One Way Trip on PS4, Vita: A Hallucinatory Journey into Death

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One Way Trip on PS4, Vita: A Hallucinatory Journey into Death

Now that we’re a year or so into development of One Way Trip, we have a pretty good idea of what we’d need from a platform to make the best possible “dream” version of our game — versatile/flexible controls, neat connectivity features, hardware powerful enough to push all the giant, detailed art assets we can dream of…

It’s for these reasons and more that we’re excited to announce that One Way Trip will be coming to PS4 and PS Vita exclusively when it makes its debut next year. Their power frees us to go bigger whenever possible, and lets us focus on making the game itself as exciting as we can.

In One Way Trip, you and your brother Barry discover that you’ve been poisoned in a mass attack on the water supply that has left a large portion of the nation with only six hours left to live, during which time they will be constantly hallucinating. To put it another way, it’s an atmospheric exploration of what it would be like to find out you and most everyone you love is about to die, and then have to process that while your limbs turn into cartoon dolphins.

But beyond that, One Way Trip is about mortality and opportunity cost. You probably won’t be able to accomplish all of your goals, but you’ll have the freedom to choose what your life is about, and what you decide is important to you.

One Way Trip on PS4 and PS Vita

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The game accomplishes these goals in its story mode through a mixture of both constant choice-based branching and a deeper, more procedural systems-based approach. At any given point, wherever you are and whatever you do, everyone else is actively living their own lives and working towards their own goals, altering the fabric of the narrative.

It’s a game where you can get to know everyone or cling to a best friend the whole time, and the world — and all the rest of the characters’ relationships — will just adapt to your choices. This isn’t a game with meters and sliders and friendship points; we aim instead to make each of your relationships feel as deeply human and complex as possible, both on a moment-to-moment basis and over the course of a much longer playthrough.

One Way Trip on PS4 and PS VitaOne Way Trip on PS4 and PS Vita

While other games branch at points by letting you make certain key decisions, our goal was to make a game that adapts its entire focus even down to its genre so that, based on the choices you make, you could end up with anything from a surrealist action-movie-style romp complete with turret sequences to a quiet, meditative philosophical journey where you never fire a single shot.

As for combat, it’s often said that battles can dominate or overpower the experience of playing a game, if they are present at all. If there’s sufficient mechanical depth for battles to remain interesting over the course of a game, then you need to have a lot of different battles to show off and explore that depth, and pretty soon you’re trying to figure yet another reason for people to draw their guns and get shooting, instead of empowering the player with other options for expressive play.

One Way Trip on PS4 and PS VitaOne Way Trip on PS4 and PS Vita

As we came to realize this during development, we grew uncomfortable with this dynamic and how it affected the balance of the narrative, but we’d already fallen totally in love with the battle system we’d been developing on a pure gameplay level, so we decided to separate it out and make it its own complete mode, of comparable size and scope to the story mode.

We’ll have more details on this coming in a future post, but basically, this mode combines the best elements from turn-based strategy RPGs and modern first- and third-person shooters in a wave-survival dungeon crawler format. You’ll be able to build your squad of characters, customize their loadouts, and then try your best to survive to earn newer options and upgrades, all with every battle synchronized to the beat of our original hip-hop soundtrack!

We’ll certainly be letting you know more as development continues and wraps up, but for now, we’ll be putting everything we have into making One Way Trip as incredible an experience as possible, and we’re super excited that when you finally get to play it, it will be with a DualShock 4 or PS Vita in your hands!

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  • ouch my brain

  • This looks really weird… I love it!

  • DrivetrainShane

    haha what is this?

  • Well I am interested. Will this be the first game to actually deliver on the promise of adapting game play based on the player’s choices? I’m excited to find out!

  • This sounds amazing. Good luck on the rest of the development!

  • might be interesting. i love choose your own adventure type of games (like virtue’s last reward). will you guys be putting up a demo on the store?

  • What did I just watch?! Well, I will definitely be interested to see where this goes!

