New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Screenshots Revealed

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New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Screenshots Revealed

We know it’s been a while since you’ve seen anything Kingdom Hearts related, and with absolute pleasure we’re excited to share with you a brand new batch of screenshots today for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX for PS3.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX never launched in North America, and it features the origin story of Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX includes completely remastered graphics, which makes the D-Links, Shotlocks, and the triple protagonist story lines of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua better than ever. If that wasn’t enough, this game is a seamless port of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep from the PSP to the PS3.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIXKingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

Kingdom Hearts II FINAL MIX brings back the trio of Sora, Donald, and Goofy to traverse once again through the worlds of Christmas Town (Nightmare Before Christmas) and Space Paranoids (Tron). The never-before released version for North America showcases one of the greatest battles to ever commence between Sora and Roxas. Kingdom Hearts II FINAL MIX brings all sorts of additional new content including new enemies, mini-games, items, and much more.

Last, but certainly not least, HD remastered cinematics of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded round out the compilation of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. Not only was this game fully remastered into high quality graphics, but a number of the most memorable battles have also been recreated into full cutscenes.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

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If you didn’t already pick it up, KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX is available for purchase everywhere. So if you don’t have a copy yet, you may even be able to find the super rare limited edition that contains the 24 page artbook packaging. You can buy it here.

2014 will be an exciting year for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, so make sure you stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information! Please feel free to leave a comment or question below if you want to chat about the game!

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4 Author Replies

  • Day one just like when the other one came over. ^^

  • I REALLY wanted this collection on the Vita….

  • Is there a release date yet? if not will it at least be released in U.S. in 2014? i remember square enix saying that they were trying to release a kingdom hearts game each year and there hasn’t been one this year. Will there be a collectors edition? oh, and O.O Jack sparrow touched Sora’s keyblade now hes gonna be a keyblade master too.

  • And I really wanted to be able to play Birth by Sleep on the Vita….

  • Will birth by sleep final mix have online multiplayer like the one on psp had ad hoc and all?

  • By the way why isnt birth by sleep on ps store yet? if you are allowed to answer that.

  • i cant wait i want to see what come with 2.5 bookcase again ? maybe lol

  • >Advertises HD collection
    >Posts 640×360 screenshots

  • yes yes yes yes yes

  • kingdomheartstf

    Do the links on the pictures lead to a 404 for anyone else?

    Kaori, will Birth by Sleep have online multiplayer?
    Will the new cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix be voiced?
    Do you know roughly how long the Cinematics for Re:coded are?

    Sorry for all the questions :)

  • I hope you have a Collector’s Edition. Looking forward to this and KH3.

  • Will be locking myself in my room for a week or so to play and plat this HD collection. Love Kingdok hearts and the whole series and I have a tattoo of the oathkeeper and oblivion keyblades to prove it lol. Really hope there is a collector’s edition for the bundle. The games are starting to look gorgeous too. Great job SE! Blow us away at E3!!

  • Will there be a limited edition for KH HD 2.5 ReMIX like for 1.5 HD?

  • Please Release Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria on Playstation Store

  • Please Release Kingdom Hearts 2 on Playstation Store

  • Please Bring Kingdom Hearts 2 to Playstation Vita

  • Please remaster Final Fantasy XII on PS3

  • Please remaster Final Fantasy XII for PS Vita

  • Please remaster Final Fantasy XII for PS3

  • There’s no release date for 2.5 HD yet? This all looks fantastic, but a release date would really kick things into gear.

  • will it be available on digital for ps4

  • Too late…This would’ve been cool a year ago but at this point my PS4 is the main gaming machine while the PS3 collects dust. Hope this will be available on PS Now, that’s the only way I’ll get around to playing it…

  • This is a day one purchase for me. Just say the date, hell I will even skip work that day and I don’t do that for videogames anymore.

  • Where the hell is the digital version of the 1.5 remix, for christ sake?

    I’ve gone full digital and find it incomprehensible that this game didn’t get a PSN release.

  • rafael_martines

    I really wanted that this game have dual audio :(

  • Can we one on the ps4? that would be the best!

  • oh man Im so excited for this. I only wish it was also on Vita like FFX HD or at least on PS4 so it could be remote played on Vita :/

  • Seeing_Red_Again

    Is it releasing in North America this year? Also will you ever do a Kingdom Hearts Re: 358/2 Days? It’s really the other half of Kingdom Hearts II, the series is not complete without getting to play it

    • Hello, we’re excited to say YES! You will see Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX this year. Also, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was in the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX compilation that came out last fall. You can find a link above in the blog post to buy it now! Thanks!

  • OMG. It’s beautiful!

  • I would LOVE this on my PSVita Sony….L-O-V-E…I’d pay full price!

  • @Clocktowe015 Really, 17 Times? Can you…Please not…

  • @39 That’s included as cinematic sequences in KH HD 1.5 Remix

  • This game seriously needs to come out now!!! Playing through 1.5 HD Remix now (I got the limited edition copy with the artbook). I hope 2.5 HD Remix has a similar collector’s edition too!!

