This Week in PlayStation: Welcome to Chicago

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This Week in PlayStation: Welcome to Chicago

Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft’s ambitious open-world cyber-thriller, is out now! Who’s spending this weekend wandering around Chicago?

I’m still trapped in the wilds of Eorzea — I just hit level 40 on my Black Mage! — but I made sure to set some time aside for Aiden’s privacy-invading exploits.

Can you feel that? The tangible anticipation of the collective gaming community? E3 is just around the corner, and we’re bringing our press conference to you in theaters nationwide. Of course, we’ll have tons more up-to-the-minute news debuting right here on PS.Blog, so keep your browser open!

A few more highlights from this week: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is coming to PS3 and PS4 (1080p 60FPS on the latter), we debuted a handful of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX screens, Battlefield 4 got a 20-hour free trial for PS Plus members this week, Capcom showed us how they’re using fan feedback to balance Ultra Street Fighter IV, and we got a first look at new titles Aaru’s Awakening and Blue Estate.

Just over a week until E3, but until then… what are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Watch_Dogs, Final Fantasy XIV
  • I’m watching: Bob’s Burgers
  • I’m listening to: Transistor soundtrack

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  • Just over a week until E3, but until then… what are you playing?

    I’m playing: Child Of Light, Final Fantasy XIV
    I’m watching: Camelot
    I’m listening to: Kid Ink, MJ’s New album

  • Still waiting for my copy of Watch_Dogs from UPlay Store… *sigh*

  • Im playing: Uncharted 4, Project Beast
    Im watching: Star Wars Episode VII, The Avengers; Age of Ultron
    Im Listening to: The new Tool album

  • If this week seemed really good when it came to Playstation news, I can’t imagine how much E3 week will be!

  • I’m playing Mario Kart 8 on Wii U (Really great game, especially the graphics, may not be PS4 great, but really great for Wii U)

    Also any news on Ratchet and Clank Trilogy for Vita, Europe announced it, I’m sure the US will get it too, hopefully around the same time.

  • I wish Watchdogs Hard/Realistic mode didn’t have radar & auto target for hackable objects in the Campaign. It’s too easy – feels like a mobile game just clicking on icons instead of a console game with gameplay depth.

    I’m playing: WD & BF4
    I’m watching: Dual Survivor Discovery channel
    I’m listening to: 106.5 FM Sac., CA

  • I would be playing Watchdogs if I hadn’t had got loading bug after first day….
    Borderlands 2 it is!

  • Already owned Limbo, and most of what was offered last month.
    Can’t even prepare for a PS4, since without a computer I can not put it in my downloads.

    Upcoming month is not horrible, though I do not like many sports games especially basketball (NBA jams and Hockey on Sega Genisis were enough).

    Not excited, but not overly disappointed.

    Really wish there was more emphasis from past owners for digital compatibility.
    I spent the last couple years buyng and adding digital and IGC in preparation for the PS4, and thought about buying one on release for my oldest boys.
    If my mother had not bought one for them, I do not think I would have.

    I even bought a couple seasons of clone wars and would have continued except I had downloaded quite a few to Vita and when memory card issues took place am beig told I can not redownload them.

    I enjoy your hardware and do not mind paying for it, no matter how many times family has ran off with it or it has been replaced.
    But, you really need to work out the kinks with PSN.

  • @3, How are you playing Uncharted 4, Project Beast? @_@

  • @ Rezolution77, Stop Whining about getting FREE GAMES You crybaby

  • @8, Guess what? many peoples do like basketball such as NBA 2K series so deal with it

  • Since there is a 1250 character limit.

    I am playing Borerlands 2 – Vita.
    (Never played it on PS3, and although there are issues, I really enjoy games with character developement with noticeable changes in gameplay and changes in enviorrment to appoach them differently)
    And Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 – hard, when my kids are not playing Minecraft.

    The Rayman sale was nice, since I have missed them before.
    Had to pick up Rayman 2(psone), and Rayman 3 HD.

    But useless, if I buy a PS4.

  • So @10……..that was whining?

    Pease tell me you will never have kids, or at least will find a real grown up to raise them.

