Powered By SHAREfactory: Battlefield Hardline Beta Videos

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Powered By SHAREfactory: Battlefield Hardline Beta Videos

We have seen some truly inspiring gameplay videos from the Battlefield Hardline closed beta since it was launched, and it’s amazing to see the creative ways PlayStation 4 players have been using SHAREfactory, the new rich video editor app for PlayStation 4, to share them with the world.

Below you’ll find two great examples of thrilling videos from the all-out cops and criminals warfare that is Battlefield Hardline – all edited and shared using SHAREfactory.

Powered By SHAREfactory: Battlefield Hardline Beta Videos

BlackTrinity knows how to be a nimble Professional, capitalizing his sniping-on-the-go tactics.

Powered By SHAREfactory: Battlefield Hardline Beta Videos

Oscarseymour79 pulls together a montage of worthy Battlefield Hardline moments complete with a road kill, heavy fire fight and deadly RPG hits.

Exclusive Battlefield Hardline SHAREfactory Theme

To show off your participation in the Battlefield Hardline beta, just jump into SHAREfactory to create and share your best gaming moments. In Battlefield Hardline, you can set up a zipline from the top of a building to the ground, and hop on a bike to escape. Or, if you’re riding shotgun as a cop, you can lean out the window to take out suspects in a getaway van before they make off with the loot. The beauty of the game is creating your own moments to show off to the world.

As a bonus, there is a new, exclusive Battlefield Hardline theme available in the app today! With this theme you can personalize your creations with official Battlefield Hardline videos, stickers and transitions.

How to Use SHAREfactory

Using SHAREfactory to create and share your best gaming videos is easy. Watch an easy how-to with Sid Shuman from PlayStation Blog or follow these simple steps to let us, and the world, be blessed with your creations!

  • Creating Videos From SHAREfactory
    After you have created your video project in SHAREfactory, press the OPTIONS button and select “RENDER MOVIE”. This will create the video and add it to your Capture Gallery.
  • Uploading to Facebook
    Once the video is created, you will be prompted to push the SHARE button if you want to immediately post to Facebook. If you decide to post later, you can always find the video in your Capture Gallery. (Please note: if you want to share this video with people outside of your friends list, on the upload screen change your “Facebook Audience” setting to “Public”.)
  • Copying Your Video to USB and to YouTube
    Find your video in the Capture Gallery and press the OPTIONS button. Select “Copy to USB Storage Device”. Once the video is on your USB device, you can use your PC to upload the video to YouTube.
  • For more Battlefield Hardline info, visit http://battlefield.com/hardline

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  • its a shame the ps4 can only record at 720p

  • This looks like a GREAT GAME

  • Oh good. Quickscoping…

  • tbh though, I can’t wait for this game. I CAN’T WAIT TO DROP SOME PERPS!!

  • I will be trying the beta tonight.. but I’m HOPING they at LEAST toned down the HUGE aim assist that was in bf4…cmon…it’s time for developers to RESPECT THE SKILL of gamers instead of holding everyone’s hands. Gamers dont get the chance to become BETTER players because of massive “assists”. I literally dont even have to aim in BF4…hitting L2 magically locks onto any enemy in front of me…even someone at SNIPER distance.

    I dont know about you guys, but I want a game where skill is REQUIRED. So yes, I will definitely be making videos of Hardline, just as I have been editing a video about COD and BF4 already. It’s time gamers speak up and let developers know they’re ruining the beauty of these games with all of the assists.

  • Add me on psn if you’d like to see the vids – they’ll be done this month and I plan to send them to developers too, so maybe we’ll actually get games that challenge gamers again. By the way, socom never had aim assist and people played just fine on there…..Imagine that. ;)

    Hardline looks VERY fun but I have a feeling the competitive nature of the game will be dumbed down just like the huge boost of aim assist levels from BF3 to BF4. The saddest thing is that even “hardcore” mode still has aim assist on. That is far from “hardcore”. I will cover this and all the silly RANDOM/LUCK based “care packages” in COD and more in my vid. I hope I’m not the only one who wants these games to be more about skill and WAY less about L2 R2, randomness/luck, spawning right behind enemies, and looking at your radar 24/7 instead of using your senses, teamwork, and mind to find the enemy on your own.

  • yeah oo7PorscheMGS i definitely agree with ya on the aim assist thing. no aim assaist is what made mag what is still the best shooter ever made (plus the 256 players and all the other stuff), but still, it really sucks that theres not one console shooter out there thats active without massive assists. devs really need to make games more like mag in both size and mechanics, just not release to early like poor old mag

  • And since the community manager is here….with all reapect I am just curious if DICE will consider looking into these things?? You do have people on forums and on youtube already asking for the huge aim assist to be reduced……..