  • Read the first two paragraphs. Watched the video. Stopped reading the article to post this comment. Regardless of price, rating, etc., I WILL be buying this game at launch. You had my attention for about a second. Now you have my everlasting love and want for this game. By far my most anticipated upcoming indie title. I’d say most anticipated game in general, but Smash has that. Still though, can’t wait to play this game!!!!

  • Weird, but interesting. Im curious about it, btw awesome looking guns!

  • This looks so great. Especially the art style, which reminds me a lot of Mind Game or A Scanner Darkly. Can’t wait to get it for Vita.

  • Is it suposed to looks this bad?

  • Looks a bit too odd for me. I’ll be sure to see what people think about the game upon release next year though.

    • Michael Frauenhofer

      Waiting to see is always a smart choice, we’ll work as hard as we can so that next year all the people will be saying “wow SeanStrange this game is so incredibly good, look how awesome it is, good move seeing what we think”

  • If I take mescaline before I play, will the game come out normal?

  • The vast majority of these new “visionary” games are such garbage. It’s like they’re trying to charge us for freakin free android/iphone caliber games. Worst part?…..A lot of you fools are feeding it.

  • No, just No

  • Looks very fun to me. Would try it for the weird gameplay looks like and the music. day one purchase.

  • Very interesting. The music is rad. Thanks for bringing it to Vita.

  • Gee thanks for opening up the floodgates for garbage, Sony. I definitely paid you $400 to play this crap. Not.

  • This game looks/sounds crazy (in a good way)! I’m very interested to check this one out.

  • looks very ambitious – a “dungeon crawler” – will it have mazes too?

    • Michael Frauenhofer

      Traditional randomized mazes were our initial choice, but we had some other neat ideas along the way and so are trying out other progression structures alongside that to see what works best for the flow of the game – so at this point, we will definitely have something maze-like, but if we don’t have mazes specifically, it will be because we have something we think might work even better!

  • @19, Hydro- if you don’t like it, sell your PS4. The resale price is quite high. AAA devs were indie devs at one point, & game development is easier to step into the console space than ever before.

  • I’m guessing from screenshots that “Battle Mode” will be co-op? will it support remote co-op play between PS4 and Vita? with both users on the same PSN account? (some games won’t allow a PSN ID to “play themselves” in online co-op)

    The art style is like a demake of a Richard Linklater rotocscoped film (Waking Life, etc). I dig it.

    Any special features of the DS4 (touch pad, in-controler speaker, gyros) or Vita (rear touch, gyros, cross-controller) being leveraged?

    Any chance of 1080p sterescopic 3D support on PS4?

    Will audio assets be 24-bit/lossless on PS4, and 320kbps Ogg on Vita?

    • Michael Frauenhofer

      Well definitely be using the special features of the DS4 (touch pad / speaker / gyros) and Vita (rear touch / gyros / cross-controller) as much as possible – we want people to feel comfortable playing our game, so if we’re having you line up a reticle to shoot something, we want you to be able to use an analog stick, touch OR gyro controls as you please, and having the thing you’re holding make surprising/unexpected sounds is a wonderful gameplay feature that we would never be able to resist including. And 1080p is a definite lock as well since we want to look our sharpest!

      As for co-op, we really think multiplayer works best when the mode is really tailored to that specifically, so we’re aiming to have a few different options for local multiplayer, both cooperative and competitive – sort of like different gametypes in a traditional shooter game – but I can’t see why we would want to stop people from playing the main battle mode side-by-side. Whatever mode we do include for local play, however, you’ll definitely be able to have one player using the Vita!

  • What did I just watch? *perplexed, yet intrigued*

  • Well since this won’t be until next year sometime that’s cool because I want to see more from this game at E3. A very blizzard game indeed.

