The Sly Cooper Collection Arrives on PS Vita Today

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The Sly Cooper Collection Arrives on PS Vita Today

Hi there. It’s been a really long time since I put out a blog post, but I have a good piece of news to pass along — The Sly Collection is launching today on PS Vita!

Now you can play all of the Sly Cooper games on the go. The Sly Collection is a single purchase that features the original Sly Cooper, Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves — for just $29.99! All three games have been remastered in widescreen HD and look amazing on the Vita’s screen.

In the first game we’re introduced to Sly Cooper and his gang as they battle his arch nemesis Clockwerk. From there the gang must fight against Clockwerk’s resurrection by the Klaww Gang in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Finally in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Sly and the gang must pull together an even bigger team of old friends and foes to take down the evil Doctor M.

The Sly Cooper Collection for PS VitaThe Sly Cooper Collection for PS Vita

Millions of gamers have enjoyed the Sly Cooper experience over the years. Now, for the first time, the games can be played and Trophies can be earned — anytime, anywhere.

Have fun, see you all at E3!

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  • Good next would be InFamous HD pack on Vita :)

  • Hey Glen since you guys did the God of War collection for the Vita as well do you have any plans for a patch for it to fix the trophy issues? I hope you do and I’m looking forward to playing all the Sly games on my Vita!

  • Also excited to hear you’ll be at E3. I hope that means you’ve got something new to show. Maybe Sly 5 for PS4?

  • FlashDrivePrime

    Question. I have the 3 games on my ps3 seperately. Do I still get the vita collection through cross buy?

  • Hey Glen, I remember you teasing the possibility of the first three Sly games coming to Vita way back when Thieves In Time was announced for it. Good to see it come to fruition! Any word on Cross-Buy for those that own the digital version on PS3? I understand that it’s Cross-Buy compatible in Europe.

  • i thought this was already on vita by now, but i guess not. $30 is way too much though for these old games.

  • LuiSpartanMIMIMI

    “Have fun, see you all at E3!”

    Hmm.. *hints* :D

    Sanzaru, I’m a big fan of Sly franchise, and you made an awesome work on Thieves in Time. You proved to be a true deserver of Sly and continue the work of Sucker Punch.

    You’re one of my favorite developers and I’m crossing fingers for a possible Sly 5 on PS4 made by you.

    Kudos to the three wise monkeys!

  • I agree with Ryu.
    Definately glad you brought them to Vita, but will also be waiting for a sale.

    Its not like it was a brand new title.

    GOW although looking better, did not play much different than the PSP versions.
    Which must be why there is not much difference in digital price.

  • Does the cartridge contain all three games or just Sly 1&2?

  • Both my youngest sons loved Thieves in Time, and played all the way through.

    Hope this is not your last Vita port.

  • Gotta ask if this will be cross-buy with the PS3 versions (meaning if you bought the trilogy on PS3, are these games free on Vita). I would assume so, since the GOW Collection was cross-buy.

  • Just got it in the mail. Can’t wait to play.

    #9: The retail game has a cartridge containing Sly 1 and 2 and a code for Sly 3.

  • I have never played the Sly games, I know some are saying the price is a bit steep, but are they fun? Just curious if I should keep my eye on this for a price drop in the future.

  • Sanzaru are developing Sonic Boom for that handheld which shan’t be named, so I wouldn’t take that E3 mention as a hint towards a new game announcement.

  • Hey, Glen, long time no read!

    Congrats on Sly Collection for Vita!

    I’d also like to express how much I enjoyed Sly 4 Thieves in Time. It’s probably my second favorite game in the Sly franchise. I’m looking forward to seeing what your next project will be. Keep up the good work. :)

  • #11: According to the EU folks where this was already released, it is cross-buy. So if you already own the digital version of the Sly Collection for PS3, you own this too. I can’t confirm this personally yet, but that’s what I’ve been told.

