Salute To Our Troops

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Salute To Our Troops

A Salute To Our Troops

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At PlayStation, we’re incredibly thankful of the service our troops provide each and every day. As a way to both honor and entertain our service men and women (We all need a bit of R&R sometimes!), we’re pleased to announce Salute To Our Troops, an upcoming event held in Kansas’ Fort Riley military base. Fort Riley has a huge gaming community — the base even has its own dedicated gaming area in their Warrior Zone recreation center.

In an effort to bring a taste of E3 to the troops, we’re kicking off the event on Monday, June 9th, which is the same day as our Press Conference. Our big PlayStation truck — currently travelling across the country for our Road to Greatness tour — will be on the base to offer hands-on time with upcoming PS4 games, and we’ll have contests and giveaways throughout. The event will culminate with a concert from country music singer Brett Eldredge. If you can’t attend but want to see the concert, it will be available for free on our Live Events Viewer app.

The event is both free and open to the public, so if you live nearby, feel free to come! And if you don’t live in the area, you can still get hands-on with upcoming PS4 games as part of our Road to Greatness tour. Check the schedule to see if we’ll be in a city near you.

And thanks again to all active and retired military personnel. We are honored by your sacrifice.

Salute To Our Troops

What: Hands-on with upcoming PS4 games, as well as a concert from country star Brett Eldredge. Open to the public, free to attend, and all ages welcome.

  • Monday, June 9th:
    • Brett Eldredge concert – gates open at 5:00pm, show starts at 8:00pm

  • Tuesday, June 10th and Wednesday, June 11th:
    • Road to Greatness truck at The Warrior Zone
    • Open at 11:00am
    • Daily contests for PlayStation goods, including PS4 giveaways

Where: Fort Riley, Kansas
RSVP: Free and open to the public!

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  • As past military myself, I prefer teachers,kids, and good hospitals.

    That said.

    Its still nice.GL.

  • Playstation truly loves their customers.

  • And make our digital titles available on PS4.

    It should be a no brainer.

  • Excellent.

  • + Rezolution77, You’re So Spoiled stop acting like a child

  • + Rezolution77, This is not ABOUT YOU! Sony is honoring our troops who protects our freedom!!!

  • Thank You Sony! for loving our Troops I’m sure they will be touch by your gesture :)



  • Thank You Sony, for loving your Customers we appreciate it so much.. ^_^



  • Really nice idea. Thanks for doing this.

  • Ex-military here kinda agree with the 1 poster, but the thought is nice from a game company

  • I love when people support fellow gamers who don’t just put their lives on the line in-game, but in real life as well. Props to you, Sony.

  • It’s ironic that Sony mentioned the military base has a big gaming community.

  • Hell yeah support the troops that been protecting our banks and corporations financial futures as well as bringing the ruling class stolen gold, oil, and drugs and last but not least protecting our rights that have been consistently gotten taken away for over the past decade keeping us from being taken over by 3rd world countries… YAY GO MURIKKKA!

  • Well, in their defense Fort Riley is a very boring base. I am stuck at Ft. Lewis and at least we have Seattle and Portland to go to. I just want you guys to update PSN before 1700 today so I have a chance to download and play WarThunder before my field OP. (

  • @15, + SmokeAdellic, These same Troops risk their livers to protect your ungrateful freedom.

  • Sorry, I made a typo, meant to say Lives to protect your freedom…

  • What exact freedom are you speaking of . please explain.

  • @Rezolution77…..Do you know how hard it would be to make PS3 games work in PS4……it not happening unless it is through streaming(Gaikai).

    If you can explain how they can achieve it….than your request deserves to be warranted.

  • G-d bless our troops and our greatest ally Israel!

  • @Clocktowe015,

    He is a Vetran, this post is about him.

    I’ll also add, I don’t think his first post was selfish. I agree, I would love to see PlayStation take that truck to Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude’s or other places that deal with people/children who could use some fun.

    That being said in many times the Military folks also have a need for Fun, so this is for them.

    Thanks for the event.

  • Freedom isn’t free…

    it costs a $1.05

    but it’s nice to know Sony is pitching in on that “hefty f****n fee”, with some free PS4′s and some free publicity.

  • @20 Its format so its entirely possible.
    So obviously you are cluless about emulators?
    You can say its not. But it most certainly is.

    Its not cartridge going to CD. Gimme a break.

  • Thank you for all you do for our country Troops, we love you and appreciate you!

  • The PSN store even has an app that is supposed toclet you play physical PS2 games.

    Look it up.

  • You can’t because they have not done it.

    That does not mean not possible.

    So I care less what you think.

    Maybe if you let me use my freedom of speech and stay relevant without feeling he need to open your mouth to criticize we coud save the space for our troops which you claim protect my freedoms, while companies use t as an advertisement and do not participate because they are in the private sector free to limit anything they pecieve as a threat to profit.

