E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

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E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

That’s a wrap! Day one of our LiveCast show has wrapped up. If you missed the livestream on Ustream and Twitch, fret not; we’ve pulled the highlights below.

Also: Be sure to check out our day two and day three roundups to see Homefront: The Revolution, Far Cry 4, Broforce, Guns Up, Hohokum and many, many more.


Summary: PS4 Alpha and Competitive mode details

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

The Order: 1886

Summary: Discussion of Lycans, mashup of history and fiction, weapon design philosophy

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

Batman: Arkham Knight

Summary: Full gameplay tour of Batmobile in Gotham City

Mortal Kombat X

Summary: New characters, fatalities, fighting stances and stage interaction

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

No Man’s Sky

Summary: First look at Hello Games’ jaw-dropping procedurally generated PS4 debut


Summary: Weather effects, time passage, locations, and audio recording methods

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Summary: Lore and history, strategy and combat, Nemesis system

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

inFAMOUS First Light

Summary: Game introduction and Fetch’s powers discussed

Rainbow Six Siege

Summary: Game introduction and full multiplayer match showing asymmetrical combat

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Summary: Discussion of character customization and leveling, mission structure

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Summary: Naughty Dog directors Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann discuss gameplay vision in first interview

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

The Evil Within

Summary: Discussion of how dynamic horror gameplay aims to create genuine fear

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

Alien: Isolation

Summary: New footage of synthetic combat, weapons, and story discussion.

E3 2014 LiveCast Day 1: What You’ve Missed

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  • Naughty Dog STOLE THE SHOW !

  • Uncharted 4 & Batman/ The Division WERE AMAZING :)

  • E3 Day One Recap: All hell broke loose. Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s happenings!

  • Will there be a archive of all the UStream interviews done today. I hope your putting together some video’s of DriveClub because there was some good gameplay in that interviews I seen both on Twitch and UStream today.

  • psn update pls

  • Why my comment was blocked?

  • I just printed it and will post on twitter… so everybody will know you are censoring people here.

  • Where is all the Vita content? Last year they had no issue dedicating 20 min for the famous Wonderbook Fail. But this year they couldn’t give vita more then like 10 seconds? Sony you are killing your own handheld intentionally. It time for more of the PlayStation higher ups to be fired and or step down. You guys obviously still have no clue how to run a company. I mean is it seriously hard to give us good games? Even simple side scrollers and action platformers would make most of us happy. At the very least help companies in japan localize there games. There honestly is no excuse.


  • @5 If you look on the store, it’s updated. They probably haven’t written the blog yet because they’re busy and it’s a light week anyway.

  • @13 pay attention… my previos commens will probably be deleted soon. Now I ask you, did I said something offensive?

  • @oversevethousand (comment #13) It’s quite sad to see how little Sony cares for their fans and their opinions.

  • @9: Nice.

  • You know what we also missed? The PS Store update post. Yes, I know it’s updated (look under New This Week), but I know there are people who prefer reading the posts instead.

    Not a lot has been uploaded, but my personal highlights are the Neptunia PP DLC (swimsuits) and pre-orders for some of the E3 games.

  • oversevethousand

    Okay, seriously? I’m not spamming anything, I’m not posting hashtags, or anything. I’ve had my Vita since launch, and for a company that supposedly “listens,” you really aren’t doing a good job of it by deleting comments like this.

    This is just appalling.

    You didn’t do anything for the Vita. Again. Did you guys seriously think Vita owners were going to be all smiles about it? Just how little do you think of us?

  • @15 word. I told you ^^

  • Damn, comments are being deleted left and right. I honestly don’t think it should matter what we write on here– as long as it isn’t vulgar and/or disrespectful. But if Sony wants to pay someone to meticulously hit F5 to refresh the page to delete comments every other second, then let them be…

  • Whatever. Bring colored vitas to NA and I’ll buy one, even if you keep unnecessarily deleting my comments for your own shortcomings.

  • The update is up now.

  • Anyone want to talk about The Last Guardian now?

  • E3 was a good day for PS4, but one of the saddest days for my PS Vita. Only a handful of Indies and Tetris. No AAA games.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ juuichi-11

    No, you didn’t say anything offensive. Just disruptive.

    This post is about E3, not your silly Twitter mob for Final Fantasy.

  • Is The Witness still beating made or did I miss the part they were on stage ?

  • To everyone mad about the Final Fantasy game not coming to Vita: Sony made a mistake when they typed that. Get over it and stop spamming the comment section!

  • Can we get some footage regarding your OWN Vita game, Freedom Wars? Please?

  • They really did good this year

  • Siege looks cool, but from what I’ve seen it looks like you missed a lot of the reality/point of a hostage situation…I will likely pass due to this…

  • Wait, I’m sure I posted here — like, fourth comment — mocking how there’s no highlight in this post for Sony’s current handheld console. Not just spite about the FFType-0 “mixup”, but a general statement toward the apathy and Sony to make the Vita anything more than a PS4 add-on. If even that warranted cynicism moderated away, now?

    Well, then, Sony, make one of these E3 2014 recaps relevant to the Vita. If not, then there’s no place else to voice frustration than where there should have been.

  • Mortal Kombat X and Uncharted 4 is what excites me the most. Can’t wait to see more of those games.

    @juuichi-11 Because you’re a loser. Cry some more.

  • Wow, I need to proof-read (post 29, if these comments are further trimmed):
    – “the apathy of Sony” or such
    – “Is even that warranted cynicism”

  • Wow E3 was awesome thank you Sony!! I was really upset when i was told playstation allstars battle royale 2 was not coming, my buddy told that is was leaked and then i looked it up and found out it was fake what a big let down, I keep hoping and wishing for it to come to ps4 i love that game!! Nevertheless Uncharted 4 owned it all, LBP3 is a must buy for me I can’t wait for that, MK.X godly awesome!!!! So many awesome games thank you!!

