The Golf Club Comes to PS4 This Summer

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The Golf Club Comes to PS4 This Summer

We’re excited to officially announce that The Golf Club is coming PS4 this summer! We’ve been working hard on the core of the game to get the fundamentals right and are at a point now where we’re closing in on the finished game. If you are lucky enough to be at E3 this year, we will be demoing the game on PS4 on the expo floor – so come by and see the game in action!

If you’re not familiar with The Golf Club, it’s a realistic golf simulation game that features procedurally generated courses. With only a few button presses you can be playing a brand-new course that you can share with your friends. For those who feel creative, we also have a fully-featured course editor that allows you to customize, tweak, sculpt and craft any course you can imagine. All of these courses can be shared with your friends where you can rate them and favourite the ones you love.

When the game ships, there will be over 20 officially created courses included with the game along with a number of official tours and tournaments to compete in on day one. There are also five unique themes that can be applied to created courses to capture the particular atmosphere you’re after.

The Golf Club on PS4The Golf Club on PS4

The Golf Club also has what we feel is a fresh model for online interaction. Using what we like to call “ghost balls” you can compete against your friends’ best round on a course or your closest rival’s round without them needing to be online. You can create your own custom tours and tournaments and compete against the world – all completely asynchronously. You can compile your favorite courses, the hardest courses – or just the most interesting that you’ve encountered into your own personalized tour and share that with the world. These tournaments can be short time-based affairs, or perpetual competitions where you’re constantly leap-frogging your friends for top spot.

We’ve also introduced what we feel is a unique take on turn-based multiplayer – you can turn on “Turn Order” rules at any point during a match against both live opponents and ghost balls for a seamless multiplayer experience that still lets you play through courses and tournaments at your own pace.

The Golf Club on PS4

The social side of The Golf Club is also important and we’ve made it really easy to always be able to see where your friends are within the game. Join them on another course with a single button press, and receive alerts any time they beat your score or discover a new course.

Since The Golf Club relies so heavily on user-generated content, discovery of that content is going to be a key problem to solve. Besides the rating and filtering system available in game, we are planning to have curated selections and selections based on your performance and preferences surfaced onto your PS4 dashboard in the form of live tiles. Featured courses, courses by your friends, and other suggestions will appear right on your dashboard – making it easy to see all the action happening in The Golf Club!

You can find all the latest news and updates as we approach release at and via @thegolfclubgame on Twitter. We’re really excited to be on PS4 and can’t wait for everyone to be able to play the game. Feel free to ask questions about the game in the comments below!

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