Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection Out Today on PS Vita

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Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection Out Today on PS Vita

Greetings, doods! Your humble Prinny David here, and I’m drawing on years of singing telegram experience to sing some good news into your face — the idol simulation Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection is out today in both retail and digital formats for PS Vita!

In this game, you find yourself summoned to the familiar environs of Gamindustri in order to help your favorite CPUs… turn into idol stars?! That’s right, you’ll be seeing Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert (maybe even a few other familiar faces) in a whole new spotlight as they sing and dance their way to idol stardom. As the CPU’s perfect producer, they’re gonna need all your help to skyrocket their idol careers, raising your shares and keeping the public out of idol group MOB-48’s peppy grip!

In this idol simulator, you’ll get to know your favorite CPU as you manage every aspect of their career. Day in and day out you’ll be choosing how they spend their time — putting them to Work will garner them new fans through all sorts of activities. Having them train in Lessons will improve stats like Trust, which affects how events and story will unfold. Or Rhythm, which determines how much your audience will like your performances.

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing PerfectionHyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection

However, just like any performer, you can’t have them working too hard or else their Stress level will reach 100% and then it’s curtains for their career! You don’t want to have a CPU diva meltdown, do you?

All this training and hard work of course leads to the really flashy part, which is the concert. Before putting on the concert, you can pick what song to perform, where the idol goes on stage, and even plop down some familiar enemies onstage to have them bounce around behind you.

Did I mention that the more you play, the more costumes you’ll unlock for your characters? You can go the Gaga route and put on the most outlandish combinations (Mustache accessories and a flowery eyepatch, anyone?) — all the stage garb is totally up to you!

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection

Once the concert’s been set up, you’ll direct the whole show — operating cameras to get the right angles at the right time, adding some crazy special effects, and even activating HDD under the right conditions! Putting on an awesome show for the audience will guarantee you boost your idol’s career! Did I mention that if you play your cards right, you might even be able to form an idol group? Look out, nation, ’cause this CPU might just turn into a 3PU.

So you ready to take these CPUs to idol superstardom in Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection? Train ’em, work ’em, and make them dance to take all the shares! These wacky characters are gonna need your producing perfection skills if they want to take over Gamindustri.

Now if you’ll excuse me, this Prinny’s gotta jet to live the idol lifestyle. Prinny out, dood!

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  • Talk about utter trash…

  • All that time hearing about Watchdogs and Transistor.
    And the first blog that I know of for this.

    We need these more often and sooner.

    That said, it looks cute. Who doesn’t like anime dancing fem’s?

  • Don’t mind him. Re:Birth has me intrested too.

  • Very little hype for this. I didn’t even think they’d localize this.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH NIS! for bring us this game, the more Neptunia the better!! please localize every Neptunia game! <3

  • Look at that avatar.
    Happy dude.

    He needs a game like that.

  • It’s amazing. Been playing it since my local GS opened up for me to pick it up.

  • Thank you NIS for bringing this game to this side of the world. I really love the Neptunia games and I have them all. Now waiting the Re:Birth :D

  • At 39.99 though, Definately waiting on a sale.
    Especially with so little content.

  • I preorder the LE, and I (and several others) get the game a day early? AWESOME! I’m having a fun time chilling with my favorite CPU (just guess who it is. As if my currently-set avatar doesn’t state the obvious.)

    But one thing I just have to ask – I know Idea Factory is localizing the next Neptunia game (Re;birth 1), but…do you guys hope you’ll get to localize any future installments after that?

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I must continue idolizing my lovely Noire! In-game…on the Neptunia Victory LE lunch box….on the t-shirt….on the shot I screencapped from the anime series and set as my PS Vita wallpaper….I <3 you, Noire! No wonder she got her own game (in Japan for now, anyway).

    Don't worry, I love Purple Heart too.

  • NIS America, why must you make me want so many things?! ::shakes fist::

  • Those of you Neptunia fans who are put off by the lack of content (and the..sad reviews that’ve been going around the web), just think of it as you spending your life with the CPU(s) of your choice. Been playing it since yesterday and I don’t regret it one bit. Hell, I’ve already taken several screenshots of Noire in her school uniform (which is different than the one that was DLC for Neptunia Victrory).