    Your not even a Plus subscriber, so …………

  • I’m playing: Resident Evil 4, WWE 2K14, GTA 5, Watch Dogs on PS4
    I’m watching: Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, NHL Playoffs, NBA playoffs, MLB, French open, WWE, TNA, ROH
    I’m Listening to: CM Punk’s Theme Song, Hart Foundation Theme song

  • @13, Sony has much bigger things to worry about than you like focusing on E3…

  • im just gonna put this here cus i have no idea where to post….. but i think Sony should allow you to rent ps4 games in the market, like they do in the playnow beta

  • Im playing: The Witch and the Hundred Knight (still stuck)
    Im watching: Mobile Suit Z Gundam (again)
    Im listening: Thunder Force III, IV and V OST (im kinda of an old-timer)

  • just got ‪#‎watch_dogs‬ for the ps4. the game is like no other. i do have to say i wish the put more though in to the design of the npc walking around. same people different clothing saying the same stuff is annoying the hell out of me. if i hear another rap about signing boobies. just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • ch8882002usnavy

    Playing : Wolfenstein: The New Order, Watchdogs, Transistor, and Playstation Now PS4 Beta
    Watching: Xmen: Days of Future Past, Godzilla, Anchorman 2, Futurama, and Family Guy
    Listening: Pandora

  • BigBossLegendary

    I’m playing: Watch_Dogs, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC), DC Universe Online (PS4), and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

    I’m watching: Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, Military Arms Channel, TheAlexJonesChannnel (all of which are on Youtube)

    I’m listening to: Mileena’s Theme from MK 9 (2011) OST.

    I’m reading: PlayStation Blog and anything E3 2014 related!

    (not sure if ‘I’m reading’ was official or added by the community? Did it anyway : P )
    btw, update on my journey to platinum MGS series! I have platinum MGS2 & MGS3!
    Working on MGS4 now.

    But for the moment, going to HACK in Watch_Dogs watch out!

  • I’m playing: Wolfenstein the new order, Watch_Dogs, Mario Kart 8
    I’m watching: Fast & Furious
    I’m listening to: Mario Kart 8 music

  • I’m Playing: Borderlands 2(Vita), Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD(Vita)
    I’m watching: House M.D.
    I’m listening: Tron Legacy OST

  • Pretty cool picture of “Watch Dogs” on the front page. That’s what the game was supposedly going to look like when they unveiled it 2 years ago, sadly it wasn’t the case for the final game.

  • densetsu_desu85

    I´m playing: Uncharted Golden Abyss (Vita), Limbo (Vita), Velocity Ultra (Vita)
    i´m watching: Monogatari Series Second Season
    I´m listening: Serj Tankian, Andymori

  • Really can’t wait for E3! It’s going to be totally epic.

    I’m playing: Danganronpa, Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends, Puppeteer and Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
    I’m watching: JoJos Bizarre Adventure, Fairy Tail 2014 and Haikyuu
    I’m listening to: Combichrist and the Metal Gear Rising OST

  • @3: You’re listening to the new Tool album?! You are from a very very very distant future?! Like 2020? (I can’t wait for the new album anymore… is to painfull)

    I´m playing: Dark Soul 2, Uncharted Golden Abyss (Vita)
    i´m watching: 24 mostly…
    I´m listening: The Dear Hunter – Migrant

  • No flash sales :/

  • Extremely hyped for E3! I’m hoping for more info on Uncharted 4 and some new announcements.

    I’m playing: Watch_Dogs (ps4), Ni No Kuni and Wolfenstein (ps3), Stealth Inc (vita)
    I’m watching: the Alien movies, 24, Game of Thrones
    I’m listening: The Used – Imaginary Enemy, All Time Low – Don’t Panic

  • Anyone know if sony is still handing out betas for ps now?if so hi sony waving hand frantically..

  • @29

    Yep, they are, and they just started the PS4 beta codes on 5/20.

  • I’m playing: South Park Stick of Truth, (just finished Tales of Xilia)
    I’m watching: NBA playoffs
    I’m listening to: podcasts

  • There was no 99 cent indie flash sale this week. I wish we could of got Limbo for free on the PlayStation 3 as well. : (

  • I’m playing: Conception 2, Mind;Zero, and Uncharted
    I’m watching: Yuru Yuri
    I’m listening to: yucat – Berserk Machine

  • I’m playing: Final Fantasy XIV, Watchdogs
    I’m watching: Game of Thrones, Naruto Shippuden
    I’m listening to: Transistor Soundtrack

  • Waching people get upset on the blog is sad but entertaining lol

    I am playing: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Puppetee
    I am watching: Pokemon Indigo League
    I am listening to: Nana Mizuki

  • I can’t wait to hear the news from E3. (One year I will go to E3…..One day….)