    Too many hide behind that flag without ever knowing how to use it.

  • Jackpot.

  • @Rev….

    “The PlayStation 3 uses the Cell Architecture. That’s a system for getting a bunch of different processors to work together. On most other devices you have a single powerful processor, or perhaps a powerful central processor and then another processor specifically designed for graphics. On a cell machine, you have many smaller processors (on the PS3 it’s six) that are each dedicated to specific tasks.

    In theory all those extra processors let you do more processing, but only if you can keep them all busy. It takes development time to get the most out of the machine. Worse, this work must be done on the back end. If you’re porting to a machine with less memory you can just scale all the textures down and render everything at a lower resolution. But if you’re porting to or from a cell system, the coding team has to crawl down into the guts of the game engine and make all sorts of really fundamental changes to how the system works. The point is, it’s difficult and expensive to port to and from cell-based machines.”


  • @Rezolution77

    The “app” on the PSN Store that you claim lets you play PS2 games is actually just an app to create a virtual ps2 HDD on a backwards compatible PS3 to allow games that take advantage of the PS2 HDD (read: Final Fantasy XI) the ability to play on the PS3. It’s not an emulator, it’s a virtual PS2 HDD.

  • I can hardly believe what I’m reading in these comments. To the morons actually whining about foreign policy etc. if you have a problem with how the military is used, take it up with government. Don’t become another generation of misguided fools who thought spitting on men coming home from the horrors of a war zone was an acceptable form of protest. People in the services do a horrid job, and the vast majority do it with honor. Many come home to get treated like crap by many of the people they thought they were fighting for, and anyone that contributes to that poor treatment should hang their head in shame.

  • If we keep on supporting its like saying we approve of what they do…make it something shameful maybe eventually they will stop signing up.
    These young kids need to be educated on what they have been indoctrinated into thinking is right and they will not be if we keep this support the troops nonsense…what dors support the troops even mean?
    I cant say what i really want to say because sony will censor me but not so long ago people in Germany were supporting the troops even though it was wrong.

  • @29
    No idea about the app, as I was refering to DIGITAL FORMAT.
    Simply wondered becuse thats not what the app sounded like, and not an app so much as a (PS2 system data)owloadable mod.

    PS3 plays ALL my other DIGITAL titles.
    No reason it can not be done.

    And there are emulators for many systems.

    Most of you make comments without usually even owning digital.

  • My kids got a PS4, which I almost bought them.
    Thanks Mom.

    If they had gotten it and ould not play all of my previously downloaded games including IGC, it would have been returned.

    I bought another PS3 with warranty instead for myself.

  • @fizitXP your comment about PS4 doesn’t have game oh yes it does you might want to actually try reading it helps a lot in your case. But on another note this is spectacular what Sony is doing for our troops!!!!!!!!

  • @30 though I agree, they usually have medical, solid living arrangement while not deployed, college money, exprience, and a Great Chow Hall.
    They usually do it for thmselves, at least I did.

    Family mostly, but mine non the less, to stand up for any that believes in equal treatment of others and standing for something than just myself.

  • If only man kind gave 1% of what they give for Army into science, education, healtha, Earth would be much nicer place.

  • And thumbs up to you @Langor.

  • Nice! SOFs (Special Operation Forces Studios) let military members visit their studio & play their game: H-Hour World’s Elite. They are owned by a Retired Army Delta Force Operator. It’s so good to see the military being appreciated!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    No more war. That is all.

  • That’s awesome news what you are doing for the troops Sony! Also I live 20 mins away from Fort Riley. Hopefully I can join in on the event if I don’t have to work on those days.

  • Kind of ironic. Which troops? PlayStation is Japanese.

  • Yeah maybe that’s why Japanese citizens aren’t buying sony products anymore… Im know for a fact Japanese citizens don’t support U.S. troops with the horrible things that our troops do to them and all.

  • This is why I love Playstation. As a active duty military member currently serving in the United States Army, I thank you.

  • PlayStation i was really dissapointed with you guys today. First off you guys delayed it by 3 hours i understand you guys got stuck in some mud or something. The 2-3 PlayStation employees we talked to today didn’t even know what was going on with sweepstakes,games,etc. And i know you guys said we can play some unreleased games that were covered in E3 but every single game there is currently out and apparently not all of them were downloaded to your consoles even though there was a 3 hour delay. Guy said they were currently downloading Watch Dogs which came out 2-3 weeks ago!

    Don’t get me wrong i was really excited for you guys to come out here. I mean when do we normally get a chance like this? But i just felt like you guys didn’t treat it with respect like you would somewhere else. Sorry for the rant i been sticking with you guys since PlayStation 1 and will continue to support you guys. Can you guys organize your events a little better or get everyone on the same page next time?

    *end rant*

  • Honestly if that truck would of been there last year it would of blown peoples minds since those were all last year E3 games.

    *ok done for real this time*

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