Uncharted 4 First Interview: Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann Speak

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Uncharted 4 First Interview: Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann Speak
Uncharted 4 First Interview: Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann Speak

Last night’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End trailer (which ran on PS4 hardware, by the way) closed the PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference with a bang. To get further insight into what Naughty Dog is planning for Nathan Drake, I sat down with Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley, who famously catapulted last year’s The Last of Us to more than 200 Game of the Year Awards.

But Straley and Druckmann are no strangers to the Uncharted series, having played key roles in both Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Watch the video below to learn more about their plans for one of 2015’s most anticipated games.

Uncharted 4

Learn more about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

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  • Hope, This is not the End of Drake or UnCharted on PS4…

  • That is a Great interview…

  • Going to watch it now. Having only played GA on the Vita, I can’t wait to play this. Still hoping the other UC’s will pop up on Now.

  • I really hope this isn’t the last Uncharted. It’s too good of a series to end.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    I get the feeling that Nathan commits suicide at the end.


  • Check this out… http://a.pomf.se/ulhgiw.webm Amazing!

  • why would an important interview like this debut on other websites and social media prior to posting to the PlayStation Blog?!?! excellent marketing guys.

    also, the PS4 E3 app was/is horrible… in addition to ustream being unwatchable for the duration of the press conference, linking to it through the native web browser was a joke.


  • Who do we have to bribe with gifts to get an UNCHARTED PS4 collection?!

  • Love your games.
    Haven’t had the chance to buy the first one and am intrested.
    Any plans for some digital sales?

    Never know how long this may take to get around to playing the “greatness” myself though, with Sony not allowing my PS3 digital purchases to carry over.

    Glad you guys have more to work with now though.

  • Ok, i have a bad feeling about the future of the saga, Victor Sullivan a.k.a Sully is gonna die?

  • @8 why? by the time it maybe released the PS5 will be around the corner.

  • The latest iteration of Nathan Drake is looking more like Nathan Fillion.

  • They are probably working on it right now.
    Maybe why the lack of support.

  • Santas help desk is full of mean elves.

  • I will forever associate this game with being disappointed that the trailer wasn’t ‘The Last Guardian’. I saw that Naughty Dog logo and was so disappointed.

  • Guys do yourself a favor and view this trailer in all its 60fps glory. Seriously it is insane. Check out Eurogamer or Gamersyde for the high def video. This game is going to be incredible.
    2015 may be the best year for gaming ever.
    The Order, UC4, Bloodborne, Arkham Night, The Witcher, Metal Gear?, Zelda, Quantum Break, The Division.
    Sweet lord I can barely contain myself. Its gonna be a bloody battle for GOTY.

  • @15 I greatly echo your sentiment. I thought this E3 was the one for sure.

  • Is it true Sony confirmed no audio cds, mp3s, 3d blurays, dlna, and bluetooth remotes for the ps3 ar e3? Or is it, as some suggest, an active decision to ignore these features in lieu of Sony’s paid services?

  • Naughty dog plz don’t make this the last uncharted. Uncharted is a master peace and next year plz remake uncharted 1,2,3 on ps4 1disc like the master chief for halo plz too hold us back until uncharted 4 comes out

  • I LOVE ALL OF U….LOL…HOLY S#IT. Uncharted is one of my favorites of all-time. When that trailer hit, my phone was going ape sh#$. Now good things come too those who wait! But this is not a “good thing”…this is SPECTACULAR too the Nth Degree! I want in the ALPHA, PRIVATE, CLOSED & THE OPEN BETA’S.

    Besides, this DOESN’T have too be the last game! They can definitely make another game w/o him being a thief!!

    I’ve always HOPED for a Nathan Drake – Lara Croft team up! That would be awesome!

    2 OF THE BEST FORTUNE HUNTERS IN THE WORLD JOINING UP FOR THE HUNT OF A LIFETIME!! Hell, you can even have two separate games leading up too the cross-over event of the Millennium!

    At the end of Uncharted 5, Tomb Raider , you have both characters hearing some mind-blowing news that they go investigate on there own.
    – In Uncharted, Drake walks in to a secluded area, he hears a noise, turns around, and it’s Lara!
    – In Tomb Raider, same thing, Lara hears something that shakes her core, she goes to check into it..she goes too some secluded area, goes in, hears a noise, she turns around, and there’s Nathan Drake standing there!



