Ultra Street Fighter IV Out Today on PS3

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Out Today on PS3

Ultra Street Fighter IV

Hi everyone, my name’s David Hinds, and I’m the fighting game community manager here at Capcom Europe. I’m pleased to confirm that the digital upgrade for Ultra Street Fighter IV is available to download from PlayStation Store today.

This is certainly the most definitive Street Fighter IV game you’ll ever need to own, as we’ve added in extra features. Here’s a rundown of what’s new.

Firstly, we’ve added five new characters to the game, all with very different play styles and move sets:

  • Elena (previously from Street Fighter III), who only uses her feet to attack using the dancing fighting style of Capoeira to create a tricky high/low mix-up game.
  • Rolento, who made his first appearance as a boss character in Final Fight, has great mobility options, and uses multi-hitting specials that utilize his long range fighting stick.
  • Hugo, also from Final Fight but more famously from Street Fighter III, is a gigantic grappler who takes the top spot of being the largest character in the game — he’s slow but powerful!
  • Poison (also of Final Fight fame), with her deadly projectiles and whip attacks make her one of the most versatile of the new characters in terms of how she can be played.
  • Decapre, the deadly Cammy clone with a twist, whose scramble moves allow her to teleport around the screen whilst launching a variety of claw based attacks at her enemy.

Ultra Street Fighter IVUltra Street Fighter IV

And that’s not all. You can expect a number of new features too:

  • Red Focus: The Focus Attack is what defined Street Fighter IV, and now with Red Focus you can absorb multiple hits and create new combo opportunities!
  • Ultra Combo Double: Don’t like restricting yourself to one Ultra? Now you can have access to both with a slight damage reduction.
  • New Training Mode features: Train with friends online as well as use new training mode options to level up your game. You can now even train while waiting for new online challengers!
  • New stages: Six new battlegrounds to choose from!
  • YouTube Upload: Upload your matches directly to YouTube, you can even upload local offline matches too!

We’re supporting Ultra Street Fighter IV at major events around the world, so make sure you follow the Capcom Pro Tour and see how the best players from all over the globe take their game to the highest level. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Street Fighter champion, get in touch with me via Twitter at @dawgtanian and come along to one of our events to show us your skills.

What are you waiting for? FIGHT!

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  • PS4 plz…

  • What version of Street Fighter can you upgrade from? How much is the upgrade?

  • PS4 please with PS3 TE Arcade Stick Support please….

  • rafael_martines

    Blocked images… Love it

  • Yes! Please do PS4/PSV with cross-play to PS3 like you guys did for SFXT! I will buy the game again. :)

    I mean… why else did you guys put out SFxT on PS Plus if not to get everyone hyped up for an eventual USF4 release on Vita??

  • Hundredhandslap

    @2 You can upgrade both SSF4 and SSF4: AE to USF4. It costs 14.99

  • Lol, Bring this to PS4 they’re are hungry for new AAA games :P

  • Can’t wait to get my upgrade. Rolento here I come!

  • So if I have the disc version of Super SF4 can I buy this now and get the add on for AE later? What am I really missing out on?

  • When is Super Hyper Ultra Mega Street Fighter 4 : Championship Version 2 :Electric Daigo Boogaloo being released?
    In a year or six months?

  • Wow, are people still buying this same game over and over again?! 0_o

  • The whole preorder/load launch time issues were unacceptable. It clearly said June 2 9pdt to be able to play. That didn’t happen not even close. For all of us that stayed up to play it we were completely let down by your advertising. I won’t be pre ordering again. At least I got the costumes for my trouble but It was a lousy experience and worse was the fact Capcom didn’t update anything on social media, I had to waste my time with supposed fixes that didn’t work and wasting time on forums with others experiencing the same problem.

    New Training Mode features: Train with friends online as well as use new training mode options to level up your game. You can now even train while waiting for new online challengers!

    Still no challenge mode to learn the moves and combos for the new characters. Just like with AE and just as dissapointing now.

    Otherwise it is a good update, just irritating delay and lack of challenge mode updates.

  • CAPCOM, No Zuo No Die.

  • @11 This is $15 DLC for either of the previous two versions of the game that update it to the current version. Can you do that for Call of Duty? I have a feeling that you didn’t even read the article.

  • I was the sucker who bought the original Street Fighter IV. Never again, Capcom. Make one version of a game and move on.

