Battlefield Hardline PS4 Beta Extended 1 Week

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Battlefield Hardline PS4 Beta Extended 1 Week

The team at Visceral Games would like to thank those that have participated in the Battlefield Hardline closed beta. We’ve seen some incredible feats demonstrated on the virtual streets of LA – everything from massive breach charge explosions and intense heists to criminals riding shotgun and cops banding together to protect vaults. All of your time spent in game and feedback shared with us will help shape Battlefield Hardline over the coming months.

Battlefield Hardline

It is with excitement that we announce the Battlefield Hardline beta will continue for an additional week, ending on Thursday, June 26th at 12:00PM PST.

Registration for PlayStation 4 players is still open at until Sunday, June 22nd at 12:00PM PST. Be sure to sign up in order to claim your beta rewards.

In addition to the current beta, there will be an open beta in the fall for all announced platforms prior to the game’s release. Roll the six minute multiplayer gameplay trailer below and stay tuned for more information at

Battlefield Hardline PS4 Beta Extended 1 Week

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  • GOOD! I’m enjoying too much this beta. It’s so fun to play with friends :’D

  • Not fair.. I am highly insulted that I spent money on BF 4 and premium to get snuffed out of this beta : ( thanks alot

  • Nice, I just started playing today, but I’m digging it so far. Thanks guys.

  • Cool, thanks for the extension.

    Got a random Beta invite on the weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve been enjoying the game.

    I’m terrible at shooters, at least online, but still this has been great fun so far.

  • Beta is awesome, can’t wait to buy game!

  • check out my mad skillz using sharefactory watch for the parachuting chopper take down

  • don’t forget to add me chiefpounderhrd

  • There was the Battlefield 3 launch with major issues. Then Battlefield 4 launch with problems that are still ongoing. You are actually hoping that I am going to get excited for this? I will be passing on this.

    Enjoy your launch day problems all!

  • Might actually jump into this. This is very different from previous Battlefield and Call of Duty. Hopefully the single player campaign is like Payday 2 but better.

  • Never got my Hardline Beta code from the E3 Theater Event. I got everything else though.

  • This is a load of baloney. As soon as I saw the announcement of the beta on E3 I IMMEDIATELY turned on my PS4 to download the beta and (lucky me!) the PSN was down. When the PSN went back online all the beta codes were already taken. Are you f^&*ing kidding me??

  • Great DLC. Hoping EA will price this around $9.99-$14.99

  • BF Hardline should be free for anyone bought crappy bf4 and premium. How bad it was or at lease a discount. I won’t buy till after launch.

  • @11: SureBigBuster, it states in the article above that the beta has been extended for another week, and you still have a chance to gain a code as long as you sign up prior to this Sunday. What are you complaining about?

    And yes, I dealt with that issue as well. You’re not the only one. Seemed like everyone on the damn planet who watched E3 that day logged into PSN and Battlelog all at the same time after the announcement. Took me 15 minutes to log in and when I finally reached the Battlefield 4 tab for the Hardline beta, it stated that only 6.4% codes were left. Lucky for me, I got in that evening. However, given the extension, more codes will be given out, so you may still have a chance to play the beta, which is quite good.

  • @8: Says the guy who Platinumed Battlefield 4, lol. =P

  • I already uninstalled it. You might as well play BF4 or BF3 for that matter. All three games are pretty much exactly the same. They’ve not even changed the scoreboard and stuff like that. Battlefield has become the new CoD aka copy and paste shooter.

    Let me know when DICE start talking about BF Bad Company 3.

  • Applied twice now for a PS4 beta key, once on announcement day at E3 and again yesterday. Still no invite so I’m assuming it’s not “apply and you’ll get in”, it’s “apply and you might get in, maybe”.

    Compare that to Destiny. Applied when it was announced, got my email last Thursday, played all weekend, loved it.

    So yea, thanks DICE.

  • @windsmere, while initially excited to try out Hardline, I ultimately felt the same way as you. The game played no different than BF3 or BF4 which I personally don’t get into. I will be sticking with Payday 2 for online heisting. I think I just prefer the co-op vs. smart AI more than the meat grinder of BF competitive multiplayer.

  • I think they extended this a week cause destiny was getting so much shine! lol

  • @cusman, this game plays nothing like the others. First of all, it’s a DIFFERENT DEVELOPER. Second, BF3 was great and BF4 was horrible. The only game that’s more horrible than BF4 is BF: Hardline. Played one match and I will wait to see if the next Battlefield is any good.

  • Hey @11 EnigmaNemesis I sent you a Code check your PM’s. I never used it Good luck.

  • I’ve signed up for this beta like 5 times since the start of the sign up process, and i have yet to get a code. Maybe its cuz i was in the Destiny Alpha, or maybe this game just doesnt want to give me a code. Oh well…. moving on to the next game…..

  • What a nice scorpion. The beta is fun and i can’t wait to try the hostage mode. Can you guys make a office type map? That would be sick! D1B

  • I absolutely love the beta so I cant imagine how much fun the full game will be!!

  • anyone knows if they r still giving codes out i been checking

  • Open beta starts soon. So chances are they’ll have some codes again.

  • Is it a CHANCE to get in or is it that you will guaranteed get in if you apply

  • I sign up for the for BF hardline Beta the same time with my friend he got is code less then 72 hours. I still have not received a email, now the beta is close and I’m not sure if I will receive a beta email. If they are still sending email to those who sign up for the Beta before it was close please don’t for get about me show me some love.

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