Tetris Ultimate Announced for PS Vita, Coming This Fall

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Tetris Ultimate Announced for PS Vita, Coming This Fall

Greetings from Maya Rogers at Blue Planet Software, sole agent for the Tetris brand.

This is an exciting time for us. You may have heard already, but Tetris is celebrating a huge milestone. 30 years! That’s right, the iconic puzzle game that emerged in Moscow back in 1984, eventually landing on Nintendo Game Boy, and then grew to be one of the most recognized and cherished video game franchises of all time, is celebrating the big 3-0 this year.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/playstationblog/14200581547” title=”Tetris_Logo_Final by PlayStation.Blog, on Flickr”>Tetris_Logo_Final

While there are a number of brands in the games industry that have stood the test of time, few are known to be enjoyed by people worldwide – across all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. That’s why we’re celebrating with the theme “We All Fit Together,” since it speaks to the very nature of how Tetris is played, as well as how the game transcends all demographics to be enjoyed by all. We can all play Tetris together, because we all fit together.


As we head into the future, we are committed to bringing you all kinds of new Tetris experiences that fit the many ways we live. A huge part of that is bringing Ubisoft’s Tetris Ultimate game to PlayStation Vita this fall.

Packed with plenty of ways to customize your gaming experience, Tetris Ultimate for PlayStation Vita is bound to be a fan favorite. Whether you’re playing solo or against your friends, enjoying one of six modes (5 fan-favorite modes taken from the franchise’s vast history plus one new mode), or seeing where you stack up on the worldwide leaderboards, the experience will be nothing short of great Tetris fun.


We’re very excited about the future of Tetris and hope you are too. And, be on the watch for updates on Tetris Ultimate for PS Vita. Thanks!

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  • If I could preorder this, I would in an instant. Tetris is such a classic in my family that I have an original Gameboy cartridge still at home in an old Game Boy Advance still being played on a daily/weekly basis. Maybe this one will last the next 30 years! =D

  • I really can’t wait for this! Great news.

  • Sounds awesome, thanks for supporting PS Vita

  • Physical release or no sale.

  • My first portable game, ever.
    Loved it.

    I play Lumines now, and hope the music is worth mentioning.

  • I loved Tetris in the old days. This is perfect on the go for the Vita.

  • @Einhander138 – Get used to having to buy some games digital, OR, miss out on some great games. ;)

    Digital games are cheaper to make and therefor the only way many smaller developers can release a game. Or maybe just the (environmentally friendly) way they CHOOSE to release their game. Both great and reasonable reasons. You still own the game, it’s just a digital ownership on your hard drive instead of a cd / dvd / bluray / physical drive. Not sure why people can’t get over games being digital these days. I prefer having physical music CDs still, but I’m not going to NOT buy my fav. artist’s music just because it might be digital only….

  • @7 Nope. Instead of forcing digital down my throat, give me the option to choose.

    The more I am forced to buy digital, the less content I will buy, period.

    Give consumers a choice.

  • I want a digital-only release, preferably with lots of day-one DLC for me to buy!

    The fact that the screens only show one preview piece kinda makes me think it’s going in that direction anyway…

  • We were excited to see E3 for ps vita and this is ALL WE GOT???? Oh no not again Sony! Most of your ps vita customer are not living in America, so we don’t give a dime about “Playstation Now”as it’s not available in our region. On the other hand the Asian region only keeps on releasing NON-english language games, as it’s like they are making Playstation vita JAPAN EXCLUSIVE! What the f is going on!

  • Sorry I’m barking the wrong tree… Thanks 3rd party developers for these games… Now moving on to playstation thread..

  • sweet, will buy… be a nice replacement for my PSP Mini Tetris

  • oversevethousand

    Best Vita announcement of the night and it was the one that wasn’t at the conference.

    Still, glad to see this.

  • Very nice having a Tetris game. Any chance on bringing Puyo Puyou x Tetris over?

  • DecadanceFantasy

    Looks pretty fun.. I haven’t played Tetris in a few years.

