. Any chance on getting a list of all the new tools soon?

  • @22-23: The VITA can remote play every PS4 game :)

  • Why do people ask for it on Vita when you can play ANY PS4 game on Vita anyway if you have a PS4 of course:) just sounds silly now!!! buy the way I did not die yet. and I still loyal to PlayStation see you soon friends!!

  • At first I wasn’t sure if there was going to be another LBP game and then I heard about this and thought to myself of course i’ll get this its LBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @zombie9 Because there is a loud minority of Vita owners who think Sony needs to include Vita news in every article, so they just troll every article posted on PlayStation blog, regardless of the content.

    I am Vita owner, and am mostly satisfied with the amount of content that has been created for it. I would prefer if Sony always had one of their studios working on a Vita game at any given time, but that is just in an ideal world.

  • I’m already liking Toggle!

  • So can we customize these new characters with the same eyes, clothes, facial hair, etc. as we can with Sackboy? Or will each character have their own items?

  • Beed more info on this game because its seeming like they already messed it up…just make sure everyone can still use sackboy and we should be alright.
    Forcing people to use specific characters is not the route to go with this game

  • Need*

  • #Team Swoop over here, #Team Oddsock gets an honorable mention as well.

  • So excited to play this

  • i think this game is going to have much to offer to the multiplayer world. i can already see my friends and i arguing over who will be which character. and the developers should really take that as a compliment. definatly part of my top three must-haves for the 2014-2015 season of gaming

  • Awful idea….LBP is spoiled forever.Had you Sony given LBP to Tarsier…at least them wouldn’t come with this stupid idea of adding new characters….oh well,they may have refused too to milk LBP further…..xdev studio…poor idea.

    Without Mm or at least Tarsier there is only one destiny to LBP……FAIL.

    Hope this game don’t sell s***.You may finally learn that milking your series means also spoiling them greedy Sony.

  • I’m most excited for Oddsock, he feels like yours guys’ attempt of adding more fluid platforming gameplay ala Rayman without removing the classic Sackboy gameplay. I’m not interested in playing as Swoop at all, but, I think he’ll be the perfect character for players who have a hard time working a controller let alone a game. Toggle is really neat, I want an Ant Man costume for him pronto.

  • I have to say, It kind of bums me out that this new LBP team just posts a PR post and then doesn’t respond to any of the comments. Not the best way to make me feel confident that LBP is in good hands.

  • @Surgesnugs

    Ya, wasn’t Media Molecule really engaged with the community when it came to LBP Blog posts?

  • Yeah seems the new team doesn’t care of concerns, feedback, or suggestions..

  • @27/28

    The Vita can’t remote play all PS4 games, just most. Look for the “Remote Play” tag on the back of the case when purchasing a PS4 game, or check the PS Store. Very few games aren’t supported, but they’re there. And @28, remote play is not a substitute for having a game on Vita. I can’t play remote play when flying cross country.

  • This game is gonna be awesome! But will you be able to bring your stuff from LBP2 into LBP3? Because some of those costumes I made, I do NOT want to make again.

  • thisthingdidthis

    I absolutely LOVE these new characters. But I’m wondering how useful these characters are in movie making.

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