    The #1 thing developers need to know is that if you treat gamers like noobs and fill your game with assists, yes, many people will buy it. But if you choose to make your game about true skill, teamwork, and a challenge to gamers…gamers will love that challenge and step up to it. Look at the success SOCOM had in the ps2 days, look at Counterstrike STILL today…look at H-Hour which will come out next year and will STAND OUT because few other games are about skill these days. If Battlefield wants to stay relevent with gamers in the LONGTERM, DICE needs to start looking at H-Hour for inspiration instead of dumbing the game down like COD. Gamers are starting to pick up on the fact that these games ask VERY little of them compared to how games used to entice gamers to try harder to succeed, and to call enemies out and play tactical instead of relying on a radar/aim assist that already does it all for you.

  • MAG was pretty badass if you had a big team, ..same guys who made socom so yeah no aim assist there but even more impressive 256 players…on ps3!! …awesome, definitely before its time, and another game DICE needs to look at and understand that games/gamers dont need aim assist.
    Sorry I will stop typing and filling up this blog…and I am doing this all from my phone so I think you can guess I’m passionate about this subject lol. Just was really surprised at the amount of AimAssist in BF4. I used to tell my friends “stop playing COD, BF is the game to play because it actually requires some skill”. Can’t even say that anymore. Either I’ll help change that or I’ll help gamers find another/better game ( look up H-Hour, the game being made by the original creator of Socom 1 and 2). Because I know I definitely wont be buying another BF until the aim assist is toned down BIG time. Stopped buying COD years ago because of the silly/easy care package alone. A swing of 30 kills all determined by pure luck…hahaha. And there’s plenty more ridiculous stuff to mention. All in the vid. Peace.

  • You’re a disgrace for the videogame industry.

  • It is a tough choice deciding between Battlefield Hardline beta and Destiny alpha. Which to try first? Which ever I choose, I think good times ahead.

  • Looks horrible. BF4 was horrible. Why don’t you guys commit a few years to making another good, REAL Battlefield game again? Give us another that’s as good as BF3 and people won’t constantly be looking around trying to find something to satisfy that competitive craving. Destiny all the way for me and for much of your target audience.
    And who the heck thought it was a good idea to show a quickscoping montage to show off the game? If I wanted to see that, I’d just go play Call of Duty.

    @Viewtiful_Gene, why are you always so angry? lol
    Also, it’s a disgrace TO the videogame industry – “for” doesn’t make sense. Just sayin’.

  • A Call of Casual clone. Goodie…

    EA, DICE… you are both pathetic and weak!

  • Pretty nice….now you just need to bring back BF3’s UI for real….anyway Hardline looks good like a change on BFs universe and does looks like a new BF….BF4 copied n’ pasted is a shame a huge shame.That game should’ve never been released.

    Would like to try out the Beta but I can’t…I may buy it in the future….but if its online only then count me out.I know that the SP on BF is crappy but I’ll never buy an online only game…never.

  • nice game

  • Wow, that sniper footage. *face palm*

    You call yourself a sniper with that level of accuracy? I hate, hate, hate snipers… but even I feel bad for them having to be represented like that. Seen and dealt with way better players.

  • Hardline beta looks good. So does Destiny alpha. I’m a hardcore game, but a video editing amateur. With SHAREfactory and the upcoming direct upload Youtube support, it’ll be nice to show my veteran video editing friends my gameplay and a bit of my creative talent now. ^_~

  • I’d like to share what I’ve made as well! :D


    I certainly look forward to this game this fall and what future updates to ShareFactory may bring!

  • Here’s my one and only video, I’m no youtuber or pro. (All done with ShareFactory.)

  • Congratulations Visceral, this game is very good and very funny ;)

  • Good God, this game looks awful. Severe graphics downgrade.

  • Played 1 match. Terrible game. Why is it even called Battlefield if it’s from a different developer. It’s basically a beefed up Payday game. BF4 sucked so I’m hoping Dice can get a grip and give us a new, proper Battlefield game that can be at least as good as BF3. BF4 is the result of rushing. Take your time, Dice. It’ll be worth it. Stop Call of Doody-ing your franchise.

  • check out my sharefactory video playin battlefield hardline beta! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg__HG6sJxU

  • I took out a chopper while parachuting with my rpg!! check it out

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