Battlefield Hardline: Sign Up for PS4 Closed Beta

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Battlefield Hardline: Sign Up for PS4 Closed Beta

In a bold move, Visceral Games and EA have made the newly unveiled Battlefield Hardline playable now for the public in a closed multiplayer beta, available on PlayStation 4. This will be a unique chance for players to live out their cops and criminals fantasies – months before the official release on October 21st.

Battlefield 4 owners on PlayStation 4 can simply turn on their console, highlight their copy of BF4 and then click on the Live Tile to download the Battlefield Hardline beta and play in its 1080p 60FPS glory. Beta slots are limited, so act fast.

For those who don’t own Battlefield 4, players can sign up right now for a chance to play the Battlefield Hardline closed beta at and collect in-game rewards for doing so. (Please note that beta slots are limited).

Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline E3 Live Stream

While you wait to see if you get into the beta, you can check out the thrilling cops and criminals action that is Battlefield Hardline right now by tuning into the exclusive Battlefield Hardline E3 live stream. Coming to you live from the rooftops of downtown Los Angeles, the live stream features 32 selected players going head-to-head in Battlefield Hardline’s multiplayer mayhem.

Watch the Live Stream – Experience the Future of Battlefield

Battlefield Hardline

About Battlefield Hardline:

Battlefield Hardline puts players right in the middle of the war on crime in the gritty and glamorous streets of Los Angeles and Miami, allowing fans to live out their fantasy of being a cop or a criminal. Introducing a new arsenal of guns and gadgets, including stun guns, zip lines, and grappling hooks, players take on a bold new level of strategy as both cops and criminals on every map.

Battlefield Hardline will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on October 21 in North America, in Europe beginning October 23, and in the UK on October 24.

Welcome to Battlefield Hardline on PlayStation 4. We hope we will see you on the streets!

For more info, visit

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10 Author Replies

  • Unfortunately PSN crashed, along with that announcement, so registered on the website instead, nothing yet. Ah well.

  • I see it on the live tile but it takes me to the web browser..Why? and I never received an email for beta.

    • Once the direct access limit has been reached, you’ll be taken to a web page where you can sign up to participate in the Beta. Doing this will put you on a waiting list.

  • @avluis same here, though before it crashed it already said all the instant access beta keys were taken.

  • I registered 3 minutes after the announcements……and 3 times after that and have still not received anything.

    • A lot of people showed interest to be a part of the closed Beta. Since you signed up, you have been put on a waiting list. Did you by any chance recently receive a code?

  • Took 2 hours for me to get it on PS4, 4 for PC…

  • Why the link takes me to BF3’s beta?

  • Doesn’t work for me either. It says its closed. I’ve played BF4 more than any other game since launch, thanks a lot DICE.

  • I’m shameless. Please get me a beta code Sony :)

    PS4 of course ;)

  • Sucks cuz i was there trying to download it as soon as they said it was on the PS4 to download but keep getting error code E-8200011A every time i try to download it, now its saying “This content cannot be selected at this time” when i sat here for like 3 hours to download it. And why say to download a beta when battlefield tweeted this “#BFHardline Beta Update: PS4 access closed for the day,” one hour ago. and it cannot be downloaded???
    Thanks Anyways!!

  • Loved this announcement! And loved that the Beta is PC and PlayStation ONLY! :) Tough break Xbox

  • here’s the link they did not put up on post for the beta, http:// www. battlefield. com/ en_GB/ hardline/ beta

  • jorge197, I’m in the same boat as you, went to my PS4 immediately upon seeing Adam Boyes announce how you could get in the beta via the PS4 main menu and “got in” with 84% of the codes left, now it says I have instant access but receive the same errors when I try to download it.

  • @kmg90 yeah sucks but i think they will open it up again because its still there, lets up.

  • Sony/DICE, this was some pretty awful handling of content release on your part. Really pathetic. Why does it show that I have instant access to this beta, but when I try to actually access it it says “This content cannot be selected at this time”??? Get your crap together!

  • :( I believe I was too late. Now it makes me register on the browser.

    • Please make sure to sign up – if you’re lucky, you may grab a spot once we open up the Beta to more players!

  • got mine within 5 minutes…download took 12 more!

  • Thanks i signed up

  • Love some Battlefield.
    Almost enough to buy a PS4 for it.

  • I tried to go on BF so fast yet instant access was no longer in play. How is that possible within less than 5minutes? Ya ok…anyways I tried signing up online but I have yet to receive anything. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have a code. Been a BF fan since the good old PC days along with Dice’s mod Desert Combat. Supported BF since day please give me a code!!!

  • Ok this is beyond frustrating, I signed up via my PS4 when 75% of the codes was remaining, AND PC, it confirmed multiple times. Now on my banner under BF4 says: “You have instant access Press ‘X’ to download again” . . . well I havent even been able to download it once, how am I supposed to download it again? Sony/EA/DICE please fix this.

  • ^remote play your ps4 games to your vita….stop crying


  • Sony are beats! Sorry Xbone

  • This was nice to see,the gameplay was very cool….I may be trying this in the future.It actually looks more like a new BF…not like the copied n’ pasted BF4.

