GTA Online: “I’m Not a Hipster” Update is Live

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GTA Online: “I’m Not a Hipster” Update is Live

Grand Theft Auto Online: I'm Not a Hipster Update for PS3

Express your incredible individualism and stand out from the herd with The post ironic, artisanal, organic, entirely independent, 100% re-claimed “I’m Not a Hipster” Update now available for Grand Theft Auto Online. This new content update features new retro print tees, skinny jeans, hairstyles, tattoos, animal masks and more, as well as additional enhancements to general gameplay to ensure the world is constantly evolving.

Choose from seven new vehicles including classic nostalgia rides like the Glendale, Warrener, Blade and Rhapsody – affordable cars that seem casual on the surface, but have hidden potential to be unleashed with a few modifications. The environmentally conscious set can check out the Panto microcar, while those looking to roll with their Crew in more ostentatious style can add the massive 3-axel, 6-seater Dubsta (unlocks at Rank 100) to their fleet.

Even Ammu-Nation is getting in on the latest non-ironic trends with the Vintage Pistol and Antique Cavalry Dagger now in stock. Make sure to try all these out in the slew of new Jobs, as part of your long arduous journey to become one of Los Santos’ effortlessly cool.

Along with today’s update, gear up for 12 new Jobs across an assortment of game modes, including Races that provide showcase opportunities for these new retro rides, a Deathmatch in Puerta Del Sol, two new Captures and more. There are also three new Gang Attacks in Chumash, East Vinewood and Mirror Park.

Stay tuned for details on future GTA Online content updates in the weeks to come – as well as info on the upcoming “I’m Not a Hipster” Event Weekend with lots of special additional bonuses and contests happening this Friday through Sunday.

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  • I remember playing gta back when it was cool :p

  • I’m looking forward to playing this on PS4. I didn’t buy the PS3 version because i had heard rumors it was going next gen, that, and there’s so much to do and i didn’t want to put the time and effort into it just yet. Oh by the way, i have saw some of the side by side ps3 vs ps4 graphics screen shots, the ps4 version looks great.

  • I really wish that is some PS3 to PS4 promotion on this title. I’ve got the digital on pre-sale (wich is a rare thing) and really want to play it again, updated.

  • @Sonicfan11589 Smart move^-^

  • I plan on getting GTA 5 within a few months, so I can play in college after summer break. I am glad to see that this is still getting updates. Will the single player get updates too or is this just for online?

  • Sorry, I will wait for the single player campaign DLC, which is the only one that matters.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Awesome new content. R* I’m a huge fan, since way back on PS1 with GTA. Any chance of you good folks delivering some of your game-y greatness to our favourite little handheld, the PS Vita? The stories games were great on PSP.

  • I think this update is AWESOME!

  • @giga_giga, this isnt a dlc its an update, and its free and you will probably dowload this unless you dont plan to with update your game again

  • finally not an update with exotic cars and expensive clothing.

  • I decided to borrow my friends copy and fire it up again for “old times” sake and the game still goes nowhere.

    On Second Thought : I’m glad I didn’t actually buy this. I would be pissed with some of the “updates” 1.14 added. Especially if you were playing since the beginning.

  • I am really excited to play this game on ps4, but I won’t pay $60 again for game I’ve owned already.

  • still no heist update. Y’all update everything else but what the hell people actually are waiting for lmmfao. what a joke.

  • look it her and yes there will be a ps3 2 ps4 transfer of updates

  • Pffff I really don’t know what to say

    Any news for GTA 5: City Stories PS Vita?

    Is it coming soon?

  • My PS4 is coming in September, so I’ll have to wait on this.

  • i thought the next update was supossed to be heists

  • I cant wait to rebuy gta5 on ps4 since i sold my ps3, im hoping i can keep my campaign data, i beat main story once an i still need to beat it two more times for trophys, spoiler (i hate how u have to kill trever or michael for trophys, the only one i would think about killing is franklin) last thing im laughing at people who say they already own it an think they should get ps4 version free, ya u owned it on ps3 but not ps4 so u should have waited if u wanted it for ps4, i love the game an i dont mind spending anouther $60 for a better version, also i hate how pc geting this, pc gaming sucks imo

  • Dear Rockstar (2K): Please bring GTA to Vita. GTA 5 Stories would be nice. It would sell well, and more people would buy a Vita just to play. Thank you. I have played every GTA on PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3. I also plan on buying GTA5 Enhanced Edition for PS4. I would love to also play a GTA on the Vita.

  • Can you please bring back Oni with updated graphics? That was such a good game.

  • I too remember when gta was cool, but that was years ago. Got this pre order, had probs with online when it finally hit. Got for online and thankgod i hit 120 and bought everything before rockstar stepped in with the shark cards and made this game worthless online. Lame. Just another ps3 title coming to an amazing system with barely any aaa games to offer. Shouldnt companies be working on games like gta 6 for this ps4 and not a game already out? Too bad this new company called rockstar didnt make enough money for gtav for a new game on a new system. Call me crazy, no really, feel that way for buying the ps4 in 2014 and not 2016. LaterZ

  • Haha this is excellent! and this title makes me laugh

  • I have no interest in GTA or the mindless violence that series seems to revel in. I would however be interested in another Red Dead game, since Redemption had such a great hero and compelling story.

