The Importance of Teamwork in Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept

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The Importance of Teamwork in Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept

PlayStation.Blog recently sat down with Arjan Bak, Lead Designer on Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept on PS4 to talk about our upcoming online co-op action expansion. In the video, Bak reveals more about gameplay, the importance of teamwork, and some of the different Combat Roles available in Intercept. Check it out below:

The Importance of Teamwork in Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept places you and up to three of your friends on the elite VSA team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha. Operating behind enemy lines, your team must relay important Helghast military transmissions back to VSA headquarters — but you’ll need to keep Helghast forces at bay long enough to establish an Uplink first…

With a new teamwork-oriented game mode, four distinct Combat Roles, four new arena maps, and a unique set of bonuses that include the jetpack, Intercept adds a whole new dimension to the Killzone Shadow Fall experience. It will be released as a DLC expansion pack this summer, and as a fully compatible standalone version (that does not require the original Killzone Shadow Fall) later this year.

The expansion pack version will be available free of charge for Killzone Shadow Fall season pass holders, so be sure to pick one up if you haven’t done so already.

In the coming weeks we’ll have more information on Intercept, including pricing and exact release dates, so stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog and!

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  • HI :)

  • Seems like it’ll be a lot of fun, glad I picked up the Season Pass ;)

  • You can tell that guys been at it for a while, hes got some super bags under his eyes. Anyways, shadow fall is a great game. So i’m sure this will just be added benefit.


  • Sweet I might have to go & get KZ back…

  • Stoked for Intercept and so are my friends. Just to clarify, releasing it as a standalone means what exactly? Does it mean that folks who do not own Killzone: Shadow Fall now will be able to purchase, download and play JUST the co-op mode? If so that is a fantastic idea. I am sure there are lots of folks who would be interested in playing an exciting looking co-op like this without having to invest in the full game. Will the co-op expansions that are released further down the road be included in the stand alone price, or will they have to be purchased separately as they become available for non-season pass holders?

    Finally, I am a little disheartened about the release time-frame. This was originally suppose to be a June release for season pass folks. But at the end of the video he says it’s coming this summer, not June specifically. And the written article states there will be more info in the coming weeks…not the actual game in the coming weeks. So is even a late June release out of the question now?

  • Will this mode help me platinum the game? I have platinumed Killzone 2 and 3 and I hope that Co op mode will help me unlock all weapon attachments and class upgrades. Please tell me it will!!

  • Is this just me or a bug in the game before when playing an online match after it finished if I backed out it would take me back to the online mode. Lately every time I leave a game after it finished it would take me to the single player screen and u have to switch back to multiplayer. Any work around on this issue?

  • Can I play with randoms? My friends dont play killzone.

  • Arjan, get some sleep man! The game shipped in Nov. The fact he looks like a zombie now should lead no one to accuse them of not working hard on supporting this game.

    The co-op mode looks cool. If I can play with my disc copy versus a friend that just has the standalone I might be able to get a friend or two to actually play. People like to crap on SF but I had my wife’s friends over a little while back and her friend’s husband who is a pc shooter fan was really impressed with Killzone. It is a good launch game, and my bet that it would be well supported makes me feel no regret picking it up. I’m not a huge FPS guy but I enjoyed KZ3 bundled with my second ps3, and I liked Mercenary on Vita.

    Is it true that the rocketpacks are back in?

  • @ 3 chsnavi

    I thought the same as you.

    Looks like he hasn’t slept for the past year.

    Good news though.

  • @ RydogV: I think it releases for Season Pass holders before it releases for general sale as DLC, which is why a general release trailer would simply say “This Summer”… I hope. At least, I think that’s what I remember reading. Obviously, we’ll probably get exact info at E3.

    @ SmokingMonkey: Sadly, no it won’t. I wondered this for a very brief number of seconds until I read the description of the classes and weapons. The things you get in the co-op DLC are completely different from the main game’s Multiplayer. Different classes, different weapons. And probably a separate set of challenges. It will most likely inhabit its own tab on the game menu. Very sad, indeed.

    @ fivexl: I really doubt they would require you to play with friends, and lock you out of playing with randoms. That just makes absolutely no sense at all for them to code the co-op to be exclusionary like that.

  • Well I look forward to playing this mode and have to get back into KZ Shadowfall soon. Been busy playing War Thunder but I’ll find time to get back into the game.

  • Thanks for actually being out when ps4 launched. And i cant wait to get the coop addon. Im just so tired of all the indie crap. The Playstation store is overun with it and playing games ive played on ps3 already is not fun. So thank you for killzone shadowfall and the new addon

  • The helghast deserve a better game, they are the Killzone soul. I wanna Helghast campaign.

    The VSA is too boring and very generic faction.

  • This will be a must play for me. I love co op mode play. It’s really great the amount of addons, skins, and maps that they keep bringing out for this game.



  • More voice DLC! (campaign too would be nice)

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