New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

Featured Releases Now Available, Week of 6/17/14:

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Music Unlimited Highlights:

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Listen to these new releases on Music Unlimited this week.

  • Linkin Park is still going strong on its sixth album, The Hunting Party, which features guest spots from Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello and rapper Rakim.
  • Lana Del Rey returns with her second album, Ultraviolence, produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.
  • EDM superstar Tiesto cranks up the pianos and guitars on A Town Called Paradise, venturing deeper into mainstream pop territory.

For further exclusive access to Music Unlimited new album releases – see details here.

Video Unlimited Highlights:

Take a break from the excitement of the World Cup this week with must-watch new releases: The LEGO Movie, House Cards Season 2 and more. See the full list of new releases available now on Video Unlimited.

The LEGO Movie: You’ll be surprised by the number of layers in this charming and hilarious movie. And, no, we’re not talking about LEGO bricks.


An ordinary construction worker named Emmett (voiced by Chris Pratt) discovers that there is more to his world than meets the eye – in fact, he’s the key to saving the entire LEGO world. Emmett joins a fellowship of strangers in order to stop an evil tyrant, the hyper-conformist Lord Business.

A Fighting Man: Step into the ring with this story of hope, loyalty and second chances.


The washed-up boxer, Sailor O’Connor (Dominic Purcell) steps back into the ring for one last fight. With the support of his old fight team, Sailor must face his personal demons or die trying to stay on his feet until the bloody end.

Want to get more Video Unlimited scoop on all the new releases? View further details here.

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3 Author Replies

  • I really enjoy , Music Unlimited but where is MP3 and DLNA? ):

  • Sony, You promised CD Playback and yet here we are these features are still missing ):

    PS: Sorry if you thinking I’m complaining ):

  • How about more support for the vita E3 was horrible i bought a gaming device not a streaming one or a ps4 accessory
    It is a really bad time to spur your consumers seeing how xbox one just dropped to same price and with no spy cam
    if i had to chose a ps4 or xbox one atm i would go with xbox one and i believe if you don’t start showing you will support your products -vita- you will see by the end on this year how bad a move it was when xbox one jumps way ahead of you since ppl don’t want to take a chance with your very poor support for your systems

  • Sorry again, I wasn’t paying attention and made a typo on # 2 ):

  • Ah the reason why the PS4 doesn’t have mp3 support! Thanks but no thanks…!

  • Does anyone know if you can get this without a credit card yet?

  • Really love Music Unlimited.

    However, lately there have been many issues with it on the PS4.

    Seems to run very well on my Vita, PS3 and my pc, but has problems many days on the PS4.

    Cannot connect to server….songs drop or skips to the next as if it can’t find songs…..doesn’t want to play a lot of my own library that it has no problems doing on any other system except the PS4.

  • I’ll never use Music Unlimited. Please add MP3 support ASAP.

  • @ Earthiness, So you would choose xbox one just because there hasn’t ben too much going on with the Vita? Even though xbox one doesn’t even have a hand held. So backwards, honestly I could care less about handhelds but I def understand where vita owners are coming from. But honestly we all need to realize that the vita is just the PS4 sidekick. And as far as MP3 and DLNA on my PS4…….never I have a laptop and tablet for pics and videos. My ipod holds plenty of MP3s whenever I want to listen to music, MP3s wont do do anything but put more wear and tear on my video game console (ps4).

  • I signed up for the $12/year Music Plus PS Plus special. I really enjoyed the music and the ability to stream or cache locally. I got used to it and was part of my daily routine. It came around to subscribe again and you were not longer running the $42 special. I thought it was fair and considered it,a s it’s about the same amount as buying 5 CD’s. Fair.

    Now this week I see that Amazon included cloud streaming for music to part of it’s Amazon Prime membership, I now find myself no longer in need of the music plus service. I’ll stick with Amazon, yes, they don’t have the selection you have, but I can live with it.

    I just wanted to give you feedback about the MU service. It’s great. It’s worth the cost of $12, without an ounce of doubt. For $50/year, it’s a fair value. It’s difficult to compete when for $100/year I can get Music and Video streaming and a place to buy Video Games.

    • Hi TwinDad – Greatly appreciate your valuable feedbacks. Our Music Unlimited catalog selections have increased over 25 million tracks and available on multiple devices now. Keep us posted if you ever switch back to our service. We’re always excited to welcome you back! :)

  • A Fighting Man

    • Hi Matrix_Lion – Let us know what you think about A Fighting Man. It’s one of our staff’s favorite new release movies.

  • personal video and music playback on PS4 from HDD? no? :(

  • Ok how about this music unlimited ( this service) is not available in my country??? So what to do?? I wanna listen to music while playing games but why all this? just make it like the ps3 we can save our own music in the same system??!!! Is that hard?

  • Please fix the data in the database for Music Unlimited.

    The album Restless by Xzibit is entered into the database twice with the album picture from the explicit version, but when played both are edited versions. Please put an unedited version of the album on the service.

    There is also two Jay-Z’s in the database with some of his albums under “Jay-Z” and the rest of his albums under “Jay Z”. There is only one Jay-Z. Having many different data enteries under different titles instead of having the data under one title is basically throwing the basics of database building right out the window.

    Please fix these and I will continue to subscribe.

    Again please fix the Xzibit album at the very least. It does not look good when a Sony Music Unlimited service can’t even put in the correct data from a Sony Music album.



  • Ps4 does not have mp3 because too many people complained about having usless stuff for the ps3, now tha tthey donthave it you want to complain.???? Geesh, make up your mind do you want to play games on a really cool system with awesome graphics and more gaming features or listen to music and play crappy grapical games???

  • Hi

    Good afternoon I have a question of th Ps Store Vita.

    Why I can’t download movies in HD to my Ps Vita??????????????


  • Fantastic news!

    Except for the fact that I won’t ever use your service, because I have thousands of mp3s that my PS4 is for some…related reason…incapable of playing.

    Mp3 and DLNA support, or we just don’t care.

  • My PS4 isn’t playing mp3’s or DLNA… is it broken?

    Stop dragging your feet on this, Sony, to try and sell subs to your horrific service. The only answer we can get on it is some tweet from Yoshida last Fall, absolutely no word on this.

    PS3 – the true next gen Sony console.

    – PS3 and PS4 owner

  • We have loved the Music Unlimited service since you hooked us with the Playstation Plus promotion. Problem now is our Playstation Plus account is on a sub account and you cannot renew the subscription. If we move the Sony Music unlimited to the Master Account it does not recognize as valued customer and I don’t get the preferred customer pricing. Support has worked to address for over 6 months and we recently expired. I would like to request Sony move my Playstation Plus sub account membership to the Master account so we can return as customers.

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