5 Things To Know About Blue Estate on PS4

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5 Things To Know About Blue Estate on PS4

Hi PlayStation.Blog Readers, this is Viktor Kalvachev, author of Blue Estate comic books also working at HESAW. Today, I wanted to introduce you to our little baby: Blue Estate on PS4, a brand new rail shooter taking advantage of DualShock 4’s gyroscopic features. We’ve tried to sum up everything in five points to give you an overview of the game. Get ready for a helluva ride!

1: Blue Estate – the comics behind the game

Blue Estate is a critically-acclaimed and award-nominated graphic novel, and has been created by Viktor Kalvachev and Kosta Yanev.

Blue Estate was published by Image Comics a couple of years ago with the Graphic Novel coming out this September. In a Tarantino-esque noir style narrative, a clueless private eye stumbles into tense relations between several LA crime organizations.

Blue Estate is a high-octane adrenaline mix of violent comedy, tangled alliances, mistaken identities, desperate heroes, ruthless villains, bad decisions, and maximum firepower. The inspiration for the whole universe comes from the movies of Guy Ritchie, Tarantino, and Elmore Leonard. The game is a prequel of Blue Estate Season 1.

2: DualShock 4 makes it easy

This is probably the best part of the game — the controls. With the PS4 version we really wanted to bring the original arcade light gun feeling back without players having to buy extra accessories, so we decided to use the new gyroscope feature and the result was amazing. It takes only seconds to get used to and hours to master. You basically point the controller and squeeze the trigger; you don’t ever have to use the joysticks. For all the gestures we’re using the touch pad, which gives the opportunity for unique gameplay experiences, depending on how players choose to hold and interact with the controller. It works and it’s addictive.

Why a rail shooter? The team felt nostalgic to the genre of light gun shooters and the gameplay inspirations came from old titles like Time Crisis, Virtua Cop, and House of the Dead. With the next-gen technologies of PlayStation, we saw the opportunity to bring back this fun to the players.

3: A crazy story served with crazy characters

Blue Estate is a darkly funny on-rails shooter with a crazy story about surreal characters, told by a clueless private detective, who’s being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Procrastination. It’s funny, ridiculous and unpredictable, bringing back the joy of arcade light gun shooters. It’s not to be taken seriously, but consumed as a shot of entertainment with a killing spree twist.

Blue Estate on PS4Blue Estate on PS4

Two characters are playable in Blue Estate: Tony and Clarence. Tony is the only son of Don Luciano, the Boss of the West Coast Mafia. He grew up in the shadow of his powerful father, who is constantly disappointed in him. Tony hates the world and the world hates him back. He starts being a proud owner of a strip club who is looking at the bright future of maybe becoming “the Don” one day, when his arrogance turns everything around, dragging him down to rock bottom.

It all begins when a rival gang (The Sik Bros) kidnaps Tony’s best dancer Cherry, the only person he has a soft spot for. Tony goes to their club to get her back and thanks to his “sophisticated diplomacy skills” things get out of hand before he can finish his first sentence. He manages to start a war he can’t win and this is where the second playable character comes in — Clarence, the complete opposite of Tony. Clarence is an ex-navy seal trying to come up with 75 grand to save his mom’s house from foreclosure. He steps in this world of mobsters as a poor man, hired to clean Tony’s mess and thanks to his skills and patience soon becomes the best hit-man of the Italian mob, whether he wants it or not.

4: Some not-so-kind enemies

On the graphic side, we knew from the beginning that we wanted a lot of different characters. This is not a military game. We wanted every single character to be unique in term of design.

We also wanted the diversity of the enemies to be transcribed into the gameplay, meaning different attack patterns. Some enemies will attack you with melee combat while others will take cover and choose the best timing to shoot you from a long distance — or even throw grenade at you.

Blue Estate on PS4

5: Share the action

We have a local co-op multiplayer mode in the game and it’s a lot of fun. We don’t see the gun anymore, but just the two crosshairs. There are plenty of things to discover each time you play and we’ve made it very difficult to survive in multiplayer mode, so you really need a buddy you can rely on and a strategy to complete each level.

Thanks to complete scoring system, players can manage to challenge their scores with a tons of features: headshots, nutshots, multiple combos, etc.

Hope that piques your interest. For any info about the game, feel free to visit the official website and drop by our Facebook page.

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  • This has definitely piqued my interest. I have never heard of this title until now and can’t wait to play. The controls is what sold me. Hope it turns out great.

  • Omg, a rail shooter? Give it to me now! I hope you guys are looking into Move support as well :).

  • Seems to be a cool idea, hope it turns out well.

  • Comic story AND rail shooter?? Yes please!

  • Nice! That looks really cool. :)

  • Thank you for doing something different. Efforts like this are the ones I support. And local multiplayer? Count me in.

  • Man this looks really cool. Hope it turns out great and has a decent interesting story.

    What rating are u going for? T or M?

  • 6. It’s coming to PS Vita as well.

    Thank you dear Sony for your warm Support as usual.

  • The guy on the main page for the game looks like Taye Diggs,just trowing that out there.

