GT6 Update 1.08 Brings Mitsubishi Vision GT and Senna Tribute

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GT6 Update 1.08 Brings Mitsubishi Vision GT and Senna Tribute

GT Fans! Polyphony has been working hard for weeks to deliver one of the most anticipated updates to date. Best of all, everything is available for free through an in-game update so owners of GT6 can experience both the Mitsubishi Vision GT and Senna Tribute starting tonight!

Mitsubishi Vision Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo 6: Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran TurismoGran Turismo 6: Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo

The Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision GT makes its debut exclusively on GT6 tonight. Utilizing advanced development technology from the Plug-in Hybrid EV System, the spontaneous power of the motor and powerful torque of the engine is transmitted through an 8-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) to drive all four wheels. It’s overwhelming drive performance is controlled precisely with the S-AWC vehicle dynamics control system that distributes the drive force optimally, producing handling characteristic that move the car precisely.

Owners of GT6 can either purchase the concept vehicle from the Vision GT option within the main menu or for a limited time, you can be rewarded with the car by completing the dedicated Mitsubishi Vision GT Seasonal Event.

Senna Tribute – Are you faster than Senna?

Gran Turismo 6: SennaGran Turismo 6: Senna

After much anticipation, the Senna Tribute is available tonight in GT6, allowing you to experience Senna’s most celebrated moments in his career, including his record pole position times on Monza and Brands Hatch with the Lotus 97T.

The Senna Tribute will also give you an insiders look at the origins of the legendary driver through a dedicated gallery mode, and it also features unique event challenges where you can earn Senna’s DAP Racing Kart #17, West Surrey Racing F3 racecar, as well as Senna’s 1980, 1983, and 1985 special outfits

The question is however, are you faster than Senna? If so, there are two new trophies for you to earn, including:

  • Hero’s Trophy: Complete all Senna Tribute Events
  • Senna Master: Earn Gold on all Senna Tribute Events

For more info on 1.08 Update, be sure to check out and the official GT Facebook.

See you on the GT6 circuit!

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2 Author Replies

  • Awesome awesome awesome!

  • Great! Hoping for those GT6 rumors for PS4 are fake so the PD team can concentrate in making GT7, hoping to be miles better than DC, can’t wait for E3!

  • Excuse the rant, if you will:

    I’m guessing this doesn’t resolve the issue where this game actively tries to implode my 60gb phat PS3. Being obviously hyperbolic to drive the point across, but it doesn’t diminish or invalidates the fact that I (and if google is to be believed, other people as well) can’t play this game for more than 10 minutes on a “phat” PS3. Aside this one game, my PS3 runs flawlessly; both with disc games and downloads. I’ve even tried switching HDs (with a completely clean one, to make sure nothing was corrupted), vacum-cleaned the vents on the PS3. No dice. I’ve managed to get into the first race (after the tutorial run on Brands Hatch) ONCE. Didn’t manage to finish it, as it crashed around mid-first lap. The game even has the nerve to crash on the menus a couple of times. It doesn’t run hot or anything, it just crashes. Out of the blue. Puff. Dies.


  • (…)

    This is going off on a tangent, and I’m totally sure I’m being completely unreasonable, but it would be really nice if software could be tested before it hit shelves. Just to make sure it is actually compatible with the hardware it states it is compatible with. I’ve heard rumors of this black art named “Quality and Assurance”, or “Q&A”, as the wizards call it; but I’m sure it must be some myth from the dark ages. Such a magical and novel concept couldn’t possibly be real. Alas.

    Seems like a good update for the people that will manage to get it running. The car looks stellar. It’s a shame that, for whatever reason, a lot of the basic stuff from GT5 is missing in 6. Like B-Spec mode. But I’m sure having a GPS feature that about 1% of the Japanese population can enjoy is super important for your global target audience.

  • BTW: I’m not looking to flame, troll, bait, or even to have an elaborate discussion about this topic. I’m just posting the problem, to make it known.

    If you can run your game no problem, I’m really happy for you, I can run some other games that are notoriously buggy as well and I know how it feels when it is not “my problem”. And frankly, I’m not too torn up about this. I have other games to play. But if I can keep someone that could end up in a similar situation away from this issue, I would be happy and the effort would have been worth it.

    Peace out.

  • I think one comment on your phat PS3 problem is more than enough.

  • I just played i while ago then rest then when i open Gt6 1.08 update

  • Hi Ken, how are you doing?
    Let me first say it: I’M ACTUALLY BLOWN AWAY….
    I was starting to lose faith in you guys. Really… all this delays, the miscommunication with the fans, the lack of promised content…
    But hey, there is new content finally! And A SPECTACULAR ONE!