  • Really excited for this game, hope they make it available for the PS3 too. Still dissapointed Naughty Dog didn’t announce The Last Of Us 2

  • If either Nate, Elena or Sully die in Uncharted 4 I will never buy another game written/directed/produced/etc. by Neil Druckmann or Bruce Straley ever again.

  • i love this series but the title makes me think this is the last one :(

  • LuiSpartanMIMIMI

    I really, really hope the quality of the game isn’t affected by the recent problems on Naughty Dog. Yeah, I mean the departure of the mind behind Uncharted: Amy Hennig.

    I know Neil and Bruce are not new with the franchise.

    Uncharted is all about an every day man who’s got involved in great adventures and fine jokes. PLEASE, don’t move away from the roots of the franchise. PLEASE DON’T MAKE UNCHARTED 4 AS “DARK” AS THE LAST OF US!

    When Justin and Amy left Naughty Dog, it was clear the reason behind their departure was creative differences between them and Bruce/Neil. More or less this way:

    Bruce: “This time I want to kill Drake or Elena!”

    Amy: “No, none of them are getting killed!”

    And that ended up the way we know today.

    What worries me is that Bruce wanted to kill Elena in Uncharted 2, and now he is in charge of this game. Oh man..

    I have nothing against this guys, but I can’t see this ending up no good.

    Again, REALLY hope to be mistaken.

  • LuiSpartanMIMIMI

    Ohhh, and a personnal advice to Neil and Bruce:

    If you’re planning to kill Nate/Elena/Sully/Chloe/Charlie, I highly recommend you to review your thoughts.

    Look around the forums on the internet, and you’ll see the players are not liking this possibility. Some of them are saying if this indeed happens, they’ll never buy something by you ever again. And I’m with them.

    Listen to the players.



    DIE SONY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I’m surprised that so many people over here want more Uncharted (or even TLOU). Uncharted is a great series and I’m sure they’d have to put out at a handful sequels out still before running out of ideas, but I would really want to see Naughty Dog make a game with a completely new setting. It can still be 3rd person type, but just make everything else different.

    So what I’m saying is that we need Savage Starlight the game.

  • SeekAndDestroy80

    Cant wait to play this game!! I am i little worried that they might kill off one of the main charcters that we all come to love and enjoy though..If thats the case then i’ll never buy another game made by Bruce Straley or Neil Druckmann ever again!! the uncharted franchise are my favorite games of all time. Please dont ruin this franchise for us Uncharted fans!!

  • SeekAndDestroy80

    Haskell i would also love to see nathan drake and lara croft cross paths!! its the first thing i thought when i beat tomb raider.It would be freaking awsome!!! Make it happen sony!

  • This is the teaser we should have just waited for. There was no need to force last years trailer out and if they didn’t, none of this years earlier news would have mattered in the least. Release a CGI tease and then give it a release window of no further than “next year”. Boom!

  • Please, don’t let it be the end of Drake nor Uncharted.

  • Really excited for this game, and since Uncharted 2 is my favorite in the series I’m glad Bruce and Neil are leading the project. 2015 can’t come soon enough. Thank you Naughty Dog for all the amazing games over the years and the many more to come in the future.

  • This looks just too good to be true but I like the direction of the game and can’t wait to learn more about the game.

  • Gee whiz, hard to believe that trailer could be rendered in real-time by our PS4’s but it has certainly whet my interest. Always looking forward to what the talented people at ND are up to.

  • I was beyond glad when I got the notice that UC was coming back to the hands of its founders….yes Bruce Straley is the best director in da business….I’m counting on you guys…please bring back that UC2 feel…straighten all the things UC3 spoiled…bring back the weapons,the old weapons and UC2 MP.Oh boy there are so many things that makes UC3 the worst in the series.

    I’ll just keep posting this comment until the game releases.

  • Amazing! What’s the music from 2:40 to 3:30?

  • Can you let Naughty Dog know that some of us would like a 30fps cap on Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Remastered?

    Some people feel that 30fps has more of a cinematic and dramatic feel to it, even though it’s technically inferior (much like black and white photography). Obviously it would just be an option, as most people will probably love the 60fps, but a frame cap should be relatively easy to implement, and many of us would really appreciate it :)

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