inFAMOUS First Light Coming to PS4 this August

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inFAMOUS First Light Coming to PS4 this August

My name is Jason Connell, and I’m one of the Creative Leads on inFAMOUS First Light, the new standalone inFAMOUS title for PS4 that we just announced at the PlayStation press conference tonight. As someone who worked on the original cutscenes that we used to announce this character before, I’m pretty excited that my first PlayStation.Blog post revolves around the return of my favorite conduit from inFAMOUS Second Son: Abigail “Fetch” Walker.

Played once again by the brilliantly talented Laura Bailey, Fetch is back — and her story is not an easy one to tell. There is heartache, drug abuse and abandonment. Playing as Fetch, you’ll experience the events that transform her into the conduit you met in Second Son. You’ll see her cope with life in Curdun Cay (the high alpine prison) after being captured by the DUP, and experience what happens when her brother Brent goes missing – and how far she will go to find him.

Check out our announce trailer below to get a glimpse of Fetch in Curdun Cay.

inFAMOUS First Light Coming to PS4 this August

In First Light, you will be able to explore new environments, such as Curdun Cay itself and the beautiful snowy mountain passes around it. You’ll also revisit the city of Seattle, this time through the lens of Fetch’s neon-tinted glasses. Of course, it wouldn’t be an inFAMOUS game without awesome powers. This time around, you’ll see firsthand that Fetch has her own flavor of neon that is unique to her character and tone.

In Second Son, we made great progress on our lighting engine, particle effects, and our ability to give characters richer personalities using facial motion capture techniques. We’ve continued to use these tools to not only develop Fetch more as a character, but also to bring you to new environments as well. And for those with a photographer’s eye, I’m pleased to confirm that Photo Mode is included in First Light. I’ve been super impressed by the quality level of screenshots shared with #PS4share on Twitter. The details that fans captured are impressive, so I’m excited to see what gets shared when people start playing!” title=”inFAMOUS_First_Light-Fetch_locked_up by PlayStation.Blog, on Flickr”>inFAMOUS_First_Light-Fetch_locked_up

First Light will be releasing this August, and will be available digitally through PlayStation Store as a standalone game. We also have some fun exclusive content in the game for those who own Second Son; we are excited to announce that exclusive bonus content will be available for customers who own both inFAMOUS First Light and inFAMOUS Second Son.


Keep an eye out for more news on First Light, and if you have any questions about the game, Fetch, or if you simply want to know how many particles we render for rain or snow… ask away in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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  • SO AWESOME! Thanks Sony

  • What new Powers will Fetch have?

  • Well done on keeping this game a secret until now. This was a pleasant surprise.

  • Any hope of an Infamous coming to Vita?

  • Kind of confused since the e3 livestream keeps cutting out… (I think I’ll wait until tonight to watch the full thing without it cutting out every few seconds lol…) but I have a few questions about this:

    1) Is this going to be a full infamous game, $60? Or kind of like a DLC add-on that you thought you would make stand-alone instead so all ps4 players can get a chance to play it?

    2) If it is a full game, how is it possible to release a full new InFamous game so soon after Second Sun came out?

  • Sucker Punch, stop trying to make Fetch happen!

  • About how long will the game/DLC be?

  • I too have the same question as Gunner. As much as I enjoyed Second Son even I passed it quick, and I’m not even a hardcore gamer. Hopefully this is priced like a DLC (no more than $20) or at least be it a long stand-alone game.

  • MurdersLastCrow

    Wow, a standalone game, a la Festival of Blood? Fantastic.

    As a realtime 3D artist, and I know this question may sound boring to most readers, but what do you do about alpha blending in the rendering pipeline for inFamous Second Son? Is the PS4 powerful enough to do per-pixel alpha blending, or is there some sort of alpha sorting going on?

    I mean, I know there are plenty of shaders for stuff like bending light around explosions and all that beautiful stuff, but in photo mode I never once noticed any semi-transparent detail being omitted due to alphas meeting each other with unfortunate polygon intersections. I imagine you may be using some sort of order-independent transparency or some other clever system you may not be willing to share, but I’d love to learn anything you have to say about it.

    Of course, your studio has innovated in much more impressive fields than simply alpha blending, and I’m more excited than ever for the future of Sucker Punch. I can’t wait to see your personal touch on First Light, as Fetch was definitely my favorite character.

  • Will it include a Platinum Trophy?

  • TrueRadiantFree

    Will this standalone version be coming to the Vita, cause that would rock!? Also, awesome that Fetch gets her own game!

  • Looks cool wondering how long this game would be.

  • im excited i really play this game

  • I hope a DLC is made for Eugene! I honestly feel like I can relate to him to an extent & it would be awesome to see some back story for him. Or you know….a Vita release of the DLC….

  • Awesome. Fetch was my favorite character from Second Son. So looking forward to this.

  • I love the inFamous series, it is my favorite Sony Exclusive.

