MechRunner Launching on PS4, PS Vita This Summer

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MechRunner Launching on PS4, PS Vita This Summer


We’re proud to announce that our new arcade-action game, MechRunner, will be available for download on PS4 and PS Vita this Summer. This is a game that we’ve been excited to work on and we’re just as excited for everyone to play.

MechRunner tells the story of a rogue scientist and his niece who build a 40-foot tall mode-changing mech in order to fight back against an invading robotic army fueled by a mysterious alien power source. The mech — called the XP-41 — can change between tank and robot modes on the fly and both are capable of massive destruction.

Players will take the role of Allison, the mech’s pilot, as they battle the war machines of the O.S.O. (our alternate-1940s Russian Advanced Weapons Division). There’s a whole backstory around this conflict, but we aren’t going to get into it right now. First and foremost, this game is all about the action.

Here are some of the features:

  • Detailed, fast-paced action with a cinematic feel
  • Switch between Tank and Robot modes on the fly
  • Slice and Dice enemies with your swords (!)
  • Extensive arsenal of weapons and customizations
  • Unique environments that blend seamlessly together
  • Procedurally generated levels (never play the same level twice)
  • Wide assortment of enemies
  • Boss battles!
  • Dynamic environment obstacles
  • Unlockable skins, upgrades, and achievements
  • Rescue Civilians
  • Awesome Hollywood Soundtrack

The game is an arcade “runner” in that you are constantly moving forward while tracking down enemies (it’s called “MechRunner” after all), but what makes it special is the addition of full-blown combat sequences and boss battles. So while there are obstacles to avoid and paths to choose, there’s also a wide variety of enemies to fight and a full payload of weapons to help you take them down. In tank mode you’ll have missiles and cannons and in robot mode you’ll have guns and swords. Each weapon has its benefits and drawbacks.


Without a doubt, though, using your swords to slice through enemies is one of our favorite features in the game. Most enemies drop energy when you destroy them which you can use to purchase upgrades back in the garage. But a lot of energy is lost when the mechs explode so if you get more surgical in your approach, you can reap bigger rewards for each kill and that helps you upgrade the XP-41 faster and unlock new and cooler weapons.

Our goal has been to create a fast-paced action game with a throwback arcade feel to it and we’ve been working hard to make it look and play great on PS4 and PS Vita. We hope that you’ll give the game a try when it’s released this summer and that you like what you see. In the meantime, visit the website, or see what we’re up to on Facebook.

Let us know what you think and leave us questions in the comments below. Thanks for taking a look!

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9 Author Replies

  • Really pretty, tonight we outrun the apocalypse

  • Finally, some love for PS VITA!!!!
    THX T.T

  • Can’t wait for it. I remember seeing this on Kickstarter. Any chance of this having any co-op online?

  • smoothboarder540

    When I first glanced at the title I thought it said MethRunner. What a great game that would be.

  • This game is TERRIBLE

    I didn’t paid so much for a INDIE/TEMPLE RUN CLONE CONSOLE,

    Stop bringing low quality games, Support NISA/XSEED and localize more games.


  • @4 what about MechMethRunner?

  • @5 the game isn’t even out yet, so how do you know its terrible?

  • Hi Ben 3 questions:

    How long is the game?

    Is it crossbuy?

    will there be a platinum trophy?

    • Hey ERC1980,
      The game is actually endless. You play for as long as you can, just like the old arcade games. :)
      And YES! The game will be cross-buy.
      We’ll have trophies as well, so yes.

  • @5… you’re an idiot…. how can you say something’s bad that you can’t even play yet?

    As for myself…. I’m not too into indies ( many look or act like something I could pull my old SNES out and play on that……), but this actually looks interesting. Keeping an eye on this.

  • Not bad this should hold me off till Zone of The Enders 3.

  • I think this looks fun.

  • An afterthought…. I have to admit indies are getting better…… christ look at No Man’s Sky. Sony’s still replaying the conference at E3 on downtime and it’s at the end of it I think:

  • Looks awesome!
    Thanks for Vita love guys!

    Good soundtrack = 50% of the game

    High expectations on this one!

  • Day 1 for vita.