    When you answered me two weeks ago I thought you said “we are always listening” just for the sake of it, but I’m starting to recover all my hope now, after seeing the effort you’ve made with the Senna content (thank you, Ayrton deserved it)
    You are, now, in the right path to better sounds. Let’s apply that to the rest ;)
    By the way, the track creator, the community functions, the additional tracks (there is a video of an interview when you promised at least one track per month) those features are still coming? Because that would add A LOT of replay value to GT.

    Anyway, I would really appreciate if you can answer me again :)
    Thank you so much for the content.

    A proud Sony user and Gran Turismo fan.

    • Very glad to hear you are as excited as we are with the Senna Tribute experience. The Senna family was a great help throughout the process and we consider it be an honor to truly celebrate the legendary F1 driver, especially with his family’s support. There’s more to come on GT6, don’t worry!

  • Awesome update. Thank you Polyphony DIgital! We were waiting for this.

    Now, Senna fans are hoping for seeing in future the McLaren MP4/4 and the Interlagos track from 91, where he won that legendary racing with the gearbox broken. This would be the dream of all Senna fans realized.

  • @6 – BrianC6234:

    You see, because of your comment, which I’m now replying to, we currently got 5 comments about “my phat ps3 problem” instead of the original 3 (which I totally agree with you, were a bit too much. But frustration can do that to a person). Ain’t that some irony? Maybe you should have just read it, rolled your eyes at my sheer incompetence at being succinct and carried on with your night? Oh well. Just some food for thought. Maybe next time?

    At any rate: I apologize, everyone. I’ll remember take the stereotypical gamer way and go throw some death threats around on Twitter next time; that seems to be the accepted method of expression for bottled up resentment with the community. Or maybe I should have said: “Curse you developers! Never buying your stuff again! Selling my PS3! Shame on Sony, the PS4 is done” since we all know that works wonders.

    Peace out :)

  • About time I do something interesting in the game since I finished it in January…

  • Please, does anyone know what is the current file size for all the updates in GT6?

  • The patch size list goes like this:

    1.01 – 1.2 GB
    1.02 – 1.2 GB
    10.3 – 99 MB
    1.04 – 214 MB
    1.05 – 100 MB
    1.06 – 295 MB
    1.07 – 961 MB
    1.08 – 1.2 GB – I’ve read this somewhere, haven’t personally downloaded it. I tried to track the source down but couldn’t. Maybe the original poster deleted it. Anyway.

    …I don’t believe version 1.01 and 1.02 are downloaded as separate entities now, though. Meaning: if you format your HD and have to get everything again, you will just download 1.02. (the “number of files” you instal and downloads also seems to point to that direction).

    So you would have about 4GB of update data. Aside installation files and whatnots.

  • Wow! This, along with the other news of the VW Vision GT cat due in June? PD finally starting to roll out these awesome concept cars. Thank you Ken & the PD crew for everything that you do for GT6.

    On another note, I also am interested in whether or not B Spec will return. Makes grinding easier for people like me that works more than 40 hours a week.

  • I was once very very disappointed in Gran Turismo 6 when I initially received my copy on December 6 because the whole thing appeared to be incomplete like being in a barren wasteland and dreadful like the engine sounds for example. I’ve been a long time Gran Turismo fan since 1998 and it seems like it’s going downhill lately. Now my faith in the series is restored a little like EagerSnake with this new content that features Ayrton Senna. It’s obvious you guys put a lot of thought into this and I love the engine sounds of these cars, especially the West Surrey Racing F3 racecar (which I managed to win by winning the silver trophy in the second part of it). I hope to see more content and features in the near future like improved engine sounds, B-Spec, offline endurance race, etc. It seems like maybe you’re on a roll so don’t stop and keep these updates rollin’ out. :)

  • I must say this is good to see support for GT6 these cars are amazing and will be great to drive.

  • I freakin love this game and Polyphony’s support and dedication to it, I’m just blown away by this recent update, the addition to vision GT totally caught me off gaurd. Their game has turned me into such a car enthusiast, I picked up a copy of the original GT late (toward the middle of the PS2 era lol) and once I finally “got it” after getting through the trials, I haven’t looked back. Now it’s time to take on Senna!

  • What about Online Shuffle Racing?

  • Just wanted to say the mini-documentary included was excellent. Very inspirational.

  • Looking forward to new VisionS GT!

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