  • For those saying we are buying the same game over and over again. On a surface level that may appear to be true. But I am not dropping 59.99+ over and over again with stripped out gameplay / missions to be sold later in “season passes” or other such ilk.

    If you bought SF4 at launch you paid around $59.99

    If you bought SSF4 at launch you paid around $39.99

    if you bought AE upgrade you paid around $14.99

    now Ultra at $14.99

    The only thing else is cosmetic dlc for character costumes, and if you bought that it’s because you wanted visual variety from playing the game for hours on end.

  • That is for over 5 years of ongoing gameplay with new characters / stages / mechanics / balances / and support in the form of online tournaments / versus / battle and modes.

    It is the main fighting game at EVO and the esport title of choice for fighting games. If you are a casual it might seem like they are milking the game. (they are making money on the demand)

    But this is not COD / BF / Fifa or the rest which demand $59.99 every year plus a lot of predatory dlc practices monetizing the game.

    If you didn’t buy in, AE has been on plus, and the game has been discounted as well as the dlc many times. You can be playing this from your plus AE with a $15 upgrade.

    Get a grip. This is a great game, that is still being supported and has tons of content. This is one of the best(value) 14.99 dlc packs I have ever seen. Take your misguided hate elsewhere.

  • This is the FORTH version of the same game released in 2008. Totally ridiculous.

    Hey buy this, oh wait buy this version, no no no THIS version is best. Oh sorry no not that one THIS one.

    I love SF2, played many quarters in arcade but this…never supported this system and will continue to not buy.

  • I’ve downloaded the upgrade and the 1.08 patch (for Arcade Edition). The intro and title screens were still showing Super SF4: Arcade Edition, while the rest of the game after that called it Ultra SF4.

    Capcom can update the game as many times as it wants, but it DOESN’T take away the fact that, at it’s core, it’s basically the same game we’ve been playing since 2009. I welcome the new features and updates (which IMO haven’t changed much since SSF4, as not much looks different…), but I think it’s about time we see a new NUMBERED entry in the franchise. You know, something new.

  • How exactly does this work? I have the Arcade Edition in disc form. If I pay the 15, do I still need the disc or is it a whole new game that I can play off the console itself?

  • Bring it to PS4 and to the Vita, well gladly buy it again. I enjoyed the heck out of SFxT and UMvC3 on the Vita, why not USF4? The Vita is the best portable gaming device for fighting games out there to date.

  • Hello David Hinds

    I bought the Ultra Street Fighter IV Upgrade DLC (14.99), but I didn’t get the new costumes and the PS3 theme, I guess the pre-order time ended earlier, cause I bought it before midnight PST, you can check the time. I saw the pre-order was still up a couple hours before, but I didn’t have enough money on my PSN wallet, so I bought a $20 psn card first, but that took me a while…

    I don’t know much how pre-order works, I honestly thought it could be done until the PS store updated, the only times I preordered was for SSF4AE and for SF3OE. I just read another Capcom post that said pre-order should be done before June 3rd, and i did that. The whole reason I bought USF4 last night (besides playing it as soon as possible) was to get the costumes and theme and i didn’t… Can I still get them please?

    I bought USF4 way before it was playable, it even is still being sold with the pre-order bonus at Gamestop, but I preferred buying it at the PS store, I bought all the SSF4 costumes there. I’m a huge SF fan, I was really hyped for USF4, but i haven’t even played it yet cause i’m really bummed out over this… Could you PLEASE help me? It would mean a lot to me, thanks for reading.

  • Those who already own Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition can buy the game as an add-on for $14.99. It will later be released as a standalone game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 for $39.99, and for PC for $29.99.

  • @20: this is a DLC upgrade if you own the disc. You’ll need the disc in tray to play.

  • Street Fighter V for the PS4.

  • @ChaseHammerJ

    This is the FORTH version of the same game released in 2008. Totally ridiculous.

    What is ridiculous is that you capitilized and spelled fourth wrong. Good job. These dlc updates are not meant for casuals anyways it’s for those that want the game refreshed as it is still the premier fighting game. These updates allow it to remain so.


    If you wanted a new numbered entry why did you buy this update? I think you’re sending Capcom the wrong message. You are saying that you in fact do like these updates, and you do want them.

    Do you know how many years were between SF2 and 3, and then 3 and 4?

  • I agree that graphically with what you say for the most part. ie. the engine. However If you play sports games or fps during a gen that is generally the same as well, and they want full pop $59.99 every year. Many years with sports they can make some gameplay worse that hasn’t really happened with SF4.

