Valiant Hearts: A More Personal War Story

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Valiant Hearts: A More Personal War Story

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is not the type of war story we’re used to seeing in games. Instead of focusing on soldiers, Valiant Hearts spotlights the lives of ordinary people thrust into an impossible, unbearable situation, and tells a personal and touching story set against the chaotic backdrop of World War I.

In this Developer Diary the Valiant Hearts team discusses the origins of the game and the research involved in creating the characters and atmosphere. Combining real stories and World War I history with imagination and a unique art style they tell a story of love, loss, and adventure unlike any other.

You’ll get to experience this story for yourself very soon, as the game will debut on PS4 and PS3 on June 24.

Valiant Hearts on PS4 and PS3

Valiant Hearts on PS4 and PS3Valiant Hearts on PS4 and PS3

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  • This looks like a pretty cool game. Thanks for bringing it to the PS3 as well as next gen console.

  • Can’t wait for this one, but I am coming to kill the devs if they kill the dog… : (

  • Sounds amazing, the trailer was really good. Looking forward to this. Ubi-Art <3

  • Please bring this to the Vita. Please. This kind of game, with an intimate and emotional story, would be perfect on the Vita.

  • Wow, this looks amazing. Really looking forward to this now.

  • Im with you Qu3st39

  • @4 – Agreed, looks like it would be an ideal fit for the Vita. Perhaps Ubisoft will continue the support they’ve shown for the platform as they did with Child of Light.

  • Tsk. Tsk. Ubisoft.

    Seriously wonder why this did not get a Vita release.

    The graphics are perfectly suited for it, not to mention geared toward a casual gamer .

    Quit thinkng those are dead. Not everyone needs $1k. for entertainment gaming that you forget PS4 owners want.

    Anyway hope to see a few more of your sales ( even psp), and more releases, I definately have enjoyd alot of your companies games.

  • Wow, did not know Child of Light was coming to Vita, even physical.

    I will be waiting to buy digital when it goes on sale, even if it does go IGC.

  • Doctor_Hank_Pym

    looks great!! Will it have cross-buy support?

  • Bring it to Vita.

  • Glad I’m not the only one worried about the after of the dog. That was the first though when I saw the trailer. “Cool game; that dog better live!”

  • Edit: “after” should be “fate.” No idea how autocorrect got from one to the other on that one.

  • EvyatarAtarEvyat

    Looks great!
    And the Vita will do it even more justice, please bring this to the Vita.

  • Is Beatrice Martin doing the soundtrack for this game too?

  • This is a great game and this will be cool to play and will get this day one.

  • Am I the only one taken by surprise by the release date? Can’t wait it to play this next month. Looks amazing and will definetly pick it up for PS3. Would love to see it on the Vita as well, since I’m buying Child Of Light for it too.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    Bring it to Vita!!!! WWI is fascinating and criminally under represented in the gaming world i would like to see other companies venture in the WWI direction as well. Great artwork, BRING IT TO THE VITA.

  • Love the art, and the studio . . . but even with this emphasis on people’s lives, the game won’t do justice to just how horrible and senseless WWI was. It’s a subject that deserves cautionary horror.

  • We want it for PS Vita!!!! This game gonna be great for PS Vita!!!

  • Physical release for PS3 or no sale.

  • Yay! This game is coming on my birthday so thank you for the present.

    Can you make it even more special by considering a PS Vita release, any game under this engine looks a match made in heaven for the PS Vita!

  • Congrats! This is really f….. awesome!!!!!!!

  • toothdecaykills

    Canadian here. My great grandfather fought in this war at Vimy Ridge and then during the 100 days offensive. World War 1 is a tragically underutilized era in media and it sounds like the developers of this game are eager to tap into that wealth of history.

    I purchased the last UbiArt game (Child of Light) and have been nothing but impressed. I’m absolutely going to give this one a try.

  • toothdecaykills

    I just watched a trailer for the title and it turns out the story follows a German soldier, a French prisoner of war, an American, a nurse, and a British aviator. I’m a little upset that there was no representation of British colonial holdings like the ANZACS or Canadian Corps. I guess we’ll go a little longer before they get their stories told.

  • This looks awesome. Still, i’m gonna hold out a bit in case a Vita version gets made.

  • bring it to vita

  • I’ll wait on this instead of getting burned on the late Vita announcement like I did with Child of Light.

  • This could easily be a game of the year winner. But it will not be the first game to bring a tear to my eye. That title belongs to Final Fantasy 7.

  • So I’ve been paying attention to Valiant Hearts: The Great War for sometime now and it looks to be really good. The trailer touched my heart; I cried for the longest and I’m a guy. I only have one main concern and that is regarding the release systems for Valiant Hearts. I’ve only seen the mention of PS3 and PS4. What about the PS Vita? I do enjoy and play games on my PS3 and I do plan on buying a PS4 at Black Friday; however, my PS Vita has become my new best friend. I travel and live life on the go more now than ever before and so portability is very important to me. I grew up on the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP in my teenage years and now as a young adult with a very mobile life I’ve embraced the PS Vita. I’m really thankful for Ubisoft’s continued support of the PS Vita with Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends, Assassin’s Creed and Child of Light and I urge Ubisoft to please release Valiant Hearts: The Great War on the PS Vita as well.

  • this looks like a pretty cool game, i´ll definetly buy it

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