  • guess lot of ppl care about #1 comment..

    Now, you got my money, downloading, got the japanese ver. day 1 and was awesome, now at least i’ll enjoy more this one.between this and rebirth;2 i’ll be really bussy.

    Thanks again for bringing this game and waiting for the rebirth;1

  • I`ll be getting this off the PSN when I get home later, totally forgot the release date was today so I never got around to pre-ordering a copy.

    Should definitely keep me busy until the release of Re:Birth.

  • I hope NIS america will bring us 激神ブラックハート, hyperdimension U and V2.

  • Thanks for the update, dood!!!

    I’m getting a Vita soon and this and Danganronpa will be the first things I buy for it. ^_^

  • I appreciate this coming to NA. But not for me, I’ll be getting Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth though when it releases. Glad it has physical, I know NIS didn’t get to bring Re;Birth, maybe Neptunia U can be brought by NIS? Cause I doubt it would come to NA in Physical otherwise lol


    -It has ZERO gameplay.
    -Like 4 songs
    -Awful translation

  • Looking forward to Re; Birth, but I think I’ll pass on this one. Strategy is more my thing than idol management, but I hope the people who pick it up enjoy it.

  • Never got to play this series….by the time I wanted to they got super expensive due to rarity. So looking more forward to Rebirth

    Probably buy when it hits 29.99….still want to support for more localizations(like Danganronpa 2, Disgaea 4, Rebirth, Nac Doctrine(Vita?)).

    You guys are keeping the Vita afloat with all these great Japanese localizations. Thanks.

  • This promises to be an “Idol sim” game, but it’s nothing but a terrible visual novel with Neptunia characters and a very few songs.
    (Even in Japan bombed hard.)

  • @18

    really? i guess i’ll ask my money back then..(ironic mode off)

  • For F’s sake I’m trying to help.
    I love Neptunia games, I even plat’d them. But you could AT LEAST inform yourself first before buying a game, specially if was already out and a lot of people played it beforehand. Everyone says how horrible this “game” is.
    Just wait for Re;Birth 1, if you want to enjoy another game of this series.
    Also, you could just check some reviews first.

  • I’m certainly excited! We don’t get many games like this. Even if it isn’t universally lauded, at least we’re continuing to receive different and unique games than the standard First Person Shooter stuff that comes out. I certainly give props to NIS America for continuing to release these unique titles. Picking up my preorder later today.

  • nice!

  • I just got my limited edition.I have a question about Hyperdimension rebirth.Are we getting a limited edition as well or just regular?

  • Just because it’s “unique” or just not a shooter it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be good.

  • Rule to finding good games: Plebeians say a game isn’t good for reasons x y or z? Better go get it then.

  • Wow… hatred breathe in the air, well Neptunia Series it’s criticized mors this game of PP., make me laugh the “awful translation” complaining of hahaha… well Thanks NISA for the localization, I’m Wating for IFI! and Re;Birth.

  • On days where gaming journalism can’t be trusted, I know who to trust.
    Just read this review people: http://pastebin.com/shXXQjt7

    @ Infinity_Endoh
    ok, tell me what games somebody told you to not get that endend being good.

  • @ Infinity_Endoh
    What? Your logic fails way too hard.
    ok, tell me what games somebody told you to not get that ended being good.

  • @26 That’s IFI’s deal, not NISA.

    @Viewtiful_Gene @Infinity_Endoh You’re entitled to your own opinions. Please don’t go and demoralize the spirits of those who intend to play this anyway. Because like I said, I’m enjoying it for what it is, and that’s all that matters. (to me, anyway) The reviews (like the 43 Metascore it got) do not bother me.

  • @Tjoeb123
    Yeah, you will buy it, regret it, and then drop it instantly like the majority of the games you played? What a SMART move. Seriously.

    Like I said, I’m just trying to help.

  • no demo?

  • So the MOB-48 must be a direct parody/slam on the group AKB48?
    I’m too old for a game like this, but I hope everyone else enjoys it. I guess there must be a market for this stuff.

