Final Fantasy XIV Update Out Today, Sneak Peek at Next Patch

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Final Fantasy XIV Update Out Today, Sneak Peek at Next Patch

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

It’s been a while since the last article! How have you all been? We hope you’re enjoying your journey through Eorzea, but that’s no reason for us to be twiddling our thumbs.

Quite the contrary, as we’ve been busy preparing Patch 2.28, which we’re bringing online today. And the next big patch 2.3 “Defenders of Eorzea” is already on the horizon as well!

I know that some of you don’t play Final Fantasy XIV (yet…), so I’ll just use two exemplary points for Patch 2.28. You can always find the full patch notes here!

Novus Weapons are here!

It’s essential for every adventurer trying to make their way in Eorzea to be appropriately equipped. Currently, there are three paths to weapons that will enable you to beat even the most devastating raid bosses. Primal weapons, which you can earn by defeating primals, Zodiac weapons, which you can get through a demanding quest chain, and finally: Allagan weapons, which you can acquire through high-level raids in the Coil of Bahamut.

To get your hands on Zodiac weapons, all you need is a character of the appropriate level, a whole lot of guts, and some luck. Novus weapons are the evolutionary next step in the challenging and constantly expanding quest chain of the Saga of the Zodiac. Not only will Novus weapons be stronger than Animus weapons, but they’ll also allow for customization of their stats!

Repairing during raids? Now possible, on the double!

Many of you endgame players know that problem — you’re fighting, and fighting, and fighting, trying to bring down that boss to get your well-deserved loot… only to notice that your equipment is horribly broken. “5 minute break, everyone get out of the dungeon and repair,” yells the raid lead — the concentration is broken.

No more! As long as you have the appropriately levelled crafting class, you’ll be able to repair equipment without changing your class. And not only can you repair it, you can do so masterfully — up to a maximum 199% durability – making sure it won’t break again anytime soon!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Patch 2.3: Defenders of Eorzea

The next big thing on the horizon. And just like 2.1 and 2.2, it will add a ton of content, a lot of which we will detail at E3 — so please look forward to it! Until then, here’s just a small excerpt of updates to look forward to:

  • New Primal Fight: Ramuh — This brand new Primal trial will pit you against Ramuh, the guardian deity of the Sylphs and Lord of Levin. Find out just why this hitherto inactive Primal now has to be defeated by brave adventurers!
  • New Outdoor-Dungeon: Hullbreaker Isle — The tropical beauty of this Isle belies the dangers that await. Enjoy this brand-new outdoor dungeon while trying not to get torn apart by its harsh wildlife. And at the end of it all, a famous Final Fantasy enemy is waiting…
  • New Dungeon Hard Mode: Stone Vigil — This new hard mode will bring you deeper into the stone vigil than you have ever been, maybe even uncovering something new about the reclusive land of Ishgard…
  • New Dungeon Hard Mode: Tam-Tara Deepcroft — One of the earliest dungeons in the game has been taken over by a new, far more dangerous force. Will you be able to defeat this new foe?
  • New Skill: Desynthesis — — We all know that problem. That certain item, that’s not worth too much on the Market Board, but too good to sell to a vendor. What to do, what to do… Well, how about picking it apart? Desynthesising will allow you to do just that, trying to recover the raw materials an item is made of. And who knows… you may even be able to get some of the materials that are only available this way.
  • The Hunt — Your quest for adventure still isn’t quenched? Let’s see if hunting some of the most notorious marks in all of Eorzea won’t get you at least a little excited! Who’ll be the most famous trophy hunter of them all?!
  • Respec your Chocobo Companion — This is one for the fans — yes, you’ll finally be able to respec your Chocobo companion, and get your hands on those elusive Bardings of your job of choice!

This is only a tiny selection of updates that await you in versions 2.28 and 2.3 — if you want to learn more, check out the official patch notes on the Lodestone and look forward to E3 next week!

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  • I’m super excited for these patches! So much goodness!

  • awesome!!! Keep the content coming.

  • Sounds like some great additions… I can’t wait. Particularly desynthesis and chocobo respect.

  • Fantasia is purchasable once 2.28 is live right?
    Can’t wait for 2.3 :>

  • I’m guessing 2.3 won’t be out until after E3, but about when will we see it?

  • That logo makes me want dual-wielding on Paladin even more ; ;

  • Why did I read that title as Update for XV (well hoping to see more info for it)
    Anyway sounds like a good update

  • Nice update, too bad Im in the verge of quitting =/

  • CrusaderForever

    Sounds great! I need to get back into this. Such a fantastic game.

  • Im so in love with this game! Cant wait for the update and Respec your Chocobo Companion FINALLY

  • Zodiac weapons quest is not entertain at all.

  • I love this game way too much. I just got my Behemoth mount for being subbed for 280 Days now I can’t decide between Warrior or Paladin. So I ended up maining both. Just gotta get Summoner/Scholar & Black Mage to 50 then I have ALL classes to 50.


  • Hint for that “famous” FF boss in Hullbreaker…

    Water Fiend….:)

  • More inventory space please, and storage.

    It would be nice if we could craft with our retainer out inside an inn at least.

  • Loving FFXIV so far keep the updates and good stuff coming.

    I would also agree that we could use more inventory space with how many items there are and how easy it is to gather in this game.

    However compared to the early days of FFXI we have a ton of storage with 2 retainers.

    Still could use more space though I love crafting and gathering but have been doing less as I run out of space.

    Please remember to add more content for early/mid game. End game stuff is good for those who do that kinda thing, but trying to lvl up any job after the first couple jot 50 is very tedious with a lack of quests.

  • Awesp,e :D

  • Awesome*

  • Hullbreaker boss will probably be SIren..

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