The Return of DOOM

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The Return of DOOM

Earlier today, we ever-so-slightly tugged on the curtain to reveal that new information on DOOM is coming soon. We encourage you to throw on some headphones and check out the trailer.

The Return of DOOM

We’re not ready to discuss the details of the game yet, but we’ll be sharing new info at this year’s QuakeCon event – taking place July 17-20th at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX. For more information on the event, visit We will also be sharing new updates on the game here on PlayStation Blog.

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  • I think the world would’ve preferred a Fallout 4 teaser instead.

  • Can’t wait!!

  • Eagerly awaiting the beta!

  • Awesome! I was just watching Let’s Play Doom 1 with John Romero last night! :) can’t wait, I hope it’s like the first 2 Doom games.

  • It never gets old hearing that classic sound effect of the door opening!!

  • doom coming soon. lol they been saying that for years

  • @1, Disagree stop speaking for everyone the world wants Doom 4

  • Where is DOOM 4? ):

  • If it’s as good as Wolfenstein: The New Order then take my money!

  • is DOOM 4 coming to PS4 :)

  • Love me some old school shooting mechanics.

  • Oh maaaaan! I’m a huge DOOM fan. Cannot wait for this. I’m happy to see the new designs resemble the original games’ and not the grey, bland designs from 3. And those oldschool sound effects are back too!

    If this is anything like the new Wolfenstein, I think it’ll be great. Hope it’ll go oldschool – crazy, gory, and fast. Med packs, lots of guns, lots of enemies. Looking forward to the full reveal!

  • @7 Fallout 4 will sell more, get over it. It’s about money.

  • I’m with @StealthReborn, I love me some Doom but Fallout 4 is what the majority of gamers are waiting for. Doom will do great but Fallout 4 is game of the year the moment it comes out and will be the best selling game of the year. Doom is epic but Fallout is Eternal.

  • Let me guess, It’a not coming out for ps3 but it will come out for ps4. That’s fantastic another doom game that i will be unable to play for 10 years. thanks for giving the finger to all those people who have stuck with you since PS1. Your slogan should be PS4 it only does ripoffs.

    Why would you make a console that is exactly like your competitors, and now theirs is even better. i chose ps3 because it was different than xbox, it was better and i didn’t have to pay full price for a game and be extorted to play online.

    EXTORTION that’s what paying for online is, you already bought the game you should have to agree or pay for online when you already paid.

    And to all of you, Why the hell do you give a damn about fallout 4 they haven’t even released a game that’s not broken both my new vegas and fall out 3 have progression bugs, trying to get out of a building and the game freezing is something they should work on before putting out a new game.

    deleting comment is violation of U.S. Code 18 section 241

  • “This game is anticipated to be rated mature.”

    Haha! Probably, just barely.

  • @StealthReborn Speak for yourself. I love Fallout but Doom will always have the larger fanbase. Noobs will just have to get over that.

  • @Aeolus I’m trying to understand your post here. You’ve been with them since PS1, yet not PS4? Sounds loyal. And you switched over at PS3 from Xbox? Again, loyal.

    Extortion means they’re threatening you to pay for these things against your will. That’s news to me.

    U.S. Code 18 section 241 is protection against people conspiring to hurt you in some unconstitutional manner. If they were to delete a comment from a blog that they own, as in their private property, it does not endanger you or your rights as a U.S. citizen.

    Sooo… yep, bunch of crap.

  • @ StealthReborn Are you high as a kite? Fallout 4 wouldnt sell more copies than DOOM.. Doom is more popular than Fallout. DOOM has an insane worldly fanbase. Without DOOM, there wouldnt be a Fallout. Dont speak for everyone.

  • Bored of seeing CG trailers. Show me game play or don’t bother wasting my time.

  • Drooling for this. After Wolfenstein turned out to be pretty fantastic… I am anxious to see how this turns out!

  • Not for nothing, but I would love to see a release of the original Doom somehow on PS Vita — a full-on port, or as a PS1 classic or something.

    @15: The article doesn’t say, but I’m pretty sure the game will be out before 10 years from now. That said, I have no idea how Sony owes it to you to somehow force Bethesda to port their game to the PS3… are you feeling okay?

  • So I have to wait until the quake-con event to find out when the beta will start sometime next month. i thought this information would have been unveiled at E3.

