YouTube Coming to PS4 This Year

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YouTube Coming to PS4 This Year

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Happy E3! As you may have heard during PlayStation’s press conference, the YouTube team has been working hard to bring YouTube to PlayStation 4, where you can find and play all of YouTube including music videos, gaming videos, live streams and more. Today, we’re delighted to announce that YouTube is coming to PS4 this fall!

Sharing your greatest gaming moments on YouTube will be a piece of cake on PS4, thanks to the dedicated sharing capabilities at the very heart of PS4. YouTube will officially be one of the social options offered when you press the SHARE button on your DualShock 4. After pressing SHARE, you’ll see the YouTube icon pop up alongside Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Ustream, and in just a couple of quick steps, you can go from playing your favorite games to publishing videos on your own YouTube channel. You’ll also be able to see your friends’ shared YouTube videos using the “What’s New” feed.

In addition to the integrated sharing functionality, a YouTube app on PS4 will become available (just like on PS3) where you can access your favorite YouTube channels, videos and personalities.

We can’t wait for you all to start sharing your gaming triumphs on YouTube! Look for more news coming soon. In the meantime, what games are you looking forward to sharing on YouTube?

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  • I was never a fan of YouTub, to tell the truth. Everything from the horrible community to the unnecessary changes to the website just makes me vomit continously.:P

  • Finally!

  • This App was needed on release.
    Community may be lacking, but it is there if you look.

    From Anime, movies, music and gameplay.

    Great way to advertise wihout advertising, and have learned quite a few DIY’s thanks to good users.

    Love your site, although there needs better settings on “strict” .

  • Please add the playback quality option. I can’t manually adjust it on the PS3 YouTube.

  • Nice to see this, will make it easy to enjoy sharing for me now. I am starting a youtube channel for competitive gamers + hardcore gamers who still know the meaning of good sportsmanship. And the first thing I am starting with is a video (maybe a series of videos) of why Aim Assist / Radar / “care packages” based on luck ruin the competitive nature and SKILL based nature of competitive online games. Add me on PSN if these things sound good / important to you and I’ll let you guys know when the first vid comes..should be in a week (I already captured all the footage and edited most of it).

    The aim assist, radar, and easy perks+killstreaks have become too much in COD, and the aim assist in Battlefield 4 is MIND-blowing. It’s SO over the top. Gamers can “aim” for’s time to demand games that require skill, instead of just tapping L2 and R2 or L1 and R1 with no thought or aiming skill required.

  • Can you ask Sony why they abandoned the Vita and media ownership?

  • Finally :).
    I thought I’d note. Can YouTube for Vita be updated to fit current YouTube standards. It was good when it released, but YouTube has had such a big upgrade since and it doesn’t really work well together. Also allow Vevo on Vita

  • Finally…the app better be way better than PS3’s …beta test it


    the only thing i use on my ps3 anymore is youtube. it’s so nice to be able to watch youtube videos on my tv, and it was the only thing making me think twice about getting a ps4. not only are we getting an app, but youtube will finally be a share clip destination! i was getting really worried that neither of those things would ever come, but i’m so glad they’re on their way. the only downside is it’s gonna take a while, but i think i can use a flash drive until then. i also heard there’s a youtube work-around on the ps4 browser, so it will have to do.

    pretty weird that youtube is the thing i’m most excited about, but as you can tell, i really wanted it. ugh, so happy. i’m gonna go read the post again =]

  • I think this will be a huge deal for gamers that want to post their footage on YouTube. I’ve been waiting for this app on Playstation 4. Vita and PS3 are great. But was due to be on the PS4 very soon. Looking forward to the day when that happens.

  • ok seriously when is DLNA and MP3 support coming? And an interface rethink. Way to freakin much scrolling and clicking to do anything useful. I barely use my PS4 so I don’t bother buying any games or content. With the XB1 price drop I’m seriously thinking about trading my system for something that can do what the last gen console can do.

  • Great news, glad to see this finally happening.

  • Please focus less on how other people can enjoy our games, and more on how WE can enjoy our games.
    ie: Custom soundtracks, like Vita had at launch.

  • You guys know that no one at Sony wrote this article.

  • When is sharing functionality coming to sub accounts or when will sub accounts be able to upgrade to a master account so they can use the share features?

  • awesome. Been waiting for this! PS4 is getting better, thank you!