  • Its been a long time but I rather love me some window paint, and from what I READ here, you are really capturing the spirit. The bombardment of information, the mix of the best styles, the way every single choice EVERYONE makes slowly and constantly alters how life will play out. Well done. But the video only showed me a newgrounds type flash game. And if the song that plays is your idea of hip hop please put a differnt genre of music in the game.

  • This is beginning to get old with the indie crap. Ps4 promised nextgen and all we see is your indie crap. Take it somewhere else

  • And b4 you all yell at me, I know the multi and story modes are separate, I read the article. And although indie games are often worth 2 or 3 bucks, I pay the whole 10 (15 is pushin it lets be real) cause I like to support these guys cause if their ideas are this cool now, in 5 10 years if/when they make it I know their AAA (as you people love to say) titles will be bangers. Im jus sayin that based on the article id pay for this maybe, based on the video I am far frpom convinced . At least m not like the lot of you who like indies BECAUSE they are indies or who see something quirky and say wow those guys are pushin the envelope .NO THEY AE NOT! Weird or artsy doesnt immediately equate to good.But again from whats DESCRIBED this weird game seems good.

  • Reminds me of Richard Linklater stuff. Has my interest.

  • I hope there’s a physical release.

    No disc – no sale.

  • Put the crack pipe and the copy of MS paint down and please try again. Thanks. Didn’t pay nearly half a grand to bother with crap like this. I usually try to be more understanding to a developer trying to be “different” but c’mon… Some of you indie guys don’t even look like your trying. I mean why put effort into it, right? Sony will put your stuff up regardless.

  • This looks like a sh***y flash game made for tumblr.

    @19 Hydrogen_Otter
    Don’t blame Sony, blame everyone, because the gamers let the industry think this is acceptable.

    Also, this blog is the worst place to leave opinions. Everyone here is like a SJW of videogames.
    At least there are other places were you can see the real reception of some games, like the comments of the video.

  • @23 Luv – Sorry, but this is zero effort crap. It isn’t about ease of development, Sony used to have aggressive policies about what can and cannot be on Playstation as a way to keep the brand premium. Allowing anyone with a computer and easy access to shrooms and hipster music does not make for a premium experience.

  • Very intriguing- I’ll keep my eye on this one!

  • Game looks fun and unique which we need more of. Will buy for sure just wonder how much this will cost.

  • I think this sounds awesome, if you can seriously create an adaptive adventure, down to genre, I will be amazed. This looks like a definite day-one game on Vita.

  • I think a more clear trailer to convey the message of what the game is actually about is more efficient than making a stylish one. I honestly could not understand what to expect from the game from the video. For all intents and purposes, I only saw an unusual art style, in a video that reminded me of last-decade’s MTV advertisements. I will wait to see a video that shows the game better. Sorry but so far, not buying the idea.

    • Michael Frauenhofer

      I totally get where you’re coming from, this trailer was just a quick reveal and really doesn’t explain too much at all! We just wanted to give y’all an idea of what was coming since the game will be playable as part of Sony’s E3 booth next week. Rest assured, there will be much more information and tons of unedited gameplay footage coming your way between now and the game’s release!

  • I love the premise of this game and I will definitely keep my eye on it, I look forward to seeing more

  • can anybody tell me that how to get terraria and mutant muds on my igc vita because when i saw igc on tuesday as sony said,but the terraria , mutnt mudd deluxe and sly that free for ps3 as cross buy it was not there,only pixel junk shooter ultimate was there.plese answer me

  • @40 its still weekly drops for at least this month of June
    @OP Big thumbs for bringing something different and quirky to the PS4 and Vita
    I for one appreciate what Sony is doing for Indies and they add to having something to play all year around instead of having slow periods between games like it used to be for the PS3

  • theXsilentXchild

    I’m all for weird and new ideas in games and hope this will turn out great…. but from what I read and what I saw were 2 different things. Not drinking you koolaid

  • I can’t get the song from the trailer out of my head!!! Seriously, I love the concept and I can’t wait to play your game. . . hold on. . . it is 2014 still. DAMN YOU TIME!!!

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