  • @15 Aeolus426 : What drugs are you on? The next gen is here and hence the games over the course of the next year are all going to transfer to PS4 solely that’s how it works. PS1 to PS2 to PS3 and now to PS4. Also Extortion? Nobody is making you play online. Xbox forces you to pay to play online. PS4 only allows Playstation Plus members to play online, HOWEVER you get 6 free games a month to play. So stop your whining. If you don’t like it, go play your Wii. I’m still sticking with PS3 like a lot of people until the line up for PS4 builds up over the next year and makes the cost of the system worth it.

    Lastly. Learn to update your games. Fallout 3 and New Vegas were fixed A LONG LONG time ago. I never had one bug with Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Only one I ever had a single issue with was Skyrim.

    I also call BS on your claim of being with Sony since PS1, as you cry like a 6 year old girl and PS1 is way older than 6 years old. :)

  • I’d love to see classic id games come to Vita. the iOS version of Doom and wolf3d had a bunch of nice little tweaks that would be fantastic when coupled with dual-stick controls. they’ve already been adapted/optimized for deferred tile-rendering GPU…

    the only id reveal that would really knock my socks off would be a Commander Keen remake/reboot.

  • @18 & 24
    Its his right to complain.

    Regardless how uninformatilve it is, much like the PS4 app or Niconico not working although stated as such.

    So rights as a citizen, does not include FREEDOM OF SPEECH?
    It sounded relevant to me, though there maybe some exageration involved.

    The fact Sony is not making it available for PS3, is from a completely reasonable standpoint for business.

    As for loyalty, becuse he may not have been able to afford the hefty price tag of $599 at first proves nothing.

    And @24, six games a month? Really? If you own all 3 consoles.

    All PS’s besides 4 have included backwards compatibilty, and the first PS3 included 2.
    So the games aren’t free, merely rented.

    Why would anyone have the motivation to be loyal?
    They took away free online, the ability to play past purchases, mp3 playback, you can not even play cd’s on it.

    It was a greedy move on their part.
    And one that will be costing them true loyal customers (my collection is digital mostly).

    I like Plus, I like Digital, but PS3 may be the last Sony purchase I make.
    Such as the Walkmans I love, and their T.V.’s I buy.

    Bad business, is bad business.

  • They may have had a great start.
    But it doesn’t mean they will finish.

  • I won’t lie, that looks pretty good

    Then again that’s clearly just the FMV. I will await to see actual gameplay

  • @26: It’s his right to complain without fear of government interference — a right that, in and of itself, has its limitations (see: threats, libel, inciting to riot, and, the old favorite, yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded space). Sony, however, has the right to censor whatever hopelessly uninformed ravings they see on their [privately-owned-and-operated] blog if they wish to do so, particularly if it causes unwarranted harm to its brand. And this is not to mention that while everyone has a right to say any stupid thing that pops into their head (again, barring those exceptions), that society has a right to discourage such speech if it operates outside the confines of civil discourse. Indeed, it has a duty to do so. Further, Sony has nothing to do with what Bethesda creates. Sony is merely the medium for Bethesda’s message. Good day, sir.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Rez, some advice… You should really stop talking, for your own good. You’re always embarrassing yourself.

    Or at least think before you speak.

    As jqtaxpayer just alluded to above, there are limits to free speech. You said you were in the military so you should know better than anyone that freedom goes hand-in-hand with responsibility. Libel is a regularly occurring problem on this blog, and honestly, most of these jerks are lucky they haven’t seen any trouble arise because of it. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen as much as it used to, but there’s still a loudmouth, reckless, know-it-all prick that pops up every once in a while making all kinds of ludicrous claims/accusations.

    Or would you think it’s fair if I accused you of a crime you didn’t commit? Can I drag your name through the mud and do my best to ruin your reputation just for the hell of it? And when you defend yourself as you should, can I just be a sassy little jackass and claim, “hey, it’s my right to free speech, man”?

  • Yes, Carmack. I hope this is DOOM 4. You guys are notorious for your Engine, wonder If you guys made a new one for this.

  • @Kishnabe: I doubt Carmack is involved anymore since he left ID, so most likely a lot of things have been done “behind his back”, which is probably a good thing since Carmack and Sweeney are just great coders but their games lack substance.
    That said Doom 3 was pretty enjoyable on my PC days and will most likely buy Doom 4 for the PS4 now.
    Hopefully they release a gameplay trailer in Quakecon. I kinda regret not getting Wolfestein for the Beta but bah, wasn’t gonna pay full price for that game anyway.

    @Gamer_USA: Well despite ID engines being a bit on the shadow now, since Epic took the lead (and so you can see countless games using their engine nowadays), we have to give credit to ID, for their engines are usually top-notch in the industry so most likely the gameplay will look awesome.

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