Surgeon Simulator Coming to PS4

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Surgeon Simulator Coming to PS4

When we first heard that the new generation consoles were arriving, we were super excited about the possibility that the game — OUR game — could be one of the titles available for PS4 owners to enjoy.

There was one problem, though: how on Earth were we going to get the infamous controls to work on DualShock4?

Would the game look good on a next-gen console in a living room?

Would it still be funny? Would Bob be as dashingly handsome on a big screen?

So many questions… we had to try. It turned out that creating a control scheme for Nigel’s arm on PS4 was one of the most enjoyable parts of the process.

The first and most obvious step to take was to map hand movement and hand rotation to the left and right thumb sticks, as this is what players tend to expect on a console game. The finger controls were less obvious. We had a lot of ideas which turned out to be a bit too clumsy even for Surgeon Simulator. In the end we decided to lose the one-button-per-finger design used on the PC and instead condense it down into just two of the shoulder buttons.

The most exciting part was when we started using the six-axis motion sensors to control the orientation of the hand. Our playtesters were pleasantly surprised by how good this felt. It’s quite an alien feeling at first but it gives a lot of agility to the hand, so people tended to prefer it over the stick control once they got a feel for it. We were able to sharpen up the responsiveness by feeding in a bit of the raw gyro acceleration values, by which point we decided the motion sensors should be the default control mechanism for hand rotation for Surgeon Simulator on PS4.

We genuinely believe that this version of the game is even funnier that earlier versions of Surgeon Simulator. Something about seeing vital organs flying around a bigger screen while you relax on the sofa really strikes us as hilarious — having your whole body involved with it really adds to the physical comedy of the game.

SHAREfactory makes it even easier for players to share their failed surgeries with the world. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Remember, Nigel… Bob is waiting. He’s counting on you to save his life.

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  • Aw man this will be horrible, lol in a good way. i just dont seeing any NPC’s surviving this if i’m playing.

  • now this looks like some fun! :) release date?

  • Yes! Hopefully this will be like a 30 dollar download. :D Loved watching this game since the beginning!

  • Did it occur to you that dual wielding Sony Move controls + 3D display support could make this the most popular Sony Move game ever? I hope it did!

  • ChaoticAssault31

    Awesome, I was not expecting this to come to PS4. Looking forward to hearing more about this.

  • Hope you have a Project Morpheus version in development, I would buy everything needed to play it.

  • They had something similar to this for the PC a few years back, I can’t recall the exact title, but it wasn’t a bad game. If the price is right, I just might give this a try.
    @7, you said it bro. A virtual reality surgery simulator would be an incredibly cool thing. Just imagine the real world applications outside of core gaming.

  • This looks perfect for Move controls. I never played it on PC but it looks like great fun!

  • BigPapaGlueHands

    They just confirmed a Morpheus version is in the works!

  • “SHUT UP NURSE!” – Markiplier

    I just had to.

  • Heya everyone. We’re the studio responsible for your surgery-related nightmares. You’re welcome. ;)

    We can’t wait to unleash this on the PS4. It’s almost done, so it will be ‘soon’.

    Re Morpheus – yep, that’s something that we’re already thinking about in a big way. Watch this space!

  • *it. Thinking about IT.

    Typing brought to you by Nigel Burke. ;)

  • @7 kdiep — Complete with the red tint of blood spatter in your eyes!

  • This would be perfect for Project Morpheus and Move.

    Oooooh and Vita!

  • Midnight_Fenrir_

    Any chance of this game coming to Vita?

  • Is it true the ps4 is not powerful enought to run audio cds, mp3s, 3d blurays, dlna, and bluetooth remotes? Or is it, as some suggest, an active decision to ignore these features in lieu of Sony’s paid services?

  • @17

    Putting the same comment in sections that have nothing to do with the topic is trolling at this point.

    Now for things that matter. Saw a few lets plays of this series. Always thought it looked like fun but a little frustrating.

  • “Shhhhhh, I doctor now.”

  • This game is hilarious! I may get it for PS4

  • If you manage to get Move support into this, I will buy it day −273.15 C

  • This is the same simulations that real surgeons use when they train. People are going to play this game and suddenly think they can be real surgeons now. They will do their own nightmare medical procedures at home. Fox News is already working on the story.

  • I have the pc version on steam i still get a laugh at playing this game. and the pc version is brutal with the keyboard controls. i’m going for the ps4 version.

    Barnardshire General where meat scarfs are made.

  • Such a great game. Have it on Steam. I’m loving that Playstation is getting more and more of Steam’s “Greatest Hits”, honestly.

  • any plans for Move support? 1080p 3DTV support?

    Tumble was a fun PS3 game that took advantage of both technologies and was way fun. Surgeon Simulator seems like a perfect fit for the same control mechanics!

    Hearing squish noises coming out of the DS4 speaker would also be cool :)

  • I would buy this the day it comes out if it had PS Move support, because seems like it would be an excellent combination.

  • Sweeeet! Move support would be excellent for all twelve of us who still own one. Im very impressed with the motion sensor fidelity of the Dualshock 4 though so I certainly dont mind

  • I still have a couple of move controllers and a nav controller. don’t remember if they work with the ps4 or not. other than that it would be the ps4 camera support with the ds4 light bar. though the game would be easier than it would be on pc potentially due to the controller tech.

  • Saw a video of this game once,its pretty funny….good news that is coming to PS.

  • I knew it.
    I knew it.
    Nobody can touch your beloved INDIES. Thanks for confirming it.

    Thank you for creating this masterpiece.

  • Move controls or we riot. Shouldn’t be too hard since the groundwork is done with the Razer Hydra on PC. Of course, I say “shouldn’t be too hard” while knowing precicely **** about coding, so I could be wrong. I really want a two handed Nigel though.

    Also the iPad version tailored for Vita, pretty please with a severed kidney on top!

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