    • How do you like the new cops and criminals setting, and was there anything in particular that caught your interest?

  • tried to sign up couldn’t ? just lets me put all my info in then wont let me select country so wont let me finish application and continue . very, very,frustrating , but hey this is what we come to expect from Sony ps4 . No content and when there is it doesn’t work properly. supplize lol

  • I got the beta when it wa 90 % tickets left, but then PSN chrashed so I couldnt Download it ! IT says that I have instant access press X to download again, but I cant download it :/

  • damn am still waiting my self and i been owned bf4

  • i was at work and could not do it from the PS4. Registered on the website right after the announcement and i have yet to receive anything. BF3 and BF4 Premium member getting the shaft.

    • Hopefully you’ll be able to get in. A lot of people were excited to test the game, and the free spots filled up quickly.

  • Wow, EA has so many stupid problems and they seem to not even try. Problems with Sim City, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and now Battlefield Hardline. FIX YOUR STUPID PROBLEMS OR NOBODY WILL BUY YOUR STUPID BUGGY GAMES!!!

    Good Job EA, You completely messed up again!

  • Wow! DICE is giving us a new BF? Following the absolute DISASTER that BF4 was?
    And it’s about Cops & Robbers? Wait…didn’t I play an FPS about Cops & Robbers before? Umm… Oh, I remember now! It was called freakin’ COUNTER-STRIKE!!! No, wait… What was PAYDAY & PAYDAY 2 about? <_<

    Are you kidding me? ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!? Wow…I guess after that whole BF4 debacle you just went: "Forget it. We can't do this anymore. Let's forget about that crappy sequel we made and let it die out there. Let's just copy a tried-and-won-game (or 3) instead and keep milking this fools till 2015". -.-

    So sad, DICE…so sad.

  • just recieved my betw key 5 minutes ago! keep your head up guys you might still get one!
    keep on gaming

  • I have been e-mailed a code but when I try to download it just takes me to the signing up webpage

  • i received a code to play the beta but i dont own a copy of battlefield 4 so is it even possible for me to download the beta, if so could you explain how?

  • I signed up for the beta about 25 hours ago, can someone tell me when i can expect to get an email, or if im going to at all. This wait is painful. Thanks

  • erhanfr12 apparement tu ne peut pas, il te faut le jeux battlefield 4.

    pour ma part j’ai le jeux mais je n’ai toujours pas reçut de clé beta.

    erhanfr12 apparently you can not, you must play the battlefield 4.

    For my part I have games but I still have not received beta key.

  • didn’t make it through, haven’t received any codes nor email from EA.

  • This says Closed Beta – whats the stance on the share button? don’t fancy being banned but would also like to share gameplay :)

  • I got a e-mail from EA, where they say I got in to the closed beta, they also gave me a beta-key to BF:H, but I can’t find out where I can download it….

  • i got a key how do i sign up?

  • I went and signed up before I heard the rest of the directions about how to get the instant access by going to the overview tab on BF4 on your PS4 and registered on the EA website and I’m still waiting for a code.

  • I for one, signed up for the waiting list before the E3 session even started, I happened upon it while on the website so I thought why not. Some of these people are saying that they signed up the moment it was announced at E3 and are saying they got a code soon after! This confuses me. I’m not going to be like the other people and whine and complain and tell you how many battlefield games I’ve purchased, and all that hoopla, because I knew this was a closed beta and that my chances of getting in were slim to none. Will continue to check my inbox just in case.

  • Yup since 1942,pre orders,premium,multiple copies for different platforms kicked in the nuts no beta for me. :(

  • hello I received a beta code but when i apply it in ps4 playstation store it says it either wrong or no longer valid, what gives? is there a restriction to certain countries??

  • Hi. I received a code in my e-mail, but when I press the link in the e-mail that says “GET STARTED”, it takes me back to the page where I entered my information to receive the code. For PS4, where do I enter the code to start downloading the beta? Thanks.

  • Hey Vincent, I signed up for the beta nearly 2 days ago and i haven’t gotten an email yet. I was wondering if there’s a chance i could still get it. Also, are you sending emails to people in order or are you picking people based on their general info?
    Thank you, bye

  • Nearly 2 days have gone by do I still have a chance or should I give up :( I’m annoyed because I’ve been playing battlefield since battlefield 2 so I think veterans or premium members should get first shot and I hope I get a code :( !!!!!!

  • I have a beta key buit dont kmow how to redeem it. Anyone have an idea?
    P.s. It´s for ps4

  • i’ve been sent a key but its telling me its already been used. very confused :(

  • Im Trading BF Hardline beta 4 destiny alpha etc PixelProV1 @ psn, i already have the beta from bf4 disc link so trading for another beta or alpha. Already have destiny beta, doom and the crew pc closed

  • I received my email saying that I’m in the closed BETA but when I input the code it says that it’s either incorrect or invalid!? What gives…? I received the email from work was so excited so I rushed home only to find out that when I input the code this is what I’ll get…….c’mon man……that is soooo NOT COOL!!!

  • same here, just receveid the code for the beta, code doesnt work on the web sony store… maybe it will work later… i dunno… does anyone had the same issue with the code being not valid ?
    is there a solution ?

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