inFAMOUS First Light Coming to PS4 this August

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inFAMOUS First Light Coming to PS4 this August

My name is Jason Connell, and I’m one of the Creative Leads on inFAMOUS First Light, the new standalone inFAMOUS title for PS4 that we just announced at the PlayStation press conference tonight. As someone who worked on the original cutscenes that we used to announce this character before, I’m pretty excited that my first PlayStation.Blog post revolves around the return of my favorite conduit from inFAMOUS Second Son: Abigail “Fetch” Walker.

Played once again by the brilliantly talented Laura Bailey, Fetch is back — and her story is not an easy one to tell. There is heartache, drug abuse and abandonment. Playing as Fetch, you’ll experience the events that transform her into the conduit you met in Second Son. You’ll see her cope with life in Curdun Cay (the high alpine prison) after being captured by the DUP, and experience what happens when her brother Brent goes missing – and how far she will go to find him.

Check out our announce trailer below to get a glimpse of Fetch in Curdun Cay.

inFAMOUS First Light Coming to PS4 this August

In First Light, you will be able to explore new environments, such as Curdun Cay itself and the beautiful snowy mountain passes around it. You’ll also revisit the city of Seattle, this time through the lens of Fetch’s neon-tinted glasses. Of course, it wouldn’t be an inFAMOUS game without awesome powers. This time around, you’ll see firsthand that Fetch has her own flavor of neon that is unique to her character and tone.

In Second Son, we made great progress on our lighting engine, particle effects, and our ability to give characters richer personalities using facial motion capture techniques. We’ve continued to use these tools to not only develop Fetch more as a character, but also to bring you to new environments as well. And for those with a photographer’s eye, I’m pleased to confirm that Photo Mode is included in First Light. I’ve been super impressed by the quality level of screenshots shared with #PS4share on Twitter. The details that fans captured are impressive, so I’m excited to see what gets shared when people start playing!” title=”inFAMOUS_First_Light-Fetch_locked_up by PlayStation.Blog, on Flickr”>inFAMOUS_First_Light-Fetch_locked_up

First Light will be releasing this August, and will be available digitally through PlayStation Store as a standalone game. We also have some fun exclusive content in the game for those who own Second Son; we are excited to announce that exclusive bonus content will be available for customers who own both inFAMOUS First Light and inFAMOUS Second Son.


Keep an eye out for more news on First Light, and if you have any questions about the game, Fetch, or if you simply want to know how many particles we render for rain or snow… ask away in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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