Deep Down: Watch the New Trailer

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Deep Down: Watch the New Trailer

Ono from Capcom here. What we’ve released on deep down so far is quite mysterious in nature, and I’m sure fans are eager to hear more concrete info.

Deep Down: Watch the New Trailer

The development team continues to work hard engaging in intense trial and error methodology in order to find the best way to utilize PS4’s potential when it comes to online games.

As such, I’m afraid I can’t yet provide details on when the game will be released. I hope we can count on your patience and understanding as we forge ahead. Please accept my heartfelt apology for making you wait longer.

While I have your attention, please let me remind you that my team has just recently released the Ultra Street Fighter IV update to PlayStation Store. If you have the previous iteration of the series, I encourage you to check out this exciting new expansion.

Believe me when I say that I and my team have much more up our sleeves that we can’t talk about just yet. Stay tuned for more!

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  • Love the unique monster varieties. And that combat looks so fluid and awesome.Looks really really good. One of my most anticipated. Can’t wait for that release date!

  • Thanks for the trailer. The game looks great, really looking forward to this one.


  • Thanks for giving us an update. Deep Down and Bllodborne look to provide an amazing experience.

  • Is it just me or did all the games for ps4 look better when they were announced?

  • Dragon’s Dogma was one of my top 5 favorite games of the last generation. I really hope this is a spiritual sequel to that.

  • -Totally Not Dark Souls 2.0: Crapcom Boogaloo-

    So, how much content from the base game was cut to be put as DLC?

  • Release date please

    And Dragon’s Dogma 2

  • I didn’t get anything about this game out of that trailer.

  • phenomenal visuals. it looks perfect

  • Exciting stuff. But even the best of these games have you rooted to the ground striking at the big bad’s ankles. When will developers pick up where Shadow of the Colossus left off?

  • Just cut the multiplayer and release it faster.

  • Since this is a Capcom post here are my current recommendations. I hope you guys get this message.

    1. Can we get a Mega Man collection for the PlayStation 3?
    2. Are we ever going to see a new Power Stone? I always enjoyed 3D arena fighting games but rarely see them nowadays. Please bring us Power Stone for the PlayStation 3.
    3. Can we get a remastered version of Darkwing Duck. I loved Duck Tales Remastered.
    4. Can we get Okami HD for PlayStation Plus in July?
    5. Can you please bring back P.N. 03 and Viewtiful Joe?
    6. Can we get Resident Evil 1 and 0 (2002 edition) on the PlayStation Network. Resident Evil 4 for PlayStation Plus would be nice too.

  • Im really looking forward to hearing more about your game, thank you for the update.

  • Why is it so hard for Capcom to give us a release date?!

  • to:YOSHINORI ONO and Capcom…

    PLEASE DONT MAKE Deep Down FREE TO PLAY AND LAUNCH A FULL GAME ON STORES!!! PLEASE! NO MORE DIGITAL ONLY AND NO MORE FREE TO PLAY! Deep Down its one of my most anticipated games and i just want to buy it as a full EXPERIENCE!!!

  • Looks good i hope it’s as difficult as the souls games

  • Wow great graphics…thats what you get when you make an exclusive game for PS….anyway what a shame that Deep Down is online only…real shame.

  • Ono thanks for the update. When I 1st saw Deep Down at E3 2013 it was the game that steered me without a doubt to choose PS4. I love the concept of being pulled from the real world into fantasy. The new engine looks great! Keep up the good work. Please keep me us in the loop if you guys are considering running an Alpha / Beta. I for one look forward to providing some feedback.

  • The game concept should involve VR no? Seems like a good candidate if you ask me.

  • Its not even confirmed for West, why tease?

  • @8 second to last paragraph he says he has not date yet.

    @13 Ps Plus already had RE 4 a few years ago.

  • I am not so worried about a release date, get it done when it is done. However, I would like to hear that it is planned to be released in North America. As far as I know, that has never been confirmed.

  • Looks awesome. As long as it comes west, I don’t care how long it takes.