  • ^ this does look like something that would be better on vita, but if it’s cross buy….. even better. I get an itch to play it on the big screen I could.

  • Yay for Vita! This game actually looks pretty cool. I will be watching it.

  • Full-size images aren’t loading for me.

    I was skeptical at “yet another runner” but I’m intrigued by the combat aspect, so I’ll be keeping my eye on this for sure!

    For Vita, of course!

  • This games does look interesting! Another game for Vita, I’m in!

  • Hmm it looks good tho? but what about other type of vehicle like jets,tank and other vehicle could balance the game. would it? There could be even much more fun. Campaign solo, co-op online/ ad hub, and multi-players online could be interesting. If anyone think that would be cool?? If not? then will it be better styles in the game. No offense people I’m just saying it would be cool??

  • i dont buy it because

  • I know they have tank mode, but what about other type of vehicle like jets transform into battle mode. lol

  • agreed needs a better balance right?

  • Oh yea forgot one thing. Cross-buy or play can it be able to transfer save file while you help your friend in the campaign or multi-play online could be fun right? you can go anywhere you want with ps vita.

  • saving civilian now how are we gotta save them if we play hardcore campaign mode. mayday mayday we need back up or reinforcement people! lol mech down I repeat mech down! no offense just saying dude

  • I’ll give 5 and a half star rate. no offense just trying to help out dude

  • Awesome new game for the PS Vita and PS4.

  • add pilot customize too lol

  • this looks cool , I hope they have a demo to try before I buy though

    off topic , anyone that says they hate this because it’s an indie developer or hate all indie games in an idiot
    where do you think all of the big developers started ? do you think activition and ubisoft just made huge companies on day and were able to spend 20 million dollars to make a huge game like assassins creed 4 ? they all start as indies and by selling their earlier games and getting a fan base they grow and eventually can afford to make bigger games .
    the indie developer is the lifeblood of the gaming industry , they can not only make games that are different than the usual cookie cutter call of duty clones , they make the majority of small games and apps for pc , console and tablets and smartphones

  • @ Darksoul_021: If you’re not buying it because it’s not on Vita, does that mean you ARE buying it? Because it IS on Vita. Just read the freaking article title for goodness sake.

    Geez… you people and your stupid hashtags (actually pound symbols).

  • Sweet Um Ben Lichius can you add a hanger HQ where player can meet other player online/ Ad hub?

  • Mech Runner is kinda awesome and great to take a ps vita while helping friend in multi-player online

  • Kinda cool show your guest with your own mech in HQ base. Wish you can custom pilot and mech thats cool dude

  • I love runners and I *really* love cross-buy! Guess I’d better watch out for this one.

  • I hope there is a E3 demo of this which at the event there is supposed to be gameplay for every game. So I will look for this and see and just maybe there could be a demo too.

  • Seems like a quality title for vita! Screens look good, ill be looking out for gameplay videos.

  • I heard about this from E3, can’t wait to try it out. This looks extremely promising and I’ll be getting it either way, but If you can answer, I just have 2 questions:

    1. Any word on a price?
    2. Will the Vita version work on PlayStation TV? It’d be great to play it on the go then come home and play it on the big screen (for those without a PS4).

  • Thanks!
    I’m not sure about the PSTV. It’s not on our plate right now, but we’ll evaluate it for sure. I wouldn’t rule it out.
    For price, it may change, but we’re planning to be around the $10 mark.

  • supported you guys on Kickstarter!
    can’t wait to play on my Vita and PS4
    (Vita comes first… unlike Type-0 :/)

  • Is this a physical release or PSN only?

  • @Ben

    PS TV would be great but if it’s not in the cards that’s just how it is and I understand. $10 sounds perfect to me.

  • Cross-Buy = Day 1 purchase.

  • this looks awesome. day one buy for me. will love to play this on vita.

  • On one hand, another runner (those two words which echo for mobile players), but on the other, high-end production values runner. And it’s on both of Sony’s current-gen consoles, to boot. Don’t let this one be a strange to the Blog, eh?

  • looking forward to try it out. id say this game caught my attention. :)

  • Nice….this game looks like fun…I would like to try it out on Vita…any word on a demo?

  • This game’s looking better every time. Gonna pick it up for sure.

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