Fenix Rage Coming to PS4 This Year

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Fenix Rage Coming to PS4 This Year

Fenix Rage on PS4

It’s hard for me to start this blog without saying how incredibly lucky I feel, and I speak for the rest of the Green Lava Studios team of Diego Vasquez and Jose Mora when I say this. It was only a couple years ago that we debuted our first game prototype on Google Play — it was really simple with hardly any cool visuals, but it served as the backbone of what would become our current game, Fenix Rage.

To read about the official announcement that our hardcore platformer will be launching this Fall on PS4… well, for three guys who grew up in Costa Rica daydreaming about video games, it’s just incredible.

As gamers our entire lives, we had a lot of inspirations when creating Fenix Rage. We were — and still are — big fans of Sonic The Hedgehog, and that influence is seen with Fenix’s dashing attack as well as some of his animations when near an edge of a platform. The bright colors and sharp art design is something heavily influenced by Mike Mignolia’s Hellboy as well as a cartoon I personally loved from my childhood, SWAT Kats.

When it comes to gameplay, having crisp responsive control is extremely important, especially in trying to establish the perfect “flow” when going through each of the levels. When we debuted the game earlier this year at PAX East, gamers kept mentioning how awesome the controls felt — it sounds silly, but rather than being proud we got it right, the team was just relieved people felt that way!

Fenix Rage on PS4Fenix Rage on PS4

As I mentioned before, I’ve been a gamer my whole life. I played and admired games like Silent Hill, Crash Bandicoot, and Twisted Metal on my glorious PSone. Nevertheless, on Fridays after high school classes, I liked to play with my friends at a “PlayStation 2 Arcade”. What´s that? It´s simple: in Costa Rica there were few kids who had the privilege to own a PS2, and luckily in my town there was a place where 5 of these consoles could be rented by the hour. Being friends with Diego during our high school years, we had to save money all throughout the week to play there, but all this effort was worth it after I humiliated all of my friends playing as Ken in Street Fighter EX2.

Now with Fenix Rage officially announced, it’s an amazing feeling that we’re making a game on PS4. Of course, it also makes the development team more stressed as well! We have some great new modes to show off, new levels to design and perfect, more cookies to hide… but at least for today, we’re just sitting in our simple office here in Moravia, Costa Rica, just amazed about this great feeling. Our country doesn’t boast many well-known game developers so our team here feels a little bit of national pride as the first Costa Rican-made game on PS4.

Well… a little lucky, too.

Please have a look at the screenshots and video and let us know what you think. We’re very open to suggestions and ideas, and we take everyone’s feedback earnestly. So, let us know! And again, thanks for taking time to read about Fenix Rage.

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  • Nice, this looks great! You have to expect the prerequisite question for these new indie game posts: any chance for a Vita version?

    • We’re always open to the possibility of bringing Fenix Rage to other platforms, and Sony has been awesome supporting us through this process. We are a very small team (only one programmer and that would be me :D), so we also have to manage our development time very closely. So right now, I’ll just say we are open to the idea of Fenix Rage coming to the Vita cuz we agree – it would be really cool!

  • Thanks Eduardo. Looking forward to playing this in the Fall.

  • Played this at PAX East and absolutely loved it! Solid controls, addicting and extremely challenging gameplay, everything was great. Well, besides being pushed aside by someone (developer, media, I don’t remember) so that they could show the game to a friend. Not even a “Would you kindly”, just a push to the side and a hand held out for the controller.

    • Aww man!! I’m sure you missed the “Would you kindly” while I was pushing you away! lol. I´m sorry if you felt it that way! Thanks for your kind words!!

  • Vita version too, please!

  • A Vita version would be all sorts of awesome. I’ve been following this game for a while and it really looks like fun. Keep it up!

  • Game looks awesome, I can’t wait to play it! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Sony shouldn’t allow devs to create a 2D platformer for PS3 or PS4 without bringing it to Vita!

    Seriously, the Vita is the best for platformers!

  • Hi, I’m also from Moravia, Costa Rica. Cheers for this achievement, I’ll buy this day one for sure! Also, what is the video that you mentioned in the post? I don’t see the link :)

    As well as the other people said, it would be awesome to make a port to vita.

    • Hey man! Pura vida! The video is already up! Thanks for letting me know :) But yeah, we are open to the possibility of getting it on the Vita, that would totally rock!

  • I have never heard of this game before. It looks amazing!

  • Looks forgettable

  • Looks epic. My brain got excited but my thumbs look afraid. Day 1 purchase.

  • wow most unique game I’ve seen in awhile. Love the crystal clear graphics and colors. Very impressed. Great job Green Lava studios!

  • Congrats on making your debut into PC development. Seeings as thats all the PS4 is now days. I wish they would keep all this crap on at least the vita, where it belongs. Can’t wait for the PS5 maybe we’ll get ports of PSP games by then! Just Saying…!

