The Evil Within Pre-order Bonus, Reaction Video

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The Evil Within Pre-order Bonus, Reaction Video

If you stop by our playtest lab, you’re likely to hear plenty of gasps, screams, and expletives. That’s because our testers are among the first to play The Evil Within — our new survival-horror game from the legendary Shinji Mikami and his team at Tango Gameworks.

The Evil Within Pre-order Bonus, Reaction Video

The video above shows real reactions to players checking out the game in a dark room — the ideal setting for playing The Evil Within.

The Evil Within will now terrify players right in the thick of Halloween season – releasing on October 21st in North America. With your pre-order of the game, you’ll receive The Fighting Chance Pack, which includes:

  • Medical Kit – A vital health enhancement to enable Sebastian to fight on.
  • Green Gel – Used to upgrade Sebastian’s attributes.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun and Three Shells – A larger and more formidable shotgun than the regular shotgun, it’s useful for tight situations with multiple encroaching enemies.
  • An Incendiary Agony Bolt – Capable of showering nearby enemies with damaging fire sparks.
  • A Poison Agony Bolt – Will draw enemies towards it and poison them, allowing Sebastian time for a quick escape.

Stay tuned for new updates on The Evil Within — coming to both PS3 and PS4 – this October.

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3 Author Replies

  • Getting a PS4 when this comes out. Can’t Wait!!!!!
    Looks awesome.

  • when are MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT will be available for preorder on psn?
    amazing game can’t wait to play.

  • O look another delay. No surprise there folks SMH. Why don”t you game developers learn to keep your mouth’s shut about a release date until it is set in stone. 2014 is the year of delays that’s for sure.

  • Looks great, I’m not really into jump scare games but this one seems like a lot of fun. Finally a new survival horror game!

  • I generally don’t have problems with pre-order bonuses, but this is the type of stuff I hate to see. I’ve got the game pre-ordered on Amazon, but I don’t want bonuses that make the game easier, what’s the point? Why should I get an unfair advantage over my friends just because I pre-ordered the game. You should have add some content like extra costumes or some exclusive stuff, you know, stuff that will make me want to pre-order.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for this to come out, but this just seems redundant to me.

  • Still waiting for PS Vita’s version,Sony please give them money to add Vita’s.please don’t be deaf….

    Listen to Vita’s owners and look what they want on Vita.

  • Oh, I’m Scared of Scary games ):

  • Does this game have Evil Clowns? :s

  • Does this game have Zombies? :s

  • Does this game have UFO’s? Aliens?? Black Eyed Kids? :s

  • Cam I fight Evil Spirits in this game ?

  • Can you tell us if The Evil W

  • Can you tell us if The Evil Within is 1080p/60FPS on PS4?

  • Still haven’t found a reason to upgrade to the PS4 yet.

  • This is by far my Most Anticipated Game of 2014! Keep up the great work, the game looks amazing. Really trying hard to not watch gameplay vids, since it’s already an insta buy for me! The delay should be more than enough time to polish the game to get some great reviews and critical acclaim.

  • Call me Captain Critical but..

    Seriously, pay to win DLC ? Or excuse me, “Pre-Order to win ” DLC?

    More importantly – –

    You know, you’re really giving Mikami far too much credit – – People treat the games he worked on as if he was the only one who did anything of any importance. You don’t see anyone name dropping Toshifumi Nabeshima or Masashi Tsuboyama or even Ishihara Tsunekazu.

    Anytime I see a game that touts his name as a selling point, I start to become cautious. Why? Because if the selling point of the game is a guy who worked on it.. Not the game itself, there’s a problem the game is trying very hard to hide.

    Example : Shadows of the Damned, the box screams at you SUDA51,SHINJI MIKAMI AND AKIRA YAMOKA!!!!!!!!!!
    What the box doesn’t scream is ” Dull third person shooter with great visuals, non-stop extremely lame penis jokes, knock-off devil may cry bosses and loading screens that borderline frozen game”

    Anyway, if the delay is fix bugs, then I welcome it. It’s been twenty+ long years of videogames published and developed by Bethseda-Zenimax. It would be nice if I could play a third game by this company without encountering bugs that should have been encountered during play testing.

  • Whatever, im sick of delays and these psblog articles that bury it.

  • @Mercernary09 first up if you don’t know by now next gen games take a lot more time to produce. And second I would rather them push a game back than to do like bf4 did and rush a game out that is the worst AAA game for next gen and the problems are still not fixed correctly. There are going to be more delays than what you like but at the end of the day you don’t have a choice deal with it and stop whinning like a broad.

  • @jibjab79 with all the games that are already out and are coming out really. When E3 comes up in a little if you still can’t understand why you should get a PS4 maybe it’s really not in your but that’s probably the real reason anyway Lol.

  • @jibjab made a mistake maybe it’s really not in your budget that’s probably the real reason anyway Lol.

  • Pre-Ordered this! I’m a wuss when it comes to horror games, but I really need to give this a shot! It looks outstanding.

  • @tusunami
    I think it is funny that people like you always shoot for money issues, I can run out today and buy both next gen consoles, but I won’t. I have been bitten on the butt from the launch bug many times in the past, the PS Vita being the latest one. There is no game that makes me want to go and get the next Gen console. If not getting the latest consoles doesn’t make me a “hard core gamer”, so be it.
    I’m always looking at gaming news, when E3 shows off some promising stuff, i’ll consider it.

  • I will be checking out this game on my PS3. (I’m not planning on getting a PS4 until Mass Effect 4 comes out unless some triple AAA title comes out prior to then that blows me away).

  • How about giving us something substantial as a pre-order bonus, like a soundtrack, instead of content that’s cut from the game?

    All pre-order content like this does is make me want to buy the game used, because we’re not getting the full game.

  • @Einhander138: Same page here. And that health thing smells like “If you don’t pre-order then good luck beating that hardcore difficulty setting without the essential health kit”.
    I don’t really mind content from the game per se but come one, how about a mode where you play the bad guy or extra levels, but it seems nowadays it’s all about “a new costume and a weapon”.

  • I can’t wait for this :D

    Shame about the delay though, but understandable.

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