  • I’ve been playing it since 10:30 est and haven’t regretted a minute of it yet. My only true regret right now is that I’m having to put it down to head to work.

  • @Viewtiful_Gene
    I love Neptunia. I’ve played worse games than what everyone’s making this out to be (Time and Eternity). I don’t care about what you said in @18 because I play the series because of its characters and all the jokes and gags the series is known for. It doesn’t matter what genre it is. Sometimes going through dungeons and beating bosses in the console entries was tedious, and this game basically removes all that so I can enjoy what I enjoy most about the series.

    And yes, I recognize that you’re trying to help deter the non-fans away from the game. That’s a good thing, and I commend you for that. However, the way you’re doing it looks as if you’re trying to deter the Neptunia diehards as well. (of which I’m one, so your logic doesn’t work on me. Besides, I got the game yesterday. Limited Edition and all.)

    Oh, and I must applaud NISA for giving the game FULL ENGLISH VOICE ACTING!!! (which I love)

  • @Infinity_Endoh Haha, I’m glad someone is actually on my side!

  • Ok, this one goes to my wish list until the time is right.
    *sigh* at this rate NISA is gonna leave me bankrupt. My wallet is already crying

  • Wanted to play the game series but not on the PS3; i’m hoping for the import version to hit the PS Vita soon.

  • @Infinity_Endoh “Playing it”? Who are you trying to fool?! It doesn’t even have gameplay. At all.

    Some people try hard to convince themselves that they made a good purchase and just like to contradict other persons who try to help others to not buy something so they don’t make the same mistake.
    They just don’t want to be alone in their error and awful tastes.

    No, you don’t can’t recognize s***. I’m trying to help the people to not fall in the marketing trap, specially the Neptunia fans. This is NOT an Idol game, it has NO gameplay and has like 4 songs only… in and “idol” game? Really?
    And dubs are bad. I’m not saying just in this case. Every audiovisual media should stay in its original language. They should focus on doing a good translation instead.

  • Thank you

  • What bothers me the most is that the team that developed PP are the creators of Dream C Club, and that game, TRYING to be a “rival” of Idolm@ster, at least had the “idol” gameplay that someone could expect from a “game” like that. But PP doesn’t have any of the elements of their games. It’s just a terrible quick cash-in on the franchise.

  • @40
    “Dubs are bad”? Well then you clearly haven’t played the other Neptunia games. Everything you said (at me) in that post is a lie, and you know it. I’m ENJOYING the game for WHAT IT IS. I don’t regret my purchase one bit. Your opinions will not change that.

    I guess some people just aren’t happy.

  • I preordered and my copy should be here soon ^^ Nice to see hatred for the series being either ignored or taken in stride (especially since the 2 major haters on here have proven to me that there trolls not because they dont like the games but because there comments either lack logic or they come on her simply to bash). Anywho I love the previous Neptunia games there some of my fav JRPGs that ufortunately get the short end of the stick when it comes to critics :( . I hav playes other Idol Management games some pretty fun some meh but this one looks great especially since I already love the characters XD that being said if your not a fan of the genre or a Neptunia fan you definetly wont be happy with it avoid it ^^

  • Also its great to see over the last 2 years or so localization is becoming so much more common and we’re getting so many more great japanese games :D

  • It’s good to see the PS Vita getting more games and for those that are always complaining there’s a market out there apparently for those that like this game. So do yourself a favor and stop whining in the ps blog about what you don’t like you don’t have to buy it and if you have a ps plus membership you can wait for a price drop move on.

  • Been enjoying the game since it arrived yesterday and already on my second route. Though I have been getting errors when trying to sync the trophies I earned to my profile (NP-10234-0). Wanted to bring this up and wondering if anyone else been getting it. As for Viewtiful_Gene just stop it get off your soap box and move on. A game can be enjoyable without gameplay to some, like for instance visual novels or bishoujo games; not much going on in those games and yet they are enjoyable. If you didn’t enjoy it then move along and stop trying to make people go to your side, let them be the judge of that.

  • I’ve been getting the NP-10234-0 as well

  • NISA <3. Waiting on my LE to arrive! Hopefully I'll be able to finish up Mk2 and Victory soon before I get around to Producing Perfection.

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