Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Hits June 24th, E3 Trailer Revealed

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Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Hits June 24th, E3 Trailer Revealed

Set up your turrets, ready your med supplies, take up your positions, and brace for an all-out Helghast assault — we’ve prepared a new E3 trailer of Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept for you, and it’s chock full of action-packed online co-op goodness!

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Hits June 24th, E3 Trailer Revealed

As we explained in our announcement post last month, Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is all about team play. It’s about you and three teammates fighting off wave after wave of AI-controlled Helghast attackers as you try to establish a communications Uplink to the VSA headquarters, with only your weapons and your unique Combat Role abilities to protect you.

Mastering your assigned Combat Role — Assault, Marksman, Medic or Tactician — is vital to your success, as you can probably tell from the trailer. For instance, a Tactician with a well-placed turret will be able to keep the enemy at bay and buy other team members precious time, while an attentive Marksman can spot flanking attempts and randomly spawned Petrusite capacitors for his team.

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Those Petrusite capacitors, by the way, are your best bet at evening the odds against the Helghast onslaught. If you successfully retrieve a capacitor to your basecamp, you can use it to activate one of the following bonuses:

  • Full recapture:Instantly recapture all Uplink terminals in enemy hands.
  • Full resupply:Instantly restock all ammo and health.
  • Free respawn:The next respawn will not penalize the Team Score.
  • Minigun:All players receive a minigun in their loadout.
  • Mortar strike:Call in a mortar strike on the map. Remember to take cover!
  • Double damage:All players deal double damage for a limited time.
  • Turrets:Activate the dormant turret platforms located throughout the level.
  • Jetpack:All players receive a jetpack in their loadout.

Although each bonus is extremely useful in its own right, our favorite has to be the Jetpack — there’s just something special about hovering over the battlefield with your jetpack-equipped teammates, raining down death and destruction on the enemy below. Use those Petrusite capacitors wisely though, because your enemies can enlist the help of special Helghast champions with unique abilities of their own!

KZ Interceptcoop2_BTW_bTM

Intercept will be released as a DLC expansion pack for Killzone Shadow Fall on June 24th, and as a fully compatible standalone game later this year. The DLC expansion pack version will be available free of charge for owners of the Killzone Shadow Fall season pass, so be sure to get one if you haven’t already. Keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog and, because we’ll have more information on Intercept’s pricing and features soon!

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  • So ready!

  • It looks so good! I can’t wait.

  • What about mp3s, audio cds, dlna and 3d bluray?

  • Ohhhhh jetpacks son!

  • looks awesome, can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  • this is only gonna be fun if you play with people that play as a team. I know a lot of nuckle heads will just run off and do their own thing messing it up for everybody else.

  • BOOM shakalaka! =D

  • Well the Voice Actors behind this were pretty annoying (apparently this was the E3 of multiplayer voice actors for no reason,) but you can expect I and the rest of the Rebel Alliance to be playing a lot of this once this hits in two weeks. By the way, if anyone needs a group to play with (and let’s be honest here, Shadow Fall requires a group to play with to be successful,) check out the clan’s site at RebelAllianceClan(dot)com .

  • yes! been waiting for a worthwhile co-op shooter to play with friends!

    will Killzone Mercenary get similar maps so Vita users can join in on the same maps via cross-play?

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