  • I will check this out for me and kids .

  • Hell yeah! Mabey Move control can be added later too. I want to try the new controls first but my Move is just collecting dust lolz It sounds like fun!

  • Dangisuckatgamin

    No online Coop? :(

  • @8

    You’re sounding like a broken record, and an especially unhelpful one here. We get it. You think that every single game ever made should also be ported to the Vita and that most other games should be Vita exclusives. And sure, for a game like Aaru’s Awakening, I see your point and it should come to Vita–why not?

    But obviously the gyroscope and touch controls in the DualShock 4 were one of the driving forces, perhaps even the INSPIRATION, for this game. That can’t be recreated faithfully, for different reasons, on a PS3 or on a Vita, so all of a sudden the entire controls need to be rethought out, and possibly that will significantly affect how the game plays even to the point of level design.

    But your Vita is too close to your face for you to see that.

  • Looks fun.

  • You lost me at rail shooter. :smh:

  • Hmm… Any plans to support the PS4 camera for tracking the dualshock4? I understand the game is trying to reach the widest audience without the requirement of the camera, but the DS4 controller was designed to work with the camera for just this purpose, so having it as another “high precision” aiming option would be cool.

    Game looks interesting, I’ll have to check it out.

  • Awe yeah this is fantastic and I read the comic as well this is gonna be superb another game that I will be getting as well. Indie games as I’ve said before are amazing and the experiences from playing indie games are originality at its best!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is seriously a PS4 game???
    You kidding, right?

    Oh man, the Next-Gen sure is outstanding, it’s just like the past gen, but with less games.

  • Hi,
    Super excited for this game, but I have a few questions about it:
    -What control methods are available besides DS4(Move, Mouse, ect) ?
    -Can you disable the crosshair and 3D gun model(in singleplayer) ?
    -Is there a Time Crisis like cover system(I might tear down a controller and rewire the crouch button to a pedal)?
    -Also can you use the PS camera to recognize you crouching and leaning a- la Police 911?
    -If the reload system works similarly to HOTD is there an option to shoot-outside-the-screen-to-reload?

    Glad to see some love for lightgun games, and I hope you guys nail down all the control methods and nuances that are so important in a genre like this.

  • Hm, looks really cool. The graphics look pretty awesome too!

  • Go do all of yourselves a favor and go get the comics series published from Image Comics. The Art team is great and the Story is pretty tight, all around fantastic and accessible true crime book: http://www.blueestatecomic.com/fun-page.html

    Might be worth checking out this game, as long as the plot/dialogue is good.


  • looking good but any ETA ? or price ?

  • I’ve never heard of this but it sounds rather interesting. Glad PS4 gets another interesting looking game.

  • Surprisingly this interests me. Hope there is a demo or maybe its gonna be a PLUS game . Either way I will check it out. Good thinking.

  • BTW if you read the comic book it will tell you the PRICE for people asking….

  • That screenshot above looks last gen. I’m sorry everyone but those graphics are pants. Will pass.

  • I’m not saying this doesn’t sound interesting, but I find it interesting that when an FPS has a “rail-shooter” sequence it always gets bashed and “everyone” hates it. But, this calls itself a rail-shooter in its entirety and there are tons of positive comments…

  • Is this PSN only?

    No disc – no sale.

    I need a physical release to warrant a purchase.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    @ 13 TangoThief – Ru serious? condemning someone else for hoping 2 games come to Vita, very mature. Ru a Vita hater or ru just jealous because u don’t have one? 1st off in this very article (see 2:) they basically are saying the game will be out on other platforms by stating “with the PS4 version we wanted to” so your argument that the DS4 was the inspiration & that they couldn’t port it is likely wrong. Also, u claim that they could never port it to Vita because the game uses the DS4’s gyroscope & touch functions….umm the Vita has 2 touchscreens & a gyroscope which has already been incorporated as an optional control on many of its shooters. TangoThief please read this, u don’t make sense. For the record Aaru’s Awakening is ideal for the Vita & since the Vita completely mirrors the functions of the DS4 i don’t see why it couldn’t come to Vita as well – i’d LOVE to see it on Vita. Italodancemp3 is right – more ports & more Vita exclusives are i want.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    @ 18 & 26 – Yes “seriously” it is totally a PS4 game…. just like Octodad & Awesomenauts were PS4 games. For the ppl that only understand cod games – yes they make non AAA games too! They even make indie games on the PS4! We have games like Towerfall Ascension, Steamworld Dig, & even the graphical powerhouses of Soundshapes & Flow on the PS4…….. and they are all excellent games. Honestly Blue Estate looks fine (graphically) to me, the visuals are one of the intriguing things imo they’re on par with the Visuals of Outlast. I like the fact that u can see your hand & gun instead of just the crosshairs (HOTD style). Game looks great, visuals & all.