  • Incredible. Thank you for updating us with this. As a KH fan since the first game and an owner or the rare limited edition of KH 1.5, I look forward for to the release date to pre order and any new information revealed at E3. The KH series has literally made an impact on me and seeing this coming in HE with Final Mix content is a pure joy.

    Also, is there any chance of Kingdom Hearts avatars for the PSN? I still use the theme that came with Kh 1.5. An avatar featuring Master Xehanort is something I would look forward to, as he is my favorite video game antagonist.

    Good luck at E3! I look forward to more information.

  • “…but a number of the most memorable battles have also been recreated into full cutscenes.”

    You do not even realize how much I’ve wanted that for the “cinematic” treatment of Days. Especially the proper final boss encounters, but also for the late-game devices (mentioned in an included cutscene, but then never seen or mentioned again) and the confrontation with Saïx. Not to mention all the Disney-world shenanigans vignetted throughout, with the events of Beast’s Castle being the more pertinent in my memory.

    Really, I’d’ve liked best to see the two NDS entries properly remade as playable PlayStation titles; the unique boss Heartless and multiplayer modes for Days, and the many and varied playstyles of Re:coded, which I hope are presented as such in 2.5 (of all the worlds, Olympus Coliseum became a classic JRPG battle system!). But, hey, maybe if KH3D is ever ported over, it may be seen fit to properly overhaul its predecessors.

  • Will Birth By Sleep support local and/or online multiplayer in the arena?

  • With Kingdom Hearts 1.5 a theme was bundled with it for pre-ordering. It would be awesome if you bundled in some avatars for 2.5. Xion, Xemnas, Aqua, Riku, and Roxas avatars please.

  • Release them on the PS4 too please.

  • @46 Hear, hear! I wanted that ‘recreated into full cutscenes’ treatment for 358/2 Days as well… I felt that the story they were telling there was deserving of a playable version – far more so than re:coded, though I enjoyed that as well. Xion’s story was and is one of my favorites in the franchise – heartbreaking in the same way that Ven, Aqua and Terra’s story is.

    I’m excited for 2.5 and very excited to play BBS:FM… and I truly hope S-E will bring DDD to an HD form as well. I’d like to see a PS4 port with tweaked flowmotion mechanics and touchpad mechanics for diving into enemies/objects/etc during battle.

    As an aside, as much of a ‘multiplayer gaming’ person I’m NOT, the MP modes in both BBS and Days were some of my favorite experiences. I’d like to see that supported for the 2.5 compilation.

  • I remeber getting a PSP go and leaving money on my account for months waiting for Birth by Sleep. Then SE pulled some BS… I’ll never forget that BS

  • Please give us a release date that is all I need…

  • Still waiting for 1.5, 2.5 and/or a native KH spin-off to come to Vita!

    Make it happen, Squenix!

  • Release this for Vita i’ll gladly pay whatever price u put

  • *given it’s not a sucky port like GOW HD Collection on Vita

  • Please bring these HD remakes of KH to the PS4 (on disc) and I will buy them!

  • It would be a breath of fresh air to have a SINGLE DISCUSSION ABOUT A PS3 EXCLUSIVE WITHOUT PORTBEGGING. That aside…

    Just stop teasing us Square, give us the release date already! I’m always day one for KH2! Please consider not locking difficulty trophies to multiple playthroughs! They should stack like most game developers do!

  • Kaori / Square Enix folks,

    This looks great! With that said…

    Please make more of your releases available on PSN. I own the physical Kingdom Hearts 1.5, but I’d gladly switch to digital if it were available. It’s sad that the Eidos side of the business is so dominant in the digital space while the Square side is so spotty.

    I’d also love to have some of your backcatalog (Valkyrie Profile 2, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth on PSP, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on PSP, Dragon Quest VIII, etc) available for my PS3 and/or Vita. It is so great to have the first 10 Final Fantasy games available on there… I’d love to round it out with some of these others!

    And I’m holding out hope for a Final Fantasy XII remaster available on PS3 and Vita… or that rumored localization of FF Type-0!

  • @ChibiMrBubbles (#57) — Square Enix offers so few opportunities for players to provide feedback to direct employees that the portbegging has to happen somewhere.

    It’s hard to understand why a company that has such an established fanbase on Playstation and which has had such financial woes lately doesn’t want to make more money off its backcatalog, especially when some of those games would require a minimal investment to get online compared to launching, say, a C-list niche title like Drakengard 3.

    We could make the “Disney Vault” argument (how Disney only sells its old movies for a short time before taking them off the market to rebuild demand for future editions), but it becomes moot when the Eidos side of the business is all over the digital side of things to the point that Hitman, Tomb Raider, Just Cause 2 and Deus Ex are constantly featured titles in Amazon Digital / Steam / PSN / XBLA digital sales.

    One idea I’d love for Square Enix to try — turn to crowdsourcing (like Amplitude just did) to fund the re-release of these older titles. That way, there’d be almost zero risk and tons of free marketing from the hardcore fans.

  • I need Square Enix to make an exclusive FF for the Vita. Dissidia Tredecim anyone?

  • @ 24 I agree, man. I’ve pretty much gone all digital and am still waiting for it on PSN. I’m also waiting for some of the older titles to be made available as well like God of War III, Fallout, Orange Box, etc…

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