War Thunder Out Today on PS4

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War Thunder Out Today on PS4

War Thunder

An online game lives or dies depending on the number of players. If there’s no one to play with, then what’s the point? This is especially true for competitive multiplayer game such as War Thunder — you need a strong player base so users can always find opponents according to their level, regardless of what nation they’re playing, or which difficulty mode they chose.

This is why one of our ideas since the inception of War Thunder was to make it cross platform. Rather than try promoting the game to different audiences, it’s better to provide the same experience for everyone.

Now, with the launch of War Thunder on PS4, we’re finally able to realize this vision. Console players are using the same server as existing PC and Mac users, with all of the features available for everybody (user created content being the only exception). The players can even form squads (up to 4 people) and fight together with their friends regardless of the platform or complete scenarios in co-op.

War ThunderWar Thunder

And besides minor tweaks to the interface, there’s hardly any difference — PS4 has allowed us to create a beautiful game which is on par with the most powerful computers. You can even plug-in any USB keyboard or mouse into the console and use it for controls! Also, PlayStation Camera is a very handy device for a flight combat game — it makes head-tracking possible, which is invaluable in frantic dogfights.

But it’s not about aviation only; the Ground Forces expansion, which adds player-controlled tanks and anti-air self-propelled guns to the game, is also included from the start in the PS4 version. There are more than 400 historically accurate planes and armored vehicles in War Thunder at the moment, and more are coming.

Only PS4 players have the option to purchase the exclusive “Invader” content pack that includes US attack plane A-26C-45 Invader, along with great gameplay bonuses. Also, everyone will receive a unique decal for their vehicles and additionally PlayStation Plus subscribers will also have the chance to earn an additional decal as well as the ability to purchase War Thunder’s premium account at a discount. The premium account allows you to earn more money and unlock new vehicles faster for some period of time — but there aren’t any paid items in War Thunder that can tip the balance in battles.

War Thunder

Finally, celebrating the game launch, we’ll be offering all PlayStation Plus subscribers a free plane — the P-36A “Hawk” fighter of lieutenant Philip M. Rasmussen, one of the few American pilots who managed to take off to protect Pearl Harbor from furious attacks from Japanese planes. This offer will be available in the near future.

Our team is very happy with this launch, and we can’t wait to see War Thunder’s ranks bolstered by new recruits. See you in the sky!

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  • Gonna Be a Fabtastic Game, Gonna Doenload As Soon As It Goes Live!!!

  • Finally!!! Can’t wait to play. Now we just need Planetside 2 to launch on PS4.

  • need deep down on free to play :)

  • Looking forward to this one. I’m curious how the F2P model is implemented and whether it impacts the enjoyment of the game if one doesn’t continually invest in the game.

    To be honest, on a scale of 1 to 10, my dislike for the F2P model is a 20 because people are either nickeled and dimed to pay for something and/or F2P becomes a pay-to-win model. Both are lousy, and personally, as a gamer and consumer, I really dislike being treated like a continual revenue stream to a company.

    Still looking forward to trying this out. Worst case, it goes into the “bit bucket”. Best case, I’ll be playing a fun game! :-)

  • Trophies?

  • Does this game have where i can walk around ‘nd shoot other players

  • anyone no the time this game is on ps store ?

  • Not seeing this or the new plus games in the Market Place yet.. Can’t wait to try this looks fun. None of the other F2p games are still downloaded to my HD anymore.. Hopefully this is one that will stay.

  • Sounds interesting. And nice to hear about the cross platform play. I’ll give it a try!

  • Launch trailer says “Playsation 4” at the end…

  • Is this the first game ever that enables consoles to play with PC counterparts on the same server? I can’t think of any other that has done this, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    I’m wondering how that head tracking works. If you look left, are you looking away from your TV? If Morpheus was a product already, I’d understand. I’d be interested in how the tracking is meant to work, while watching a television in a fixed position.

    • Alexander Trifonov

      Final Fantasy XIV beated us to it)
      But they don’t have Mac version, so maybe we’re even.

      As for the PS Camera, you don’t have to look THAT much to the side, slight turning of the head is enough.
      If you have one, don’t forget to enable it in the game’s options.