  • ^ Hipster

  • Been playing GTA V the storyline is pretty good but online play could be fun but its not. Many other players will kill you if you don’t watch out and all i hear are people cheating and doing bad things on their. Rockstars please fix all the bugs so people can stop using them, so we can get some heist ASAP. I tried of waiting on heist getting push back because people are using bugs to cheat their way up.

  • Seriously PISSED OFF! im sure the update is fine and dandy..

    I cant play it….. why?

    The latest update puts me over 12 gb!!! I bought this playstation slim 12gb specifically to play gta 5!!! and now it will not work. There is a serious marketing error by both sony and rockstar??!! how can they put out a game that cannot be played on the system???????

  • i did some simple math calculations knowing that the game is under 9 gb and bought the 12gb knowing it would fit……….. IM FURIOUS! why isnt there disclaimers saying the newer games should be run aon a 120 gig or higher? WHY DO THEY EVEN OFFER THE 12GB SLIM? I WOULDNT HAVE BOUGHTEN IT HAD A I KNOWN!!!!

  • ^koloss-6-5

    Sony is not sorry you bought the el-cheapo PS3 model. Go buy a HDD like the 99.9% of PS3 owners who have no harddrive issues.

  • @26/27

    The HDD on any PS3 can be upgraded relatively inexpensively. For yours, go to the online sony store and purchase the PS3 HDD Mounting Kit for $9.99, then got to any computer hardware retailer and buy a 5400 RPM 2.5″ SATA HDD. Your choice of size. Follow the directions that come with the mounting kit to install the HDD, install GTA V, and play it. No one forced you to buy the 4201A model PS3. You went in knowing it had no HDD and that GTA V was going to get updates.

  • Hey everyone asking about heist dlc, its not gonna happen cause R* is so ticked off with the GTA community such as big youtubers always finding glitches then R* has to go back and patch that which is putting them behind schedule thats my theory for the delayed heist DLC

  • Rockstar has enough people on staff that even if somebody is holding a grudge over something, more people don’t give a damn at all and will keep things moving forward.

  • When are you making the announcement about putting the PS3 disc in and only paying ten bucks for the digital PS4 upgrade/sarcasm?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Ryumoaner

    If you don’t like mindless violence then stop playing Call Of Duty.


  • So people who dress like a street mime are likely to committ GTA? Its like the Westside Story all over again.

  • @Ryumoau I couldn’t take your comment seriously because Red Dead Redemption is the same thing as GTA except with cowboys and outlaws.

  • GTA V.? Hmmmm….

  • @KiLLjoY-42481: Yah, good for you mang. I wish I had bought GTA V in November and then ranked up fast with a glitch. This feels like forever, I just wanna reach 100, get the platinum and then get the hell out. Online is quite boring, not much to do after you’ve lost to 10 year old kids on races, beat the hell out of Rooftop Rumble or Rescue the big plain whatever mission or Extradition and all of that over and over and over and over and over just to get to level 100.
    Then you grab the expensive cars and **** but what’s the point anyway.
    It’s like you grab a Airport bus to have fun and get people into it and maybe try and run from the police but nope, they see, they kill so I’m rather off grabbing a damn bicycle, it’s the same.
    Maybe it’s because Free Roam feels like a constant living deathmatch with break time when you get home or LSC.

    And yeah, heists will never come and if they do, they’ll give 100 RP and 10k per heist and then you can only do a heist every month of in-game time.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    hello rockstar entity….

    its essential that the portables get a rockstar game.

    while id prefer the vita, im not above using the 3ds.

    please make the game wonderful like your past portable releases…

    the psp had a few as did the ds, but for the past few years nothing…

    the portable market needs companies that are in it to win it like rockstar.

    i understand the lack of a dedicated L2/R2 and L3/R3 may be a hinderance but the vita has power to run some pretty good games, as does the 3ds.

    we need companies like you.

    sidenote: while it may seem like a good thing to just port an older title (rdr goty fingers crossed, yea i know i know, a guy can dream cant he?), please create a title from the ground up. itll be more inherrent to the vita/3ds capabilities.

    some of the most essential titles on last gens portables were R★…. please continue in this tradition.

    thank you for your time

    good luck and godspeed

  • shibbydibbybibby


    good god! o.O 12gb? you wouldnt be able to go very far with modern games.

    hell, i think uncharted 3 was 85gb.

    memory can be confusing but having 12gb doesnt mean you have 12gb. even a 7gb game wouldnt work.

    it needs room to DL, then install. needing “double” the space of any DL. one spot to DL to, then another to install it to. memory wont collapse on itself and utilize the memory thats only just been made available. its gonna need a proper space on the hdd to insert the install.

    the only reason people buy those 12gb is because its kinda unspoken that a hdd upgrade is inevitable. if i was to buy a ps3, id go for a 12gb’er because of this. you can buy 500gb ps3 but whats the point? what i really require is 1tb+.

    its really quite easy to upgrade. dont worry.

    data memory is an industry rife with wrong representations of GB’s that are sold.

    TB/GB stated sometimes will vary in the actual bytes on the item. even before the OS is installed the memory is already not at a true # listed on the item

    12gb could actually be 10gb, 1tb could really be 937gb. 64gb could be 57-61gb… etc etc…

    it varies per company/product. but most all memory is bought at a loss.

  • Man my gta5 broke I wonder how to get a new 1

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