The Order: 1886 E3 Trailer Revealed, New Enemy Emerges

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The Order: 1886 E3 Trailer Revealed, New Enemy Emerges

E3 2014 is upon us.

Exactly a year ago, we launched our new IP with a trailer that introduced The Order and its Knights. As we revealed more about the game in the months that followed, we left one questioned unanswered. Who is the enemy hidden in the fog?

The Half-Breeds are many, its different species having evolved in their own rights, becoming a formidable and deadly threat to humanity’s dominance. One species in particular has taken dominion over the lands of Northern Europe and has threatened the rule of man for centuries. Lycan was the name given by humans to the species of Half-Breeds that acquired certain lupine and feline traits. Upon seeing them, people equated their looks to the myth and legends of werewolves that had been retold from generation to generation.

What the Lycans lack in numbers, they make up in sheer strength and agility, and have proven to be some of the deadliest foes The Order has ever faced. In human form, they remain impossible to identify and as such, they hide in plain sight amongst the populace. With both Lycans and the Rebellion threatening the city of London, The Order must face enemies on all fronts.

It’s been amazing to see the excitement and support we have felt from the community since our announcement at last year’s E3. On behalf of the team at Ready At Dawn, I’m happy to tell you that The Order: 1886 will be launching on February 20th, 2015 exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in North America, Europe, Japan, Asia, and Latin America.

In addition, I’m also thrilled to reveal our Pre-order Incentive and two special editions of The Order: 1886.

Pre-Order Bonus
Pre-order from a participating retail store or from the PlayStation Network and get the Knight’s Arsenal DLC which includes both the Red Lightning Pack and the Arsonist Pack. Each pack includes an alternate outfit for Galahad and a variant weapon that players will be able to use during the single player campaign, including the Arsonist rifle and the Arc rifle prototype.

The Order: 1886 - Pre Order Screen

Collector’s and Premium Editions
In addition to the game itself, we took great care in creating both a Collector’s Edition and a Premium Edition that draws directly from all the work we have put into the game. Both editions feature statues that depict Galahad in the midst of combat; the Collector’s Edition shows Galahad behind cover, caught in the middle of a rebel firefight in the streets of Whitechapel. The Premium Edition sees him going head-to-head with an Elder Lycan in the London Hospital. The Premium Edition will also include a replica of the Blackwater Vial that the Knights of the Order use to heal themselves. The Vial comes hidden inside a special Art Book case that contains illustrations and details from the game. Both editions will come with a collectible Steelbook and bonus digital content.


TheOrder_CE_Beauty_MM_r06_c01 (1)

  • “Galahad under Fire” Statue (7 inch)
  • The Order: 1886 Game
  • Collectable Steelbook
  • Stickers
  • Digital Content
    • Pre-Order DLC (Knight’s DLC)
    • Official Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks
    • Unreleased Behind-The-Scenes Footage


TheOrder_PE_Beauty_MM_r07_c01 (1)

  • “The Endless Duel” Statue (13 inch)
  • The Order: 1886 Game
  • Collectable Steelbook
  • Art Book (with hidden compartment)
  • Blackwater Vial (w/chain)
  • Collector’s Box
  • Stickers
  • Digital Content
    • Pre-Order DLC (Knight’s DLC)
    • Official Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks
    • Unreleased Behind-The-Scenes Footage

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  • One I keep hearing about.
    Not paying full price for digital though.

    Maybe worth it, it looks like it might be as Day1.
    But when I may not be able to play it when PS5 gets here……not really worth it.

    I’ll be watching gameplay and gmv’s about it though I am sure.

  • Probably the first ps4 game I will buy without waiting for reviews first. Looks amazing and the shooting mechanics look smooooooth already too! Nice to see a game that truly uses the power of a system. Dark atmosphere reminds me of the old Resistance games..I love that, and I hope the guns in this game are just as unique. So far so good! I hope you guys do keep some mystery about this game between now and the release in February though…giving away too much about a game can take away from the experience when people (and reviewers by the way) finally get to play the full game. Just a personal opinion / tip, especially for a game like this which seems to surprise around every corner. It’s about the mystery…so keep it a mystery.