  • @23. Obviously it’s coming to U.S. Since this is, ya know, the U.S. playstation blog. And it already has english translation in the trailer.

  • Really hoping we get more info on this soon. It’s been on my radar for a while.

  • @25, I would change obviously with probably. It is not obvious, since the only time they have talked about its release, they have said it is only confirmed for Japan. Showing the trailer on the U.S. blog is a postive sign for sure, but still not confirmation.

  • LuiSpartanMIMIMI

    No way in hell I’ll play this game.

    Capcom, you’re were one of my favorite developer, but doing so bad since 2008. You’ve killed my favorite franchises. You’ve killed MegaMan X, Breath of Fire, Resident Evil..

    Since 2008 I promised myself that you would not take $1 from my wallet EVER again.

    This could be free, but I’ll NEVER play any game by you again. This could be the best and only game on the world, but I’ll pass.

    Capcom is dead.

    To me, Capcom could be purchased by Microsoft, because being purchased by Microsoft is WORSE than going bankrupt.

  • I would have like to see more than just little 2 second snippets of combat all pasted together, this doesn’t really show us anything substantial about the game.

    It does look like babby Dark Souls, but the combat is the most satisfying part of a Souls game, and from what this trailer gives us it doesn’t look like it has any weight to it.

  • @25: And Project Diva f for Vita was shown at E3, yet Sega had no plans to localize it and only did so AFTER tthe PS3 version, which was waaaay later.

    Its not confirmed until its confirmed. Chances are better, since this was posted here, but its not yet confirmed.

  • Looks so fun.!

  • DAY 1 Looks amazing! Can’t wait! The PVE & PVP aspects look great & cannot beat F2P. Hope they have a model like Warframe or War Thunder

  • This really does look amazing but as always, there’s not actual time frame on when this even MIGHT be released. And the complaint of nothing substantial being shown is also a very valid point, i.e. bound by flame. Great idea, huge potential, but it didnt quite hit all the marks it was aiming for-in my personal opinion of course, but all the same. These things projects that’s supposedly been in development for such long times by companies that have been at this for longer than alot kf us have been around should have very little to no excuse to make people wait such ludicrously long times for these games. Especially when they end up not being everything that was promised.

  • Cool beans! Thanks for the update!

  • SONY!, Stop showing this game in western shows without a promise from Capcom that it will come to these territories! Freaking ridiculous, getting our hopes up for something with no promise that we’ll ever get to play it!

  • Rainwater, what are you talking about? This game is confirmed for the USA and even if it is Japan only you can play it anywhere. I have a Japan, UK, USA PSN and download stuff every week from all 3 PSN’s once you download it, it is on all 3 of your PSN accounts. I play all of my games on my USA PSN even if I dowloaded it from UK or Japan. There is no region lock on PS4. Also PlayStation released the 2014 E3 trailer with English language with English subtitles on their official YouTube account. That should have given you a clue.

  • Super intrigued about this game, it really has a Demon/Dark Souls vibe, and that’s a good thing. Any word when it’s hitting?

  • THis is easily the best looking ps4 game on the system cant wait. I hope they do the free to play by buying new gear, weapons, new locations. Advertising or forced coins to play will literally ruin it. You should release it soon while no big ps4 games are out and this looks better than anything on the market even PC.

    Oh and Dead Rising 3 would get twice as many sales on PS4 seeing as how there are literally about twice as many ps4s out there. wink wink….. Call it Dead Rising 3 Ultimate Super Arcade Deluxe Edition that way its not the same game lol….

  • I really hope we hear something about this sooner rather than later. I was looking forward to this as a launch title, or at least within the launch window.

  • Can we expect this at Gamescon at least? I’ll stay up till midnight EST + to find out a release date.

  • I can not even begin to tell you how excited I was when this game was first shown. Then i learned about its online focus and immediately got less excited. All i want is a Dragon’s Dogma follow-up to be honest, that looks this good. Hopefully Deep Down will still have some fun in it for a solo player like me and offer a solid story as motivation for roaming the depths of Deep Down. Grinding monsters without a good story to focus on isn’t my thing.

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