Watch Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty’s E3 Trailer

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Watch Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty’s E3 Trailer

Hi everyone! E3 is here and we have a special something to share with you. Since we released our last trailer at GDC back in March, we’ve been working hard to finish up development of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, and we’re inching ever closer all the time. Our new trailer conveys more of the story within the game – not just what you’ll see, but also through the music.

The song used is called “Born to Love You” and it’s by Elodie Adams, a young musician from Australia who just happens to be a massive Oddworld fan. We thought her song was a perfect fit for us because it’s in keeping with the theme of New ‘n’ Tasty and the story of Abe. We’re proud to feature “Born to Love You” in our game’s end credits and this, our E3 trailer.

E3 next week is a big one for us. The game is fully playable at the show and we have press lined up end to end, so expect a lot of new info, screens and gameplay footage to come out of the event.


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  • As a fan of the series this looks incredible. I can’t believe it looks this good!!

  • This game looks like garbage.

    Why is Sony approving junk like this?

  • @2 Yes because what we need is more shooters ><

    Game looks great! Hopefully we hear some news about Munch's Oddysee for Vita soon!

  • Really excited for this, especially on Vita. I just played through Stranger’s Wrath on Vita and, to my surprise, really enjoyed it. Had never played an Oddworld game before and honestly didn’t think they were my kind of games.

  • This looks nothing like Gravity Crash Ultra. ;)

  • @2 I’m so sorry you have such bad taste. It must not be easy to live like this.

    I think it looks great! I’ll certainly buy this for my PS4 and I hope I can finish it this time. The old one was so difficult for me…

  • Fred got no taste.

  • Indie games are good and it’s fun, but I get easily bored with most 16-bit indie games on vita lately. Sony should start developing more platform/side scrolling games with amazing graphics like this on ps vita. Games like Valiant heart and puppeteer should had been on vita and not on console. I’m pretty sure ps vita is powerful enough to handle heavy graphics side scrolling or platform games.

  • Heavy graphics side scrolling are a must on a portable console and not on home console. I just wondered why Sony keep on pushing vita’s power over the edge with ps3’s open world ported games like amazing spiderman/borderlands 2 whereas they can just simply create a side scrolling or platform games with very stunning graphics. It’s more fun to play it on-the-go.

  • I’d love to see some Vita footage. I’m really curious how that version is doing compared to the others. Trying to decide between PS4 and Vita to play it on. (will probably eventually buy it on both)

    Oh, while I’m here. Munch HD is still coming to Vita right?

  • The trailer gives off a real Transistor vibe because of the song, which is interesting.

    As far as the actual game – I loved Abe’s Oddysee when I was young, mostly for the art direction and atmosphere, but I never made it to the later parts of the game. Can’t wait to play through this – it’ll be a very nostalgic experience for me, I think.

    Any word on whether the game will share trophies between platforms or have separate lists? I hope it’s a single list.

  • EvyatarAtarEvyat

    Wow this looks great!
    Is the Vita version 60fps or 30?

  • Thank you, Oddworld Team. I grew up playing Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyssey. The artistic value of the original game was what captured me. Watching this trailer I experienced a great sense of nostalgia. It looks like you’ve really poured your heart into the New ‘N’ Tasty edition. I really appreciate all your hard work and I can’t wait to experience this again with a fresh set of eyes!

  • Wasn’t this scheduled spring?

  • Hey when does munch’s oddysee come out for vita sir?

  • Can. Not. Wait!

  • Hello. Follow me.

  • Impressive trailer. I cannot wait to play as Abe in ‘new number tasty’ graphics. :D

  • The only problem i see is the price, $30 is too much for a digital, i’ll wait a sale then buy.

  • @ fred is very stupid this is a ps1 classic!

  • Well I must say being new to the series never playing any of them this will be exciting to play I will purchase this day one. That’s why indies are just so thrilling to see and play because of all the different elements that go into there games as opposed to AAA games.

  • Epic *0*

  • This is a classic for everyone that looking forward to it . I know I am.

  • Hope there’s a physical version.

    No disc – no sale.

  • I really want this game! Is one of those game that I crossed my fingers for a long time waiting for an HD remasterization and last year was finally announced… I hope that the release date is really really close!

  • Wow, powerful song!

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