  • @BReal1982 I LOL’d good one!

  • Back in September, I said they should make an InFamous spin-off for Vita and “introduce the series’ first female protagonist! Call it inFAMOUS: First Daughter.”

    See #4 here:

    I was so close…but sadly it’s for PS4. This would have been the perfect addition to the Vita.

  • How long is this gonna be? =)

  • Come on Sucker Punch! This looks exactly like Second son only as Fetch.. Bring back the original cast Cole and Zeke and change up the feel and game a bit! This should have just been a DLC to Second Son. I sure hope you guys make InFamous 3 and bring back the characters that made InFamous. This may be the only InFamous game that i’m not excited about sadly… I liked the setting change in SS but I didnt like Delsin or any of the characters from it.

  • If a player owned a copy of inFamous Second Son but no longer does, would they still have access to this ‘exclusive content’ for players who have played Second Son?

  • Hmm, guys, Sucker Punch already did this, what’s up with the confusion?? Remember Festival of Blood? It was a Standalone as well, roughly 4-5 hours long, priced at 15 bucks (maybe First Light’ll be 20) and no Platinum trophy. Besides, they’d already stated that they WERE planning DLC, and it would be a release similar to FoB. Well, here it is, so stop making noise.
    IMO, it’s more Second Son, and that’s amazing. Like seeing Fetch take center stage. Loving the idea of crashing Curdun Cay.

  • How much are you going to sell it for? Or will it be free?

  • @9. Um, quick question. Did you go to school to be a 3D artist? If so, do you recommend anywhere specific?

  • The exclusive for those that do own Second Son won’t be a jacket will it?

  • This was really awesome to see…nice trailer,impressive graphics….dunno why you guys feel the need of doing a standalone game rather than a DLC but please make it longer…way longer than Festival of Blood….Second Son is one of the few reasons for me to buy a PS4 and First Light is a must buy already.

  • Forgot to say…great idea using snow…everything goes and turns better with snow….when the trailer started and I saw snow I was like “must-buy” already.

  • Just made my pre-order on PSN for inFamous First Light :) Can’t wait for the game to be avalable :)

  • Great news! Although i don’t really like or care for Fetch as a character in SS, i hope this DLC story of her will live up her character

  • Fetch was one of the few characters that really felt well-designed in Second Son, so I’m thrilled to see her getting her own story.

    Not to mention that I can never get enough of Laura Bailey’s fine voicework.

  • This is great, and I’m excited to learn more about Fetch she was one of the best characters in Second Son. If not the best, sorry Delsin.

  • I was just talking about this the other day with someone about playing as Fetch. Well done Sucker Punch.

  • Epic! Simply EPIC!!!

    The only type of DLC I love getting, new story content! Thank you Sucker Punch!!! We fans can never get enough of inFamous! Second Son is one of the most fun, and most beautiful games I have ever played!

  • Yeeees!! I’ve been waiting for thus I knew they would listen! :) this made my day. Thanks sucker punch. I feel like my email was worth typing :)

  • Looks awesome. I love the neon power is second son so I’m excited for this

  • so since we know she doesn’t have more than one power i hope she has some really cool upgrades at least.

  • This is awesome I was hopeing for something like this, day one for me as long as it’s not more then 20$ Thank you sucker punch! And thank you Jason Connell!

  • @6 Breal

    I got the Mean Girls reference. Well played.

  • just pre ordered! Playing though second son on evil right now!

  • i think this game would be awsome but would it be best as an add on to the infamous second son but i was wondering if any of the infamous games going to be on the ps vita.

  • For anyone wondering, Nate Fox has said in an interview that First Light will be $14.99.

  • Lumos_de_Fortuno

    This looks amazing! Sucker punch would be such an company to work for.

  • I truly love the inFAMOUS series and i enjoyed every bit of Second Son, i am sure that this one won’t be any short of what’s new and fun.

  • I would of liked Eugene more then fetch I mean turning into a final fantasy summon and flying is WAY cooler then turning pink and going fast

  • I think they should have released this as its own full game for ps vita instead because fetches story is a good one and would have been better for a full game then squeezing it all in a short dlc thing and there hasn’t been any infamous psvita games … i would still be happy if they just decided to delay it because they are making it a full game but i would also be happy if it is a big dlc .

  • naa fetch is better then Eugene. she has a better story, more personality and is just cooler and idc super speed and all dat is cooler.

  • Also i would just like to say personally i like this cast more then the original and am glad they changed. i wouldn’t buy a psvita version of Eugene story because in ss they pretty much said that he kinda doesn’t have one-well at least not a very interesting one
    along with his wanting to hide away attitude.

  • I got a question, and am hoping someone can help me out. They say if you own Infamous Second Son, you’ll get some extra content? Do you buy First Light through Second Son store or something?, to detect that you own Second Son?

  • will it be in UK store too?

  • Are there any new environments? How many?

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