  • And now my comment looks silly after @14 posted. Bad timing on my part I guess. :(

  • I’m from EU and must say the collection is fantastic. The games look beautiful on the Vita, play brilliantly and run spot on. I have not noticed one frame rate issue. This is brilliant value to have three excellent games on Vita. To anyone on the fence, I highly recommend. The graphics are compressed in the cut scenes but when that’s the only complaint you know the collection is a must buy. 9.5/10 for me. I hope Sanzaru are on the Ratchet collection next or even HD Crash Bandicoots with proper checkpoints, with their talent it would be sad if Sony don’t have them on more first party ports.

  • Question: Is it still 720p or has it been re-remastered for native Vita res?

    Also, is it still a stable 60fps?

  • Got it as soon as GS opened its doors. Liking the game so far. I need to adjust to the Vita analog, because it feels weird when making jumps and trying to land on something.

    Anyway, hopefully this game has no trophy issues like the gow collection on Vita released earlier this month.

    Shame Sly 3 is a voucher…

  • It’s not cross buy :(

  • It’s on the store now an i have the ps3 version digital , why does europe get it free for vita and we don’t ?

  • I haven’t played the earlier sly cooper games but I will wait on this and see what sales and games ps plus members get.

  • Wait, it’s not cross-buy? But in Europe it’s, not fair with us!

  • I like many others would like to know is this cross buy or not.

    Europe has it cross buy. So why not NA?

    Even the recent God of War collection was Cross buy between Vita and PS3.

    I always had that slight feeling NA was being screwed compared to Europe but this right here would just be disgusting on both Sanzaru Games (and you Glen Egan) and everyone involved at Sony’s part.

    Let’s hope you just happened to leave that little bit of information out…

    And the fact that it would cost me 29.99$ to download the game right now is an error because the store hasn’t fully updated yet.

  • is this cross buy?

  • I’ll pay any price to constantly re-live one of my childhood games. I’m glad to give my money away when it comes to Sly Cooper! 30$ is the perfect price for these three amazing titles and I really need to re-platinum the first game!

  • you the guys who buchered the god of war collection, would u patch the game ?? i mean u downgraded the game so much that even the ps2 version of the game looks better, u could have made each game a 3gb download each but u crammed them into a single card and made the textures and sound so bad :(

  • This date was marked in my agenda !!!

    Sanzaru, you’ve done a great job on Sly Cooper: Thieves in time, it seems it is the same on this collection.

    I hope you’ll continue to give so much love to this great handheld !

  • Yeah, looking forward to what you guys might have at e3.
    *Crosses fingers for Sly 5*

    @19 As for the resolution question, the PS Vita can’t do 720p. The screen isn’t large enough for it.
    If it’s doing native resolution, so your gonna see *checks MGS “HD” vita box* 960 X 544 pixels.
    So somewhat HD.
    Still expecting it to look good on the Vitas screen.

    Gonna check it out in the next week or so.

  • Awesome! There’s just one thing missing in the PS3 Collection that really bothered me and I hope you’ve added it: The ability to invert the X and Y axes separately in Sly 2. This single thing caused me not replay Sly 2 after I beat it, ’cause it was messing up my aiming and camera skills in other games.

    I loved Thieves in Time and hope you guys make Sly 5 and more 3D platformers for the PS3/4/Vita, maybe even make a Jak game or a new IP? This whole genre has been disappearing in the last few years, please don’t let it die.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, as I never played the games on PS2. I will try to pick it up as soon as possible. On the note of game collections for PS Vita, is there a possibility that we could get an Ico/Shadow of The Colossus Collection on Vita? These are my favorite games on the PS2, let alone two of my favorite games of all time, and I would be truly ecstatic to be able to play them on the go.

  • I highly recommend Sly Cooper to anyone who hasn’t played it yet. It is one of my favorite game series of all time.

  • no is cross buy =(?

  • Hey Glen , you may not remember me but I wrote a letter to you last year and you mailed me a awesome sly cooper patch for my backpack as I was been enjoying it along with the sly cooper: thieves in time game as I got the new vita slim earlier this month so I can continue to play the games on the go so I am really hoping that there will be a sly 5 as you have done a awesome job with the games and hope to see more of the raccoon in the near future so hope to see if anything is revealed at e3.

