Final Drakengard 3 DLC Out Today on PS3

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Final Drakengard 3 DLC Out Today on PS3

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a month since Drakengard 3 launched. How many of you guys have beaten the game already? Or maybe you’re close?

Final Drakengard 3 DLC Out Today on PS3

Regardless of where you’re at in the story, today we’ve released the final batch of DLC, totaling more than 30 items you can download to dive even deeper into the twisted world of Zero and her quest to murder her own sisters.

You can put Zero in several costumes that are throwbacks to the original two Drakengard games as well as NIER, all of which adjust her abilities in one way or another. You can also pick up music packs that change the music in certain places to some familiar tunes, and even put hats on Mikhail. There’s nothing more endearingly creepy than a dragon incinerating enemies with the “Beautiful Child” on.

And if it’s extra content you’re looking for, some of the most robust DLC we’ve released include prologue chapters for each of the Intoner Sisters, which put you in the shoes of each sister in events that take place before the game. Each sister has her own playable stage that also gives you their own unique weapon and brand new trophies to earn (except Two.)

Drakengard 3 DLC

I’d also like to point out that the Japanese VO is available to those of you who prefer to play the game in its original language, and that there’s a lot of great content from NIER as well. You can equip Kainè’s garb for instance, which doubles the window for triggering a parry, or NIER’s garb, (based on his Replicant form) which boosts your damage by 5%.

Finally, if you enjoyed the game, we’re starting a fun little contest on Twitter today too that the developers of Drakengard 3 will be judging. Tweet us a nature-themed haiku about one of the game’s sisters for a chance to win a very rare Japanese version of the Drakengard 3 Collector’s Edition, which has so many extras, you’ll practically need a whole shelf for this game alone. To name a few, it’s got an art book, copies of the voice recording scripts, a “chips” music CD, the original Japanese novella… And that’s just scratching the surface. Click here for more details, and I look forward to reading your poetry!

If you haven’t picked up the game yet though, don’t worry, there’s still time! Drakengard 3 is available now from and other participating retailers, and with all the DLC now available, it’s a great time to play.

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  • Already platinumed the game and got 100% on all the dlc. Loved this game so much, except the branch d boss. When i beat it, i was shaking and felt like i acomplished something great. At least the music during the fight was amazing

  • I really enjoyed this game. There are a few issues with the frame rate and camera, but it didn’t ruin my experience. Decent story, good characters, fantastic music and the collector’s edition was great. The art style, soundtrack and overall depressing, mundane atmosphere matched Zero’s personality and mission perfectly. Thanks Square Enix!

  • EmeraldLeviathan

    Why does Two’s DLC not support Trophies?

    • Two’s Trophies were not available for Japan so it was also not available for North America.

  • 1. You won’t probably reply just like you did in FF TYPE-0 thread right? About 1500 comments… nearly all from angry fans…

    Btw. Sign petition NOW

    2. I’m from EU…. you probably won’t give us those patches right now right? We in EU are angry at SE for many reasons… not only for FF TYPE-0. You decided to ignore demands for retail physical copies of game here in EU! Let me just say, we wanted physical game not digital mumbo jumbo! You ignored bigger market?! In EU SONY sold over 33 millions of copies of PS3! In NA 28.5… you don’t have to be Einstein to know where you can earn more money.

    end of part 1

    • We are here to celebrate Drakengard 3’s DLC content so we are unable to comment on TYPE-0 at this time. We will continue to update as we get information in the future.

      Also, I am unable to speak to the EU territories.

  • part.2

    Another “silly” decision was releasing physical collector edition of game without THE PHYSCIAL COPY OF GAME (digital coupon). ARE YOU F*** KIDDING ME?! WE wanted this game! How “silly” you have to be to not understand it! We don’t want digital games! Excuse me my harsh words… but you can shove those digital games…. where sun does not reach… that’s how we feel about thos worthless digital games!

