Lemmings Touch Lands on PS Vita Today

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Lemmings Touch Lands on PS Vita Today

Lemmings Touch on PS Vita

Lemmings Touch launches on PS Vita today! You’ll be able to download it for $9.99 after PlayStation Store updates this afternoon. Lemmings Touch is the first Lemmings game that we have designed specifically for PS Vita, marking a new chapter in the history of this famous franchise. Whether you are new to the Lemmings chaos or have played the previous games, Lemmings Touch is the perfect way to test your puzzle solving skills.

Lemmings Touch on PS Vita

Help guide as many Lemmings as you can while avoiding the obstacles and perils abound through 100 fiendishly puzzling, highly detailed themes tasking you to save the critters in sugary sweet Candy Land, Space, Ancient Egypt, Crystal Caves, and in the depths of Fiery Hell.

New puzzles and hazards have been devised to test your limits, and as the name suggests, the intuitive new touch and swipe controls put the fate of the loveable Lemmings literally at your fingertips. YIPPEE!

There are lots of new ways to play, including new skills to help the Lemmings make their way to the end of each stage. You’ll clear the way by moving platforms, pressing switches, aiming cannons and trampolines, and more.

Lemmings Touch on PS Vita

In addition to completing levels and earning Trophies, there are objective-based challenges throughout the game. Completing these will unlock lots of crazy costumes for your Lemmings.

Lemmings Touch on PS Vita

Beware a new type of Lemming — not all Lemmings play nice! Mischievous Lemmings aren’t to be saved; if they reach the level exit, then it’s game over. You must decide how to get rid of these devious Lemmings while saving the good ones. Good luck!

Lemmings Touch on PS Vita

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  • Does this have any connection to the free Lemmings on PS Mobile?

  • I’m kind of tempted with this one….

  • Thank you, Mark. Will definitely be diving into this one when the store updates. Any plans for DLC expansions in the future? It would be amazing to have 20 or 30 new levels to adventure in to every few months!

  • The mobile version is free, and you can play it on the Vita. In case anyone is interested and does have the $10 to spare.

  • The PS Mobile Lemmings game is not really free. It’s more like an extended demo. You have to pay to unlock the full game.

    This looks decent. Maybe I’ll check it out when it’s on sale.

  • Like puzzle games.
    But I have bought enough of Worms and Lemmings.

  • This game makes me wonder, “what kind of talk does SCEA use to convince devs into releasing a game like this for the Vita, which desperately needs AAA games like never before?”

    “greatness awaits” – PSVita. Yeah, sure…

  • @7 This is a Sony produced game, lol.

  • Looks promising. I hope to see a demo at some point. Thanks for bringing Lemmings to the Vita! These smaller puzzle-touch screen games are perfect to play while watching NBA/NHL playoffs.

  • I just looked it up and apparently Lemmings Touch has a platinum trophy (27 trophies total).

  • Well for the price it’s a good price at some point I will get this. I remember playin the mobile game which I had fun playing.

  • thank you now i can stop playing that glitchy mobile version. trophies maybe :)

  • What Hefestus91 said and might I add this is a good looking game.

  • $10? Nice!

  • Definitely wouldn’t mind playing an old favorite.

  • It won’t let me add this game to the cart. I CAN’T BUT IT. its a travesty

  • I’ve been a fan since the early 90s. Great game!

  • This is pretty much unplayable. Is there a patch or revision coming to fix the broken touchscreen implementation? Lemmings Mobile shows that it’s possible to do a touchscreen Vita Lemmings game that works.

  • How does this version differ from the PS Mobile version? Just the new Lemming-type?

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