See Watch_Dogs Live on Twitch at 10:00 AM Pacific

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See Watch_Dogs Live on Twitch at 10:00 AM Pacific


After years of anticipation, the Watch_Dogs launch is less than a week away! On Tuesday, May 27th you’ll finally be able to get your copy of our ambitious and original game in all its glory. The wait is nearly over.

To celebrate our launch and give fans a final look at the game, we’re pleased to announce that Watch_Dogs will be holding a Twitch livestream on today at 10:00 AM Pacific. The stream will be held live from the Ubisoft Montreal studio where Watch_Dogs was made and will feature our Creative Director, Lead Game Designer, and Community Developer.

During the Twitch stream, we’ll show live gameplay featuring a mission playthrough and a multiplayer session that will illustrate the unique and varied ways you can play Watch_Dogs. We’ll also hold a Question and Answer session with our developers and give away awesome prizes including a limited edition framed Alex Ross laser cel, and a super-rare, custom skinned Watch_Dogs PS4.


Tune in at 10:00 AM Pacific today to the Ubisoft Twitch channel and join us for a Watch_Dogs launch celebration — and as always you can get the latest about Watch Dogs on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • This is very last-minute.

  • I want a custom PS4! I don´t even got money to buy one… :(

  • Ahhhh, can’t wait!


    nice , i would appreciate a PS4 now that i am about to finish my first year in college xD

  • Can’t bring myself to watch. I’ve been trying to avoid any videos leading up to Tuesday’s launch. I’ve had my pre-order card/receipt behind a magnet on the fridge since Oct. 03, 2013. Looking forward to finally getting my hands on it.

  • That PS4 is damn slick.

  • Why is the prize only for U.S citizens. I’m from Montreal and can’t even get a chance to get something from a company located in my own native city. What the hell?

  • getting this for only 20$ thanks to swagbucks and instagc haha man this game looks hardcore i hope it lives up to all the hype. i wonder what the reviews will be. will find out soon.

    You need to stop playing cat and mouse with Ghost Recon, and tell the community why the new Ghost Recon was delayed. As for WATCH DOGS, more PS4 gameplay info would work, I know a lot of folk I talk to are really unsure about this game.

  • All these trailers and gameplay Videos of Watch Dogs almost feels like I’ve played it :/

    Looks like a fun game but I think I’ll wait a bit to get it.

  • S-p-3-E-d-S-t-R

    I would buy this edition console if it were available for sale, as well as the Limited Edition Watch Dogs, which I’ve already paid for. I would LOVE to win this console!! I never win anything though =(

  • This is a cool thing to do, but this close to game launche? Even if I had known about this before it streamed, I wouldn’t have tuned in. At this point, I’m just gonna wait for Tuesday. No need to spoil myself with only a few days to go.

    But that custom PS4 looks awesome.

  • lmao @5 same boat homie! stay strong :)

  • oct 15 for me though

  • Is this game going to support project Morpheus.

  • Why wait. U can just log in to ps live and see gameplay already. Many pple are playing it.

  • Was a great broadcast, really enjoyed it, and made me evennnnn more excited to get Watchdogs in my hands. Hope the blog will link us to more Live Broadcasts in the future, especially with E3 quickly approaching!

  • Don’t forget to provide us with a demo for Watch_Dogs.

  • DEMO?

  • iamtylerdurden1

    The livestream was great it just confirmed that Watchdogs is a must buy game no matter what console it’s on. This game is going to be an instant classic in the same ilk as the Assassins Creed series i can’t wait to pick up my preorder on midnight 5/27! With both AC games later this year and Valiant Hearts next month & Child of Light recently released Ubisoft is the hottest company right now, i can’t wait to see what they bring to e3 june 10-12. The special skinned PS4 you are giving away looks truly amazing whoever gets it needs to use it to promote the awesomeness of Watchdogs.

  • people have already been streaming this

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