  • @ oo7PorscheMGS

    Usually, if there are physical and digital versions available, I prefer physical, but if it’s only digital, and I really want it, I’ll buy anyway.

    And like you said, many smaller studios don’t have the financial means to put their games in a physical format. Times have changed and many people don’t seem to realize this. In a sense, we’re getting back to the garage-development days of the 70-80s, where a couple of guys in their basement can create games with little to no investment. These people can’t put their games in a physical format. They’d loose money doing so.

    Those arguing that making a game available in physical form will boost sales don’t seem to think that the companies haven’t thought about it already. If a game isn’t released in physical format, it usually means that the cost of doing so would probably hinder profits more than it would boost them.

    I’m all for giving the consumer a choice, but if one option hurts the company’s bottom line, it won’t help them at all, and worse, won’t encourage them to make other games for the platform. And personnaly, that’s not what I want.

    I prefer physical, but I don’t mind digital.


    I was so bummed when this was only announced for PS4. I’ve been dying for some native Tetris action on PS Vita, and it doesn’t seem like Sega is going to localize Puyo Puyo Tetris ):.

    Day 1. Hope it’s available at retail. Still unsure if it’s meant to be a retail title or not. Some Tetris games are, some aren’t.

  • PSP?
    Those complaining about physical copy are being silly. This game won’t take up ANY space on your card, plus why sell it? This isn’t a “plot” game where you sell once completing the game. You hold onto this game and play it whenever. And it’ll prob cost $10, you’re gonna sell it used for…? What’s the point?

  • @14 I was going to ask that. I want the Tetris/Puyo Puyo game.

  • Cool! I wonder how much it will cost.

  • Day 1 purchase. But, PLEASE allow this to be played vertically on the Vita!!! Check out how Zen Pinball 2 works on Vita, adapting instantly to whether the system’s tilted vertically or horizontally. Much like every pinball table, the verticality of the Tetris playfield would be so much better suited to the Vita screen when tilted upwards :)

  • It’s almost like Sony and Blue Planet Software were having a round table discussion about this one guy named SnakeApprentice who was on the fence about buying another Vita…So ya, I’m extremely excited about this announcement. But I’m also one of those crazies who only buys physical copies. So it might be false excitement until I know more.

    P.S. Seeing as this is the 30th anniversary, why not include the original Game Boy version as an unlockable? That’s an unlockable that will move units.

  • Hey, speaking of Tetris on a portable Playstation system, whatever happened to the minis version of Tetris? I decided to check it out again to get my Tetris-ON after being reminded about it (via this announcement), and it’s simply… nowhere to be found on the Web store. The search function doesn’t even return anything except for some documentary about Tetris on the Video store.

  • Is it going to be in box or digital only?

  • My guess is that it’ll be digital-only. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if it gets a physical release, but this is probably one of the few games I would buy digital over physical, as I usually prefer physical.

    Why? Because Tetris is a classic I usually get back to from time to time, and since it probably won’t take up a lot of space on the memory card, I like having it accessible at all times, without having to change the cartridge.

    And if Sony would REALLY care about the Vita (I doubt it, really), they would put out a bundle including the new slim console (in white or silver or make it a tetris edition with a custom tetromino printed on it), a memory card (if the game can’t fit in the 1GB internal memory), and a voucher for the game. Many people bought the original gameboy because of Tetris, and I know some people still playing it these days (yes, on that old grey thing). Tetris, as simple as game can be, is a seller, and something both hardcore and casual gamers love. With proper marketing, I’m sure it would help sell more units.

    Sony, so much missed opportunities…. is there anyone at the helm of the Vita division? If not, if there’s an opening, I’m available guys…

  • thesamuraiman_PS

    Awesome. I wonder if there will be a crossbuy. I love Tetris and would love to play it on the go. I’m definitely buying it on PS4, though! :D

  • Oh c’mon!!

    Put actual games in your damn handheld you don’t… Nintendo killed you at E3 with theirs, even with the old one (3ds)!

  • can’t believe sony didn’t have a single vita-only title at e3…

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