Worms Battlegrounds Out Today on PS4

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Worms Battlegrounds Out Today on PS4

Worms Battlegrounds

Hello again, PlayStation.Blog readers! We’re delighted to announce that our first next-gen game Worms Battlegrounds will be available today to download on PS4 via PlayStation Store for just $24.99.

Worms Battlegrounds features an extensive single-player campaign spanning 25 story missions and 10 “Worm-Ops” time-attack missions which are set across five stunning environments (Inca, Viking, Feudal Japan, and Industrial Revolution) with new day to night lighting transitions. Multi-BAFTA award winning writer Dean Wilkinson provides the script for the single-player story campaign, which is in turn brought to life by the talented Katherine Parkinson perhaps best known for playing Jen in The IT Crowd.

Multiplayer fans will be glad to know that there are both local and online multiplayer battles for up to four players. Choose from different game modes: Deathmatch, Forts and Classic and either a predefined or customized game settings.

Worms BattlegroundsWorms Battlegrounds

We’ve even added in multiplayer clan support. Create your own clan and choose your own clan emblem, or simply join another existing clan and take part in league matches. All of which accumulates you community points, which in turn allows your clan to level up and grow larger.

There are some really cool PS4 exclusive features in Worms Battlegrounds, which take advantage of DualShock 4. Firstly we’ve added in weapon gestures, which allow you to quickly select your favorite four weapons. Want to get out your Super Sheep? Just swipe up! Swipe right for the Concrete Donkey, or any other weapon of your choosing.

We’ve also utilized the awesome DualShock 4’s light bar which will dynamically change color depending on your worm’s scenario. Watch as the light bar glows red for attacks and explosions, blue when your worm is submerged in dynamic water, and green to indicate that your worm is poisoned.

Worms Battlegrounds

Finally, once you’ve exhausted the single-player campaign and are ruling the online leaderboards, you can head over to the Landscape Editor that allows you to create your own maps to play on. Draw out your landscape, place any hazards (mines, barrels), physics objects, and contraptions — then challenge your friends to a battle upon your creation.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the game!

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