  • Sony, you need to make bigger game cards. This nonsense has to stop. Sly 3 should be on the cart. Borderlands 2 extra content should have been on the cart.

    I already bought the game (missed the delivery) and I’m happy it’s on Vita, but this refusal to make larger game cards is just ridiculous. They are *needed*

  • Where is the cross-buy option you promised us Sony?

  • Things you should know before buying this:
    -Sly 4 (made by Sanzaru) is cross-buy
    -God of War Collection (PS Vita version by Sanzaru), released mere weeks ago, is cross-buy
    -Sly Collection (made by Sanzaru) is cross-buy IN EUROPE
    -US gets NO CROSS-BUY
    -Sly 3 does NOT have multiplayer on the Vita version
    -Sly 1 and 2 are on the cartridge, 3 is a download; if you go digital, all 3 are one purchase, but separate downloads
    Now that we have to pay to play these games again, I thought it might help to know these things ahead of time. If you are reading this, you can now make an informed decision about buying this game, since Sony doesn’t tell you these things. That said, these are excellent games, and this is a great port as far as the PS Vita goes. I would recommend it.

  • Shadow of the Colossus+Ico on Vita would be so amazing. I just can’t stand to play Ico honestly. The controls are too primitive. It would be fine on the Vita though if you guys added a proper pause feature with the screen.

    Also, where are the Mega Man X games???? X3-6 should at least be on there. Put em out on the store, add trophies, $15 each. damn. That’s a lot of money for decade old games.

  • I picked up the Sly Collection this morning. You guys did an excellent job, Thanks!

  • As tempting as this can be, I already own the PS3 Sly Collection, on disc. Now that most of my gaming is done on the go (because of time constraints – I play mostly on the bus ride to/from work), I would very much love to play these again on my Vita. Those ports look very good on the Vita, but I have trouble paying AGAIN for the same games I already bought on PS3…

    It’s also very frustrating to know that the title is cross-buy in Europe, but not here.

  • Waiting for UPS to deliver it.

  • First people complained that GOW HD Collection was a crossbuy for digital only and not for people with physical copies (which by the way is impossible to track and to give a copy to). Most likely to avoid the same complaints, Sony opted not to give a crossbuy option in US. Yet, people still manage to complain. Sony gamers never seem satisfied. I am happy and grateful to be able to have this for Vita. Thank you Sony, keep up the good work.

  • So the physical version comes with a code for 3? Also is there a way to buy them separately on PSN? I wanted to play one at a time since I don’t have the money to lay down for all 3 at once. Would love if I could somehow. Only saw them in the bundle. Thanks :)

  • #39. Sony does not own Mega Man, it is Capcom.

  • Now that the awesome Sly Collection is here, how about a Ratchet and Clank Collection for Vita? Also, Shadow of Colossus and Ico would be awesome on the go (I know that you could technically play them remotely through PS3 but it does not work as well). Plus, I don’t have Wi-fi on the road.

  • JosephDUDEhola1

    I was so close.. to buy it… but I needed money to pay for the tax.. But still I wanted it digital (without tax here), but since I was depending on a $5 – off coupon from gamestop, I couldn’t get it for $25 :/

  • Does anyone know if there is cross-save for the the Vita and PS3 versions?

    I’m in the middle of Sly 2 and would love to finish it on the Vita.

  • Sharp_andPointy

    I am buying the game on Monday if all goes well.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    AMAZING DEAL. I just picked up my preorder last night at gamestop’s midnight sale & it is impressive the game has a smooth frame rate, looks excellent, & controls flawlessly. This is NOT the Jak Collection this is the same quality u saw on Vita with Thieves in Time infact it looks & plays just like Thieves in Time except with slightly more pixilated graphics due to it being a ps2 port. Bravo Sanzaru you do fantastic work.

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