    When you will get it?! That SE is doing way too many “silly” things… that someone should lose his job very quick… or SE will lose NA and EU markets!

    3. Not many people bought this game in EU… we don’t like digital games… but those that bought it… feel cheated. They said you didn’t even release patch in EU… the game is unplayable in EU!

    • I am here to represent the North American portion of the property so I am unable to comment on the EU territories. Also the physical edition of the game was included in the NA collector’s edition.

  • What new content is releasing today? Most of what you mention in the post has already been released.

    • The content that was released today is indeed content that may have been available through other avenues but was not previously available to buy on it’s own. This post was to recap all the great DLC’s available for the Drakengard fans and see it in action :)

  • You promised this game would be fixed for Western release. It still suffers from terrible frame rate and tearing.
    On top of that you totally screw up the whole Type-0 announcement.

    …Do you even care about games? Really?

  • Thanks Square Enix, Please keep bringing us more of these games! You know what I noticed? Drakengard 3 plays very similar to the DMC series, in my opinion. There’s a lot of hack and slash, jumping into the air, and dashing from one enemy to the next to create killer combos. Think I capped my top combo at about 110 or so. I love the weapon change capability where you can swap between swords, polearms, fist weapons/gauntlets, and chakra. To complete some objectives or get past certain enemies, you have to make use of them all. The only way to get past a line of soldiers with their shields blocking you is to do a power attack with a polearm type weapon. The ability to instantly swap weapons in the middle of combat is great as you’ll want to pull out those gloves or your sword if you get surrounded by a group. The combat on the dragon is a little different but I found it to be a bit simpler than hand-to-hand combat.

    I Really Enjoy this game it’s different from Final Fantasy and more of a action game than JRPG

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! Topped the combo at 110 huh… thats pretty good. I agree about the weapon swap ability – I really enjoyed that part!!

  • Why are we even wasting our time!? We won’t get any reply… she/he will comment only those easy questions or pleasent topics for her/him (sorry I don not know her/his gender). Way to go! Great PR!

    Sign petition NOW

  • That D ending man… that D ending. I’m pretty good at that kind of stuff but it still took me 12 hours to beat.

    That aside the game was fantastic. And the in toner DLC a blast to play as well. Only a couple more trophies till plat now. :)

  • All of this add on content you mentioned was already released. Can we please get someone who can actually do their job properly? Thanks.

  • I’ve heard that the Japanese VO does not work for the prologue chapters. Has this been fixed as of yet? If not, when?

    • Correct – Unfortunately the JP VO works only on the main game and not the prologue. Currently there are no plans to release the JP VO for the prologue chapters.

  • @Sakura Minamida
    Oh great…well I got “some” reply at least… but now you are only representative for NA. But it didn’t stop you from LYING on EU blog about FF type-0 coming to VITA. Than who was the one who created that thread about FF type-0 on EU blog? You made it… and if we can’t complain to you… than who is the right person?!

    About collector edition I’m taking about THIS:

    Collector edition with digital only game… sad joke.

    You better at SE watch out for flames… if you will wait too long with writing APOLOGY to those “who let you know how badly we wanted” Type-0 and news about bringing physical retail VITA edition to both EU and NA… it might be too late with running away from that blunder without getting hurt.

  • I don’t tweet so I can’t enter that awesome contest. Also, I’m not a poet….but I’ll try:

    Carnage in an eye
    Only a flower to some
    Yet five sisters died

  • Fix the framerate, then you can ask for more money.

  • With all this DLC you keep asking me to buy, I really regret buying this game on day one for full price. Wish I could have just bought the “whole game” with one purchase. What ever happened to complete products in this industry?

  • @Sakura Minamida: I’m sorry to hear that. Since that is the case, then I will have to consider holding off on purchasing the Prologue chapters. I hope enough fans request for the Japanese VOs so your team might reconsider including them for the Prologue chapters as a patch or DLC. But as of right now, I will not be supporting the prologue DLC without the Japanese VO.