  • It’s a fantastic game, I’m playing it for months on PS4 (I’m from Europe) and I almost feel bad for having played it so much without spending a cent, if there’s a F2P game I would pay for something would be this one, just because of the value it already gave me, let’s say it’s a Pay after you play :P

  • Hmm my PS4 is almost a computer?
    Shocking, isn’t it.

    Bet when I buya new computer my old games still work.

  • i cannot find the game in the ps store..I already updated my ps4 and cannot find this game any help??

  • I wanna play alreadyyy!!!! lol :}

  • When you say today, do you mean like 11:59PM PST? I want to play it already :p

  • Are there any trophies yet??

  • Does anyone know when war thunder goes live for people that live in the US. Cause i can’t find it in the store.

  • The only thing I hope for the future of the PSN is that we start getting these store updates at 12:00am. This is ridiculous. I have money to spend, you hear that sony! Money!

  • Do you know when the update the store?

  • Are there trophies for this game? Also the store needs to start updating earlier

  • Been waiting for this since PS4 launch. FINALLY! =D

  • Sweet! Thank you! <3

  • @ Rezolution77:

    Sony is currently testing PS NOW, which when released will have every ps3 game on PS4 and VITA.. so stop complaining.

  • Cool.

    Can we get answers about trophies, also how large is the download. Thanks.

  • @24, you still have to pay to play games you own, which was kinda’ the point.

  • + honkayjeezus

    My PC updated version with Hi-Resolution tank textures update is 7GB.

  • Every single week, a developer says their game will be available today, and every single week the page gets flooded with people asking where the game is. They don’t say the game is available now, they said today, as in when the store updates, just like every other week. It’s not a new concept. You guys gotta start paying attention.

  • Well maybe they should put a certain TIME EVERY WEEK when the store will update. Every week, the same week so the sheep will not be confused.

  • @akibake

    Both Final Fantasy online games share servers between consoles and computers. This isn’t the first, but I hope it’s not the last.

  • why does a F2P game on pc cost $ on ps4

  • Playing 1000 hours of this game on PC (Name is ANGRY_BIRD) Im not really worried about the controller vs mouse/joystick issue. I usually flew with a joystick as I mostly flew simulator. I had quit playing before the release of tanks and that is what I want to try a new account with on PS4 since I cant link my account. The one game I am not too sure about being cross platform is PS2. But I don’t think they will make it cross platform.

  • @SiRWimP
    This game is F2P on PS4 as well. but like other F2P games they make you pay for stuff in the game. like Warframe and Black Light Retribution

  • Did you raise the framerate to 60fps?

    Aiming is horrible at 30fps….

  • R2GC_PhantomX_OG

    It has a video of it on the ps store but no download link?????

  • R2GC_PhantomX_OG

    Has anyone else been able to download it yet in the US

  • its still not live does anyone know the time it goes live

  • I guess I’ll finally check this out and see what te gameplay is about. I gotta admit at first I wasn’t note rested in this ame at all but now I will check this out asson as te psn store updates today!!!!!!!!!

  • i heard 4:00 Central time in the US.

  • Alexander Trifonov

    Hey guys,

    Please have a little patience, it will be out later today, when the Store updates.

  • :/ patiently waiting sadly

  • V8_R3L3NTL3SS_1

    The damn store usually updates at 2pm pacific time . My lord why oh why can’t people understand this. Read before you post people.

  • R2GC_PhantomX_OG

    The Store already updated and there is a video of the game but no download link.

  • Is it 2 yet? :p

  • Gaius_Maximinus

    The issue is probably that a lot of people most likely can’t find anything about the game on the store, online or in the console. I also haven’t seen any news from Sony itself confirming that the game is going to be available today (I’m not saying it’s not out there, but I’ve looked and can only find 3rd party gaming news reports like IGN that say so). I know it’s a free to play game, so Sony probably doesn’t stand to make a ton of money off of this one, but it would’ve been nice if they’d at least acknowledged the game or promoted its release to even a minimal extent.

  • R2GC_PhantomX_OG

    I just cant wait till this game finally comes out!!

  • i might try this since its free, even though i’m not that into war plane type games.

  • Im going to guess that they will be an hour late from their usual time (2 pm pacific). So im going to guess the download will be up by 3 pm today.

  • Im trying to download this game but it wont let me. Y?

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