La-Mulana Portable: Japanese Retro Action on PS Vita

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La-Mulana Portable: Japanese Retro Action on PS Vita


Hi everyone! I’d like to present to you LA-MULANA PORTABLE (Working Title)!

Japanese retro action game masterpiece, “LA-MULANA,” will be released on PlayStation Vita with new features! This game has it all, with well drawn pixel art, interesting puzzles to solve, and hard action. We really want all LA-MULANA fans and retro game fans to enjoy it!

Search for the Treasure of Life, solve the Mystery of Humanity’s Origins.

LA-MULANA is an “Archeological Ruins Exploration Action Game” where you investigate the colossal Ruins of “LA-MULANA,” said to be the beginning of all civilization, in search of the “Treasure of Life.”


Doctor Lemeza is an Archeologist who comes to this Land with only his whip and a research PC. Helped by e-mails from the tech-savvy elder of the tribe that protects the Ruins of La-Mulana, Lemeza must avoid traps, solve puzzles, and reach the very end of the Ruins.

A masterpiece coming to PlayStation Vita

So just how does the PlayStation Vita version differ from the PC game version, which became a subject of discussion all around the world?

Without a doubt, it’s the tuned experience for mobile play! LA-MULANA Portable (Working Title) is a PlayStation Vita game, so you can play anytime and anywhere on its beautiful and brightly colored screen.

And PlayStation Vita version will also have new features! With the integration of these new features, we want the game to be enjoyable by both LA-MULANA fans as well as retro action game fans. (For example, a Monster Bestiary is planned).


For those who have never played LA-MULANA, you are in store a nostalgic retro game experience that pulls no punches for its action and puzzles! And for those who have already experienced the original game, you can take pleasure in overcoming all your favorite traps once again!

LA-MULANA PORTABLE (Working Title) is planned for release in December 2014. Be sure to experience for yourself this retro action game masterpiece!

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  • LA-MULANA is awesome (played on PC) if you love difficult platformers! Don’t let the retro look fool you; there’s a lot of depth to the game.

  • I can’t wait.

  • Thank you, Pygmy Studio. Hope everything goes well. I’ve been eager to buy the Vita version since it was announced. Best wishes to you and the Nigoro DevTeam.

  • INSTA-BUY! I’ve always been curious about trying this game out and this looks like the perfect platform for me to try it on!

  • 6 months… I can wait that long. It will actually be pretty good timing to get people interested in La-Mulana 2 next year :).

  • Looks decent.
    Don’t mind supercharged Nintendo games on the go.
    Hope its being looked at for CrossBuy.

    And Sony and SE, FF-type 0 for Vita,
    Sony Validate my digital purchases on PSNow if you claim no backwards compatibility.

  • @5, nope sorry perfect platform would have been PSP.

    Little past that now.

  • I hope to see more games get localized for ps vita that would be fantastic. More games for ps vita and it equals a win win for gamers that are still on the fence as to where are the games for the platform.

  • Oooh yeah! In my veins! Played it on PC, now i’ll finish it on Vita. YeeeeeeeeS

  • Always meant to play this on WiiWare, but never had the space. Definitely interested in it for Vita though!

  • Looks cute & evil at the same time. I’m interested!

  • Just watched a few trailers at the Wii/PC versions site:

    The game looks amazing!

    Can’t wait to see what improvements will the Vita version receive.

  • Nice! This is a really great game! Looking forward to it.

  • I’m super happy that you decided to bring this to the Vita in the West :) When I heard about your Japanese port I was hoping this would come here too, I’d been eying this game for some time on Steam but I prefer them portable. Will definitely encourage me to grab La Mulana 2 when it releases :) and I hope when you see success, you consider bringing #2 to the Vita as well!

    Thank you :)

  • Is this what you bring on Vita???


  • @Slizarus I certainly hope La-Mulana is succesful on the Vita so that the sequel can come as well.

  • Can’t wait. I freaking love La Mulana, but have sadly never finished it. It’s a masterpiece, and I can’t wait to see Spelunky, 1001 Spikes & La Mulana form a holy indie trinity on my Vita. Gonna just start calling it the Indiana Jones trilogy.

  • Physical release or NO SALE!

  • Why should I buy a game that I already have on the PC? At least, pretend to be releasing games that people haven’t played to death.

  • @19

    If you played it to death, then you obviously like it… and anyone who likes portable gaming should theoretically enjoy portable versions of their favorite games, and any game they love new, recent, older, or classic. Unless you just don’t like portable gaming, in which case, I have to wonder why you even own a Vita.

