Valiant Hearts: Historical Research & The Dogs In The Trenches

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Valiant Hearts: Historical Research & The Dogs In The Trenches

Though the characters in Valiant Hearts are fictional, the game is based in the very real and tragic history of World War I. Teaming with World War I historian groups, the Valiant Hearts development team was able to craft a story rooted deeply in the history of the era that tells the story of individuals swept up in the chaos and destruction of The Great War.

In this Developer Diary we learn about the research done by the development team in order to weave historical fact and fiction together and tell a story of crossed destinies and a broken love torn apart by the chaos and horror of the war. We also meet Walt The Dog and learn about “casualty dogs” or “mercy dogs” and the role they played in the trenches and on the battlefields in the darkest nights of World War I.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great WarValiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts will be available June 24th, 2014 on PS4 and PS3. Check out Valiant Hearts on Facebook, Twitter, or on its official website for the latest updates.

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  • I have been looking forward to this game since I played it at PAXEast. Really nice story and fun game play.

  • Waiting for a Vita version

  • madmanwithabox12

    Found the E3 trailer really touching. Please tell me you’re going to put this on Vita.

  • Art style slightly reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles, man I miss VC!!!!!.

    Even thou beautiful this game seems depressing.. I don’t like crying during my fun time, but it looks good, Hopefully there is a demo.

  • I’m very intrigued. I’ll keep my eye on it.

  • Vita.

  • Games of this caliber are best suited for the Vita.
    Having CrossBuy with the PS3 and 4 would simply make this an instant hit/buy and vice versa, and what was advertised as a system seller.

    Looking forward to Child of Light.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    What about Vita?

  • Oh…

    Waiting on a few more of your PSP titles myself, but keep them coming.

  • Downgrading fiascos aside, Ubisoft is yet to dissapoint me with the overall quality of their games. This game surely interest me, but I hope the price is right, though. Nowadays that is always an important factor to consider.

  • Please bring Valiant Hearts to the PS Vita! No Vita no Buy! Ubisoft MUST support the PS Vita lot more! I really wanna see a new Prince of Persia and Beyond Good and Evil on the PS Vita also!

  • Yes no Vita no Buy

    I don’t understand what’s the problem for adding this game for vita too?

  • Was going to pick this up on Steam, but if the reviews for Child of Light on Vita are good (namely, no performance issues), then I’ll likely hold off for the inevitable Vita port.

  • This looks so sad. T_T

    But also beautiful. I think this is an important game, and I hope it sells well. Also, Mercy Dogs are, I think, one of the more interesting aspects of war. Very touching that you’d include them here.

  • I usually don’t comment here, but I’m just going to voice my concern as everybody else.


    Just as Child of Light, did not buy it for PS3/PS4, but I’m just eager for July 1st to put my hands on it on my vita :D

  • Really looking forward to playing this one! Thanks for the continued support for the the PS3.

    For all the Vita owners wondering why every game isn’t on your handheld, it’s a whole different thing developing for it, which costs more money to make, and then to expect everything to be cross buy too?? Go figure.

  • I’m real in the field.

  • Also I read an article the other day saying it’s not “Economically viable” to develop games for the Vita, so that could very well be another reason every game isn’t made for it.

  • Seems like a great game but no way in heck am I playing it. Way too sad.

  • As a genuine Vita owner, those of you yelling “no vita no buy” every where are just pathetic. Can’t you ask nicely?

  • Please, we want a Vita version of this game !

    This game is perfect for the Vita like Rayman Legends and Origins.

    ( Ubisoft Montpellier ! )

  • Not going to buy until I know the Vita version will be cross-buy (or cross-discount). I’ve been screwed too many times by Ubisoft at this point, and the PS4 Rayman Legends’ lack of feature parity with the Wii U version (and absolutely no post-release updates) was the last straw.

    The game looks really cool, but Ubisoft pulling Activision-like anti-consumer shenanigans is a huge turn-off for me. There’s plenty of other games to play in the meantime.

  • @madmanwithabox12

    I agree. While a Vita version would be very nice and is much desired on my end, if one was truly interested in this game they wouldn’t completely refuse to buy it unless it was being ported to the PS Vita.

  • Why can’t this game be for psvita?I definatly agree with everybody!

  • Definitely looking forward to this! Them feels are real!

  • I’d like to buy this, but only for my Vita. These types of games belong on a handheld.

  • This is a game that I can’t wait to play I just now need to know how much this will be .

  • Can we get Beyond Good & Evil HD for PlayStation Plus? I would really appreciate this.

  • Its priced stupidly like every other game now. $15. Not guna get it until its 10 or less. Or shoot, ill just wait til sony pays for it for me on plus. That seems better since Ubisoft is on mt **** list.

  • Gonna wait for the inevitable Vita port.

  • Can’t play any game, watch any movie, where dogs are in danger. Can’t. Wont. Good luck with your game as this is an important and interesting historical period.

  • Did people saying that will wait for the “inevitable vita version” not realize of the pun or it was just coincidence. IneVITAble… get it?

  • I’m anxiously waiting for Child of Light to hit PS Vita and I’m waiting for this to (hopefully) also make the jump to Vita.

    Ubisoft, can you please make this for the Vita? Pretty please?

  • dear playstation can you please put skyrim on playstation plus instant game is a fun rpg game that i will always play.thank you;)

  • I’d also like the option to play this on my Vita, but I’ll most likely want to watch the art on my big screen.

  • Pretty cool…game looks promising…and wow its releasing tuesday…any chance of a demo?…

  • I appreciate all the support from Ubisoft for Vita and I really can’t wait for Child of Light, but I agree with @11 PhoenixDowny’s entire comment, especially a brand new 2d side-scroller Prince of Persia! I’d also buy a brand new Outland for vita or even a port of the first one on day 1! That game was way underrated and would look great on vita.

  • What a bunch of whiny babies. No wonder every generation before us was smarter, harder workers, and more courageous. Not one comment on this board so far mentions the real point of this game. To remember the history and people (and dogs) who not only gave their lives, but have long since been forgotten. This game should be heavily praised for doing something that actually matters. That being said I really can’t wait. I will buy this day one. World War 1 and great animations? What more could I want in a game!!! and its not a FPS!!

  • i want a vita version please!

  • As do I! I would like a Vita version too! And please do not remind me that I can use remote play from my PS4 either. It”s not the same thing.

  • If only Roger Ebert were around to see this

  • Ubisoft is rapidly becoming my favorite game devs. Child of Light, Rayman, and now this gem! Keep it coming!

  • Nice promo video.

    Now put it on a disc, and I will buy it.

    No physical release – NO SALE.

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