Murdered: Soul Suspect Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Murdered: Soul Suspect Out Today on PS4, PS3

Hey folks! The day is finally here. Your journey in solving your own murder is about to begin as Murdered: Soul Suspect is available for purchase on PS4 and PS3!

To celebrate the launch, we wanted to share a fantastic new trailer with you

Murdered: Soul Suspect Out Today on PS4, PS3

A few years ago, the team here at Square Enix and Airtight Games set out to create a game we could be proud of, something that wouldn’t be your run-of-the-mill shooter, RPG, or action game. We wanted to do something unique that Square Enix fans would really enjoy, and we think we’ve accomplished that. With the mix of great Square Enix storytelling, unique detective gameplay, and a rich cast of characters, we’re confident you guys will enjoy Murdered and we hope you guys have as much fun playing it as we had in making it!

Please let us know if you have any questions or would just like to chat about the game in the comments below!

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  • My I please have a free copy.

  • Sorry may I please have a free copy.

  • BrianMcGuinness


  • lol @ WICKEDGHOST187.. by the way.. this game look horrible with tons of bugs and bad graphic.. nah i won’t buy this game for 60 dollars but i rather get it for free at least it might be free game as psn plus in future

  • Free is the best word in the world

  • + hawjboi2009 how do you respond to some body’s question like that

  • looks like it could have been an interesting story, just uninteresting gameplay

  • the game is not on PSN Store, does it available digitally or disk only

  • Man this game looks like another lame game full of boring story and a whole lot of watching and searching. Sad. These guys had to know this game wasnt gonna take off but they made it anyways. Why? Now that the next gen consoles are here and the games are said to be so easy to make, it looks like effort has been thrown from the moving car into traffic and left as indie, import, fps, rpg, and story based game roadkill. Looking at the upcoming games list for the next two years and theres almost nothing interesting. What? 5 games in two years that may be worth it? Thinking of throwing these two ps4s back in the box and going back to the ps3s. Why not?

  • ChaoticAssault31

    When is it coming to the PlayStation Store? I will not even think of buying it until it is digital.

  • It’s concerning when I don’t see reviews or really anything for this game. I’m going to call Mediocre on this game for reviews.

  • Why can’t we get a demo for this game. I would love to try it before I buy it.

  • I’ve been so excited for this! Can’t wait to play it.

  • IGN’s review is very concerning. Will there be a demo?

  • I don’t tend to pre-order games anymore. I do like to check out reviews day of release and see if any of the major complaints come across from multiple sources. This one was lackluster across the board, so that’s too bad. Basically most reviewers say great premise (and done before of course) just not done well. So, bummer to that. I won’t be spending $60.00 on it.

  • 5.5 for IGN this game sucks. Why do developers put games out like this and expect that we buy games that get a low ratting

  • Since I’m not stupid enough to base game purchases off reviews (which is just some yahoo’s OPINION anyways) I am excited for this and since i’m VERY hard to disappoint I will probably like it too.

  • I read some reviews and the game really does seem more bland than I ever thought it would be. I’ll be sure to buy it around the 40$ price tag, but after seeing what the game has to offer, 60$ seems like a little too much.

  • what time does is actually become avialable for download? I’m in washton state

  • I’m with you jgrizzle358. I don’t bother with reviews. I watch gameplay previews and read early impressions, then form my own opinion of the game based off what’s available to me. I’ve rarely bought a game that I didn’t enjoy. This one will be no different. Too many people base their enjoyment of a game off of what other people think, or don’t even play a game because some arbitrary stranger gave it a numerically low score. If you gamers don’t start being more adventurous, we’re going to keep experiencing more mid-tier developer/publisher closures like THQ, and we’re going to be left with nothing but the biggest yearly franchises getting rehashed constantly, and a whole bunch of indies (which, while I love them, EVERYONE else seems to hate them).

    @ death20015: Around the same time digital games are available every week… 2pm Pacific Time. And I’ve never heard of Washton State before.

    @ Adrien Chen: Picking this up on my way to work today for PS4. Looking forward to playing it after I finish up Watch_Dogs in about a week.

  • washington*

  • i agree with you on that. i’ve benen playing bound by flame which i have heard horrid reviews about and in reality its a great game. I stream it and many of my followers have come from that game

  • @ death20015: Exactly! I picked up Bound by Flame as well, even when one of the employees in the store at the time was all “Don’t buy that, don’t buy that, don’t buy that” over and over while someone else did the transaction. And I ended up really liking it. I’ve played through it twice so far, and need to do two more for the seduction trophies. But overall, yeah the story isn’t all that great, however I really like the combat. Feels kind of similar to Kingdoms of Amalur, in a way.
    And that’s why I pay little attention to review scores. IF I look at a review at all, it’s simply to read up on the specific game mechanics and what type of combat the game has, and not necessarily what the reviewer thought of either feature.
    Here’s to thinking for yourself! *raises a mug of good ale*

  • i might rent this from my local redbox.

  • On ps store it says 720p on the ps4 version, but on the hardcopy in the store it says 1080p, does this mean the digital copy only supports 720p?

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