  • @ 30

    Please don’t be so entitled, one of my favorite games of last gen is an indie. Also, you don’t have to be so effing defensive about indie games since there are lots of them that are total crap, just like big studio games.
    What I meant is that this game could be perfectly a PS3 PSN game, that’s all, just like many other indie games released on PS4.
    I would be interested in this game if it wasn’t for the moronic move from Sony, that is to start placing all the new indie or small PSN games on PS4 only so people don’t cry about their lack of games, and so the other rest think that they need buy a PS4 to play those games (when they could be on PS3… or even fricking Vita)

  • iamtylerdurden1

    @ 31 – The PS4 is very new and the 8+ million PS4 owners do need games to play, the PS3 has a gigantic catalogue so ur right they’re trying to get games out on the PS4 is that so wrong? I’m sure they could’ve made this game on PS3 but just like any multiplatform game it will be better on PS4 and as an owner of both i would prefer to play games on the PS4 for the superior controller alone. I can see why a non PS4 owner would get mad but honestly u really should buy a PS4 (not tryin to be a jerk). For the record the PS4 has a GREAT library of games (for its age) from exclusives to indies to F2P to all the multiplatform games. Also, i’m not a HUGE indie fan i’m a fan of all games…..except Titanfall & Magic the Gathering & some real time strategy games & most cod games & Halo 3 & Too Human & Forza 5………….and the second Toejam & Earl game on Sega.

  • Id really prefer you use the move controller in a shooter. The sharpshooter especially makes gun games a lot more fun

    And id buy it on the spot if you used vita as the scope like Silent Scope

  • @32
    No wonder the videogame industry is dead, there are too many gamers like you. It’s saddening.
    The solution (in this case) is so simple… but maybe too “advanced” for certain people: Releasing the games on PS3 AND PS4.
    But no, PS4 users force themselves to think they made a good purchase with all the “big variety” of games for their PS4.
    Are you effing kidding me?! It almost has no games. Buying a new console on the first year is plain stupid because it obviously will have a serious lack of games! (And its current exclusives aren’t even THAT good)
    PS4 users force themselves to think that they have the entitlement to claim the right to have PS3 games on their PS4 so they think they are molding a “great library” (on indie crap), which is hilarious and sad.
    And seriously, there aren’t too many good indie games.
    And F2P games are everything wrong in the industry right now.

    Also, your taste is horrible. You defend indies so much, yet you overlooked a lot of the GOOD ones for f’s sake.

    I won’t bother with you anymore.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    @ 34 – “viewtiful_Gene” 1st ru a guy or girl? It’s hard to tell with the pink avatar homey. 2nd i’m sorry ur too poor to afford a PS4 or a Vita for that fact (& u call yourself a ps gamer). Did your mum buy u a PS3 that she got on sale last black friday & now u feel like a “real gamer” with “real” opinions. That is alot of laughing…and nobody is laughing with u, how old ru? I was naming indie PS4 games btw not necessarily ones i like but ones that were rated highly – i’ve never played Steamworld dig, Towerfall, Octodad, or Awesomenauts but i would. Also, how do u know they’re bad games….u dont have a PS4 haha. Yes, i did 100% Journey & i have Flower & some of the other indies that u say are good because game informer tells u so (btw Hell Yeah is a splendid lttle game) but i also enjoyed Mercenary Kings, Don’t Starve, & Resogun which were free on PS4 (too bad u missed those). I feel bad for u beeing such a 1/2 hearted casual gamer, u will never know the joy of picking up your new console or game on launch day (or midnight) as i have with the PS2,360, PS3, & PS4. Bargain bin is it? U must be new to blu-ray, isn’t it thrilling? I feel bad for u having to play a lesser version of games.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    @ 34 – I honestly wasn’t tryin to be a jerk with comment #32 but now u dragged me in to your mother’s basement with u. How could u not want new tech/consoles/games & consider yourself a gamer? Do u even care about E3? GDC? PAX? The PS4 is the fastest selling console….ever. The “industry” is bigger than ever, sure making a game now is riskier than ever but that’s just because all ppl like u want to buy is MW3. U hate F2P’s because u can’t play Warframe (which is awesome) or Planetside2 (june 30th) or War Thunder (june 3rd) or Deep Down (tell me u don’t wanna play Deep Down?) or Blacklight ect. U say the PS4 has no good games but that’s because u can’t play 2nd Son (which is awesome) or Shadowfall (also awesome) or Resogun which is Stunningly great. In the next yr there will be so many spectacular games launching PS4/next gen only that u will be begging the government for bigger checks so u can buy a PS4 – 1886, Arkham Knight, Project Beast, U4, GoW4, Homefront Revolution, Driveclub, the Division, the Crew, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture ect ect (are those bad games?) Compare the PS4 to PS3 versions of NBA2k, MLB, Wolfenstein, NFS, AC4 ect, add in dvr recording/livestream & the ds4, it’s reason enough for me.

  • Just tried the demo and good thing. If the controls actually worked I would have bought it but they don’t. About halfway through the first level the game couldn’t read where my controller was and therefore I just kept being killed. To even get the game to see the controller I had to turn sideways and hold the controller in an uncomfortable position. Because of this I have to pass.

  • @37
    The same problem for me. Impossible to play like this.

    Btw, why this game does not use camera?!

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