  • @18 please go away, nobody wants your money.

    @19 nobody was pretending to be releasing a new game, and its obvious this is for people who never played it or atleast liked it enough to want a portable version on their vita.

    @18 and 19, the world doesn’t revolve around either of you.

  • I never played the game, and i will purchase it for sure, but i start to get a bit tired to play retro pixel games on a powerfull handheld.

    Sony should propose a new IP, a new 3D powerhouse game, a revered franchise spinoff, or something to blow people’s mind.

    Lamulana is for sure awesome, like thomas was alone or Knytt underground were. But if i played them without switching to killzone, or persona, i would have felt really sad for the purchase of a vita

    SONY WAKE UP!!! We, Vita gamers, are here, We do support the plateform, we do purchase the games, we do love the indie, but we also love to get treated with respect when we are custommers.

    If doing a 10M$ project is not worth Sony’s precious studio’s tme, make it 5M$ or even 2M$

    Yoshida is bragging around that no man sky is only 5 people team or so…. SEE THE RESULT ??? On a PS4, Think of what a team like Hello game could have done on PSV … Remember Ready at dawn, i think they miss the shiny time of God of war PSP, the time were they were out of a kind on one plateform. BRING THEM BACK TO PSV. Bend as well. PS4 has enough to play, PSV is Starving…allocate resources wisely…come on

  • Is it Full Screen on Vita?

  • Hoou this looks crazy good…looking forward to try it out.

    @ 18 Einhander138 – You’re trippin’ man…how would they release a small game like this on retail?….this is the type of game perfect to be released digital.

  • @21 – Good thing you’re not a publisher then, or you’d be bankrupt.

  • Good! Day 1 for me! ^^

  • Applauding games like this was the main reason why we get the crap we get.

    Constantly neglected, constantly convincing us that we bought an accessory, a joystick (back in the day they sold it me as a console)…

    And there’s still people happy for crap like this? The Vita can run much better stuff.

    Do yourselves a favor, get an Atari, buy Pitfall, go nuts…

  • @25 Einhander138, if you really cared about physical releases, you could (a) organize others with a similar opinion so that indies and publishers hear your concern as the concern of more than a lone individual, or (b) research the costs of a physical release vs. digital release and present a compelling financial reason for indie devs and publishers to balloon their costs for retail.

    My guess is you are too lazy to do either of those things. I’ll know this is true when I see your next comment (yours and yours alone) whining for a physical release or no sale.

  • @22 I agree.

    Hope Vita gets more love at GamesCon. I never had the pleasure of playing this title. I will look out for it when it drops.

  • Thank you Koshimizu-san! You made me very happy!

  • I hope one of the features is a built-in notepad (rather than the computer which saves up to 20 notes which is too limiting) so you can make a journal of the lore and environments, since they’re used in potential puzzle solving.

  • Seriously you guys are being disrespectful to indie developers. It’s not their fault if sony did not develop a AAA title for us. You were barking on a wrong tree. This is not the thread for complaints, go to sony’s thread.

  • can’t wait to play this on Vita <3

  • @28

    Publishers aren’t interested in the financial reasons, they’re interested in killing the used games market and taking away consumer rights.

    It doesn’t matter what you say, there will always be an excuse as to why there should be a digital release over a physical one.

  • @34 Did you even read my comment @28? I never claimed that there is no excuse to release digital over physical. I didn’t even say I’m on the opposite of this issue from you. I gave you two ideas to help see your desire for physical releases come to fruition. If I were a fan of digital only, why would I encourage you to make a stronger argument for your cause? The obvious answer is that I’m on your side and just don’t feel as strongly about it as you do.

    I challenged you to pursue your desire in a way that could actually lead to results. Of course, as is often the case in life, the proper way and the easy way are not the same. I challenged you to put a bit of work into it on your end. My guess is you only care enough to copy-paste the same comment into each thread, and not enough to actually put forth some effort.

  • Already played this one on PC, but if La-Mulana 2 comes to Vita I will buy it day one!

  • Looks very interesting. Question: Is it in Japanese or English? Does it have trophies?

  • Thank you for bringing the game on Vita!!!

    I’ve long wanted this!!! Don’t mind waiting till December 2014, perfect X-mas gift!!!

    Please consider bringing La Mulana 2 on PS Vita as well!!

    Does the original game have Japanese or English voices or just one voice in all versions(in which case what is it?)

    Amazing stuff!!!!

  • Someone should also ask Nicalis about putting Cave Story+ Steam Edition from PS Vita.

    So we could have all the best Indies on Vita :)

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