    I’m playing: Watch_Dogs, Final Fantasy XIV
    I’m watching: The World Wars (History channel)
    I’m listening to: Talk Dirty- Jason Derulo

  • Just over a week until E3, but until then… what am I playing?

    I’m playing: Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4 (PS4)
    I’m watching: Sons of Anarchy (Netflix, PSVita)
    I’m listening to: Kid Rock

  • Playing: Infamous Second Son (because Amazon just had it for $37), next up – Tomb Raider
    Watching: Mad Men, next up – The Americans
    Listening: Chevelle

  • Playing: (Vita) Gravity Rush 2, Dark Cloud 3, (PS4) Heavenly Sword 2, Valkyria Chronicles HD Collection
    Watching: The History of Final Fantasy
    Listening to: Kingdom Hearts OST, Final Fantasy XIV OST

  • @ Rezolution77: Not that you’ll see this, but now you “can” actually re-download videos purchased on PSN. Used to be that you could not, but they updated it sometime last year. The cool thing is, I can even stream videos I purchased on PS3 on my PS4 using Video Unlimited. The streaming quality sometimes goes all wonky, but hey, no need to take up another 30GB of HDD space for all the episodes.

    I’m playing: Watch_Dogs, Warframe, Killzone: Shadow Fall
    I’m watching: Archer Vice
    I’m listening to: The sounds of the cars in Watch_Dogs, as the songs got old real fast.

  • @ davidxraw, I wish there was a flash sale on dlc. Games are great but DLC makes them last longer. I kinda want to pick up the rest of the Mass Effect DLC and Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning without spending a ton of cash.

    I’m playing: Dark Souls 2, SSX, Witch and the Hundred Knight, FFX HD on Vita, Spelunky
    i’m watching; Archer, Futurama, and that 70’s show on Netflix, Definance, Boardwalk Empire, and the Wire on Amazon Prime
    I’m listening to: Daft Punk Alive 2007 album and Spotify

  • @40 Thats what I thought too, it is why I began buying them.

    However, something changed again.

    I can not download them through Vita, or PS3.
    They will not even show on Vita, and PS3 will simply do nothing.

    Customer Service said We’re sorry, nothing we can do and had NO IDEA about the change.

    Horrible Service, something needs changed BAD.

  • I know this much.

    I will NOT switch to a PS4 untill certain changes are made, or buy another movie.

    These may be my last days with Sony…….ever.

  • watchdogs is sadly a huge upset, way to easy even on hardest difficulty… flying threw side missions no problem all it is pretty much is time consuming to go all across the map collecting things, no challenge wat so ever, maybe for a 6 year old following straight lines might be hard but im very disappointed in it. I hope to god destiny isnt as bad as this, or for that matter h1z1 and dying light

  • Ubisoft has issued a temporary fix for Watch Dogs “90% Loading Bug”. This bug is a nasty one and results in gamers being unable to continue playing the game. It occurs when players download or claim any item via Uplay Store.

    Here is what the temporary solution from Ubisoft reads. The publisher has promised to fix this issue permanently via patch which is currently in development at Ubisoft Montreal.

  • ChaoticAssault31

    I’m playing: Watch Dogs (PS4), MLB The Show 14 (PS4)
    I’m watching: Bones, Duck Dynasty, House of Cards
    I’m listening to: JJ Heller

    I’m waiting for: The Last of Us Remastered

    I’m really hoping for an announcement at E3 where they will be like “SURPRISE it’s going to be released Friday (or the week after)”. Please don’t announce it for August.


  • hey Rezolution77 have you tried using the video now app on one of your kids ps4’s after logging into it to see if the purchased video content shows up because the ps4 only streams purchased/rented video content instead of downloading a drm video file for local use that is only accessible to the system it was on as long as video content is authorized for use on the system.

    playing watch dogs(ps4), transistor (ps4), skyrim (ps3), mugan souls (ps3), no heros allowed no puzzles either (vita), drakes fortune (vita)
    watching: black lagoon, robot chicken
    listening to: M.O.V.E. (multiple albums)

  • Haven’t picked up Watch Dogs yet; however, I did watch a dog today.

  • Worst interpretation of Chicago EVER!!!!

    Really a mountain in the northwest corner with a hydroelectric dam?!?!

    This must be how it is for those that live anywhere and see some show or film shot in Canada which is supposed to be in the US…

    This is the worst Chicago simulation by anybody ever!!!

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