  • How about adding the Japanase voice track (that we paid for) for the Sister Chapters DLCs?

  • Stupid FF14 has kept me from playing this game. Trying to find a point to just put it down so I can focus on thsi game. Any of this not included in the first wave of preorders for the CC edition?

  • Sweet. I’ll get to buying them asap. I gotta say though, completing Accord’s final request is darn-near impossible!…as well as the end of Branch D. I’ll definitely platinum this game though. :3

    -Keep the JRPGs coming. :D

  • iam not signing that stupid peition.

    this game looks awesome. hopefully i can get around to buyng it soon.

  • Will there be a patch for the frame-rate?
    Having to force my system to 480p and disable all the blood effects is kinda iffy.

  • European? Looking for Final Fantasy Type-0?
    Then order it on Amazon US and get it shipped to your place.
    I bought the imported version on the PSP and it’s not even in english.
    Best thing I can tell you… Make yourself an N/A account and download it from the PSN when it’s released and spare yourself some shipping fees. I had to make an European account for Move Fitness, until it got released digital download only on the N/A years after. So much potential money wasted because it’s not ported, even if it’s just digital.

  • I finished Branch D, loved the game, but the final batlle in Branch D was very difficult, because I have not rithm.
    Finished the prequel’s DLCs too, realy loved the game. I think I’ll gonna buy the costumes launched today, the alternative colors gonna be great.

  • In Consideration of Zero:
    Slender female form / Akin to a Replicant / Not burly Gestalt
    (Because that promotional art of the protagonists should’ve totally used Daddy Nier among all the more…slim bodies.)

    But yeah, count me among the “Wait, there’s still technical problems in Draken3 that haven’t been patched?” and “What limitations are there to not also prepare Type-0 on portable systems for international release?” camps.

  • Platinumed the game and enjoyed it, but I refuse to buy the DLC episodes since they don’t work with the Japanese voices, which I paid for.

  • Thanks for releasing this game.I love the ENG voice work.I also like the comedy the game shows off it makes all the horrible stuff thats happening a little less horrible :p.

  • sigh…i regret buying this game. It just got so repetitive and boring that i couldn’t finish it. It felt like Dynasty Warriors, but with only one playable character and an even worse story. :(

  • When will we get Japanese VO for the DLC?

  • That final boss…. I still can’t beat it.

  • Why isn’t there a discount on the sister pack for people who have One’s DLC all ready? Is no one disappointed by this but me? :( I had purchased the CE for the novella and to save $5-$6 when the DLC went up, but now One’s DLC is used as the bonus for buying the pack, which makes it useless to loyal buyers who pre-ordered long ago or purchased the CE.

  • Please Minamida-san, talk to Square Enix US about the Japanese voices for the prologue DLC chapters.

    It feels weird finishing the game on Japanese, then you have no choice but to play the rest of the DLCs in English.

    Even if it’s paid DLC i don’t mind that, but please take in a consideration about this.

    I really want to play this in Japanese voices!!

    Thanks again for bringing the game on US. Got the Collector’s Edition Day 1!! Love this physical goodies!!

  • @ Archacus, you really expect results or a serious response with that attitude, disrespect and language? What a childish rant from a 0.54 trophy avg profile.

  • I saw that you have been answering people on this thread and checking it so I just wanted to put some ideas out there about Type-0.

    Please talk with Square Enix for a Vita release of Type-0; here are the business reasons for a vita version:

    1. The game is already available digitally in Japan for PSP/Vita, and I think all PSP/Vita owners in the NA region would be perfectly okay if we simply got this version and not a remaster.
    2. The only thing that would need to be done to the digital game would be to apply the English localization to it, something that will already have to be done for the HD remaster anyway.
    3. This appeases both the PSP users who were the original base for Type-0 as well as the Vita users who have also been working hard to get this localization and combines two existing assets in the Square Enix businesses to make an easy profit.
    4. Doing something like this and releasing it before the remaster may inspire PSP/Vita owners who own a PS4 or will own one to double dip and buy the remaster as well.
    I understand that you can’t say anything more on the subject, but it would be great if you could reply just to let me know that you read this and maybe pass it along to the Executives.

