This Week in PlayStation: Viva la Transistence

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This Week in PlayStation: Viva la Transistence

Transistor, Supergiant‘s latest, is finally out on PS4. I want to hear your best function combos in the comments! By the way, get an inside look at the creation of the game’s stellar soundtrack here.

Wolfenstein: The New Order also debuted after a consistent stream of hecka-good trailers. Lookin’ good, Blazcowicz!

A few more highlights from the past few days — Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are coming to PS4 with improvements and upgrades across the board, Harmonix regaled us with a look at the history of their beloved, groundbreaking music game Amplitude (congrats on the upcoming PS4/PS3 version, guys!), the PlayStation Now private beta is happening on PS4, we went hands-on with Helldivers and Driveclub, and Singstar is making its PS4 debut (you can use your phone as a mic!).

After finishing Transistor (twice!), I’m head-down in Final Fantasy XIV this week. Got my chocobo and became a Black Mage —- nice! Of course, I’m taking breaks to rewrite history in Wolfenstein: The New Order as well. What are you playing over the long weekend?

  • I’m playing: Transistor, Final Fantasy XIV, Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • I’m watching: Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  • I’m listening to: Transistor Soundtrack

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  • Really been a great week fro PlayStation. Can’t wait for E3.

  • Justin, can you confirm whether or not the E3 press conference will be posted in the PS Store, as it has been the past few years? I can’t watch it while it aires, so I like to be able to download the videos and watch them when I have time.
    Too bad Jack Tretton won’t be there. :/

    • Justin Massongill

      Hey Pan! We should have some news soon about how you’ll be able to keep up with E3 info. :)

  • I bet you can only keep up with E3 news if you log into Home (rolls eyes) same ol song and dance with these people…!!!

  • hey what happened to the blogcast post? The link takes you to some old blogcast…

  • Love that Batman Arkham Knight trailer! I will finally have to buy a PS4 for that one. I can’t wait for E3 either, it’s going to be insane. It’s going to be a bloody battle between Sony and Microsoft, and I really plan to see some huge announcements. I’d love to see Fallout 4 or GTA San Andreas Stories for vita personally. Actually, I’d love to see a Shenmue remaster or even better a reboot, I really need to see Ryo avenge his father’s death!

  • Transistor was a lot of fun. My favorite combo near the end was:


    Tap – Void, Ping
    Void – Spark, Crash
    Help – (optional depending on limiters)
    Mask – Purge, Ping



    Something like that. I switched in and out a couple of the skills, but this setup was almost unstoppable for me near the end of the Recursion.

    What was yours?

    • Justin Massongill

      I ended up playing it like a shooter through most of my recursion!

      X: Ping – Bounce, Purge (bullets bounce around and slow down / corrode enemies)
      O: Void – Get, Spark (Void sucks in enemies, auto-stacks debuffs. To be used before Ping)
      ⬛: FREE SPACE (I put Jaunt in there, just in case)
      ▵: Cull – Get, Mask (For when I need to fall back on Turn() because things are getting hairy)

      Passives: Void, Bounce, Crash, Flood

  • I also can’t believe that E3 starts so soon. Looking forward to the Sony Surprises. It would be hard to top last year. Hell, I usually don’t get a new console until two years after they release, and here I am with a PS4 sitting four feet away.

  • I basically ran crash with the dot upgrade, purge with mask upgrade and passives where the one you get more movement in turn and the one you get more planning in turn more damage to all skills passive as well and jaunt for movement love transistor working on the challenge rooms atm

  • Such an exiting time right now! As has been said before, E3 is the superbowl of gaming. IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING! And Justin, go to bed! :P

  • Gonna jump into Wolfenstein and Transistor today. Also, any info on whether there is going to be any flash sales or discount sales going on for the holiday?

  • I’ve barely scratched Wolfenstein and still haven’t even touched Transistor yet. Been trying to finish up Bound by Flame as well… too many good games to play.

    I’m watching: X-Men: Days of Future Past, Young Justice, Hancock
    I’m listening to: The Glitch Mob “Love, Death, Immortality”

    E3 wishlist:
    More news + release frame for The Order: 1886
    Guerrilla Games reveals their new project
    Santa Monica current-gen project reveal
    The Last Guardian still lives confirmation, with launch window estimate
    inFAMOUS Vita

    Final Fantasy XV launch window
    More info on Kingdom Hearts 3
    Fallout 4
    More info on Tales of Zestiria

  • Bounce gets so overpowered it actually hurts. Used this build on one of the performance tests and never looked back.

    – Crash (25% damage resistance)
    – Tap (Increased HP)
    – Void (Increased damage output)

    – Bounce
    — Upgraded with Crash (Stuns enemies)
    — Upgraded with a second Tap function (Lifesteal).

    The rest of the build should be whatever you like. You can just stand there and spam Bounce and you’ll be almost always at full HP while dealing damage and stunning eveything Bounce hits.
    It’s so powerful it almost feels like cheating. Extremely helpful if you’re going for the Risk() trophy.

  • love it..wonderful can’t wait


  • I cannot wait for Child of Light on Vita, and I recently started Far Cry, this gen was a great one.

  • Pls release Transistor for Vita! Many will purchase it day 1

  • No holiday flash sale???

  • “PlayStation: Viva la Transistence” I thought this was an article about a vita port of transistor. Quit toying with my heart ;_;

  • No 99 cent indie flash sale. : (

  • Geat titles are being overlooked.
    Can’t buy what you have never heard of.

    The games you focus on are usually already out.
    Alhough great for players to meet, it rarely encourages a sale.

    Sony needs to seriously rethink its NA reprsentatives,

  • My Final Transistor setup at the 32 mem was

    X-:Void-upgraded with Crash
    O: Purge
    ⬛: Get -upgraded with get and Cull
    ▵: Tap- upgraded with load and Ping

    Passives: Crash, Void, Breach, Jaunt

    which created an awesome combo where I could use Void to increase my Damage and make the enemies more vulnerable to Tap. Otherwise I would use Get to bring all the enemys near me so I could use my AOE abilities

  • Horray, Justin, I was thinking of writing you an email to send you my Functions, so I’m glad you made this! Assuming first playthrough I’d do:

    X: Get
    O: Tap with Ping, Load
    []: Void with Crash, Jaunt
    ^: Mask

    Passives: Bounce, Flood, Spark, Breach

    Basically, Void with Crash as an upgrade is crazy strong cause you can stunlock any enemy. Then its just a matter of strolling over and using Tap to one shot any group of enemies in the game (looks like I’m not the only one who found this combo :). With this setup you don’t really need to use Turn… ever. Or you can use it strategically to avoid damage (although bounce passive will take care of most of the naughty stuff that can sneak up to you). Mask is for the funsies if you want to aoe guys for 3k damage, or you can use it for safety if you need to resort to Turns.

    Being able to fight effectively outside of Turns is important when you start loading up on Limiters.

    If you want to change it up, Switch with Bounce, Void is really quite fun as well.

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