    Would I like a new SF5, when it’s ready. I don’t want something half baked. I want a solid game that plays well for PS4. It would be nice if they supported the TE series fightsticks from PS3, but if not I don’t want to be forced to buy a $150 arcade stick for 1 game. So honestly I’m fine with Ultra and they release 5 in the next few years, when it’s ready. (and yes they will do the same upgrades and dlc, which is either supporting the fighting scene, or milking it) which that is depends on whether you’re casual or core.

    You can’t really judge the impact of Ultra yet either it will be a few months before the pro’s really put it through it’s paces. We will see in July at EVO how much impact the update makes on the Metagame, but to say, “which IMO haven’t changed much since SSF4” is really underselling their updates. You get out what you put in, this game has the depth if you put the time in.

  • Oh look, it’s this game again.

  • Has anyone else been able to get the Costume Pack. APparently since i have a file from SFXTekken I do get extra costumes, but I dont think thats the costume pack.

  • @Bug42 try actually reading the article it will help you more than you think. But on a another note I’ll wait for the physical disc which is better because you get all the costumes. But for those that are impatient I’m sure they’ll buy this anyways.

  • Good on capcom for milking the heck out of Street Fighter 4. If people are willing to keep buying little upgrades every year, why not make money of it.

    Its just too bad capcom is no longer interested in making new IPs or ressurecting franchises that people actually care about like Megaman. :/

  • @ all above who keep begging for this game to be on PS4… It’s a 720p game people… 720p games don’t belong on Next GEN 1080p consoles… Wait for SFV!!!

  • you don’t NEED the disc in the tray for Ultra if you got the free PS+ version of AE but the loading lag from running off the hdd is still present. I hate it tbh. Going to see if it’s any lag using a SSF4 disc.

  • Still no Violent Ken. Boy I tell ya.

  • My Capcom Suggestions

    1. Can we get Okami HD for PlayStation Plus?
    2. Can we get a Mega Man collection for the PlayStation 3?
    3. Can we get a remastered version of Darkwing Duck?
    4. Are we ever going to see a new Power Stone?
    5. Can you bring Resident Evil 1 and 0 (2002 edition) to the PlayStation Network?

  • Why the hell is the disc version till August?!?!?!

    At least it has all the DLCs(HOPEFULLY)

  • Must admit, I been looking forward to this update more than I thought I would be… Considering all you guys really did was copy and paste from street fighter cross tekken (rebalancing aside) but I think I’ll wait for the retail release. You got me with the digital of arcade edition… But not this time, since retail includes all the outfit dlc.

  • When will it be available in PS store Asia (Thailand)?

  • Ultimate_Atheist

    Lemme guess. There’s gonna be an Ultimate Ultra Street Fighter IV out later this year, also.

    Am I right? Or is that labeled ‘clandestine’ until the official announcement?

    I can’t say I exactly trust Capcom, anymore. I’ve seen what they’ve done to others who’ve bought games AND DLC content, only to witness an ‘Ultimate’ version released at a discount price for those whom haven’t bought it’s original incarnation, yet.

    I don’t already have Street Fight IV Arcade Edition, so I’m tempted to jump on this, but I do not wish to be a victim of any slick marketing ploys. If I have nothing to worry about, guys, please chime in, anytime. (O_o)

  • A retail version of Street Fighter 4 Ulra with a PS4 fightstick would be greatly appreciated in the coming months.

  • I’m loving Ultra so far. Haven’t enjoyed this since Super IV. Arcade Edition was fun, though didn’t gave me the same impact than Super IV had, which was unsurprising.

    I just main’d Poison as my Ultra SF character, and the Halfpipe Stage is my new main stage due to its awesome soundtrack which was eerily similar to SFIII. Then again, SFIV is the end of SFII era and the beginning of SFIII. In case no one knows still, SFIV is indeed a prequel to SFIII. So essentially SFIV is SFII.5.

    Anyhow, I got to track down the name of that Half Pipe Ultra IV soundtrack.

  • So there is no upgrade path for the disc based Street Fighter IV ???

  • RaspberryIcedTea

    Okay, so I’m trying to get back into Street Fighter like I used to be, and I have the $60 Street Fighter 4 that came with nothing compared to these new games. Can I upgrade to Ultra from my original Street Fighter? Someone please help me out :)

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