Battle Princess of Arcadias Out Today on PS3

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Battle Princess of Arcadias Out Today on PS3

Battle Princess of Arcadias

Greetings my fellow doods and doodettes! Chris King from NISA here, stopping by to let you know that our action RPG, Battle Princess of Arcadias, is finally out in North America today! It’s a PlayStation Store exclusive for PS3, and will surely rock your socks if you enjoy fast paced action RPG…action.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, the story goes something… like this:


Long ago, the kingdom of Schwert was a place of fantasy and beauty. However, times have changed, and the once peaceful kingdom has now been overridden by vicious monsters, threatening your precious land. Countries across the land have been forced to deploy their available forces and protect their people.

Amongst those sent are powerful princesses, and with sword in hand, these dangerous beauties are known far and wide as Battle Princesses.

As Battle Princess Plume of Kingdom Schwert, it’s time to set things straight in a deliciously fast-paced action RPG manner. You’ll recruit a group of warriors and engage in battles against your enemies. But be warned — huge and powerful bosses await you as you progress further into the story.

Combat System

The game is a side-scrolling action RPG in which you switch between characters in real-time, each with her own unique combat style, to slice-and-dice massive enemies with delight. The game is very fast paced and will definitely keep your brain occupied — sensory explosion style!

Battle Princess of ArcadiasBattle Princess of Arcadias


You’ll have access to more than 900 different weapons throughout the game. (It’s over 900?) Each one has unique attributes and skills, and you’ll have to release their latent power to see their true strength. Some weapons can also evolve into a new one, allowing you to uncover the rarest of weapons during your adventure.

Weapon Enhancement

Want to buff your weapons out? Of course you do! This can be done by bringing materials you collect throughout each stage to the Weapon Workshop. Raise the weapon’s base stats, unlock weapon-specific skills, or evolve your weapon into something entirely new.

Rare Items

What makes finding weapons fun? Rarity! Every weapon you earn and every item you find will have its own unique rarity. Even if you get the same item twice, its usefulness will depend on that rarity — and it will also determine how a weapon can be upgraded. Smash some boss monsters to have a better rarity chance.

Battle Styles

Each character has her own unique battle style, as well as her own explosive Ultra Move. Plume favors a sword, and is good in close range. She also has an epic air kick, and can easily bring the smackdown when needed. Her Ultra Move releases a strong forward-focused shockwave. There are tons of characters with tons of battle styles — bows, staffs, axes, spears, magic, guns — you name it!

In addition to these epic Ultra Moves, if the conditions are right, you might be able to team up with other characters and execute a group-wide mega attack. There’s no “I” in team, dood!

Battle Princess of Arcadias


Each character has a certain Honor level with every other character. As you fight together and clear stages, your Honor level will rise. The more it goes up, the more often characters will deliver support attacks or participate in Super Ultra Moves. What is battle without honor, dood?

There’s much, much more to the game, but I hope my blog post has helped you grasp a better idea of the story and mechanics, dood!

Battle Princess of Arcadias comes out today and is available on PS3 as a PlayStation Store exclusive.

Until next time!

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  • How much?

  • They’re so damn cute! I’ll be surely checking it out.

  • What I’m most concerned about, yet can’t get any info on, is price and file size. Didn’t expect official word on the file size until I could see for myself, but still no public price tag? That’s worrying.

  • Price: $30
    Size: 1GB

  • Is it just me or does the main character look like Aurora from Child of Light?

  • So many great games on PS3, great meaning the kinds of games I want to play. My backlog is criminal. Thanks, NISA, for bringing so many games for the niche gamer.

  • PS: let me be the first Vita Whiner to say this looks like it would be a perfect fit on Vita. But I’m not complaining or demanding as I understand rudimentary economics.

  • @Hayabusa85: $29.99 is correct, but 1gb?!?

  • I really want this game but I thing I will Have to wait until next month T.T

  • A side-scroller RPG not on the Vita? :sniffle:

    Ah well; I still haven’t beaten Dragon’s Crown on Vita.

  • Agreed with #7

    this game looks like it would be very fun for the vita…

    I can’t promise I’ll buy this game today, ’cause I have a lot of games here already to play that I MUST finish ( Ni No Kuni, Rainbow moon, Mind Zero, persona 3 / 4, and a lot others… today I’ll get Sorcery saga thanks to the promo) , but I’ll buy your game, that’s a sure….

    But could you guys give us a heads up if this game would come to vita? If there are plans or anything, you know…

    Well, above all said before. nice work, guys…

    Keep the good games comin’ =D

    We love games!

