Valiant Hearts: Invoking Emotion Through Gameplay

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Valiant Hearts: Invoking Emotion Through Gameplay

Valiant Hearts: The Great War aims to put a new lens on the video game war story. The focus here is not on armed combat, but on the personal stories of the men and women affected by and caught up in the chaos of World War I. This is a story told not only through exposition, but also through gameplay.

In this latest Developer Diary, the Valiant Hearts team explains how the moment-to-moment experiences in the game reinforce the emotional journey of the game’s key characters. Whether you’re sneaking past enemy lines, scrambling through battle, or escaping to safety with a canine friend, Valiant Hearts hopes to let you experience World War I like never before.

We look forward to sharing this story with you when Valiant Hearts launches on PS4 and PS3 on June 24th.

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  • EvyatarAtarEvyat

    Vita please!

  • Awe! Cute dog! 3-D Please!

  • I’m loving that Ubisoft is making small games like that and Child of Light besides AC and Far Cry plus a new Rayman in the future would be good.

  • vita would be great!! But I cant wait to play this either way !

  • Looking forward to playing this one for sure!!

  • Physical media or no sale.

  • Once gain like Child of Light, I will be waititng for a Vita release.

    CrossBuy if you can, since it never hurts to be able to play it wherever.

    More PSP sales, though I can only say I am interested in Vita compatible.

    Your Rayman sales have been nice, and although I do not play some of them often still enjoy having them.

  • Game looks great.

    Glad to see platformers coming around again, and new gadgets / effects can only improve the fun.

  • Can’t wait for this!

  • Vita please?

  • Game looks great. Love that you all are branching out with that UbiArt engine. So much you all can do with that. Also, I am a working father so these smaller digital titles are amazing for me. That said, I will hold out for a Vita release as that is how I play most everything. You will have my money July 1 for Child of Light on Vita and you will have it again the day this drops for Vita as well. Keep up the good work, Ubisoft’s stock is quickly rising in my eyes.

  • Child of Light and Valiant hearts looks stunning and fun to play on-the-go. I hope ubisoft will include ps vita version soon.

  • It’s sad that it’s only on ps4/ps3.

  • Vita version too please. Even if it’s later, I’ll buy it again. I’m going to buy Child of Light for sure when it hits Vita even though I have it on PS3 and PS4 already. Love UbiArt engine on Vita. Fits so perfectly. Just a shame that we’re always getting stuff late. Origins was understandable, Vita wasn’t even out yet. But Legends, and CoL were late. At least Legends was announced before release though.

    I digress. Looking forward to this game, and hope to see a sequel to Child of Light and more UbiArt usage in the future.

  • Oh and this may never happen, but I would totally buy Rayman: Jungle Run/Fiesta Run on Vita.

  • more games need to be set in this time period.

  • I really like this game from the first time I read about it and seen the trailer indie games are truly awesome!!!!!!

  • This would be awesome on the Vita. Hint, hint.

  • Well, the more you guys reveal of this game the more I pray that you guys will (1.) release Valiant Hearts on PS Vita, (2.) release a Child of Light sequel and (3.) announce a new dynamic Prince of Persia video game on the PS Vita at E3 next week that takes place in the same continuity of the excellent, mythic, epic and colorful 2008 Prince of Persia reboot. Also, we do need more Assassin’s Creed on PS Vita because “Liberation” was beyond epic.

  • Vita please!

  • Looks interesting. I can’t wait to download this for my PS3.

  • I would love to see Cross play for p4 p3 and vita. AND YOU BETTER NOT KILL THE DOG!

  • theXsilentXchild

    I’ll buy it. Lo e the point and click adventure style

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