  • Okay, cool, had it open in another tab (brace for deletion):

    + TJF588 on June 10th, 2014 at 6:42 pm said:
    My oh my, lookit all that Vita content highlighted! I mean, just /think/ of the Remote Playing!

  • Twitter!

    @IGN @ SquareEnixUSA @Playstation




    DIE SONY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • What we missed?

    we missed VITA.

    lol SONY is dead to us.

  • So sad to not see any Vita news. What I missed? I missed Vita I guess. Wish people would show it some more supprt and maybe some advertising. I’m even jumping on the #NoVitaNoBuy train. I’m just so sad to see it being put underneath the PS4 so often.

    PSVITA: This is for the players

  • @dkarlowicz10: Hahahahaha… yeah that Tetris Vita Edition was the icing on the cake.
    What can I say, our Vitas were pretty much DoA, but I enjoy the handful of cool games there.

    I think Sony is wishing to just push PS Now and integration stuff, but those “170 titles” (I think I recall the CEO saying last night) in development are more like 169 ports from iOS/Android and 1 good game in the future.
    It really sucks, Vita had so much potential.

    Vita TV, Vita Slim and all that is just lousy marketing, no thanks. We need real, actual, games to play.

  • @37 kudos bro

  • And I forgot, I’m one of the 20 people worldwide who bought the PS4 camera (you can laugh, it’s alright). I kinda got excited when the CEO mentioned it last night but well, only news about Morpheus, hopefully the thing can see the light of day in my room when the accessory hits the streets, but I kinda get the feeling Morpheus will end up being the Virtual Boy of this decade, with “Scuba Diver Adventure” and “Bullet Dodger AKA NOT Matrix” being the highlight of its lifetime.

    So I’m basically I missed was:
    1. Real proper games for my Vita (aka not a cellphone).
    2. Real proper games for my PS4 camera (aka not a lousy $50 voice command accessory).

  • I missed all the Vita games.

    …oh wait

  • @ps_psychedelic I also have both a Vita and a PS4 Camera, but I’m not too concerned about the later too much since it came out less than a year ago.

    The Vita on the other hand is more than two years old and is not getting the extra push it needs to improve its situation.

    I understand that the fault doesn’t lay entirely on Sony, but under the current circumstances only Sony can attempt to reverse the situation.

    If you take a look at the comeptition, you can see that Nintendo is certainly not holding back any punches on their struggle to save the Wii U.

    We would like to see a similar effort from Sony to improve the Vita’s condition.

  • Nin***do won the E3 because instead of showing gritty dark movies (games* ?) and shooters and “mature and realistic experiences” for edgy kiddies, they actually showed GAMES, colorful, lively and fun GAMES, and they showed that they care for their public. Hell, even Itagaki said “Nin***do really understood my vision, so I felt I really had to work with them.” when was asked about Devil’s Third exclusivity, same happened when Platinum Games worked with them making on of the best games of last year: W101.
    Indies don’t count as unique and colorful and stuff, because most of them are trash. Now, for example LBP 3 does count as a colorful, lively and fun game… but it’s still a re-hash.

    But attention, because I’m not saying that EVERYTHING on Nin’s conference was good either, they just were crearly better because of some points I said at the beginning.
    Actually… you were the second best I think, but ONLY because this E3 was really effing dissapointing, although it was expected.

  • And for the Vita owners:
    Sadly the only way you have to enjoy more your Vitas is learning japanese (and that works for PS3/4 games and everything else actually), because maybe you have no idea how many games don’t come out of Japan (Hint: A F-load).
    And that’s exactly the reason why I haven’t bought a Vita: it almost has no games! (and I don’t know japanese… at least I learned english…)

  • No Mans Sky was the show stealer to me. Best concept of any game from any developer by far. In fact it is what I was hoping Destiny would be but Destiny is turning out to be a Halo/Borderlands clone but nowhere near as interesting as either.

    Second would be Bloodborne.

    As to the Vita situation, I seem to recall a montage of a ton of Vita games shown at the keynote presentation… unless I am wrong.

    True they never had a VITA section of the press conference but do you blame them? The sales figures for Vita are not what anyone would call good. Sadly too many fools buy 3ds then 3ds XL despite the VITA being a monster of a hand held.

    Vita is the WiiU of handhelds folks. Great machine but sadly underestimated and undersold.

  • madmanwithabox12

    What did I miss at E3. All the Vita games. Oh wait, you didn’t announce any! And the one you did was a lie, since it’s coming to PS4 instead – despite coming West because of Vita owners campaigning on twitter.

  • The newest four letter word… VITA

    Don’t say it around Sony.

  • PS2 classics playable on the Vita & PS4

  • Waiting for new exclusive games for PS Vita.

  • Is it true Sony confirmed no audio cds, mp3s, 3d blurays, dlna, and bluetooth remotes for the ps3 ar e3? Or is it, as some suggest, an active decision to ignore these features in lieu of Sony’s paid services?


    After watching all 3 of the big press/digital events I have to be honest here. Microsoft’s conference was the fastest paced. It was solid. Sony’s was equally good as far as game content, but had moments of lost momentum. Nintendo’s was short but very funny with the Robot Chicken stuff – New Zelda looks incredible and Mario Maker could be amazing.

    Batman, The Order, Evolve, Uncharted, and so many more AAA, next-gen games look phenomenal, but I’m calling it now – the Game of the Show for E3 2014 will be No Man’s Sky! The concept of this game blows my mind! Exploring an inhabited, actual planet-sized planet, being able to fly out of that planet’s atmosphere into space, fly thru space, land on another planet and explore it?! All in real-time with NO loading?! Holy **** sign me up!!!

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