Ultra Street Fighter IV Out Today on PS3

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Out Today on PS3

Ultra Street Fighter IV

Hi everyone, my name’s David Hinds, and I’m the fighting game community manager here at Capcom Europe. I’m pleased to confirm that the digital upgrade for Ultra Street Fighter IV is available to download from PlayStation Store today.

This is certainly the most definitive Street Fighter IV game you’ll ever need to own, as we’ve added in extra features. Here’s a rundown of what’s new.

Firstly, we’ve added five new characters to the game, all with very different play styles and move sets:

  • Elena (previously from Street Fighter III), who only uses her feet to attack using the dancing fighting style of Capoeira to create a tricky high/low mix-up game.
  • Rolento, who made his first appearance as a boss character in Final Fight, has great mobility options, and uses multi-hitting specials that utilize his long range fighting stick.
  • Hugo, also from Final Fight but more famously from Street Fighter III, is a gigantic grappler who takes the top spot of being the largest character in the game — he’s slow but powerful!
  • Poison (also of Final Fight fame), with her deadly projectiles and whip attacks make her one of the most versatile of the new characters in terms of how she can be played.
  • Decapre, the deadly Cammy clone with a twist, whose scramble moves allow her to teleport around the screen whilst launching a variety of claw based attacks at her enemy.

Ultra Street Fighter IVUltra Street Fighter IV

And that’s not all. You can expect a number of new features too:

  • Red Focus: The Focus Attack is what defined Street Fighter IV, and now with Red Focus you can absorb multiple hits and create new combo opportunities!
  • Ultra Combo Double: Don’t like restricting yourself to one Ultra? Now you can have access to both with a slight damage reduction.
  • New Training Mode features: Train with friends online as well as use new training mode options to level up your game. You can now even train while waiting for new online challengers!
  • New stages: Six new battlegrounds to choose from!
  • YouTube Upload: Upload your matches directly to YouTube, you can even upload local offline matches too!

We’re supporting Ultra Street Fighter IV at major events around the world, so make sure you follow the Capcom Pro Tour and see how the best players from all over the globe take their game to the highest level. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Street Fighter champion, get in touch with me via Twitter at @dawgtanian and come along to one of our events to show us your skills.

What are you waiting for? FIGHT!

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