  • THANK YOU! Thats all I really needed since Im not big fan of using facebook for my sharing needs. Now I can add all my moments on my game channel.

  • LeiFang, the biggest thing about youtube for this sort of thing is that it allows a much more seamless process for people wanting to get video footage to edit. It’s annoyingly difficult to get videos off facebook especially if you want to keep them private until you’re ready for them to be seen.

    So glad to see youtube functionality along with the previously released USB option to make things easier.

  • That’s great! So where do I put the videos I’ve recorded on my PS Vita so that I can share them to youtube? Haven’t been able to put any of my videos pictures or music on the PS4 from my Vita. Will this fix at least part of that?

  • “just like PS3” so it’s that crappy UI? Lame. I want a different UI, not that one.

  • @11: nutellapr, why did you even bother coming here to post then? No one wants to hear you complain, especially on an article just giving a statement about upcoming Youtube support. The PS4 hud is pretty easy to navigate with the PS4 camera voice commands. Also, if you barely use your PS4, then how is there “way [too] freakin much scrolling and clicking to do anything useful?” You want to trade in your PS4? Then go ahead then. We Don’t Care.

    As for the PS4 Youtube app and direct upload, I’m looking forward to it. This will give an amateur video editor like me the ability to easily post and share my gameplay videos right to Youtube for my veteran video sharing friends to see. I’m not a fan of Facebook and don’t use Twitter, so posting videos directly to the popular video sharing site Youtube just sounds more reasonable.

  • Is it true the ps4 is not powerful enought to run audio cds, mp3s, 3d blurays, dlna, and bluetooth remotes? Or is it, as some suggest, an active decision to ignore these features in lieu of Sony’s paid services?

  • Better late than never.

  • Although I can already watch YouTube videos on my PC, PS Vita, android, and PS3, it’s nice that I can finally watch YouTube videos on my PS4.


  • Still no DLNA, MP3, friends notifications, becoming a joke at this point. Main bar on PS4 is a mess and needs big time organization, is sony even trying anymore

  • The setup on the Vita is better than the PS3. From the search inputs (typing it in takes so long), favorites, history, subscribing to channels, etc.. Make you tube more like the Vita or better.

    I am not the most tech savvy person, but I do not understand why it takes so long to put this app out for the PS4. Fall? That means the PS4 will be out almost a year before a big time app like you tube appears. This is pretty confusing to me.

  • great for a native app with phone/tablet pairing to finally come!

    that being said, the PS4 browser should work in the first place. indeed, YouTube embeds that force html5 do work just fine, showing that the player itself is disabled for non-technical reasons. both the Vita and Xbox One browsers can play videos directly in the browser. (Vita improved on this front recently.)

    native apps with deep integration not possible in modern HTML5 browsers is cool, but the PS4 browser needs to be reasonably comparable to the competition and the Vita as well. as it stands, my iPhone 3G supports many HTML5 sites better (and renders animation faster) than my PS4 and that is sad :(

  • They need to make sure they get HBOgo for PS4 and Vita especially with PS TV coming out.

  • @Sanji909 – “The PS4 hud is pretty easy to navigate with the PS4 camera voice commands’ – So you admit it’s easy if one pays another $60 for the camera? The PS4 UI is a mess and it’s publicly criticized by most of the gaming mags as busy. The fact it has taken almost 2 years just to get Youtube on the PS4 when the PS3 and Xbox One have it is pathetic.

    Getting back to the topic of adding media content capability to the PS4, seriously DLNA, MP3, etc. If Sony want my money and my personal endorsement to my network it needs to happen. Until then with the Xbox One price cut and much, much better media features my personal recommendation will unfortunately go to Xbox.

  • @26: You’re right! nutellapr did cry more! LMAO! =P

  • That’s great news!

    But what about DLNA media streaming???

  • Aleluiaaaaaa

  • Will I be able to record my friends voice chat to?

  • This is really great news, now i’ll have 2 reasons to turn on my PS4 in Autumn !! otherwise it was going to sit idle until 2015!

  • good **** sony upload straight to youtube

  • It cant come soon enough. I love gameplay and MOD videos. There are some real dbag commentators, but overall the community is diverse and appreciative of quality videos. I used leanback religiously.

  • nice , been waiting for this. Please make it easy to upload gameplay videos on youtube so we dont have go through all that fb crap -_- which takes ages and in vain. Ty so much ^_^

  • so when is this coming out I have a youtube channle that needs videos of game play not just top five videos

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