  • @Archacus please learn how to treat people with respect. You alone might be the failure of your cause with that attitude. Also Sakura Minamida was not lying, Sakura made a mistake. Your statement that Sakura is lying just shows that you only want to see and hear what you want to see and hear. Please learn the difference between making a mistake and lying.

  • @SliK6Sik
    It’s ok, one need to earn respect.

    Square-Enix proved too many times that they do not deserve any kind of my respect, simple as that. Childish rant…. hmm…. normal language didn’t help at all. In EU in february they announced on EU blog that only digital version of Drakengard 3 is coming to us…. of course people didn’t like it so they asked for physical release.
    In april they responded to our request for physical version….

    “So, thanks for all your feedback on the Drakengard 3 release plans in Europe. Frankly, we’re humbled to have such dedicated fans, and while it’s not always easy when people are upset about something, we have been passing your feedback on to the game teams – and today we wanted to give you a full update on the results.”

  • part.2
    “It’s taken a bit of time – these things always do – but we are now ready to announce that in response to that feedback, we will be releasing a Collector’s Edition for Drakengard 3 in Europe, and that it will feature the Japanese voice-over content too.”
    In short…. they just said that just because we asked for physical edition of game they are giving us collector edition without physical copy of game. Similar blunder to FF Type-0… Square-Enix did nothing to earn respect in EU. The thing is it seems that when you talk to them nicely… even if you are not happy about what was said… they won’t understand… I don’t know maybe they don’t understand english… or maybe they are playing their own games by acting that they do not understand, or do not see…. Dunno

    Oh and average e-peen trophy collection… I don’t care about it… but it is 12… so I would say average. It is still below your 20… but ow well, when you are older you have less time to play games.

  • part. 3
    Lestat my dear FFtype-0 troll, of course I want to see results. If one make mistake he should apologize… he/she didn’t… that’s how people with bad upbringing act.

  • bluenightmare941

    Stuck at The Final Song cant get passed the 8, 6+1, 8 notes in a row even with youtube help; can we just skip it, and get the trophy lol. Thanks for drakengard 3 SE love the story, music and characters. #PLEASE, Nier 2!!!.

  • Haven’t beaten this yet! That $5 Ni No Kuni during the recent Flash Sale has totally derailed my playthrough… but I’m up to One anyway. So hopefully I’ll wrap stuff up soon and check out some of the DLC. This isn’t as fun or surprising/amazing as Nier, but it’s a great brawler with neat, relatively varied campaign and a solid story in it’s own right. I don’t know how you guys at Access did it, but somehow, I went from hating Zero to digging her quite a bit – that’s astounding. But I do miss the ability to call your dragon at any time like in the old games. I totally hope that Square x Access work together in the future on more stuff!

  • @yourfacedotcom: The Japanese VO DLC… you should be happy that it’s delayed. It’s 20 or 22GB I believe.

    I pre-ordered this through Square’s online store (like a sucker) for that, but when the download is that hefty, I just sighed and opted not to do it. The Japanese voice pack is like the size of Ni No Kuni digitally. That’s bonkers. So make sure you take some time while you wait to a) clear your HDD and b) clear your schedule to actually download that much data. ‘Cuz it’s gonna take awhile. Remember, if it says it needs 22, it actually needs like 26 or 27 free, ‘cuz it needs 4 or 5GB for all the background processes and OS functions, etc.

    Anyone looking forward to the VO should probably know that stuff.

  • Guess that means no avatars

  • Gamers complain about everything……

  • Didn’t think that I’d enjoy it this much. Zero got me after just playing for a few hours. So I went on the ps store and got the bundle and voiceovers. XD (Maybe) 5 usd price tag for original VO is (a little) too MUCH :C

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