  • ClayMeow:

    The game is not all that long… Unless you’re trying to get the platinum (which I got), if so, man, you ‘re in for a loooooooong time playing that…

    Good thing is that there are always people comin to your game if you host a room

    Good luck, bro

  • Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

  • Thanks, Thanks, Thanks… :)

  • Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.. Love PS3

  • I never played a side-scrolling RPG game before but this might be interesting I may have to check into this.

  • Giant Panda’s oh my god! XD

  • I had forgotten about this game.
    Oh well, after Disgaea D2. Witch and the Hundred Knight and Mugen Souls z (Still waiting for the patch -_-), i’m wary to buy a Nisa game at launch.
    I will wait until i hear if there’s any bugs or not in this game before buying.

  • Looks fun, I’d get it if released on the new gen (PS4 or Vita) later. Either way, I wanna try that :)

  • $30 is too much for me, for this type of game. I’ll wait till it reduces to $20.

  • Awesome. Won’t be able to grab this tonight but it’s definitely on my list! I still need to grab Legasista as well…

  • I was waiting for a PS+ discount. The game looks cool but 30, hmmm.

  • Wow what a nice surprise! This is lookn preety freaking cool. Iam glad its only $30. Its reasonable considering all the work it takes to makes these. Thanks

  • Will this game have crashing and freezing issues too?

    Kinda hard to enjoy NISA games from this year and last year when they all seem to either freeze the system or crash to XMB without warning.

  • Please bring this to Vita, it’s a perfect fit

  • Looks interesting
    Nice price too
    1 gb …
    Wait, What ?! 1 gb?!! for a “ps3” game?

  • It’s not the size of the game that matters. It’s how fun it is. Mimd you, Dragon’s crown is 1.3gb for $49.99. At first I was alarmed but after playing it, I did not have regrets. The point is, never judge a game by its size.

  • Awww NISA you should have advertised the game a bit more, I love it! I usually keep track of what you guys are up to and I really didn’t know about this game until today. I love it, it’s kind of like a cuter Dragon’s Crown!

  • I would like this on PS4 even if its just a port <3

  • Reminds me of Dragon’s Crown which i need to beat soon!!

    Thanks NIS America!!

  • Would have gladly paid 30$, 40$ or 50$ – for a retail version that is. But a 30$ download aka license I don’t own? No thanks.

  • Thank you for continuing to support PS3. I look forward to trying this one out, looks interesting.

  • Sorry NISA, I try to support you when I can but….

    No physical release, NO SALE.

  • This looks awesome! But it’s pricier than I expected it to be. I mean, that’s on me – I know it’s a retail game in Japan. Still, I feel like $30 for a digital is too much. I’m still digging Child of Light, which has – let’s face it – eaten away some of the thrill from having a fresh, gorgeous, 2D, action jrpg available on the PSN. Sorry for the timing so soon after Ubi Soft’s excellent $15 game, NISA. I’ll pick this up a little later. It really looks lovely though! Such great art, such solid action – I miss tight 2D action games like this. Thanks for bringing this over!

  • Vita, and a decent price.
    Digital is non profitable, and an investment.

  • Looks really wonderful and I can see the cureness coming out at me from those pictures, but with my current backlog this game will have to wait a bit longer.
    Would have been day 1 if on PS Vita and/or retail, that is what usually gets me to pick up games very quickly.

    My little underrated portable.

  • Again yet another video game that should be on the PS Vita and yet it is now! I’m so freaking sick of this! Sony MUST convince and encourage video game developers to put their games on the PS Vita and no I am not and will not support Remote Play nor PlayStation! Games must be developed specifically for consoles and handhelds. PS Now undercuts the potential for the PS Vita to receive first party and third party video games be their native or ports.

    Sony’s big issue here is that they don’t even understand the problem. Nintendo has always been the king of games because they support both their home consoles and handheld consoles with a healthy dose of first party and third party offerings yearly while Sony is failing both the PS4 and PS Vita in terms of manufacturing first party quality games. Whereas the 3DS has a motherload of first party titles Sony needs to really support the PS Vita with first party development! AAA first and third party games are at the heart of the 3DS success and Sony needs to step away from indies and ensure that the PS Vita get’s more big boat titles. I love games like Killzone Mercenary, Gravity Rush and Persona4Golden on my Vita and I wanna see more good stuff come to PS Vita.

  • How cute.!

  • Could you guys please stop the whining and sniffing about the PS Vita already?

    On almost every freaking Game i see, people turn into crybabies if title XY isn’t going to be on the Vita as well.

    Considering the massive lack of good games for that Handheld, and the few good ones are mostly available on PS3/4 also, it looks like it’s a no brainer, that developers and several companies, have abandoned that thing for good already.

    Let’s be honest, the PS Vita was/is a fail that nobody needs, and that’s why several developers don’t even bother with it anymore. No matter how much you keep whining and complaining, the thing is dead and it won’t rise anytime soon.

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