PS4: Where the Greatest Play

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PS4: Where the Greatest Play

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we officially unveiled “Greatness Awaits” and we are delighted with its success thanks to the tremendous support from fans like you. We’re extremely grateful to all of you, and I’m excited to introduce to you “Where the Greatest Play.”

In the months leading up to the launch of PS4, the #1 next-gen gaming console in the world, we were focused on preparing you for the next generation PlayStation gaming experience. Now that over 7 million PS4s are in the hands of gamers, we want to show you our lasting dedication to bringing the best gaming experiences right to you. Because PlayStation really does have the greatest fans, and we believe PlayStation is where the greatest play.

Where the Greatest Play

Next week, we will unveil a gaming inspired mural at E3, which fans can check out in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center. As the masterpiece is being painted, we will give fans a chance to vote for iconic PlayStation characters to be painted into the E3 mural on

We want fans across the nation to join the excitement next week, so we’ve also designed an interactive experience for fans throughout the week. Just be sure to tune in to our E3 press conference on Monday at 6:00 PM (and look for the videos posted on our YouTube page shortly after the reveal) because we’ve hidden easter eggs in some of the biggest game trailers being debuted at the press conference. To help you find these easter eggs, we tweet out clues throughout the week via @PS4Hunt. The first 10 fans to find all the clues will win a PS4 prize pack, with the grand prize winner earning a trip for two to E3 2015.

Don’t forget to keep checking next week to cast your vote and help us create a true gaming masterpiece. Good luck!

There are more experiences and announcements coming soon. Thanks to you all for your support of our brand. We truly appreciate it.

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  • Sharingan_itachi

    I don’t think so, Vita trumps PS4 all over

  • Congrats on the success of the PS4! I look forward for a very memorable E3. Greatness delivers. :)

  • To you and all the Sony team, have a great show, kick ass!!!!

  • Will there be some really BIG surprises at this year’s E3? Last year’s E3 was Legendary!

  • Indies, indies everywhere.

  • madmanwithabox12

    What about Vita?

  • @Sharingan_itachi (tch, anime poser) Words cannot describe wrong you really are.

  • I liked Greatness Awaits, because it implied great experiences awaited the player.

    This just seems like you guys are full of yourselves and implies that only great players play on PS4…… I think this needs to be tucked under the carpet and rethought out.

  • I am the greatest!… long live Greatness!!

  • Will there be sales on ps4 games? I don’t think its fair that ps3 and vita get sales but ps4 owners get shafted on games that released like 8 months ago

  • If Greatness Awaits send me free PS4 then for review and ect; then i’ll know Greatness Awaits truly. :) Keep up the good work, once i’m 100% done with gaming on PS3 i’ll be moving on to PS4. I love to see more PS Vita support and Greatness Awaits for the PS Vita as well. I love to see the return of PS Vita with new model that has OLED then LCD, more refined system that has better battery life(7-12 hours of gaming), 16GB Built-in Memory, PS Button has Blue Light notification, Two Vita Memory Card Slot’s 4-64GB Memory cards not gaming card, still keep Gaming Slot card, better Along Sticks, better WiFi with AC but that supports all older BGN still by 2×2 or 3×3, and finally $200 for it would be good price range. :)

  • Super excited for E3!!! Please don’t loose any momentum by having a weak, uninspired press event. Hopefully there will be some Vita love at the show!

  • Please, no more indies. I want AAA titles, you know EXCLUSIVES. That’s what we really want.+


    Seems to convey the same sentiment, is slightly shorter / less awkward, and still has “Play” in it. Just a thought :-)

  • Greatness Awaits ! One sentiment to watch your live on E3 ! #PS4isMYLIFE

  • I look forward to next week, it should be a lot of fun. Keep the momentum up!

  • I’d like to see the functionality of the PS3 (DLNA,MP3,etc), less bloat ware, refined UI. A truly userfriendly UI, without any of that ad’s, a really much better PSN Store. It did come a long way.

  • I used to buy the hype on this. But between games like KH 2.5 and Persona 5 being PS3-only and a pile of stuff getting delayed, there is unfortunately not much to play on PS4. Especially since Indies generally dont hold my interest. I hope for a bright future for my PS4, but right now XBO has exclusives I want to play more. Infamous was fantastic – we need more like it.

  • Keep on rolling the great games Sony
    Transistor best game of the year!

  • Greatness Waits! Keep the games coming and people will jump in ;)

  • PS4: Where the Greatest Play … Indies.

  • Please Sony,
    We want big games for the Vita at E3 !
    Vita has a wonderful hardware therefore Vita needs more big games like GTA, Gran Turismo, Infamous…
    I look forward to this E3 !

  • it seems the more Vita owners complain bout A+ titles the more indies they get.

  • I cant believe im still waiting for this greatness you keep talking about a whole year later.

    Enough with the shovelware indies, give me a real frickin ps4 game already.

  • The Last Guardian

  • What are you guys talking about that there is no AAA games on the PS4. Last I checked Killzone, Knack, Cod Ghost, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Infamous Second Son, Thief, Watchdogs, Child of Light, Final Fantasy : A Realm Reborn, Murdered Soul Suspect, Wolfenstin and countless others.. I am glad I made the switch to Sony and PS4 from MS and the 360

  • I remember I never used to like Indy titles… Until I tried Journey…
    I own both systems, but man, Playstation Exclusives are awesome

  • @27 journey is the most overrated gamr ever.

  • I hope you have an indie spotlight at the conference like last year.

  • twitter really?
    well that sucks I won’t be able to try and win not creating a twitter account just for ths

  • get the dualshock 3 working on ps4

  • “Greatest Awaits” is the dumbest and most irritating slogan I’ve ever heard. It has to come from the same marketing firm that spawned “Flo” from Progressive Insurance. I own the PS4 and the competitors from the same “generation” and believe you me the PS4 gets DEAD LAST in usage for me. The other consoles have greater games for exclusives and don’t need Indies (garbage games) to bolster them. Look an Insomniac, for a studio with the highest amount of successes on the Sony consoles, they’re most daring and fascinating game will come out on the competition, not the PS4. Now that’s greatness.

  • @ LUCIFERSGLEAM: Thank god for opinions. The PS4 is the ONLY current-gen console I own, because the exclusives on the other two platforms don’t interest me in the slightest. And I’ve barely even touched the majority of the indies I’ve gotten on it, though most of the ones I have played have been amazing so far. I’d be more inclined to say stuff like DR3 or Lococycle are garbage games, rather than stuff like Mercenary Kings or Transistor.
    And while we’re talking about Insomniac, let’s talk about the fact that Resistance was easily the lowest-selling franchise from the three big PS3 series (resistance, infamous, uncharted). So much so that 1) Sony never bothered trying to buy Insomniac, 2) Insomniac had to fall back on R&C in order to get sales, 3) they tried going multiplatform with FUSE and it was horrible, 4) Microsoft almost certainly made a deal with them just to try and spite Sony. Well here’s a gamer who doesn’t care in the slightest, because Insomniac has always been a total miss for me. Sunset Overdrive looks like R&C had a baby with DR. Lack of inspiration all over that game… I’m glad we’re not getting it. Same as Titanfall.

  • ^Desperation in full force, that should be the PS4’s moto.

  • The PS4 sucks.

  • Loving it! Can’t wait for the show!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    LUCIFERSGLEAM on June 7th, 2014 at 7:18 am said: “Greatest Awaits” is the dumbest and most irritating slogan I’ve ever heard.”

    Yeah, that would be dumb. It’s a good thing they didn’t use that.

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