Worms Battlegrounds Out Today on PS4

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Worms Battlegrounds Out Today on PS4

Worms Battlegrounds

Hello again, PlayStation.Blog readers! We’re delighted to announce that our first next-gen game Worms Battlegrounds will be available today to download on PS4 via PlayStation Store for just $24.99.

Worms Battlegrounds features an extensive single-player campaign spanning 25 story missions and 10 “Worm-Ops” time-attack missions which are set across five stunning environments (Inca, Viking, Feudal Japan, and Industrial Revolution) with new day to night lighting transitions. Multi-BAFTA award winning writer Dean Wilkinson provides the script for the single-player story campaign, which is in turn brought to life by the talented Katherine Parkinson perhaps best known for playing Jen in The IT Crowd.

Multiplayer fans will be glad to know that there are both local and online multiplayer battles for up to four players. Choose from different game modes: Deathmatch, Forts and Classic and either a predefined or customized game settings.

Worms BattlegroundsWorms Battlegrounds

We’ve even added in multiplayer clan support. Create your own clan and choose your own clan emblem, or simply join another existing clan and take part in league matches. All of which accumulates you community points, which in turn allows your clan to level up and grow larger.

There are some really cool PS4 exclusive features in Worms Battlegrounds, which take advantage of DualShock 4. Firstly we’ve added in weapon gestures, which allow you to quickly select your favorite four weapons. Want to get out your Super Sheep? Just swipe up! Swipe right for the Concrete Donkey, or any other weapon of your choosing.

We’ve also utilized the awesome DualShock 4’s light bar which will dynamically change color depending on your worm’s scenario. Watch as the light bar glows red for attacks and explosions, blue when your worm is submerged in dynamic water, and green to indicate that your worm is poisoned.

Worms Battlegrounds

Finally, once you’ve exhausted the single-player campaign and are ruling the online leaderboards, you can head over to the Landscape Editor that allows you to create your own maps to play on. Draw out your landscape, place any hazards (mines, barrels), physics objects, and contraptions — then challenge your friends to a battle upon your creation.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the game!

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  • I will not buy this game. It doesn’t add anything really new. Its just another re-hashed worms game. If they really brought something new to their genre it may be worth 24.99. But its not. I will wait until it hits PSN free game, which sooner or later it will.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I like worms. But I am not buying a re-hashed indy game that costs the same amount as Metro Redux.

  • Seems a litte steep at $25, for what is essentally just another Worms game. I was willing to pick this up at $10 or even $15 but $25 is too rich for my blood.

  • Oh, man, another game i need released today! I’m gonna be broke if i keep this up. ::keeps this up::

    I love Worms games. I have to get this ASAP.

  • $25 O_O no way.

  • WOW $25? That is way too much.. $15 is just right.

    No way I’m paying $25 for this game..

  • As others are saying. I love worms, but $25 is way too steep for a game we have already bought before. There’s just no new features that make it worth my money.

  • The Pixel Junk Shooter Re-make is $15, Now that is a good price point..

  • I’m buying this for the dynamic light bar.

  • $25 is just dumb. They are going to lose sales because their arrogance.

  • Way too over priced!!!! Please do not buy this!!

  • I love Worms… I have a version of it in pretty much every platform I own, but I must agree with previous comments $25 seems way too steep for the game… I’ll have to pass on this version for now… Maybe in the future with PS+ discounts

  • And for just 5 low payments of 5 dollars, you too can play that one game you kinda like when friends are over, but, already own in 5 different forms.

  • Love Worms but $25 is a little too much for me. $10-$15 would have been day one sale.

  • $25? is this the most expensive digital-only PS4 game to date? $25, for Worms? You must be joking. Good luck with that. See you on PS+ discounts soon!

  • Sadly I agree with most other comments here. I love Worms and was looking forward to this game. Having owned and played all of the PC versions and then again the xbox arcade games (except the 3D ones), there is such little difference between them. I’d gladly pay $15 or probably $20 but $25 just seems steep to me. It’d be worth the $25 if I didn’t continually buy each game.

    If you haven’t played the Worms series yet, I highly recommend picking it up. Great games and excellent for playing with friends. Unfortunately it looks like I’ll be waiting for a sale before I get to enjoy this one.

  • I could not find it on the PSN. I even tried searching for it by title and nothing came up.

  • + Brotha56

    Sony hasn’t updated the store yet. Its not their fault. Waiting on WarThunder to hit the store before I go to work :(

  • Woah $25 for an expansion? Oh I mean “new” game. That’s way too steep when it’s only adding 4 new weapons and barely anything, besides a campaign that no one buys Worms for. Kinda sad.

  • Thanks for releasing Worms on the PS4. However, at that price point unfortunately I will have to wait. I own Worms on every platform I have ever owned so I can just play those until a price drop to $15.

  • $25 for essentially dynamic lighting in a game that I have more versions of than systems to play on? These guys are out of their mind. Again.

  • Well I’m glad that I have know interest in this game but as all the comments point out its a rehash and it’s priced to high that’s not good.

  • If it drops down to $15 I’ll pick it up. This does have online multiplayer right? Where is the store update?

  • 15$ maybe yes.

  • $25 for this?! To be honest, $9.99 might have been stretching it.

  • Why is everyone ok with $15 for these little psn games? $10 or less or no buy. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part, $10 is it.

    $25 is just stupidly absurd, especially when we should be getting 2 free ps4 games a month going forward.

  • After being BURNED on the Vita version of worms (Sluggish, terrible framerate) $25 for this game is WAAAAAY too much

  • Transistor is $15, and this is $25? That’s sketch.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    You crybabies have no idea of the cost of development. You don’t know what the developer can and can’t afford, therefore, you don’t set the price.

    Don’t buy it if you’re not interested. That’s fine. But to talk like you’re so sure that this game should only be $10, you’re only showing how willfully ignorant and arrogant you are. You don’t know anything.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Puddington

    Transistor is $20.

  • I was interested in this but the price point is just way too high for me at this moment. Maybe once it hits a lower price point.

  • I love worms. Like have owned it on every system back to the dreamcast and computer before it. BUT I WILL NOT PAY 25$ for it. At most this is a 20$ game.

    Guess Ill have to hope this is a flash sale later in its life. :(

  • sweeneytodd1981

    25 bucks for worms I love worms I own almost all the games but 25 is insane 20 at best

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