  • And yet another indie game , should i have bought an ouya and waited till 2015 to buy my ps4. This ps vita all over. Where are the next gen retail games. And why weren they showing what ps4 was really working with as far as games go for 2014 at the e3 conference. One more why do a lot of ps3 digital games still cost 20.00 more than in stores. Why would i want to keep seeing games i already bought and played repurposed for ps4 and why is ps3 wolfenstien the same price as the ps4 version. This is on topic,indie games. Who really enjoys playing something you can play on a phone compared to a retail game i know all the computer nerds love their indie games but who the hell would want to waste the power of ps4 on agame similar in graphics to pong seriously ouya is 99.99 and lets you play all their games b4 you buy and they are all indie games. To me you guys are stalling cause your race with microsoft forced you to release too soon and game devolopers werent ready with the next gen games so you guys are giving us rereleased games and indie games to try and keep us happy

  • This looks intense. Can’t wait to play it!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Interesting concept. Looks like something that AAA devs would be too SCARED to try… :)

    I’d love to give this game a spin. It looks genuinely fun and engaging.

    Expected troll/hater response: “Bu-bu-bu-but da gwafix!”

  • I must say every indie game I hear about is amazing and I am very much excited about with pretty much every indie game announcement this will be a buy for me certainly!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yet another great platformer that should be on the PS Vita system! It’s really sad how video game developers keep ignoring the PS Vita. Both the Sony PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS are far superior entertainment consoles with the advantage of portability and yet they keep getting ignored for the big system in the living room.

  • Dont worry Eduardo, nobody is mad at you personally, we just havent been offered a fair ratio of indie to AAA games for our bramd new systems.

  • OK, what did I just watch?

    – Where is the character development?

    – Why should I care if the player character lives or dies?

    – How is this guy moving around? Does he have a jetpack? Is he magic? Did he swallow a magic bean?

    – There doesn’t seem to be any sense of simple things like gravity – I saw the guy fall and almost land, then just fly back up like nothing happened. Movement does not seem in any way logical or even enjoyable

    – Where’s the consequences? I saw the guy get zapped several times in a row and he didn’t even get knocked back or anything

    – There is such a thing as being too busy. This looks to be an epileptic’s nightmare

    – Personally, I think this is a mobile game. It says right up there you prototyped this on Android. I think if you wanted to come to a Playstation console then it should have been the Vita. A game like this works well on handheld devices, but not so much on a dedicated home gaming console

  • That’s awesome! I’ve been waiting for this since I saw the first video.
    Thanks for porting it to Playstation mate!

  • PS Vita needs this awesome game! :D

  • This is so cool. I love games like these just simply amazing. The reason bought PS4 Last year when i could pre-order the system. Awesome artwork and looks very precise controlling game. Can’t wait for fall. Games HUNGRY :D)

  • PrimeroIncognito

    BahumatIsBack said:

    – Where is the character development?

    Maybe you’ll find out if you play the game…

    – Why should I care if the player character lives or dies?

    Why should you care if ANY character lives or dies?

    – How is this guy moving around? Does he have a jetpack? Is he magic? Did he swallow a magic bean?

    He propels himself by flatulence… just like you.

    – Movement does not seem in any way logical or even enjoyable

    You don’t know if it’s enjoyable or not. You haven’t PLAYED it.

    – Where’s the consequences? I saw the guy get zapped several times in a row and he didn’t even get knocked back or anything

    Are you hallucinating? When he got hit at :20, he was temporarily frozen. Then at :36, he hit an enemy, died, and respawned. Why are you pretending you watched the video?

    – There is such a thing as being too busy. This looks to be an epileptic’s nightmare

    Not even close. It looks more like a crybaby noob gamer’s nightmare. (Too challenging! WAAAA!!!)

    – A game like this works well on handheld devices, but not so much on a dedicated home gaming console

    The silly, flawed theory that pseudo-intellectuals love parroting… Explain how this is so, please.

  • The game looks like a great one! Games like this really pique my interest. I’ll be sure to pick it up on release!

  • @primer – i know how you love to troll everybody on the blog, but you aren’t as interesting as you think you are. You’re just too boring and childish to bother with

  • Looks interesting. Nice to see that your passion comes from being an old school gamer, Eduardo.

    Nevermind the Lil’ kids and whinny New console owners who apparently are new to the hobby and console launches. Wanting and expecting nothing but AAA budget titles NOW for console the same way this brats expect a hot pocket to be done and ready to eat after 2 minutes in a microwave.
    The nerve of some of this brats, dismissing the efforts of the independent developers.

  • For those whining about indie games being on PS4 and PS Vita, you really need to appreciate the hard work the developers of these types of game put into instead of continuously pumping out a crappy game each year (i.e. Call of Duty, Madden, Assassin’s Creed, etc).:P

  • Is this PSN only?

    No disc – no sale.

    I need a physical release to warrant a purchase.

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