    PS: Anyone think the baddie in the vid reminded them of Gollum from Lord of the Rings? Hmm, it will be my “precious” pleasure to shoot him the funk up ;)

  • TrueRadiantFree

    Save your prayers, there is no God to help you? So another game that has an atheistic worldview injected in it? Wow. And the funny thing is that the historical knights were fighting under a Christian rule for good (even the sword was used as a sign of the cross). That just made this game a whole lot unbelievable.

  • @4, it’s a game. It’s fiction. It’s artistic EXPRESSION. Learn what those words mean, or please don’t complain – you sound like a fool.

  • Looked incredibly boring. Show GAMEPLAY, not cinematics.

  • TrueRadiantFree

    @5 You’re the fool if a game can make you deny your faith (if you believe in a God). My artistic expression happens to involve putting the concept of God IN the game, and that doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of what The Order could be. I have the right to voice my opinion of what I feel.

  • Looks amazing. Need to see more!

  • OMG I want both of those statues!

  • I’m liking that premium edition!

  • Looking nice but I wonder about the length of the game. Still, it’s pre-ordered, lol.

  • Might be getting my hands on the collector’s edition. The premium is too much for me.

  • The game looked great! I love that the switch between cutscene and gameplay is soo seamless.

  • Yay awesome I was waiting for that gameplay although it was really short,it was impressive.The Order is a true next-gen game….Feb 20th?….ha nice I may have a PS4 until there.Good job guys.

    I’m glad to see the Golden outfits are back,are they?but please tell me there wasn’t a downgrade…..anyway this is a must buy….the collector’s edition and premium edition looks amazing….shame that I’m never able to get a collector’s edition.

    @ 3 TrueRadiantFree – Gotta agree with you.

  • This new footage of the lycan looks amazing. Can’t wait for this game, day 1 for sure!!

  • Wow, definitely getting the Preminum edition. Hopefully the statue for the $80 will go on sale separately.

  • Can’t you please, please release the E3 trailers in other footage than Youtube? Seems only Naughty Dog has been allowed to release the Sony conference videos in high quality…

    Great showing though, lots of fantastic games.

  • Looking forward to this game anyway; you can tell us what the esrb rating may be… Hoping for a T rating but I have a feeling that it will get slapped with an M rating. Please make it T – all these M rated games have been a turn off for me. I don’t care to see nudity or the over use of F bombs, must intelligent people use words that consist of more than 4 syllables. Just my opinion but this generation has consisted of more mature content than any other generation. I am 35 and maybe a little old school but i don’t want to feel like i got to hide in a corner somewhere or sneak around just play a game. I want to know that if my kids walk by the TV they don’t pick up new words or see things they shouldn’t. Sure i can turn down the audio but to me that pulls me out of the story or use headphones but that pulls me out from my family. Just my thoughts but great job on what looks to be a great game; looking forward to this and Uncharted 4.

  • Looks good.

  • So wait, there are two figures? So we can’t get both?


  • I’m so glad to find at it was werewolves. They get over looked often because of vampires. My most anticipated game. Consider the Premium Edition bought.

  • I think it’s time I pick up a PS4 now. Between this game & Destiny, I seriously want this system….and that White 500GB PS4 Destiny bundle looks sooo incredible!! Think it’s time to pre-order :P

  • This is the trailer that finally got me hyped for The Order. This Premium Edition is a great package… PRE-ORDERED!

    It’s a shame that I forgot this was delayed until 2015.

  • Can’t wait for this game, it’s a shame it’s pushed back to 2014.

  • from 2014 to 2015 I mean.

  • Also PS4 digital games should set an example and price their games 65$ for digital download for Canada instead of 70$.
    65$ is the fair currency price tag. Look it up and make the adjustments.

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