La-Mulana Portable: Japanese Retro Action on PS Vita

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La-Mulana Portable: Japanese Retro Action on PS Vita


Hi everyone! I’d like to present to you LA-MULANA PORTABLE (Working Title)!

Japanese retro action game masterpiece, “LA-MULANA,” will be released on PlayStation Vita with new features! This game has it all, with well drawn pixel art, interesting puzzles to solve, and hard action. We really want all LA-MULANA fans and retro game fans to enjoy it!

Search for the Treasure of Life, solve the Mystery of Humanity’s Origins.

LA-MULANA is an “Archeological Ruins Exploration Action Game” where you investigate the colossal Ruins of “LA-MULANA,” said to be the beginning of all civilization, in search of the “Treasure of Life.”


Doctor Lemeza is an Archeologist who comes to this Land with only his whip and a research PC. Helped by e-mails from the tech-savvy elder of the tribe that protects the Ruins of La-Mulana, Lemeza must avoid traps, solve puzzles, and reach the very end of the Ruins.

A masterpiece coming to PlayStation Vita

So just how does the PlayStation Vita version differ from the PC game version, which became a subject of discussion all around the world?

Without a doubt, it’s the tuned experience for mobile play! LA-MULANA Portable (Working Title) is a PlayStation Vita game, so you can play anytime and anywhere on its beautiful and brightly colored screen.

And PlayStation Vita version will also have new features! With the integration of these new features, we want the game to be enjoyable by both LA-MULANA fans as well as retro action game fans. (For example, a Monster Bestiary is planned).


For those who have never played LA-MULANA, you are in store a nostalgic retro game experience that pulls no punches for its action and puzzles! And for those who have already experienced the original game, you can take pleasure in overcoming all your favorite traps once again!

LA-MULANA PORTABLE (Working Title) is planned for release in December 2014. Be sure to experience for yourself this retro action game masterpiece!

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